League of Legends PBE

Riot have been hard at work recently addressing player behavior in League of Legends, and now they have turned their attention to their test server. What is being tested is a system which detects toxic player behavior, then automatically dispenses immediate punishment. The goal is to have punishments¬†administered¬†the same day as the infraction, and the team is looking to achieve a 99% accuracy rate. Keep in mind that this is only on the League of Legends PBE, and an automated system of this nature is bound to have a very long testing cycle, and I’m sure the accuracy of the system isn’t the only thing that needs to be observed. What impact it actually has on player behavior and how the community reacts to these automated suspensions will also be watched as testing moves forward.

The automated League of Legends PBE behavior monitor testing will be relatively mild at first, and each ban that the system makes will be reviewed. As time moves on and the success rate closes in on the 99% mark that the team is looking for, the automatic system will more aggressively seek out toxic players and the manual reviews of each punishment will be loosened.

Riot’s Lead Designer of Social Systems had this to say:

“To us, the PBE is a premium server where we expect more from our players, and the standards of player behavior can be higher than the live platforms. The PBE effort should be a collaboration between the developers and our community, and should be a place where players can play games with developers on any given day and directly contribute feedback that can shape the game.”

“Our take-away message today is quite simple: the PBE has zero tolerance for toxicity, and change is coming.”

As of right now there doesn’t appear to be any plan to take this system to the League of Legends live servers. The automated banning system is geared specifically towards issues on the PBE and addresses the zero tolerance policy Riot wants there. That’s not to say that the system will never see the light of day on live servers, but there is still a very long road ahead of testing and tweaking before that conversation can even take place.

You can read the full announcement from Lyte on the official forums.