PTR Valor Point Changes, New Mounts Coming, The Latest PvP Q&A, and more!

  • OKSkogum

    The tier in hc are for the item lvl request and item lvl loot and btw is great show :)

    • Kry0genikz

      Majorly sucks about the Water Rift. Aside from the mcnuggets that look like they have AIDS, great show. Oh and Lore, we want more of your “Lore” stories.

  • Sloz

    Great show guys, keep up the good work :)

  • Lh

    Kinda short but I am glad they still did the show despite the water Rift in the studio. I watch from the UK and I stayed up to 6am to watch this awesome show.

  • Inkogni

    woo, 1 of my faw shows in the net
    starting> Gary from hes kitchen
    Lore from black hole
    MikeB from Chinhawkinstan

  • Hubert

    I would not buy the mount.
    I am happy with my 900G DK mount :D

  • Xelo

    Great show again guys and to answer the store mount question: My girlfriend and I are mount/pet collectors and will more than likely get that new mount.

  • Anhan

    i wouldn’t pay for that mount… you’d think for actual cash they could design something better looking.

  • Mzi

    Love the show!
    I wouldn’t pay for the mount. When the first store mount came out, many got it quickly. I remember soon after the mounts were released that the celestial steed felt started floating around less and less. Of course, it’s likely that many grew tired of the mount, but I remember an ambience of “lol@thatdudepaidformount” associated with the steed in the months after it was released.

    I ride a mount because I’m proud of what it symbolizes. I can’t express the pride I felt on my Rusted Protodrake when I first got it. There will never be a dollar amount I could pay that would give me that feeling. (Second thought: if there were a charity donation mount, I might get that mount.)

  • helo

    80085 = BOOBS, gosh Gary, did you never spell dirty words on your abacus when you were a kid?

  • Sun

    I’d buy that mount for $25. Another great episode, loved how they dodged a ton of questions in the Q&A lol.

  • Yield

    I have to say, I might buy the mount. The deciding factor would be how it would look on a tauren xD. Also, I heard some speculation that some of the proceeds will go to relief efforts in Japan? That could possibly persuade my purchase.

  • Deadbob

    Buy a mount? Not even for $5. I already pay over $150/year to play, why on earth would anyone pay extra for a virtual item? If it had say 325% flying speed, or some other useful action, then MAYBE.

    LOVE the show guys, but please please get Josh and Mike a T1 line so their upload speed is increased and we don’t get that awful lag!

  • Caltu

    Great show!
    More mounts inc do we see? We love the money and we know how you love moutns!

  • Ostaralore

    Hey Gary- the show IS awesome! although you weren’t in your studio this week I gotta say that the camera angle on you was by FAR waaaaay better. Last week it looked as if you were always avoiding looking directly at the camera. I know this isn’t the case because your such a busy lil dood with behind the scene shtuff. Your camera needs to be more line of sight, I’m guessing, just for aesthetics. K. Also- admittedly the lag Lore and foni suffer is annoying. You got the diggs man, & you gots the knacks, now ya need just need to add a little thrust to your sparkle ponies :) BIIIIG HUUUUG Muah.

  • Ehlak

    The intro is tooooooo damn long. Sure you can skip it, but why even have it if everyone just skips it?

    • Dillweed

      I like watching the intro. Love the music and gets me pumped to watch!

    • Sleeze

      I Skip it too. It would be better without the black screen part, just play the music and get to the good stuff

    • bijat

      i think the intro is tooooo long aswell :p well the thing is its like 2 difrent intros in 1 and 2min intro that dosent change atall between shows gets iritating

  • Nybombe

    I won’t use any mount except my alchemy one,and i payed for that 30k,so that for me is more that irl money.So Alchemy mount for ever ! :D

  • Feydakin

    I like how you guys aren’t just fanbois and are actually capable of looking at your favorite MMO with a critical eye and admitting that it has faults. Is anyone really surprised at a) the continued “X-Boxing” of WoW or b) that Blizzard says things that make no sense?

    As for the new store mount… fool me once. But really, the only way that I would buy anything in the store like this again is if a good part of the proceeds were going to charity. IMO all these virtual items in the store are gravy for Activision anyways so there is no reason not to donate most or all of the proceeds to charities. Really? Do you really need more money from me Blizz? Really?

  • sr7olsniper

    I would but not for a Purple one. If it was Red or blue. I dont want it to be lke a dead purple. They shouldve made the guild lion mount wiht wings. THAT I would pay 30 bucks for.

  • Deadmage

    Ok so I try to watch the shows on my iPod cause I have no time to watch this regularly and I can nor watch it, like the video just won’t even show up :( can you please try to fix it to where I can watch from my iPod? If so thx :)

  • stinkysteve

    Gary, your shirt was fabulous today. i LOVE you

  • Bigworm

    WTF none of the new vids play on my iPhone. Wizeak

  • Tony

    Did you guys do something different for the rendering or uploading? For some reason this week I can’t access this episode on my ipad.

  • Keigh

    I bought the sparkle pony when it first came out, but this from the screenshot that was shown doesn’t look very good.

  • Natcap


    Love the show, watch it every week for over a month now. In fact, I like the GBTV personalities so much I watch The Sanctum and The Old Republic, and I don’t even play RIFT or plan on playing SWTOR. However, I gotta agree with the above comments.
    We know you know that there’s lag and you’re not ignoring it, but I would have almost preferred to see the GBTV donation dollars go to a paid professional video conferencing subscription before a new studio, because no matter how cool the background looks, it still looks bad when it’s frozen in lag.
    What I find weird is that it didn’t used to be that significant. Maybe once or twice a show someone would catch a lag spike, but now it happens pretty much every time anyone talks. It’s too much, double G.

    Aside from that, you’re an awesome personality to watch and I’m loving the rugged, unshaven look. You’re like…pretty boy gone bad >:D

  • godpigeon

    The difference with instant casts it was a difference between DPS spells and healing spells (though they should have mentioned the difference in the answer).

    Also, they said we want tanks in BGs as flag carriers not as damage classes (what the question was asking about with the blood DKs). Too high of DPS with the survivability means they can do either too efficently.

  • Lira

    How come im stuck at commercial and when the commercial is done the episode is over?

  • bountycode

    I would buy the mount if it increased the flying speed

  • Subetei

    seriously this show needs more silly hats

  • Tony

    What was the final count of the celestial steed? Think that it was a couple 100k. This mount looks soo much better.

  • progz

    Hey guys,

    Will you ever release a .mp3 version or sometype of audio version of some of these streams, it would be awesome that all videos came with one sometimes it just better. I just exited outta my chrome browser thinking I was done looking at websites but I was listening to this video then all the sudden! NO SOUND. Then I was like FUCK, now I gotta watch the ADs again, and find my spot in the video. Anyways just a suggestion, hope we can do something guys! :)

    Thank you.

    P.S. Been a viewer of your stream and shows for awhile now. Love em.

  • Dell’s Buddy C-LO

    I would suggest that the FC carries an “FC aura” when carrying the flag that allows an FC to be healed for 100/50/25% of normal healing. That way if theres a bunch of healers on an FC, the “aura” mitigates the amount of healing received. And it can offer opposing team members a window to strike the FC down. At the same time, the FC’s team is going to need effective team members that can mitigate the assault on the FC, by killing those who assault the FC, and they won’t need additional healers on the FC. The fight to kill or protect the FC then becomes a fight to see which team had the better combination of healing and damage.

    Would I buy the golden lion mount thingy? Yes. Why? It just looks LEAGUES better than that dumb sparkly flying horsey thing.

  • Lh

    I would buy the mount because I have a lot of alts and all of them are using Sparkle Pony. I want a flying Lion for them now.

  • Cole

    tottally would pay for the Lion :>

    sick looking i think personally

    Sparkle pony …. not so much

  • Eclipse

    I COMPLETELY agree with Gary “The Legend” Gannon on the Rated BG topic. Imagine how lame a freaking random bg under the rated bg title? So stupid.

  • Zadkiel

    hell no, no money for a lion with wings. this is not narnia

  • Titansgrip

    In free to play games, literally thousands of players pay over $20 per mount.

    I bought about $300 worth of mounts in the last F2P game I played. A common thing for endgame players in that game.

  • Kreator

    Yes i probobly would buy that sadly…Mount whore <——

  • Tak

    i probably would by the mount as long as it was for a good charity

  • Statikk

    I would definitely buy that mount lol. Looks pretty damn nice to, and is MUCH better than a frickin flying pony =P

  • MMO_D

    Remember when Gamebreaker’s podcasts were fairly lag free?

  • progz

    God damn, now that I posted the last comment, I lost my stream spot AGAIN!!! WTF. IM NOT JOKING EITHER GUYS. I didn’t mean to do it TWICE IN A ROW. I guess this just proves the point that we really need a audio file of the streams you guys put out! :)

  • admin

    We are aware of the both the lag issues and that videos are not playing back correctly on the iPhone or iPad. We are looking into alternative solutions to Skype to fix the lag but and the Iphone/Ipad situation is a change in how iOS interrupts embed codes. This is also being worked on and we should hopefully have that back up and running soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Natcap


  • Tony

    Thank you! Always love to watch you guys on my way to work on my iPad ;)