This week in RIFT GUIDE TO TELARA, Pokket discovers her inner Lara Croft as she champions the expert mode of IRON TOMBS in RIFT. Unveiling how to take down the trash mobs and bosses inside. Be sure to check out a new RIFT guide every Thursday on GAMEBREAKER.TV.
  • Marcus

    First! Thumps of for the background music! lal :D

  • Jengie

    in the ragnoth fight, its easily possible to have the tank stay at the altar, especially when using a support class.

    You have a funny order in which you do bosses, you’ll have to explain me how you do that sometime! :)

  • Irinir

    I’d like to add a couple of details on these bosses.

    On the broodmother (giant spider), there’s a achievement for not killing any of the adds she spawns.

    On the 3 kings, if your dps is to low, you’ll eventually be overwhelmed by adds. There’s a achievement for killing each of them last in different runs.

    On Rag. There’s a achievement for surviving the flame without taking Eliam’s shield, it’s not a one shot (for tanks). Dps and healers only need to stand inside eliam’s circle for a couple of seconds and then should leave it and go back. This negates the possible cleave when the tank is runing to grab Eliam’s shield.

    The bonelord casts 2 different things, one of them is a shield you can’t remove, just hold your dps on that stages.

    • Kenjindomini

      Few more things that should be noted.

      Broodmother: The poison AE bubble can be purged/eradicated

      Three Kings: Suggest Strat: Kill Laric, Get the Warrior down to ~20% and then switch to and kill the mage, finish the warrior. (You will never even see the adds.)

      Bonelord: The shield can very easily be purged/eradicated (this remains true from 1.1->1.2->1.2.1). If you do not purge the shield and you have a Chloro healer you will wipe very quickly even if everyone has full T2 gear.

      Ragnoth: Flames of Ragnoth can be cleansed (easiest way to get someone the “big heals” Achievement.)
      Eliam’s circle of protection gives you a buff run in and run right back to you spot to DPS.

      • Doc

        you can dispell the debuff from the first boss.

        and you kill the 3 kings difrently if you got casters or melee in reguard to the debuff you get from killing them, always kill the healer last normaly its mage mele healer ;)

    • Pokket

      Thanks for the input =)

      Those are great additions and alternative strats for the points I mentioned. However, with the right healer (aka: cleric lol), some of those tactics may not be needed ~.^

      Though I don’t mention achievements in my dungeon guides, since they have been mentioned here, there is also an achievement for killing the 3 king kings within 10 seconds of the first one’s death.

      Bonelord Fetlorn’s shield never game me a problem (in regards to healing). If fact, I didn’t even notice it =( I’m not a Chloromancer, though, I’m a Cleric. The only thing that slightly gave me an issue is when someone forgot to LoS during one of his main abilities that requires it.

    • Pokket

      Also keep in mind that these dungeons got massive nerfs so some of the fights that were hard or near impossible before, are a lot easier now =)

  • Tisel

    I’d honestly love to see some class guides. Mainly healing. The rest are nice as well, though. I know there are still a bit of dungeons and WFs left, but when those run out it might not be a bad idea.

    • Pokket

      I actually have some healing guides on my YouTube page (! I would love to maybe redo them sometime for Gamebreaker when I am finished with the dungeon and raid guides :D

      • Tisel

        Yeah, that’s more what I was referring to. Maybe doing some guides for GBtv when you run out of raid/dungeon guides. Or maybe when there’s just a lul period. I like your youtube guides a lot, actually. I just figured it might be cool to go a little more in depth for some class guides for GBtv as well.

  • dicara

    She’s gotten leaps better, great job on improving each week

  • Kaen

    Leric is a Cleric ^^

    • Pokket

      I’m a poet and didn’t know it? =P

    • Bolom

      Without the “C”…of course :p

  • Benchif4

    The zone looks good, I just wish Rift would get some better art directors for the Armor. Bleh! Nice guide. Seems pretty straight forward.

  • Titansgrip

    the warrior dps in that iron that iron tombs video makes me lol. he looks like he is using a riftblade spec for totek. and using a hunter’s pursuit on 3 kings.

  • ShadowStalker

    Wonderful as always and your extra beautiful today ;)

  • lyck

    cool music and the bedst guid so fare.

  • Hunkajunk

    The GBTV plugging is sounding a lot more natural now, good to see you’re getting used to this guide making business. And as always, MOAR POKKET

  • Srotovac

    tomb sex, really?)