INcontroL is packing his bags for a trip to Korea. Yes INcontroL will be in the GSL, but he will be casting rather than playing!

INcontroL will be taking a trip to Korea, the mother land of StarCraft, with a gig at the biggest and best tournament in the world — The GSL — as one of the Code A casters, Joining the likes of Khaldor, Wolf and Moletrap.

It’s no secret that INcontroL isn’t performing as well as he should have been over the past year, failing to live up to many expectations in his game play. Many communities have publicly condemned INcontroL for his poor results.

However, when casting INcontroL has always been publicly applauded as a great personality and caster. Casting many events such as the NASL and Evil Geniuses Masters Cup receiving community support, maybe he has been looking towards gaining a community support for moving towards a high profile casting gig.

INcontroL will be staying at the SlayerS house. One of the greatest teams in the world and he will have a chance to practice every single day with some of the best players in the world. His casting duties will only take up a few hours, a couple of days a week; the rest will be dedicated to practicing with SlayerS.

We may be seeing a new INcontroL return from Korea; whether he will be a better player or a full time caster is yet to be seen.