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Lucy Lawless will be joining the cast of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for this upcoming season. In keeping with their proclivity to keep key information under wraps, no details are known about what role she will play or how many episodes she will be featured in.

More details should be released at the Comic-Con “Marvel Television Presents” panel on July 25th. Hopefully there will also be some more information on what’s in store for Fitz. Though the new official poster (which will be handed out at the Marvel Booth) might have some clues.

uncategorized     Lucy Lawless Joins Marvels Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D

Fitz is obviously shown there, so that probably means he’ll be around and at least mostly back to his normal self. Also look at the person to the far left of Coulson. Is that Grant Ward? Does that mean he’ll be back working with the team? Maybe he’s there in the same way as the guy behind Agent Carter. Can it be September 23rd now please?

Thanks to TV Guide for finding these new teases.

On May 1st, composer Marty O’Donnell filed a lawsuit against Halo creator Bungie, citing unpaid benefits that were promised in his contract. Not only did O’Donnell win the money for the lost benefits, he also received interest and damages. All told the composer made over $95,000 in the suit.

xbox news main     Halo Composer Wins $95,000 Lawsuit

This happened even after Bungie denied any wrong doing. See? Sometimes the little guy does win after all.

[source: Venture Beat]

Gee Willikers Batman, July 2014 marks 75 years since it all began. In celebration, Green Man Gaming is running a “75 Years of Batman Sale” on recently released Batman themed PC Download games. You’ll get up to 75% off instantly, and there’s a 20% off coupon code to stack for additional savings. One of the best offers is Batman Arkham Origins for $6 after coupon, which ties its all time low and is $24 off the usual $30 MSRP.

Use Coupon Code: P36EYA-K5JYKT-ABO7X9

The Batman sale is only valid for 48 hours, ending on July 24th at 11am Eastern. The coupon at GMG expires on Friday, July 25th at 11am Eastern.

Los Angeles, Calif., July 22, 2014

GAMEBREAKER Media Group Inc. launches GAMEBREAKER MEDIA (GBM), a new advertising platform with a focus on connecting YouTube creators and Twitch livestreamers with quality top tier advertisers allowing context relevant and targeted monetization of content.

GBM lets content creators fit their content and style to the types of advertisements that match their audience and content brand, giving them more control over what they promote to their audiences and when. GBM requires no contracts; it’s perfect for every kind of content creator whether part of another network or not.

GBM has run in beta for the last 4 months and has already proven the success of the model with select Twitch livestreamers. We are now opening the service to the broader community with a dedicated platform, which provides tools and training to partners who sign up.

xbox news main wii tech 2 playstation news main pc 2 featured     GAMEBREAKER Launches Youtube & Livestream Content Monetization Network“We are really excited about this new platform. There has never been anything quite like this for Twitch streamers or YouTube creators; to allow them to have full control of the types of products and services they want to actually promote to their viewers is pretty amazing. It provides them a great new way to make more money on the content they are creating with no long term contracts or other crazy requirements many networks impose these days.”

- Gary Gannon, Founder and CEO.

With this new network, GBM is poised to make a huge splash in the content monetization pool. Roll-out of the site with complete sign-up information is located online at www.gamebreakermedia.com . Network partners will be reviewed prior to gaining full access but the approval process should be quick and easy, as that is core to what GAMEBREAKER feels is necessary to success.

“Not only do we need to have great advertising relationships, we have to make it easy for Twitch streamers and YouTube creators to get access so they are running as fast as possible. They are busy creating great content and they don’t want any more hassle when it comes to making a living doing it.”

Richard Booth, CMO

For more information: