Cody Bye from ZAM sat down with us to give us an exclusive look at their new Guild Wars 2 database

  • Nae Bodee

    Ehh, no sound?

    • Samir

      eh dude i hope you know that your avatar
      is a pic from a phedophile in Europe??? If i where you i would consider something els 
      just putting it out there might you not know it.

  • Pierce Hanson

    gary made an oopsie

  • Aelskafotboll

    No sound.

  • Hamad Ali Al-Jalahma

    No sound  :o

  • Mindbent

    Ummm just me or no sound on this video

  • Bear Powell

    no sound

  • Rp TheFoolz

    The Site still says “Restricted” and ask me for the Username and Password.

    Btw: no sounds.

    • Tj Vossos

      because its not available to the public yet

    • nathan werner

      click cancel…not everything is up yet but the main page is.

  • Aelskafotboll

    Sound back, all good :)

  • Kendrick Panh Washington

    Two words: Mobile App? :D

  • Merijn

    good vid :D gonne abuse this just as much i abused WoWHead x)

  • Bear Powell

    Looking to be a wonderful db just like the rest of the ZAM ones.

  • Josh Freeman

    Meh, really sad ZAM are doing this, many of their databases out super out of date, so I am not happy or looking forward to this at all, hopefully I will be proved wrong but right now they dont sit well with me.

    • Josh Rosenvelt

      I think with wow being so dumbed down now there isn’t as much value in wowhead, also plenty other wow related sites, but even sites like elitist jerks is not needed since the talent system is being watered down going in MoP.
      It’s in there best interests to focus on Guild Wars 2 and get in before other sites do.
      GW2 will be a lot bigger then SWTOR.

    • Kagitaar

      Many of their databases also run solely on user contributions when they can’t have an addon autolog for them; no players writing, no info.

  • David Grimm

    This is cool, been using wowhead since it came out and I’m very excited that ZAM is building such a robust db for GW2.  I also love that Gamebreaker got it first. I spend more time here than anywhere.

  • Corey “Crimzen”

    I have to say Guildhead looks awesome so far, can’t wait to start using it. Definitely going to add a link to this site on my guild website once it goes live. Thanks for the preview!

  • Protectors Of Tyria

    Shes a beaut.

  • Protectors Of Tyria

    Looks fantastic!

  • Adam Elliott

    Doesn’t let me in to much, and won’t let me sign in, but what works i like.

  • Dr. Yiggles

    I am looking forward to this.  I’m hoping that we will be able to manage and keep record of our builds.

    There are a lot of skill builder sites, but haven’t been able to maintain the trait changes with current updates and am hoping they can do keep it up to date as the have on wowhead when I use to use it awhile back.

    Btw, thanks for sharing this Gary! :)

    • Dularr

      I really do hope you can get a link to your build from the site.   Key for posts and bloggers. 

  • Malkline

    Looks good, but is it not a little redundant…at the moment. I know i was running around with a lvl 5 sword at lvl 20 but was still doing decent damage. It will probably be handy for knowing what is required for legendaries and stuff but i still think that as far as this game is concerned its a little less required in comparison to wow or tor. I could be wrong, just as far as i have seen so far. The only thing i can see myself coming back to is the trait calculator…but they at present are a dime a dozen(as long as they are updated ofc).

    • QSatu

       I think it will be a good way to find good looking items you want. So the most useful part of the item database for me will be the screenshot section.

  • Zax19

    Sweet! :)

  • XvShadow

    Great job! I can’t wait to use it. Darn that Cody for teasing the Quest section. lol.

    • Dularr

      Always love the comment section on the quests.   One of my favorite parts of the database is what the players are saying about the quests.

  • Miguel Rodriguez

    Really looking forward to it!

  • MonkeyMoniker

    It’s an amazing site!

    But I’m curious as to what people think, since Guild Wars 2 is so heavy on the exploration factor, wouldn’t something like this detract a lot from the game?

    I can understand “Don’t see it if you don’t want to,” but that’s beside the point.

    • David Swan

      For PvE players, yeah.  I wouldn’t use this for that unless I felt a need for it, but this seems pretty useful if you want to play PvP competitively   

      • Dularr

        Not sure which site will end up the go to site for builds.  When gamers chat about their builds, they can post a link to their build from one of the ZAM sites.  

        Not sure for PVE puzzles, if you get stuck starting a puzzle, not sure if you would start here or just do a quick search on youtube. 

  • Inkogni Alex

    watch out Gannon, that website just may be what kills GBTV :D :D
    i think im going to have SEX with that website, not sure.

  • Irish Brewed

    looks hot

  • QSatu

    Never uses this site b/c I didn’t play wow/tor etc. I will definitely check your item database.

  • Oblivious Prime

    great site. hope they add runes, jewels and sigils for the skill calculator.

  • Raul

    Nice Work!

  • Brandon Westmoreland

    <3 Noxi art! Can't wait for all this neat stuff!

  • Jado Cast

    Hope they add a AH marketplace trending page, then it would be perfect.

    • Lian Wan

      Like the one that is already in the game? O_o

      • Jado Cast

        Nope, one like this www_gw2spidy_com

        • Lian Wan

          I didn’t go through much of the site but at least the chart looks very much like the one in game. You can see trends from the Trading Post’s front page.

          The site might be able to show trends over a longer time span.

  • Gramis

    gw2db over @ curse  has a head start. Good luck keeping up.

    • Robin Zetterqvist

      They will most likely not need the GL as their databases are usually the most userfriendly and that is what people will end up using and promoting ingame.

    • Dularr

      Hard to say, did a Google search for “Guild Wars 2 Shadow Behemoth.”  The first three hits was for the Guildwars2 wiki and the rest of the top 10 was youtube.  

      Should be interesting seeing which database starts hitting the top search spots.  

      Also, see which site ends up with the best user posted comments.    

  • biggstobacco

    One of the things I loved on wowhead was the 3d previews of weapons so I hope to find the same on guildhead. Would also love to see any weapon animations like glowing or effects.

    • Ian Smith

       Yes, the 3D model viewer was awesome. Really hope we can get that with this site as well.

  • Dularr

    I didn’t notice, can you get the link that will allow you to post an item in GW2 chat?

  • Gregg Whitman

    Skill Calc will be nice. Don’t forget Weapon Swap.

    • Nikolaas Wajon

      engineers (what gary chose to show off at the begining) cant swap weapons full stop.  and thats the same with a couple of other races so there is no need to put a weapons swap sectiion for those professions

    • Jadedsheamus

      the engineer doesn’t have weapon swap

  • Keigh

     As someone who uses wowhead/Torhead alot I look forward to using GuildHead as well

  • Kicknpups

    These guys did a great job with WoWhead used it many of times and look forward to using this…Im not a huge fan of the Wiki it’s all over the place and the layout reminds me of a horrible craigslist…

  • Chills05

    Making room in my favorites bar for this one :)

  • Kamil

     Hurray for viddler! Just kidding, it’s terrible. WTB the old streaming site back.

  • Nate Amaral

    Why are you guys supporting this so much? Gw2guru already has a database that is clean and already somewhat complete.

    • Zakenfein

       ZAM is one of gamebreaker’s sponsors, like Neflix, so obviously they’d be supporting it

    • Glenn Adams

      A lot of people (myself included) like the layout of the ZAM sites – the more choices for players, the healthier the game.

  • Key Foster

    very nice. Im a big fan of wowhead and torhead.

  • AlokP

    Hope they do a pretty good interface for crafting. I love discovery, but not finding everything would bother me. Maybe an interactive thing to see all the components that go together, if you want to save the thrill of discovery yourself. ;)

  • RockerDC3

    Epic! Excellent work!