Olivia Grace

The Crowd Chose You? Not any more as the buff is removed, and there's intel from the Devs on who's more hardcore, US or EU!
Olivia Grace and Mike Schaffnit are joined yet again by Jeremie Quek, to talk about Flex, the World First Race, and the Blizzcon Arena Tournament!
The World First race for Siege of Orgrimmar started yesterday in the US and today in the EU, and is almost over!
Patch 5.4's Raid Release Schedule is unfair, according to the forums, and the PvP tournament is a total mess!
The Patch 5.4 Trailer is here and man it's a good one!
This week, the Legendary crew talk level 90-100, Heirloom Equality, Arenas, and Patch 5.4 Blowing up Stormwind!
This week, another Convert to Raid host joins the Legendary crew for Sub Numbers, Titan and more!
WoW 6.0 brings a new class, breaking Subscriber Drops and more!
Patch 5.4, Timeless Isle, Proving Grounds and Overpriced Headwear!
Legendary 134

Legendary takes another look at the WoW In Game Store, and asks whether it's really pay-to-win
This week on Legendary the crew checked out some interesting tweets and ran down the new patch 5.4 arena tie-break system
Reports have been received about an alleged Mobile Armory hack
A Chinese gaming site has dug something up which is either fanart or WoW 6.0's title and logo...
Last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, five Gamebreaker staff featured in a World of Warcraft video!
Blizzard Senior Community Rep Jonathan "Zarhym" Brown has revealed details of Blizzard's player monitoring system
Flexible raiding gets a little less flexible, we talk Virtual Realms, Proving Grounds, and crazy PvP changes!
The patch 5.4 PTR has gone up today, and with it there are some huge surprises.
Blizzard's New Launcher will soon go live, and they're looking for beta testers!
This week, the Legendary crew discuss the brand new Flexible Raiding format, accessibility of raiding, difficulty, and Elite PvP Gear!
WoW Playing Couple Imprisoned Two Girls In Filthy Mobile Home
Developer Discusses The Rumored Reset of Blizzard's Titan!
Patch 5.3 Landed This Week, with a host of new features... and they all broke! The Legendary crew break it down for you.
Patch 5.3 has been out for a few days now, but what are our impressions of it?
Legendary is joined by Blizzard's Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street and Brian Holinka for a live video interview!
Patch 5.3 Release Date Is Confirmed By Blizzard on Twitter
This week the Legendary crew are talking patch 5.3, raiding, and more with World First raider Treckie!
The latest Patch 5.3 PTR build is up, and has brought some fairly major changes to the leveling process of Mining and Herbalism.
Are you casual or hardcore? And what does that mean anyway?
Legendary discusses the 1.3 million drop in numbers, and were the changes to 10 vs 25-man raiding a mistake?!
Patch 5.3 is coming and Blizzard have created a guide to the changes!
Activision Blizzard announced the 1.3m drop in WoW Subscription Numbers in a press release today.
NetEase, one of the world's largest retailers of WoW-focused and other Blizzard merchandise, has launched a WoW Mahjong Set.
This week, we're discussing the Exodus Split, we've got more crazy patch 5.3 PvP news from the Holinka files, and a big announcement...
Legendary 123

The Legendary Crew talk through the recent Blizzard interview.
Blizzard developers Ghostcrawler, Brian Holinka, Ion Hazzikostas, Cory Stockton and Dave Kosak sat down for a live text Q&A.
Killars reports that World First guild Exodus is dead
In this chat bubble I'm wondering about your class choices: what is the best MMO class for you?
The latest set of patch 5.3 PTR notes have gutted the grind in Grindaria even more than the last set!

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