A little over a week after the vandalizing of the EVE monument in Iceland took place, CCP has announced that four members of the EVE community were found to be either directly responsible or associated with the acts.  Not long after the monument was revealed, a sticker version of the Goonswarm insignia was placed on it’s face. And, shortly after that one EVE player bragged about scratching another’s name off the monument in a tweet.

Yesterday, CCP Falcon has posted on the official forums that as a result of these actions, and CCP’s policies in dealing with them, three people have been permanently banned from the EVE community with another person who was “indirectly involved” in the vandalism receiving a 6 month ban.

All four individuals have also been blacklisted from future Fanfest events.

CCP Falcon also noted that they will not be publishing the names of those involved, and that any future action taken outside of the EVE universe in relation to criminal prosecution or damage recovery will remain between themselves, the authorities and those involved.