Some of the older generation hit up the strip club and make it rain in GTA V.

It takes a glitch to make the sex scenes terrifying.
Screentendo, is an app created by Aaron Randall that allows the user to turn anything on their Windows desktop into a level of Super Mario.
DBZ fans, rejoice! The newest movie in the franchise will have a limited theatrical release in the US.
Now, this is some brave cosplay.
What would movies be like if the characters said the things their actors tweeted on a regular basis?
Screen Junkies is back and this time they've taken us back to a time before Micheal Bay became the dude responsible for the Transformers movies.
See every sex scene discovered in The Witcher 3 so far. (Spoilers and NSFW)
What's better than having The Rock at your wedding? How about having him surprise-officiate that wedding?

Thanks to an oversight by one of Star Citizen's community managers, players got their hands on almost 50GB of assets for the Bengal carrier.

This is one interesting GTA Online story. GTA player gets affected by a cheater and felt forced to hire another cheater to save him.

In case you missed the memo today is Towel Day, the reminder that every good galactic hitchhiker should have their towel with them at all times.

No, seriously, I'm still wiping tears off my face.

Just when you think you know everything about a show, someone comes along and destroys that for you.
Nothing will bring a halt to a children's party like seeing Spider-Man faceplant into ceramic tile.

Apparently the creators of the Mad Max: Fury Road movie missed an opportunity to make a freaking awesome Mario Kart flick.

Be careful what you say in champ select, it can come back and bite you.

A Canadian man just set the record for longest hoverboard flight ever, and he did it on a board he made himself.

Disney deaths can actually be pretty disturbing.

We're taking a look at the boy who shattered time, Ekko, going over his abilities, and discussing how they could impact League Of Legends. But that's not all. Ashe is getting a much needed rework. We've got all the details!

As part of their ongoing gameplay series, Overwatch has released footage of the bow-wielding, dragon-summoning Hanzo.

Bored? How about strapping some Roman candles to a drone and sending it out to attack your friends?

Liam Neeson narrates a mini-documentary about Coldplay's attempt to create the Game of Thrones musical.
Gameranx has scoured the internet looking for some of the best gaming setups and came up with 50 that will make you drool.
Kung Fury -- the Kickstarter-funded short film that is pretty much everything that was great about living in the 80s has been picked up by the El Rey Network.
YouTuber WhatsMyGame has found an interesting way to make tons of cash early on in The Witcher 3 -- and all it takes is the ongoing slaughter of may innocent cows.

Delicious and dangerous. Geologists wanted to grill a few steaks over some molten lava, because science!

Video game tutorials can really be torture, but every once in a while a game developer gets them right.
Super Bunnyhop -- the YouTuber who's critique of the Konami/Kojima situation was DMCA'd by Konami -- has produced another video about the Silent Hills teaser PT.
"Batkid Begins" tells the story of 5-year-old cancer patient Miles Scott and his wish to be a super hero.
Old meme's everywhere. It's a bit like watching someone's parents trying too hard to be what they think their kids think is cool.
If you've somehow managed to miss the amazing -- and constantly ongoing -- Minecraft build that is Westeroscraft... You really have been missing out.
Blizzard has dropped another Overwatch gameplay video -- this time featuring the gunslinger McCree.
They might actually come up with some pretty cool ideas like the ones here.
The latest Honest Trailers takes on the Wachowski film Jupiter Ascending, and it's not getting any slack.
You may not realize just how much the Mad Max movies influenced the Fallout games.

Leaks are inevitable in the age of the internet, and the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie is no exception.

The CtR crew is back for some great discussions, so get ready!

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