CHEW your way through levels as Riot Presents League of Legends Cho’gath Eats the World

If you took the League of Legends survey that’s been up on the forums, then you probably recognize the name CHEW. The survey asked what you thought of a game with that name, but didn’t give any info on what Riot had in store. Today we have found out exactly what CHEW is all about. On April 1st 2013, Cho’gath Eats the World officially launched, and League of Legends fans can journey around the world destroying major cities and instigating global mayhem.


Players take on the role of Cho’gath, a large monster with an even larger appetite, and visits major cities around the world to destroy buildings, cars, soldiers, and even other League of Legends Champions in Rampage-style throwback video game action. Cho’gath can climb buildings, crush cars, and Feast on enemies all while leveling the city he is in. This innovative and unique gameplay appeals to the casual hardcore fan that is Riot’s target audience, and the emergent gameplay immerses the player in a world where giant Cho’gath monsters devastate entire cities.

Cutting Edge Browser Gaming

LoL Chew

The brand new browser game engine brings Cho’gath Eats the World to life in stunning HD quality, and the dynamic gameplay sets this game apart as a free-to-play masterpiece. The mimimal UI keeps the player’s large 700×600 game window free to display all of the stunning HD graphics. Cho’gath comes to life on the screen, and there is instant emotional investment by the player as you can almost feel every slow flying bullet and stick of dynamite as it attempts to destroy the misunderstood giant Cho’gath.

Dynamic Events

The game’s dynamic events are super dynamic, trasporting you to another world as another character. Teemo!


As Teemo flies through space and collects gold coins in this secret level, players can not help but be entranced by the epic soundtrack and gorgeous scenery. The rainbow that comes out of Teemo’s ass adds a layer of realism that few games today can produce. The end result is one of the most dynamically dynamic events in gaming today.

Wait…We’re Just Now Getting to the Best Part!

How can we just now be getting to the best part you ask. I’ll tell you how. You get to eat Teemo.


Now that’s a great game! If you want to play Cho’gath Eats the World you may want to hurry. There’s a countdown timer at the top of the site, so it may not be available for long. Personally, I can’t wait for the upcoming DLC and am looking forward to the ‘Game of the Year’ edition due out early 2014.