Defense Of The Ancients: DOTA. Who owns the term? A massive law suit between Valve and Blizzard has erupted before the launch of DOTA 2 deciding who actual owns the term DOTA. Valve have already had a highly successful game DOTA its own game entirely. But all of this comes from Blizzards claim that DOTA has attachments to the IP Warcraft 3, the highly popular RTS prequel to World Of Warcraft.

DOTAs origins do actually come  from Warcraft 3, It was a made within the map editor by a external designer and spawned the MOBA genre. But does this give Blizzard the rights to copyright, It may have been made within their IP but as community content is it really theirs? Valve have done nothing technically wrong with claiming the name DOTA, but was it a cheeky move to claim something so highly linked to a certain IP or just cleaver marketing? This is going to get interesting and we are going to have to see what becomes of Valves DOTA 2 now it has Blizzard breathing down its neck with their own “Blizzard DOTA” ready to launch.