Destiny is boasting some pretty big improvements with the arrival of The Taken King expansion September 15

"I just want it to be known that i accomplished my goal for real, and i accomplished it for me, my teammates, and girls in esports. that's it. no one else."

Imperial City, Anvil, Kvatch, and Skingrad come to life in Skyrim!

Attention all space geeks...this video will make you giddy!

It's the exact opposite of everything you've come to expect from a Skyrim graphics mod.

League of Legends may be king of the MOBAs, but they're behind the times when it comes to game features.

PvP progression, rewards, and abilities are getting revamped in the Legion expansion.

WoW has a new expansion, and Twitter is pretty excited!

Folks at Gamescom are getting some hands-on time with Dark Souls 3

Check out some gameplay footage from SWTOR's upcoming expansion.

With much anticipation, we have patiently awaited the Gamescom Final Fantasy XV trailer, and finally it is here.

Darius, Garen, Skarner, and Mordekaiser are seeing some tweaks on the PBE in an attempt to improve their fun factor.

World of Warcraft's subscriber numbers continue to plummet, even as overall Blizzard revenue goes up.

Games disrupted by DDoS attacks during Dota 2 The International Championships.

Blizzard has a patch incoming to fix a bug which gives Zeratul an insane amount of mobility in Heroes of the Storm.

Keeping the momentum in your team's favor is what a great support player does best in League of Legends, but which support champion is right for you?


The Bilgewater event is live in League of Legends and with it comes plenty of pirate awesomeness, including a new featured game mode and an all-new ARAM map!

There have been other teams who have shown dominance in their region over the course of an LCS split in League of Legends pro play, but Fnatic has closed out the first ever undefeated season...

Diablo III is getting an update that includes a new Adventure Mode zone in patch 2.3, and you can see a sneak preview right now.


Blizzard teased a big announcement today for Hearthstone, and when the time came they did not disappoint, revealing The Grand Tournament expansion in a live stream event on Twitch.


Leoric should be landing in Heroes of the Storm at any time, and Blizzard have given us his release trailer.


No Man's Sky dropped a new trailer, if I can be punny here, out of the clear blue sky.


Gangplank is getting an overhaul to both his kit and his look. Riot has now released his official League of Legends champion spotlight to showcase all the new shiny for The Saltwater Scourge.


Update 9.9 is live in World of Tanks, and with it comes a laundry list of improvements to the game.

If you're looking for a new game to try, we suggest you check out World of Tanks. It's a fantastic online multi-player battle arena where you get to drive a tank. If that ain't cool then I don't know what is.


Hoist the sails and raise the anchor, the pirates are making a comeback in League of Legends as both Gangplank and Miss Fortune are getting reworked! We've got all the details on this week's Waypoint!

If you're hoping to get some ranked games in tonight in League of Legends you'll be out of luck, as a widespread bug has shut down ranked play for up to 12 hours.

Faced with the realities of war, which iconic video game war hero's characteristics would you embody?


Diablo's Skeleton King is coming to Heroes of the Storm, and Blizzard has just released Leoric's hero spotlight video, showing off all of his death-defying abilities.

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