SMITE ARAM Mode Featured

A SMITE ARAM mode will be introduced in an upcoming patch. Grab your team and push the middle with vigor.

For most MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) players out there you more than likely know what the ARAM game mode is. For those who do not know ARAM stands for All Random All Middle. The mode name essentially describes how the match takes place. There are many variations to the rules, but the basic idea is everyone goes random and then everyone fights it out in the middle.

SMITE ARAM Mode Fountain

This mode became a popular “for fun” mode in League of Legends and since then many people have enjoyed playing it, but it never got its own designated mode. This is where the SMITE ARAM mode makes its debut. Instead of just having the idea of the mode be an arbitrary concept that players must simply agree to adhere to, it is now going to be an official mode that you can enter match making with.

SMITE ARAM Mode MapHiRezKate of Hi-Rez Studios designed the new map to specifically follow the game mode rules. There is only one lane, with no side lanes to even consider. There is no option as a player to even leave the middle lane, thus not having to risk a team cheating or accidentally doing so. The map features a winter atmosphere with the northern lights in view.

The coding for this map goes much further though. In a SMITE ARAM mode match there are a few additional rules. One of these rules involves going back to buy items. The typical rules are that you may only go back to buy items when you die. In order to create this, the SMITE ARAM mode map prevents you from re-entering the base area to purchase. The only way to get back into the fountain region to buy more items is to have your character die. In addition the recall (back) button will be later disabled for the mode.

This about explains the mode. The rules are generally quite simple and SMITE is the first to dedicate an entire map to the ARAM mode. This is one of the interesting things SMITE has done for their game to be different. With the addition of the SMITE ARAM mode, there will now be a total of six unique modes for SMITE. The other modes are conquest, arena, domination, joust, and match of the day.


SMITE by Hi-Rez Studios is still in the open beta development phase featuring over 30 playable gods at the moment with more to come.