Top 5 Most Anticipated Games For 2014

What games are we most excited to get our hands on in the coming year?

With 2013 coming to an end, tallys are being made as we decide which games from the year were the best and which were the worst. But, there’s a whole new year coming, with all new games. So, we thought we’d take a look at the year to come and see what we’re really excited about.

features 2     Top 5 Most Anticipated Games For 2014


Coming in at number 5 is Titanfall, a first person shooter being developed by Respawn Entertainment for PC, XBox 360 and the XBox One; Titanfall is the company’s first game. That is not to say, however, that the team doesn’t have some serious developer history. Respawn was founded in 2010 when Infinity Ward developers Jason West and Vince Zampella decided to get out from under the wings of Activision and strike out on their own.

The Respawn team has quite a bit of experience working on first person shooters, with games such as Call of Duty under their belts, so expectations for Titanfall are high.  Because who doesn’t want to run around as a giant, ass whopping mech.


features 2     Top 5 Most Anticipated Games For 2014

Elder Scrolls Online

We’ve always said the world of Elder Scrolls was big enough to be a full fledged MMO, and it seems someone was listening. Ever since Zenimax and Bethesda announced Elder Scrolls Online we’ve been watching it with a mixture of anticipation and curiosity. It will be interesting to see how the team brings the world of ESO and the devoted plans of the franchise into the world of MMO gaming.

 features 2     Top 5 Most Anticipated Games For 2014


Being developed by original Halo studio Bungie, Destiny is set to release on consoles in 2014. Destiny is being billed as a “shared-world-shooter”. What that exactly means, we don’t know but we are excited! The developers are looking to forge new ground by implementing a more massive, persistent, living world with Destiny and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.



features 2     Top 5 Most Anticipated Games For 2014


An open-world action-adventure game being developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Watchdogs is a game all about information warfare. In the game you’ll play as a skilled hacker vigilante named Aiden Pierce located in a Chicago ran by a supercomputer known as the CtOS (Central Operating System). This system controls pretty much everything and contains far more information about the average individual than they would probably be comfortable with.

With all the NSA spying going on in the real world Watchdogs could not be coming at a better time.


features 2     Top 5 Most Anticipated Games For 2014

Witcher 3

Coming in at number 1 our most anticipated game for 2014 is CD Projekt Red’s Witcher 3. The series is back with the third installment and this time it’s going to be even bigger. The team is billing the game as having “a living open world larger than any other in modern RPG history” with a setting “30 times larger” than the previous Witcher games.

In order to accomplish this, the team has developed a new engine titled the REDengine 3 which will allow them to not only create an open environment but also give them room to create a far more complex storyline. The wild hunt is near.

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  • Cap Tain Tee Mo

    No Wildstar? Crap top5 list …

  • ryan phillips

    my #1 is GTA5-PC, assuming it comes out.
    i’d also throw away whatever titanfall is
    and add Dragon Age 3.

  • Ranadicus

    No Dragon Age or Mass Effect but we get first person shooter 18,976 and D&D fantasy MMO 4,860

  • blackvigil

    No Wldstar? Did you even play the ESO Beta? It was crap.

    • Gummy

      Eh, I played both betas. Neither is quite impressive.

  • Innadril

    No Star CItizen? The most funded game in history of crowdfunding?

    • blackvigil

      It is set to release in 2015

      • Innadril

        I read November 2014

        • blackvigil

          I could be wrong, and I hope I am in this case. I have probably spent too much on ships. lol

          • Innadril

            I’ve read too Q1 2015, so who knows… anyway it’ll be great! :P

          • Dularr

            Q1 2015 could be November 2014. Go figure fiscal vs. calendar years.

          • Scimajor

            The Dogfighting module is supposed to be out this month.

  • Craig Wick

    the division plz

  • Rankuno

    No wildstar makes me not able to take this list serious.

    • HartsHope

      Wildstar… hmm meh.

      The telegraphing killed it for me. I felt like I was playing one of those cheesy videogames you play in a Tokyo bar when your drunk and bored.

      BTW, there is actually LOCKING target telegraphs which completely defeats the purpose. Action combat? hmmm LOL nope.

      It was just annoying. All you do is focus on neon red circles and squares and cones on the ground. 40 man raids will look ridiculous like a 70′s disco dance floor. game performance was really good though.

      Meh, pass.

      • blackvigil

        In some of the most recent material, they talk about reactive telegraphs, and other more advanced parts of action combat. I think the idea is that you react, and some will counter, while others will not. It’s going to be a variety.. Don’t write it off just yet.

  • Innadril

    I played WildStar and seriously I can’t understand the hype. Not only for this I’m going to tell, but the game is worse optimized than my ass. And I know it’s in beta, but fuck, it’s another MMO.

    • Ranadicus

      Maybe your ass just needs better gear?

      • Innadril

        I’m playing on i7 3.4Gh, 8Gb ram, Nvidia GTX 680, I guess that’s high end. But even if it’s not, then only people with 2.000$/€ will be able to play? gl

        • Ranadicus

          Maybe you don’t know how to read?

          • Innadril

            Maybe I can read between lines?

          • Ranadicus

            For serious? You made a comment about the game not being as optimized as your ass and I made a MMO joke about your ass needing better gear. When did your computer even come into this? Unless you call your computer “my ass”?

    • Dennis

      Care to give away your beta key then?

      • Innadril

        It’s not a key, it’s an account, so I can’t

  • Talos

    Not even heard of Watchdogs…is Gamebreaker no longer an mmo site?

    • Leif Michael Peterson

      Pretty sure they talk about a little more than just MMOs, but mostly MMOs.

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      GAMEBREAKER is a video game news and entertainment site, not just MMO.

      • Dennis

        Not really, look a their show list. 9 out of the 13 shows are MMO related.

        • QuintLyn Bowers

          As General Manager and Editor-in-chief of the site. I’m well aware of what our content is. Thank you. :)

          • Dennis

            Not sure if you helped your case with that comment, but ok, you showed me.

          • HartsHope

            In december 2013, a boy named Dennis got pwned on the internet.

            Just another day.

        • Maxime Beaulieu

          Because there is more material to make a show with a mmo than a single player game… I’m sure there is a lot of news to talk on a weekly show about Bioshock infinite /sarcasm off

    • Dularr

      Wrong article, this one said games.

      For me, most anticipated sandbox MMO, Star Citizen.
      Most anticipated raiding MMO, WoW Mythic raiding, Wildstar 40 man raiding…… (I really do want to see if Carbine can pull off 40 man raiding.)
      MMO that I think will go f2p first, ESO.

    • Jeremy Keat

      Watchdogs is at least going to be an single player and MO game with a low possibility MM features designed with the game. It was the most anticipated game the moment it was announced at many gaming conventions and totally blew away much of the competition when UBIsoft announced this at E3. People were totally ecstatic and being on the live stream it was overwhelmingly in favor of that game.

  • Nathan Andrew Robinson

    Witcher 3 will be great, Watchdogs will be good, Destiny and Titanfall will be decent but broken, while ESO will stink to high heaven. Come on, Gary, this stuff is pretty common knowledge.The best stuff will be Wii U exclusives, various kickstarters, EQN: Landmark, and some indies on Steam to round it out. Those new consoles stunk up their launch window and won’t see anything groundbreaking for another year. The last generation’s console launch was bad and this one is even worse. Clowns in their corporate offices can’t see the big picture so they play “follow the leader”. That will work out alright eventually but not next year.

  • José Astolfo

    The Witcher 3 made the list and The Division didn’t? Wtf?

    • Nathan Andrew Robinson

      Their is a 99% chance Witcher 3 will be a great RPG. You, me, and anyone else has no idea how well Division will come out, despite how good the graphics and ideas are. Do you honestly believe Division is already a GotY contender for 2014? If so why? I can tell you Witcher 3 is because its pedigree is just that good. Division has lots of ambitious ideas that might rock or might stink. Right now, there is far more reason to believe Witcher 3 will deliver than Division.

  • Travis Christensen

    I’m hoping Titanfall will dethrown Call of Kiddies and Battlecrash.

    • HartsHope

      completely agree.. Call of Dooty is a fucking awful arcade-whinybitch-10yr-old-simulator.

      and Battlefield 4 has become a shitty Call of Dooty clone. fuck them both.

      Titanfall, yes please.

      • Wintérwòlf

        Lol, all you morons who keep coming up with ridiculously pathetic nicknames for CoD and BF make me laugh. You guys label them as shitty games, and yet millions of people still play them all day. Logic.

  • Xigmus

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain?

  • Isorai Tails

    @Gary: question for you, why isn’t Elder Scrolls Online #1, do you know something about the game we don’t ?

  • Nate

    I agree with your whole Top 5 list Gary. I would have put TESO 1st, and Witcher second, but thats a small beef. I really wish there was a more unbiased approach by your other writers like you yourself do.

  • drac

    your missing some of the best games coming out next year and ESO Is the MOST anticipated FLOP it should not be on this list