The Hearthstone beta key giveaway returns!

That’s right! The Hearthstone beta giveaway is back! We know a lot of you are still waiting for your keys and every chance to get one counts. So, our sister site, Hearthnation, is really excited to be able to help out with that.

What do you have to do to get your Hearthstone beta key?

It’s pretty simple. Just follow this link to the giveaway page and follow the instructions. The page will ask you to like some of the Facebook pages of GAMEBREAKER Nation network sites, and will give you the opportunity to also tweet about the giveaway for five bonus entries.

The giveaway will run between now and the end of the day on Wednesday, October 16th, at which point all the keys will be emailed to their respective winners. No winners will be announced before the giveaway is over.

Fine print… Because people ask…

Your email address is required so that we may send you your key if you win. We won’t be giving your info out and we won’t be adding you to any spam lists. So please don’t worry and just enjoy the giveaway.

Other things you can do if you haven’t already…

Don’t forget that if you haven’t already, you can also grab a chance at a beta key direct from Blizzard by logging into your account (or setting one up if you already haven’t) and opting in.

And of course…

If you’re interested in all things Hearthstone, be sure to follow the link above and check out Hearthnation. There you can find news, guides, videos and all the latest info about the game.


  • INKS

    Eww it took me to facebook. I’ll have to carefully watch that link next time.

  • Garlam

    Yea this game looks cool watch it all the time on twitch why I do other things

  • Brian Day

    I Dont know how they are giving the beta keys out my wife had one 2 days ago she didnt even sign up for it :)

    • Vanity

      Brian if you or your wife arent going to use the key by any chance, I’d asked for it for months and haven’t got any luck, if you could send it to me U_U

      I would be very grateful

  • Eager Gamer

    Hello! I would like to know when you guys are planning to have the raffle :3 Just wondering though. Thank you!!

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      All the information is in the post.

  • Farex

    I entered… If I get a chance to win oh I would love you guys!

  • david

    Me love you guys LOOOOOOOOOONG TIME!!

  • KillSpreeKoolAid

    I would love the chance to play the game, I follow the game so much. Watch Trump play and was watching ValueTown the other day. Good luck to everyone who wants a beta key ^_^

  • Mostlyharmlesss

    Really? Like 5 facebook pages, 2 of which are completely unrelated to this game in any way other than being under the GBTV network for just a CHANCE to win a key?

    • Dularr

      It’s called cross promotion. Seems to be working. You give Gamebreaker some likes, they give you a chance to win a beta key.

  • Dularr

    Keep them coming. For what I’ve seen open beta is not coming anytime soon. If their servers are straining under such a small closed beta, can’t imagine the costs for the servers to support a open beta, let alone launch.

  • Adam Arnold

    Yay ! i wish gl to everyone who enters!! :) , u all deserve one and ty Quintlyn Very much!!!!

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      ^_^ Don’t thank me. I’m just the messenger!

      • Adam Arnold

        Well, if we didnt have the messenger we would never receive the message :) . So i should thank you ! xD <3

  • Insanetacohater

    Even if i dont get one its good to see the game grow :D

  • Swarmzz

    Good luck to everyone! Ive been waiting forever for a key :O *crossing fingers*

  • Callum Williams

    oooooo keyyyyy

  • Joza polanski

    i now i wont get it but i will give a try

  • EvilDuckies

    Hey guys i have been waiting forever for a key so good luck to all of you :)

  • Adam Arnold

    Aww patience is a virtue that i wish i had right now <3 xD

  • RandomIdiot

    Well its worth a shot. 6 entries wont do it but whatevs

  • RandomIdiot

    When is it happening anyway>

  • Daniel Culbertson

    Really would like into this Beta, GL to everyone though

  • pb

    I bet game will be released after Blizzcon and before your silly little giveaway is over.

  • Bi Boom

    good luck!

  • Yopca

    good luck everyone :)

  • Mrki

    Good luck everyone. Hope I get it and you don’t! :D

  • Javierrr17

    good luck

  • Fevyl

    gl all ! :)

  • lm1Lk1

    GL all!

  • BlueCh


  • Nate

    Good luck all!

  • jgyh

    Open beta will be out before then that’s a dumb way of doing things.

  • Yopca

    Heyoooo, GL all!

  • KillSpreeKoolAid

    Wait, November 16th? o _o is this a typo…

  • 李名岩

    Good luck all!

  • Adam Arnold

    is this giveaway really at November 16th ??? thats a lil rediculous

  • Gavin Simpson

    would love a code as my birthday is on the 14th of nov would be nice to win but if i dont grats on who do :)

  • David

    My birthday was today. I’ve been waiting for 2 months for a key now, I’ve giving up almost all hope. ha, please if I can have one it would make my birthday.

  • Kyle

    Ive been wanting one for a couple months now i can only hope :D

  • EInna

    Thanks for the key Gamebreaker <3

  • Killgar

    The link doesn’t work, it says the giveaway is over, even though the article says “The giveaway will run between now and the end of the day on Wednesday, November 16th”.

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      That was a typo. :/