You want a Hearthstone beta key and we have some to give away!


That’s right! Your patience has paid off and GAMEBREAKER has acquired some Hearthstone beta keys to give away!  We know you’ve seen our name on Blizzard’s list of sites that would be giving away keys, and we also know you’ve been chomping at the bit to get your hands on one.

Well, now is the time! Starting today you can enter for a chance to get your own Hearthstone beta key.

What do you need to do?

It’s pretty simple. Just head over to GAMEBREAKER’s sister-site Hearth Nation and follow the instructions on the giveaway page! Like our other giveaways, you can gain multiple entries just by sharing. Just remember, the givaway ends on Friday, so you’ll want to hurry!

  • Aldric Williams

    done. “For the Alliance!”

  • Edwardslin

    Done。Lok’Tar O’gar.For the Horde!

  • Wes Whitacre

    Done。Umm… We’ll keep trying!

  • janis andre

    i shared on tumblr facebook and google but i dont see the 1 up the signs??

  • Nicholas Rivard

    Done! Hopefully I win a key! :D

  • Stan. K


  • joshua cadorna

    give me a beta key pls :)

  • triggerhappy

    hope i get one!

  • マイケル

    finger crossed for a key :)

  • Gabriele Porcu

    i hoooope

  • Duelwield

    Been looking forward to play this game ever since I heard of it. I envy the people I witness play it and really hope to receive this beta key so I can join the fun for myself! Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to be able to play this amazing game!

  • MrXtacle

    Shared on everything I can imagine *cross fingers for key*

  • jason sousa

    Can not wait to play the game best ccg ever FINGERS TIGHTLY CROSSED TO GET A KEY !

  • AnonWarning

    Fuck this, their “sister site” requires you to sign up for the sweepstakes with “woobox” and it want access to your twitter passsword and permission to post on your behalf, what kind of fucking hack shit is this?

    • Stonelizard189

      it clearly says that it CANNOT do that

  • Aerick

    Hell ill buy it :) screw getting it for free :)

  • Daniel Lin

    MUST WIN! OMG! =[

  • Dante

    I want one so badly

  • Guest

    Really want to get a key to stream this awesome game!

    • Dularr

      Be careful what you ask for, steaming this game may not be a enjoyable experience. Blizzard heavily promoted this closed beta through the Battlenet launcher and social media and then reverted to their traditional press, friends and family beta period.

      This botched social media attempt has resulted in a large angry, frustrated social community. It is not helping that beta key holders are now sniping and complaining about the community, which escalate the hard feeling and general anger all around.

  • Jared

    Please can i have a key i am so bored with wow i really want to play hearthstoe!

  • SacredLight

    I would love me some key

  • Ivan

    i want key pls

  • Kote Abashidze

    hope i get one!!!!!!!! :)

  • impulse

    Would be my dream to play and stream hearthstone

  • GeRgY

    a want it ;(

  • tomek

    I want HS so much, I love this game and if i get it,
    i will stream it

  • Russell Throwe

    This is really the only game im interested in at the moment

  • Nature’s Prophet

    If anyone is willing to give a key or sell one, let me know!

  • Mozzlan

    WTB beta key, ill pay good for it

  • ToRMaverick

    Who won the keys???

  • Kosty

    I don’t know how they did it but freehearthstonekeys(dot)com gives out free closed beta keys. Apparently it’s a limited offer. I’d say hurry!

  • Guest

    Hello, I would love to win a beta key because I’ve been a Magic: The Gathering player for a few years now. I love this card game and love how blizzard made this. I think its very interesting and I love blizzard and its games. I may not be the best choice to pick for a beta key due to the fact that I am serving over-seas at the moment. I wont get to play as much as some of these people, but I would still love to play when I am able to. But all in all thank you for giving us this opportunity.