Hacker Takes Over Riot CMO Account To Out LoL CCG


A security breach last night revealed a LoL CCG titled Supremacy.

While you were probably sitting on your couch last night, checking out the latest offerings from the final day of the 2013 New York Comic Con, sinister powers were hard at work in the background, infiltrating areas they probably shouldn’t be infiltrating…

Yesterday (13th of October) a hacker going by the name of ‘Jason‘ took over the Twitter account of Riot Games President and CMO, Marc Merrill. What followed was an interesting turn of events, with the hijacker revealing an as-of-yet unannounced titled League Of Legends Supremacy.  Adding more fuel to the fire, the alleged hacker provided a plateau of images and files that, for all intents and purposes, indicate the title could well end up being a LoL CCG title set to rival Blizzard’s upcoming Hearthstone. Evidently, the hacker had access to Riot’s internal servers at some point, having claimed many of the files and threatening to release the source code of the game in his string of messages to Merill’s 38’000 followers. It’s shady business to say the least.

 news main league of legends     Hacker Takes Over Riot CMO Account To Out LoL CCGnews main league of legends     Hacker Takes Over Riot CMO Account To Out LoL CCG






The Holy Grail Uncovered?!

So is ‘Jason’ onto something or could it be all an elaborate hoax? Well, it’s long been rumored that Riot Games have been working tirelessly in the shadows of their fortress on something new, but what that ‘thing’ is has been a topic of great debate. The fact the title also matches an IP that was trademarked over a year ago by Riot, giving it some credibility, but at the same time we’ve seen some pretty impressive fan mock-ups in the past. Anyone can use photo shop, right?

Hoax Debunked…Not A Hoax!

Naturally, it was only a matter of time before Mr. Merrill reclaimed control of his account and came clean. Upon his return, Merrill confirmed that the pictures are in fact legit. On that note I will just say; Don’t get your hopes and dreams up just yet, because we still might not even see it.

Taking to Twitter to address the unfortunate mishap, Merrill stated that the files were in fact “old screens from one of the many prototypes we’ve experimented with”. All I can say is, take that as you will.

So, will we one day see it? Who knows? But if it takes off like the original League of Legends, Blizzard might have a challenge on their hands.

Twitter Images courteous of Kotaku 

+UPDATE+ – Unfortunately the images have now been taken down from Imgur due to a legal request – no surprise there, so I hope you caught them whilst you could! 


  • Andrew June

    I would love to see a League TCG like Hearthstone and MTG etc.. but I don’t feel they have enough to draw from. They need to give minion and card design some real thought.. not just Purple Caster minion #3

  • Arkoh

    the imiges are base on the new ui if you look closely.

  • Charlie

    Intents and purposes, not intensive purposes. Who the fuck proof read this?

    • Dinah

      Actually you’ll find both can be used. ‘intensive purposes’ making it clear that only the most serious purposes are being considered.

      As such, it’s an eggcorn…if of course you have a clue what that is

    • Kevin Cox

      Typo or not, you’re really that aggravated by it? Good lord…..

  • Luke Malcolm

    Every company is chasing the same thing, MMOs / MOBAs & CCG. but you can’t always be the first one to release it. It almost feels like every company is just milking there products now a days. Weither it is Games, TV Shows or Movies.

    A LoL card game could be good, but i feel it something that may never be as popular as MTG though, maybe same level or less than Hearthstone.

  • DrCaesarsPalaceMD

    If you use use Kotaku as a source you really hurt your reputability.

    • http://www.twitter.com/JuhTai James Megretton

      Not really. Kotaku are not the source. Kotaku were one of the few sites to be smart enough to grab screenshots of the tweets before they were deleted :)

    • Kevin Cox

      I don’t understand comments like yours.

      1. Whether Kotaku was a source or not, Marc Merrill himself came out and said the whole thing was true soooo there’s that.

      2. The italics at the bottom says “IMAGES” courtesy of Kotaku.

      Reading is hard.

  • Dularr

    Would be interested to hear if the Riot TCG would have allowed for actual trading of cards.

  • Vicarious Fan

    shame that looks like it will never be released. Would have been nice to see that go toe to toe with Hearthstone.

    • Nick Godbout

      Given how hardcore Riot is when it comes to making sure something is absolutely PERFECT before releasing it (although, they don’t always achieve this, but you can only get so close to actually perfect), it doesn’t surprise me at all that it wasn’t released. Odds are, they just couldn’t find a way to make it work, and the entrance of Hearthstone probably derailed the whole project.

      • JayKnows

        than you run in to the problem what one thinks is perfect, the other thinks it’s BS.

    • Dularr

      Especially if Riot had allowed for actual trading of cards. Or if Riot allowed for free arena gameplay and simply monetized the game through selling skins for cards.

  • TexZero

    This isnt the first time that same pseudonym was used in conjunction with RIot Accounts being hijacked. Perhaps your reporter needs to do a follow up and link them together.

  • TheSupremus

    Would be interesting if this was all a publicity stunt.

  • thavleifrim

    so a guy hacks a twitter account, then posts images and hacks about a new game, and people just assume he is telling the truth. if it was a legit leak why would he hack the guys account to post about it? seems much more likely to me that he did it to make it look like his hoax came from an official source.

    • http://www.twitter.com/JuhTai James Megretton

      Read the whole post. The president of Riot confirmed they were real.