I am blown away, this is so incredibly cool! It actually works! Huge shout out to SethBling on youtube.

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  • Gabe

    I don’t know much about Minecraft, but after seeing people do things like this in LittleBigPlanet (which I am very familiar with), I can appreciate the time and effort that must have gone into making this. Good job!

    • Magmafrost13 .

      time taken: half an hour. Its not hard, its just a bunch of command blocks executing a /setblock command in a sequence to make the gate “turn”

      • Jiro

        That makes the game cool, like teleports in games, cause you can’t teleport without cheats

        • Magmafrost13 .

          well, that depends on whether or not you call the /give command “cheats.” Its a part of the game, its meant to be used, its not like you’re modifying anything to get access to something you shouldn’t have.

          • cAM


          • Magmafrost13 .

            There is a command block with the command “/testfor @p “. This command is being executed 20 times every second, and the command block outputs a redstone signal though a comparative when the command tests true (that being, when a player is at the specified coordinates). This redstone pulse activates a command block containing the command “/tp @p “.(teleports the nearest player to the specified coordinates). Its not that complicated.

            Most of the work is making the portal appear to rotate, but “most of the work” does not equate to “a lot of work”

  • pangoo209

    stargates actually seem easy, just use command blocks to take a player and teleport them… also using placeblock to make the blocks move. Not hard, and honestly he overcomplicated it by a lot.

    • Waterseas

      He wanted to make it look cool.

  • Cubx

    A true SG fan would call the water naquadah….

    • Afrokid

      A “True Stargate fan” would call the water the event horizon. Naquadah is a rare super dense mineral that the stargate is made out of.

      The explosion is also called a “Kawoosh”.

      • Cubx

        yes and the “event horizon” has naquadah…. so you’re point?

        • RiftEnigma

          His point was that you are wrong.

          • Cubx

            Whatever helps you both sleep at night.

          • Trollzor

            Umm, actually Afrokid is correct. Naquadah is a superconductive heavy element which was used by the Ancients to create the Stargates. There in an active dialling Stargate a reaction happens and it creates an artificial subspace wormhole to a different point in space using the seven lights in conjunction with the markings on the inner ring, sort of like a coordinate system using the seventh one to mark the point of origin and the other six to mark the coordinates of the other Stargate. You also said that the event horizon contains Naquadah, that statement is false because the event horizon is not ever said to be made of Naquadah in any article relating to the event horizon created by the Stargates. If you have any Info against this please tell me.

          • Josh Lowes

            ^when was the last time you saw tits?

          • Jtron

            You pwnd that Guest

          • Chris ac

            The irony is palpable. Dunning-Kruger-tastic.

        • Tony Yao


      • Gregory Otis Dow

        Amen sir

  • Ari

    that’s so cool >:)

  • mattycfp

    I’m laughing at this. Because it’s easy. He just used some command blocks, nothing advanced.

    • Jack

      I don’t know how…its advanced.

    • Mr.T

      if its so easy lets see you post a video of one you’ve made…

      • Magmafrost13 .

        its just a bunch of command blocks executing a /setblock command in a sequence, with a few playing a sound, and a /testfor linked to a /tp @p x y z to teleoprt the nearest player. Its really very simple.

        • Ryan Merritt

          @Magmafrost13 … I guarantee you are the guy who says “that’s super easy” about everything, and yet never builds or creates anything himself. You are literally the worst type of person there is.

        • Ryan Merritt

          I guarantee you are the guy who says “that’s super easy” about everything, and yet never builds or creates anything himself. You are literally the worst type of person there is!

          • Magmafrost13 .

            I’ll admit that I haven’t build anything for a while before about a month ago. I just followed minecraft, I didn’t play it since about 1.4. I did build something similar myself recently though, in the form of an iris opening door. It isn’t the same thing, but it works on the same principles (that being, /setblock in a delayed series), except without the sound, because the sound command will be added in 1.8, in a few days. I’ve build plenty of things myself. I can prove it if you like, but given my 500Gb hard drive, I’d rather not run fraps, given its tendency to create enormous files. And the fact that they’re already build, so not much proof that I did it, but there’s really no way around that…

          • SlushieDee

            You sir, are a nub. /setblock isn’t going to be integrated until 1.8 (which is out at the time of writing), but /playsound has been around since 1.7

          • Magmafrost13 .

            @Slushiedee Nope, other way around. Go check the wiki if you don’t believe me, you dumb shit.

            Alternatively, if you were joking, try to make that a little clearer next time. The internet doesn’t take too kindly to stupid.

            Oh, and 1.8 came out a few weeks ago, so you’re wrong either way there.

  • Ben

    I’ll be impressed if he comes up with a system of command blocks that define an IP address and then connect to that server when he walks through.

    • Alex H.

      Everything old is new again. One of the MUD (text only!) server softwares did that, or at least tried to do it. I can’t remember whether it was AberMUD, UberMUD, InterMUD, or something else. The information seems to have been lost.

      • Bartlesby

        There used to be MUD connectors that would let you chat with people on different MUDs that used the same compatible system. I can’t remember the actual name of it now.

        • Alex H.

          I look back in time and smile. In the present, we would be considering centralized versus distributed authentication mechanisms, single sign-on, and the like. “How can we verify that the Grakthar on MUD A is the same Grakthar as on MUD B?” I can just imagine signing into multiple MUDs using OpenID. X-D

  • Zach Lusk

    my head hurts from watching this.

  • ZRedband

    “Literally” Builds A Working Stargate? This word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

    • tegger

      This is exactly what went through my head.

  • Jonathan Grier

    It’s cheating if it’s a mod.

    • Magmafrost13 .

      Its not a mod. That’s 100% vanilla, and its not that complicated either, its just a bunch of /setblock in a sequence. Nothing about this is moded or at all complicated.

      • Ryan Merritt

        If it’s so easy, why didn’t you do it? Hindsight is 20/20 son, and you sound like an idiot saying things like that.

      • Ryan Merritt

        If it’s so easy, why didn’t you do it? Hindsight is 20/20 son, and you sound like an idiot saying things like that …

  • Cyberkon101

    what a load of shit

  • Trick

    i prefer gmod for stargate :D

  • Donna Bohdanyk

    Minecraft Portal.

  • Robb Boulton

    Vid:”Welcome back” Me:”Sethbling here :3″

  • panik

    the stargate mod has been around for years and it “literally” works. Gamebreaker is the shittiest place to get any news in the scene apparently.

    • Phantasimo

      Yet he did this without mods, it’s 100% vanilla mincraft bro.

      • Dave Smith

        Thats not Vanilla minecraft…you’re an idiot for saying so.

        • sfc0

          Actually, you might be surprised at what you can do with command blocks in the latest snapshots…

          • Dave Smith

            I see that now…damn, sometimes i just need to SHUT MY BIG YAPPER!!!

        • Phantasimo

          Clearly you haven’t been keeping up with the latest snapshots. This is indeed 100% vanilla minecraft.

          • Dave Smith

            damn…you got me bro. Sorry for that.

          • Phantasimo

            It’s fine. Sometimes doing some research helps before replying.

        • ftrftfygtyftrdrf

          yes, that is 100% vanilla

        • Jack4607

          You sir, are the idiot for believing it is not vanilla minecraft

  • Asturias_Knytt

    Here was I expecting a real stargate…

    Misleading kree!

  • Human

    Can i use it to get to P3X-403?