This Week In MMO covers the weeks biggest MMO & Online game news.  This weeks topics include.




  • Man Stabs Friend Over World of Warcraft
  • Open Source Video Game Console Ouya Raises  Over 4 Million On Kickstarter
  • League of Legends Is The Most Played Game In The World?
  • Has The MMO Market Peaked?
  • The Secret World Announces Monthly Content
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 Hitting North America And Europe in 2013
  • Luis A. Perez

    Mega Zord!!! Yes! LOL!

  • rodxuxa12

    OMG finally the name of the show on the feed title! Its so annoying to miss a show, since Larry took over the descriptions…

  • Mert Matthews

    Well I think you guys should remember that it could be worse, worse both for the victim and the image of mmo games. But how is such thing possible? Take 2 15-17 year old kids and throw an ignorant media whos agenda is to demonise video games. This is what happened

    1 kid in internet cafe downloads a trojan kit and infects some of the computers in that cafe and before the memory wipe other kid uses one of the infected computers to log in and gets his metin 2 (crappy p2w game that is pretty popular among ignorant mmo population,these people pay over 20$ a month for premium aka play on equal terms and when i say wow or other mmo’s have you pay 15$ for the same thing they say their game is f2p, go figure) password stolen and so somehow the second kid finds him and murders him (smashes his skull with a rock) and throws him in a dumpster. Media finds it out. Crowns the kid who stole the password as ( exact quote) “Hacker Mete”(mete is kids name) even some medias would call him “The Master Hacker” and would again demonise video games and especcialy mmo games for atleast 4 months, to a level that people who didn’t know anything about video games would consider gamers as potential murderers 

    But when there were positive stories on gaming media wouldn’t care such as the story where 22 old man captured 2 thieves (24y old and other 19 year old) using what he learned from thief series. Which he underlines while giving an interview on his “Heroic deed” Medias reaction?
    “What? Whatever, next news” 

  • Bobby K

    I like the GW2 is going theres a personal story-the more SP driven,your the hero, kinda  thing.And there is the dungeon story mode,that affects the world story-there the glory goes to the 5 main heroes and their feel like you’ve been part of the grand things but its not like theyre saying you killed the great dragon(and 12342354234 ppl too)

  • Revanhavoc

    Bioshock 3, Watch Dogs, GTAV, Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls…Really Mike S? Consoles not innovating?

    (Actually Revan, numbers don’t lie: console sales including game sales are way down over the past few years – some of that can be tied to the economy, but you can’t tell me rehashed games like COD and Halo and every Madden game ever released are pushing the video game market forward…)

    That’s true havoc, but the point I’m trying to make is that although the console technology we have in XBOX 360 today is being pushed to the limits, that doesn’t mean we automatically need a new console. Consumers behaviours are different than they were at the launch of 360 and PS4. Folks wants more than just another ugly box to shove into their entertainment centers. They want an all in one device to replace other obsolete boxes (Does that mean we can get rid of that Beta Max now?) What are you kidding me that Beta Max is a gem, it’s an historical artifact!

    Anyway my point is that new consoles aren’t rushing out, unlike how the PC market screws you over by upgrading chipsets every 4 months. The next console release is going to be a huge game changer, aiming for a much larger market than just gamers.

    • Jay

       The PS4 already launched?! Where can I get me one??

  • darkpriestx

    so funny story. so im about to watch the show and your about to talk about someone who probably got stabbed over wow. i live in tn and was reading the paper this week. in the paper it had a story about 2 roommates and 1 decapitaed the other but it was over a girl. funny part was they said that on his right arm he had a dragon-y tattoo with ftw written on it… 10 bucks says that is from wow. funny the paper ppl pointed it out.

  • Willi Enderle

    Jay and Silent Bob ftw :D

  • 7BitBrian

    @akamikeb:twitter  Why you wanna punch me in the face bro? /me hides

    • Jay

       I thought it was funny he called you out. If Mike B was gonna punch anyone, it would Gary for putting up his old school photo throughout the whole Legendary show.

      • 7BitBrian

         Well you see, that might have kinda been because of me >_> I posted it on the forums and in chat, and sent it to Shaff before the show. :D

        Mike is awesome though.

  • MMO_Doubter

    Yeah, TSW starts off SAYING you’re nothing and no one, but then you get all these solo quests to be THE hero. How many times does Doc Bannerman need his files recovered from his PC?

    It’s hard to buy “you’re not THE hero”, when you’re sent into so many solo-only instances.

  • Dularr

    Thumbs up on moving TWIMMO to Fridays.

  • Kicknpups

    For a moment I thought I was watching Dr.Phil with all this Psycho analysis going on….I rage because I can!

  • Revanhavoc

    Comment #2 (I swear we don’t think we are important)
    Mike B. I appreciate your skepticism regarding the “other Michael” calling an end to sub based MMO growth, but I found it rather pedestrian, in an old school internet trolling kind of way, that you attempted to discredit the person instead of tackling the important point he was trying to make.
    I would like to hear your actual opinion about the growing demographic shift in players from “Pay for Quality”(sub-based) to “Ease of Access” (F2P).

    • Old Ben

      I think they’ve finally realized they weren’t “paying for quality”. They were just paying.

  • Graymarch

    Hmm he didn’t think that one through when he stabbed his friend…reminds me of the guy who shot someone over counter strike. But two different scenarios on what happened. But still really you’re going to stab someone over WoW? Well its not the first strange incident I’ve seen.

    • Graymarch

      He must of used puncturing wounds, which was activated by murderous intent, then he used seal fate. He was definitely a assassination rouge.

  • Graymarch

    By the way nice title Gary made me laugh for some time.

  • Sharuko

    Let us not count the eggs before they hatch, subscription based MMOs are still the most popular in the West.  WoW, SWTOR, Rift, Tera, Eve and TSW.  No B2P or F2P game has proven itself yet and I don’t see any in the near future that can change that.

    • Jay

       I agree with WoW, don’t agree with Tera, and (proven fact) GW1 sold almost 7 million. I don’t think the subscription based system is over, since people will pay for anything popular (ask Apple). However, WOW had extraordinary timing… EQ really started the fire, and Blizzard just took over when Evercrack was getting old. Sounds a little familiar in reference to a game coming out soon, but I won’t count any eggs before they’re hatched. ;)

      Seems like you’re not even trying anymore, Sharuko… You can do better.

      • Sharuko

        Sales really mean nothing, number of players playing the game concurrently is what an MMO is all about.  GW1 and their expansions have been on sales for $5 dollars for years now.  Also, the sales figure is deceptive.  GW and the campaigns/expansions sold 7 million.  So what is that 7 million divided by 6?  Roughly 1.2 million?

        Warhammer Online, AoC and Aion all sold a couple of million within their first month.  That really meant nothing as they don’t measure success based on box sales.

        My only point was it is a little premature to call this a success of F2P/B2P MMOs when the most popular MMOs in terms of population are all subscription based and yes Tera is as popular as Rift right now.  It could happen in the future, but as of right now the subscription model is king.

        PS: I really don’t want to make this a GW2 discussion but GW2 has zero chance against MoP. And time will prove I am right.

        • Spammerbam

           True, but I also have to agree with Jay. GW1 (despite the sales) was very popular in the West and also in Europe. Tera isn’t popular at all here in California; most people have heard of it and played the beta, but none wants to dedicate their time for it. Tera just isn’t worth the time and money.

          The subscription model is definitely still king right now. Statistics show. BUT, it’s also dying down as people are getting tired of the traditional mmos and having to pay monthly just to be grinding most of the time; it isn’t fun.

          Sooner or later, the power creep in WoW (and many other games) will slowly kill the game itself, as players will be discouraged to keep buying expansions to be more powerful.

        • Jay

           Let’s not forget how deceptive the “10 million subscriptions” are when we’re talking about WOW… Just seems like you’re trying to attack GW2 without actually saying “Guild Wars 2″.

          That’s what’s called a deep troll… “Tera is tera-ble.” – GG

        • b1rdn

           Of course Blizzard would be happy with a sub model… duh.

  • Shagral

    The only thing SWTOR’s failure tells us is that one can not justify 15$ bucks sub for a game that launched with extremely outdated systems and lackluster content JUST because of the ip. It has nothing to do with paid MMO market’s scaleability. I don’t believe people have any trouble paying 15 bucks, it’s just that players wanna get their money’s and time’s worth. They sense very quickly if the game does not deliver. It takes a few weeks to see if a game is worth it. The fact that it’s almost never worth it is not players’ problem – it’s devs’.

    • Jay

       I agree, people are more wary of committing to a subscription for a game, when you’re basically renting your character. For example, if I wanted to play one of my characters in WOW that I spent years developing, I would have to pay them more money. In 2012, I’m not paying monthly for a game with 2005 mechanics *cough* swtor…

  • Dekin

    Honestly why can’t MMO mean online game? If I can form a group with any person playing the game and run into people and play with people I do not know and will never know couldn’t that be a massive multiplayer online game…..I am online, I am playing with multiple people and the posibilies of my opponents and teamates count higher than the population of the town I live in.

    That meets the qualifications of MMO dont it?


    • Old Ben

      > Honestly why can’t MMO mean online game?

      Because that would be an OG.

      >  the posibilies of my opponents and teamates
      > count higher than the population of the town I live in

      The “possibilities” are always around 7 billion; anyone could happen to be near a computer running the same game you are. The “massively” part of MMO refers to the people actually playing the game at any given time (and, in a stricter sense, present in the same virtual world).

      Games like TF2, LoL, etc., are certainly “massive” in terms of total number of players, but they are divided into a lot of separate instances of the game, so they’re not really “massively multiplayer” in terms of gameplay.

    • Dularr

      The MMO should have a persistent world that continues to exist even after a user exits the world and that user-made changes to its state are permanent or require a respawn.

      • Dekin

        I can see that and agree it is generally interpreted that way.  But, I think a persistent world is more the RPG part; and most MMO’s we all played were RPG’s. It is like DND the DM makes a persist ant world your character sheet remains you can come back each week and progress.
        I think RPG has become so synonymous with MMO it is hard for us to grasp the two separately.

  • Sean Brambora

    phanty star was on dreamcast

  • Josue Rivera

    Using a Tegra 3 or a Snapdragon is probably the worst choice for a “Open” game console. These 2 chipsets are probably the worst to work on on phones (everything is closed source). 

  • Rasmus Nielsen

    I’ll bet you The Sims is more played than League of Legends :p So, maybe you wanna say, that League of Legends is the most played Online game

  • Emilio Aguinaldo

    Lucky Patcher will work on this xD

  • Blaze

    It’s not just a game it’s my LIFE and now i must stab you!!!

  • Jay

    +5 cool points for Mike B aka Fony playing on Dreamcast! Still one of my favorite systems to ever come out…  I also agree with him on some people lacking the mental discipline to not take game rage too far. I don’t care how much I feel cheated in a game, I’m not throwing my controller against any walls. That’s like throwing money away!

    I’m a bit wary of Ouya’s success, since I’ve ran into so many PC snobs on the internet who love to belittle console gamers any chance they get. Just seems odd to make a console built off the idea of being open source… Don’t hackers already have controllers for their PCs if they want it? I’m fine with having my Android experience on phones like the new EVO 4G LTE, and I don’t need another console taking up space in my place… I do hope Sony takes note, and allows more options like they did when PS3 first came out and it had Linux enabled.

  • Blaze

    after 3 months of Cata i quit wow sick of the same old, same old, bullcrap.. gear up, grind badges, smoke tons of weed sit around bored..  wipe fest on the weekends, no life, no pussy constantly broke fuck wow i got better things to do.. I put my 15 a month towards the lottery and hope i strike it rich, better than wasting it on World of Gaycraft.

    • Old Ben

      Now imagine how boring it is without the weed.

    • Dularr

      Dude, you sound just like a DK tank we had to kick from the raid team.  He would get so stoned his tanking would fall apart halfway through the scheduled raid times.   He was a good guy, but you couldn’t rely on him keeping it together.    Don’t play WoW on the weekends, that’s usually a bad time to get anything done.

  • Krzysztof Kotarba

    if something is “open” it means that it should not be powerfull? Tons of money, they should make next-gen console.

  • Dustin Moon

    As to topped out for the MMO market im pretty sure if good games like GW2 come out with no subscription people will be very keen to that.  As it stands I purchased GW2 and probably won’t be buying MoP… 

    • Dularr

      I think GW2 will do well, but I don’t think the playerbase understands how difficult this game will be at higher levels.  Without the zerging of the lower levels, many a PVE player is going to hit a hard skill cap.

  • garkLamer

    I like the news about the open source console. I’m afraid it will never hit the market though, especially never with any type of game title that can threath the wealth of the current entertainment dragons. As far as I know, to even have a remote chans of using and make money out of any tech out there of value, you have to pay tons of money in licenses. Even if you, as an open source programmer, write your own code, line for line, with your own free or purchased tools, on your own PC for a hardware console you invented your self.. As soon as you take customers from these dragons they send their most epic raid lineup of lawyers to flatten you to the ground! Five million dollars? Seriously? Someone over at Sony entertainment currently lean over in a famous meme pose while mumbling “bitch please!!”

    The only reason ArenaNet CAN stick their chin out is because of NCSoft. They are the dragon of the east and if their games are not welcome in the west with the respect they deserve then not even a crap-laggy proxy connection will find its way into their market!

    The world is opening up. Slowly. Cultures are blending and our western ways of thinking that annual fees are some sort of proof of infinite and secure value is nothing but a lie! A market scam built on the obvious success of WoW that no one can deny. Whatever made WoW successful will make us successful.. “Contemporary Cargo Cult” -thinking.. How come no other MMO so far managed to second their deeds then? And why would the whole golden circus be for sale if it was soo damn profitable? Maybe because it isn’t anymore?

    The lawyers will hold the line for as long as they can I’m sure.. I’ll enjoy my guardian in the meanwhile ^^

  • Mert Matthews

    I stab therefore i am

  • scottsummer

    In MMO, forcing everyone to be “DA MAN/The Hero/The Savior” is immersion breaking, especially the newer generation MMO full of instance, which mean your “heroic” action have absolutely no impact on the world itself, you might get some reward and titles but that’s about it. WoW, SWTOR,even GW2 and i fear TESO will face the same problem, EVERYONE IS THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD.

    Part of the reason i like older MMO like SWG, Shadowbane or even TSW is you are how you play, if you want you can be a dancer or a moisture farmer in SWG, in shadowbane you can be a peacemaker or mercenary.

  • 7BitBrian

    Also; forgot to post in my first reply. I really like the new format, it allows you all to talk about a lot more topics, which can only be a good thing, instead of just focusing on a very few. I think this is the way TWIMMO should go in the future.

    I very much enjoyed it.

    • Dularr

      I think they were joking, in part, because the producer is on vacation this week.  I do like the move to Fridays and they should keep the faster paced shorter topics.  

  • Roger Means

    make a mmo look bad hell i wouldnt let my kid play wow simple fact you got sick bastages like on moonguard yep mmo’s do it to them selves by allowing that kinda gameplay thanks.

    • Dularr

      You don’t let your kids on a RP server and you have to supervise their game time.

    • Morturion

       And dont even get started on MCdonalds ! Those damn cheeseburgers …

  • Eggers

    I don’t believe that the subscription MMOs will not grow anymore. Sure Star Wars is a big IP  and should bring in more then it did, but well could this maybe be put on EA?  Remember EA has another big IP MMO out there that hasn’t been doing well in Warhammer Online.  Could EA be mismanaging these two games? I mean really EA should know five year and 300 million to make a  game is a little to long and to much.  It feels like no one wanted to say no to anyone about anything while making this game.  And the whole Illum thing was a bad idea from the start.  Illum was an idea taken from Warhammer Online that never worked well in that game and the put into SWTOR, and the devs who came up with Illum are the same ones that tried it in Warhammer Online!  Why didn’t they stop Illum from happening?  It didn’t work in Warhammer why would it work in Star Wars don’t we learn for out mistakes EA.  Oh and who like Origin?  Which fells like EA is trying to take a Battlenet from Blizzard and Steam from Value and mix them together to make them work.  Origin sucks!   And why just because BioWare’s name is on it should it be great?  BioWare has never made an MMO before! Also SWTOR didn’t add anything new to the MMOs did it?  The game really just felt like WOW with voice actors, and cut scenes.  Even the way the the different classes played felt to similar to WOW.  Rift feels much less like a WOW clone then SWTOR to me anyway.  When WOW came out and was going up against EQ2 Blizzard innovated  much more then EA-BioWare did with SWTOR .  WOW wasn’t just a EQ clone.  And also with Rift crazy fast pace release of new content maybe SWTOR wasn’t made to or able to release content that fast we no WOW can’t.  I really believe that SWTOR could of been done better if EA didn’t mismanage it (and they still are), and they game would of been less like WOW and more like something completely different.
    Also Warcraft wasn’t when WOW came out and still isn’t as big as a IP as Star Wars and how many new people did it bring to MMOs? 
    And did MikeS play WOW before for WotLK?

    • nick

       great walll of teeeexxxxttttt

  • Old Ben

    The “we’re all counting on you” repetition was probably a reference to Leslie Nielsen in “Airplane!”.

  • Old Ben

    Gary, in TSW the intro might tell you that “you’re nothing special”, but then all the missions say otherwise. They’re all clearly about you (singular) solving the puzzles, killing the zombies and fetching the packages. You never feel like you’re contributing to a common goal with other players, and half the missions actually force you into “solo instances” where you can’t even be with the people in your own party, let alone the other players in your “dimension” (shard).

    The story / voice acting / cutscenes are well done, but it’s still basically a single-player game (with a subscription), where you happen to see some other players running around doing their thing, in their own separate realities. 

    GW2’s personal stories have atrocious plots and pretty bad acting, but at least they do let you take your friends with you into the story instances, and the open-world quests / events are designed to be truly multi-player, not just “multi-single-player”. 

    • Joe D

      Oddly, Old Ben,  this is incorrect.  You earn respect and gain notoriety as your faction ranks increase.  Then they start treating you better and give you more respect because of it.  Funny because Mike S. critique of how it ‘should’ work for TSW in reality is exactly how it ‘does’ work.  And saying half the missions are solo instances is a gross overstatement.

      • Old Ben

        >  this is incorrect.

        I have no idea what the “this” you refer to is.

        > You earn respect and gain notoriety as your faction ranks increase.

        Again, I’m not sure how that relates to what I wrote. I’m not talking about the way your faction treats you in abstract, I’m talking about the actual missions and the cutscenes. 

        When you sneak into Beaumont’s bunker and listen to his conversation, or when he leaves you trapped in the library, you’re clearly “the hero” of the story. When you retrieve Dr. Bannerman’s files or the pages of the medical report, you’re clearly “the one” doing those things. When you repair the RC plane, when you defeat the bogeyman in the amusement part, etc., etc., it doesn’t affect other players in any way, nor do their actions affect you. 

        You never feel like you’re contributing to something with the other players in your dimensions. You’re doing your missions, they are doing theirs. Each person lives in a slightly different reality, where they are the main protagonist.

        I’m not saying the story doesn’t work (some bits are bad, but overall it’s probably the best I’ve seen in the last decade), but it’s not really a good example of a game that “doesn’t treat you like the special one”, because it does, and doesn’t even try to hide it (i.e., it actually separates you from the rest of your party when you go into mission instances, because telling you the story – and making it revolve around you – is far more important than creating a consistent multi-player world).

        > saying half the missions are solo instances is a gross overstatement.

        Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s more than half (in fact, nearly all) of the investigation and infiltration ones. The combat and fetch missions don’t send you into instances at all, IIRC, but I found those so boring that I’m trying to erase them from my memory.

  • James ‘Jimmerz’ Heller

    I can’t find the link but you mentioned no IP left to draw people in but there was a great mock up picture of a Pokemon MMO. Sadly doubt it would ever happen but that alone would just print money if made.

  • Theyrealone

    I just fixed my Headset and i totaly missed that music at the begining with that good quality! :D

  • Wrath

    This episode seemed to focus alot on open source gaming and the new console… Not as much focus on MMO’s. Maybe in the future you guys can keep that in mind.

  • \.. Wa5eer ..//

    he asked  what thy will do with the money thy should support indi dev teams to make games for there Console 

  • Crystal Heath

    Btw there is a good story about World of Warcraft I heard.  A kid in Norway saved his sister from a rampaging moose by yelling at it to get its attention then played dead.  He said he learned how to do that by playing  a hunter on World of Warcraft.