GAMEBREAKER.TV Site & Forum Rules

General rules for the forums and chat

The following are rules and guidelines for forum and chat behavior. Please be aware that these are general and may not cover every single situation we come across. We will of course deal with those as we come to them. We know this is a long read, but it is to your benefit to do so and check back for updates every so often.
Rules for both chat and forums. Questions, comments and concerns should be directed to Senior Community Manager QuintLyn:

1. NO RACISM. We don’t care if you’re joking or not. Use of any racial epitaph will get you an immediate, no-take back ban.

2. NO SEXISM. Again, joking or no. This will also result in a full-on ban.

3. NO VIOLENCE. This may need a little explaining since we are a video game site. Essentially, no threats or aggressiveness toward your fellow GBTVers. We don’t care if your game is better than theirs, you don’t have to be a jerk about it. Depending on severity this will receive anything from a warning to a ban.

4. NO PORN. No links to porn in chat or on this site. Do not link it in your sigs or your info either. WE DO CHECK and you will be banned.

5. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS. Insulting intelligence, appearance, gender, religion, etc. No name-calling of any kind. If you’re watching GBTV you’re probably old enough to know better anyway. Will result in an immediate 3 day to perma-ban based on severity or frequency.

6. NO SPAM. The idea of what forum spam is should be pretty clear and you’ll be banned immediately.
Chat spam includes things like typing gibberish over and over, flooding the chat with the same link repeatedly, etc. This is another varying event.

*NOTE* The hosts do NOT always pay attention to chat. This means that your questions may not be answered. IF they did not answer it the first two times, they are probably not going to answer it the next sixteen times you ask. As a result asking the same thing over and over again WILL be considered spam. This does not change simply because the chat is on slow mode.

7. NO OFFENSIVE NAMES. ie: Names designed to insult people’s race, gender, religion or other. If we see a name we find to be offensive, we will ask you to create a new one. If after being asked you fail to do so, the name will be banned.

8. NO HOST/MOD COPYCAT NAMES: As with offensive names we will ask you to change them before banning you. We do realize some of you have been using these types of names for a while and may be attached to them. However recently we’ve come across problems with them and in fairness if we ask one person to do something we have to ask all of you to do the same.

9. NO ADVERTISING: This is especially important in the Live Chat. While we don’t mind members pimping their projects a bit on the forums, having everyone posting links to advertise them during the shows is counter-intuitive. Further, having people repeatedly spamming these links makes the chat unusable.

As for on the forums: No advertising includes links in member signatures to commercial sites. While we want you to feel free to pimp your private projects, if we see links to commercial sites in your signature we assume you’re a spam bot. So please don’t do this as these accounts are immediately banned without warning. (Links to your own blogs, twitter, Facebook, etc are fine.)

10. NO TROLLING: This includes posting aggressive, non-constructive or ugly criticisms of individuals in the chat or on the forums. While we want you to feel free to express yourself at GBTV, we also want you to consider the feelings of those around you and respect them. None of us mind criticism intended to help us improve at whatever we are doing; no one wants to hear you make needless, ugly comments about anyone else here. This goes if you’re talking about a GBTV staff member or one of your fellow community members.

11. NO GRAPHIC IMAGES/MEDIA: This includes links to sights containing said material. is a family-friendly site and as such all materials posted on the site should be PG-13.

12. NO DOGMA: is an entertainment site. Our chat, forums and comment section are not places for political and religious debate or the pushing of your views on subjects like homosexuality, nationality or any other type of -ality or -ism for that matter.

*EXCEPTION* Exceptions will be made in cases where these topics are relevant to video games and the topics discussed on GBTV shows. However, all discussions MUST remain civil and relevant. DO NOT use it as an excuse to push your views on others and remember to remain mature about it.

13. NO ARGUING WITH THE MODS: The mods are here for a reason. To enforce the rules and keep a place where all members feel comfortable and safe from harassment by other members. They are acquainted with the rules and the ways in which we want them carried out. As a result, we ask that you comply when they ask you to do something or stop doing something.

This does not mean you have no recourse. IF you feel a moderator is being unfair in their enforcement of the rules comply with their request and send an email to QuintLyn at the address listed below. List the name of the moderator and what they have done.

    Forum Specific Rules

1. If you are banned from the forums for any reason. DO NOT circumvent the ban to post by going to somewhere with a new IP, asking your friends to post for you or spoofing IP addresses. This will result in an immediate perma-ban for not only your account but also the one posting for you.

2. Don’t create a forum account specifically to troll or post a complaint about being banned from the JTV chat. We love having the members on the boards, but for these things there are other ways to contact us. People who create an account for that reason will be ignored.

3. This rule isn’t going to get anyone banned, but it will help keep the forums tidy and useful. Please, be aware of where you are posting. All boards listed under “Shows” are for those designated shows discussions. If you have a game you’d like to discuss that isn’t covered by one of the show boards please post in the appropriate section under “Video Games”. If you have a problem you need help with or something you are concerned about regarding site function, please use the “General Support.” (In all honesty, we are not looking for problem threads on any of the other boards and may miss them.)

Since everyone should know where they stand, I’m also listing a few guidelines here that will help you steer clear of problems.

1. WHEN YOU DISAGREE WITH OR DON’T LIKE SOMEONE ELSE OR THEIR OPINION. Disagreeing is fine. You don’t have to like everyone either. However, it doesn’t matter if it’s a host, a mod or another member while you can disagree all you want you may NOT be rude or unpleasant about it. Failure to be polite to fellow GBTVers can warrant a ban.

2. DEALING WITH MODS. We know people aren’t always going to agree with us. That’s perfectly cool. However, there are ways to go about taking care of it and ways not to.

If you have a problem with a ban or time out or any other corrective measure a moderator takes. Take the following steps.

*email the CM directly at
*Be polite and state your case.
*Please don’t spam the email. Your problem will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: If at any point the staff at determines that a member’s presence has more of a negative impact on the community rather than a positive, we reserve the right to remove that member without discussion.