Square Enix Gives Us a Peek of the Tam-Tara Deepcroft

Continuing with their Alpha footage release series, Square Enix opts to showcase some instanced dungeon play in their latest Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (ARR) video. The video opts to use a “mouse clicking” play style consistent with previous videos. While I understand that this is done intentionally to showcase the targeting and functionality of the hot bar system, I do wish that Square Enix would start to up the ante on these videos a bit given that they have also released their beta plans.

Four characters are seen braving a few pulls and a boss is teased but while I couldn’t wait to watch this clip, I found that it was my least favorite of the Alpha game play series yet. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, I give Square Enix a little leeway with these particular videos given who I believe they are aimed at and what I believe they are trying to showcase, but this combat video left me feeling a bit cold. Visually I still love the art look, the effects on abilities is spot on for Final Fantasy fans, and of course the new UI seems to be working as intended to replace the menu driven system of v1.0.

That being said, I cringed as the whole party rushed into Tam-Tara Deepcroft only to all come to a complete and dead stop to engage their first pull. While I have heard and read things detailing movement in the combat, I feel we should really start to see it now as well. Don’t get me wrong, being a long time FF XI player I am actually fine with the combat being more “root” based if that’s the way that Square Enix intended it. Some of my best FFXI days as a Red Mage were spent standing still for hours (/casts Refresh), but since movement keeps coming up on Square Enix’s side of the discussion I feel it’s time to show it to previous players that are looking at coming back when ARR launches.

I’m still very hopeful for ARR, but this video didn’t do much for me, nor did it “add” to my hopeful disposition. What do you fellow ARR hopefuls think?