Final Fantasy XIV Graphics — PC vs PS3 vs PS4

Final Fantasy XIV is now out on the PlayStation 4 and you know what that means… It’s time for a graphical comparison throwdown. IGN put together the above video comparing the game’s graphics on PC, PS3 and PS4. As expected, PS3 did not take the lead. But… It’s still not bad looking.


  • Stone LX9

    Wow. Looks like the ps4 and pc versions are identical.

    Wait,… did the PS4 version have bigger boobs?

    • Ezriel91

      that’s just an option in the character customization lol. I guess whoever made the ps4 character was a little bit more excited than the others.

    • Mate4

      The ps4 and pc versions are not identical, look closer!

    • Mike

      Sure looked perkier to me (1:35)

      But if it is an option in the character customization “boob quality” is one of those things that’s good to have

  • Kibaa12

    PC and PS4 are pratically identical i think i even see at times the PS4 having slightly less pixelisation in some areas of movement weather that is just me or not.

    • Lucas Jordan

      I agree, actually. It’s subtle, but PS4 actually looks a bit better in some places than PC. I’m impressed, to say the least.

      • zuma

        No it doesn’t Friend of mine plays on ps4 on a nice 1080p tv, I play on pc at 1440p. The ps4 version lacks ambient occlusion, has lower quality bloom effects, less detailed shadows, is capable of showing less characters at once, has less draw distance, uses low quality textures on distant objects, has lower real time reflection settings, and worst of all (the main offender) has frequent framerate slowdowns. And I’m not talking about during fates when 50 people are spamming aoe (which the ps4 doesn’t render most of anyways) but even when alone running around. It also lacks antialiasing, which doesn’t really matter at TV distances.