According to a post by Riot producer Bellissimoh on the League of Legends forums, Riot has been experiencing issues with a select group of players using Distributed Denial of Service attacks to shut down games in-progress.

Riot has issued a hotfix for the problem and games will no longer die as a result of the attacks.  However, players may still experience lag or disconnections as a result.  Riot asks that players who are disconnected allow the game to reconnect at which point they should be placed back in their game.

According to the post, the team is also doing everything they can to identify the attacking players and remove them from League of Legends.  It appears they may also be considering legal action against the attackers.

If you play LoL regularly, let us know if you’ve experienced problems due to the attacks.  Have they improved since the hotfix?

  • Shaun Delaney

    DDoS attacks have been prevalent and common amongst popular tournaments, including Dreamhack, MLG and the weekly TSM invitational. I have my doubts that Riot will be able to do anything about it any time soon.

  • James Cee

    I’ll admit I don’t quite get this story, probably since I’m looking at it from a different angle. For example, a lot of the DDoS attacks I’ve seen involved Skype in some aspect, they get the IP through Skype and then hammer the individual to cause a dropped connection. Is Riot saying they’ll pursue legal actions against perpetrators due to another program’s vulnerability? Is that possible?

    If the DDoS attacks were through the LoL client then I can understand that, though I haven’t heard of it happening that way. I live under a rock though so who knows…

    • Bill Gerrettie Jr

      If they’re hammering the servers, like they said in the video clip, then it doesn’t matter what program they use to do it, they’re still attacking Riot’s servers. If they’re attacking an individual’s personal IP, I’d guess it’s up to the individual to bring legal action against the perpetrators, but I’m no legal expert. 

      • QuintLyn Bowers

        According to Riot’s post they’re hammering the servers.  If they were hammering individual players through skype, I doubt Riot’s hotfix would have done anything about the issue because it wouldn’t have been on their end.

  • Inkogni Alex

    what the bloody is with all these DDos idiots attacking my games.
    did some virgin in basement got banned for using same language there using in BF3/MW3 ?
    will the pimp hand rise up and slap some idiots please 

  • Bill Gerrettie Jr

    Prosecute them all. Attacks like this that ruin a player’s experience should be considered a form of theft or vandalism.

  • Andrew TinWerd Collins

    Yeah, I had the game crashing once every match. Got suspended for it too.

  • blonyandcheese

    Because of what a ddos attack is, Riot will never be able to pin anything on anyone in connection with the flood, unless someone outright dimes someone out. If players are able to get back in the game and Riot is not totally down, players should count their blessings and move on. If this were a real DDOS attack by a real botnet, nothing would be available for a really long time.

  • Dean Scott

    what in the hell is with people ddos’ing every game now? is that like the cool thing to do this year?

  • Andy Colbourn

    What annoys me the most about things like this is, when  nobody seems very sure if they can take legal action against the DDS attackers, let me explain why.
    I think about 15yrs ago Lycos (again my memory is bit bad but think this was the company) gave away a free Screen saver that was basically a DDS attacker that constantly pinged the top 10 illegal spam and phishing sites. Once it took 1 down it would then go to number 11 etc. The program was so successful that it knocked tons of these illegal and highly annoying sites out.
    Amazing you would think? well according to the law no!! Despite the fact that the sites were carrying out illegal business they took Lycos to court and won.
    Now I realise and agree the internet should have freedom of speach and allow everyone to access it and express their opinions but to once again have the law protect the criminals is just plain sick.
    Lets hope in this case the law will not protect the idiots who get a kick out of ruining other peoples fun.