CCP Permanently Bans 3 Players From EVE Online For Vandalizing The EVE Monument

A little over a week after the vandalizing of the EVE monument in Iceland took place, CCP has announced that four members of the EVE community were found to be either directly responsible or associated with the acts.  Not long after the monument was revealed, a sticker version of the Goonswarm insignia was placed on it’s face. And, shortly after that one EVE player bragged about scratching another’s name off the monument in a tweet.

Yesterday, CCP Falcon has posted on the official forums that as a result of these actions, and CCP’s policies in dealing with them, three people have been permanently banned from the EVE community with another person who was “indirectly involved” in the vandalism receiving a 6 month ban.

All four individuals have also been blacklisted from future Fanfest events.

CCP Falcon also noted that they will not be publishing the names of those involved, and that any future action taken outside of the EVE universe in relation to criminal prosecution or damage recovery will remain between themselves, the authorities and those involved.

  • FoulBeast4

    Glad they caught those scumbags. :)

    • sheg

      Scumbags really they scratched there name into and put a sticker on one of the most garbage looking monuments ever. Not to mention this is not a rally big deal monument its for a shit fucking game.

      • Delta

        Agree, though I’m not defending them
        I’m just wondering why there treating this monument like some national treasure

      • Troy Adamson

        Doesn’t matter what the monument was for. They had no right to deface it. Your opinion doesn’t outweigh the law.

      • FoulBeast4

        Caution: Troll Alert!

  • TheMovement

    I love it

  • F. Ewe

    Eve online is like this bizzare parallel universe in our PC. In the future when it’s finally discovered that we are in fact ourselves a grand simulation running on some snot nosed green skinned punks neural computer implant, we will remember where we came from.

  • John Obvich

    I agree that they should be punished but what they vandalized is rather stupid. A monument for a online game? Why not go outside and play games like ghost in the graveyard, tag, go to movies, bowl, just do anything to get yourself away from the PC.

    Just remember this, after years later your name will be forgotten no matter what you do in a virtual game that will sooner or later end.