This week on Legendary, Liv tears herself away from the Heroes of the Storm technical alpha to talk about World of Warcraft. The big news this week is that the pre-release of Warlords of Draenor...

Hi gang. We know many of you are waiting for this week's Legendary and wanted to fill you in on what's going on. First off, Pat Krane is suffering from a pinched nerve and...

This week on Legendary, Blizzard drops a ton of information, some of the staff goes a bit tweet crazy and more. Just in time for this episode of Legendary, the Blizzard team decided to throw...

This week on Legendary the team discuss two character model updates, tons of PvP info, character boots to level 90, and much more!

On this week's Legendary World of Warcraft show we've got Warlords updates, raid info, casting while moving nerfs, and much more! Legendary came in third in the Blizzard stream awards voting and the cast is very...

This week on Legendary:  Patch 5.4.7 has a release date, siege gets the mythic treatment and subscriber numbers are up! WoW is definitely not dead. Yesterday, during their 2013 Q4 earnings call, Blizzard announced that...

This week on Legendary:  Blizzard introduces the Blizzard Stream Awards, the digital CE mount and pet are revealed, Battle.net gets chatty and more! Okay, first up guys. We've been nominated for an award! The Blizzard...

This week on Legendary: new female character models are revealed, Orgrimmar gets a nerf, banhammers fly and more. It's been a busy week in World of Warcraft and Gary, Liv, Pat and Schaff are here...

How much is that level 90 in the window?What's the right price for a level 90 boost in World of Warcraft on this week's Legendary! Hosts Gary Gannon, Olivia Grace, and Pat Krane discuss level...

World of Warcraft patch 5.4.2 is here and it's broken PvP. All the latest from the new WoW patch, and more, right here on Legendary! This week's Legendary is chocked full of World of Warcraft patch 5.4.2...

This week on Legendary: Ghostcrawler is leaving Blizzard, Warcraft movie info, new datamined mounts, and more!!! First up, a bit of sad news, Ghostcrawler announced he will be leaving Blizzard.  We all wish him the best...

This week on Legendary: a new pet and mount model, garrison info, in-game stores on western servers and looting from other players in WoW PvP?
Legendary 152

This week on Legendary: Draenor is a no-fly zone, mythic raiding ends for tens and WoW racials are being balanced?

This week on Legendary: The gang sits down for a special BlizzCon 2013 episode.
Legendary 150

This week on Legendary: BlizzCon is next week, are you prepared? WoW Connected Realm issues and more!

This week on Legendary: caught on camera... Is it a feature or bug? Missing World of Warcraft Tanks... and, tiebreakers.

This week on Legendary: stealth changes hit arena, flex raiding gets serious and Heroes of the Storm is the new HotSness.

The Crowd Chose You? Not any more as the buff is removed, and there's intel from the Devs on who's more hardcore, US or EU!

This week on Legendary, the world first race is over and Method's Treckie joins us to talk about it.
Legendary 145

This week on Legendary, PvP gear gets fixed, Blizzard trademark rumors and flex raiding is killing LFR? With the release of LFR wing 2, players have been complaining that flex raiding is making the LFR...

Olivia Grace and Mike Schaffnit are joined yet again by Jeremie Quek, to talk about Flex, the World First Race, and the Blizzcon Arena Tournament!
Legendary 143

This week on Legendary, patch 5.4 is live in World of Warcraft! Connect realms update, new features, the new Warchief, and more!

Patch 5.4's Raid Release Schedule is unfair, according to the forums, and the PvP tournament is a total mess!
Legendary 141

This week, the Legendary crew talk Patch 5.4, Patch 5.5, character models and is WoW too easy?

This week, you're in for a treat as we are joined by Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street and Ion "Watcher" Hazzikostas for a special interview.

This week, the Legendary Patch 5.4 is dropping in less than two weeks.

This week, the Legendary crew talk level 90-100, Heirloom Equality, Arenas, and Patch 5.4 Blowing up Stormwind!

This week, another Convert to Raid host joins the Legendary crew for Sub Numbers, Titan and more!
Legendary WoW Subscribers Featured

WoW 6.0 brings a new class, breaking Subscriber Drops and more!

Patch 5.4, Timeless Isle, Proving Grounds and Overpriced Headwear!

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