Cheaters Never Prosper – aL Admits to Cheating in LoL

The fastest way to lose is by cheating to win.  That’s true in life, and now in League of Legends as well.  Earlier this week Absolute Legends NA team member George “Zekent” Liu posted an admission and apology for cheating during game 1 of a recent online season 3 qualifier against Team Dynamic.  Absolute Legends was being fed information about the game from spectating fans after a glitch in the game’s spectator mode left viewers watching the game as it happened, instead of watching with the normal 3 minute delay.  Members of Absolute Legends not only used the info provided by fans, but also actively asked for information regarding the game to take game 1 of the best-of-three series.  Spectator mode was disabled for the rest of the remaining games, and Team Dynamic ended up taking the series 2-1.

league of legends     League of Legends Pro Team Cheats, Loses Sponsor

Obviously, a poor decision was made by Absolute Legends NA team members, and the game should have been restarted the moment the spectator bug was realized.  Sadly, that did not happen, and now the team members are paying the price for their dishonest actions.

Yesterday the Absolute Legends organization announced that it was parting ways with its North American team.  Absolute Legends C.O.O. Andreas Østergaard “Hammer” Hammer released the following statement:

“What transpired in the BO3 against Team Dynamic is completely unacceptable. We were excited about working with both RobertxLee and Zekent, and as you might have known we were in the process of signing additional players. Needless to say, recent events have led us to discontinue our affiliations with the team. aL as an organization had no knowledge that the cheating took place until the newspost on ggC, and we do not condone cheating in any way – regardless of which excuses there might be.I think it’s safe to say that most people wouldn’t expect this from them, but nevertheless it happened. We wish every single player the best for their future.”

Like it or not, when you do anything on a professional level, you become a role-model for others, and behavior like this is unacceptable.  The former Absolute Legends NA team members are accepting these consequences gracefully, and know that this punishment is warranted.  Only time will tell if the guys use this lesson to improve their lives and behavior in the future, and while I’m sad to see anyone lose a chance at their dream, I am glad that the cheating, even if it didn’t effect the overall outcome of the series, is not being tolerated.

What do you think?  Was Absolute Legends parting ways with the NA team justified, or should they have been given a second chance?

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  • CrazyCanuck

    Nope..Price for cheating is the exit. Plain, simple and effective, 

    • Troy Blackburn

      Couldn’t agree more. This could have easily been avoided by the former aL NA team.

  • Andrew June

    What? you mean sponsors will drop you if you’re cheating and are a douche bag… noooo


  • Andrew June

    Sponsors care about what image your a projecting because it affects their brand. Most companies want someone like Day 9 and Scarra.

  • Kyle Bohannon

    azubu frost cheated, they still won and got a slap on the wrist….

    that being said, i agree with AL. when it comes to cheating it should be a one and done offense. caught cheating, youre sponsors are dropped and team banned from any tourneys

    edit : at least someone from the team issued an apology, i dont think i seen any apologies come from the 2 teams caught cheating at the season 2 finals

    • Seamus McDonald

      Wong looked at the map, which was being broadcasted behind him, that’s why.

      • Troy Blackburn

        Yeh, cheating is cheating, but who the heck thought putting a giant screen where competitors could see it was a great idea.

  • Eric Ryan Jones

    “Role models”

    I don’t think it means what you think it means.  We’re talking about LoL players.  I don’t care how much LoL players can make, when I hear someone in MechWarrior say “upper” or “lower”, I turn off Teamspeak and find a new lance for the next match.

  • Aisar

    yay more LoL drama.  These stories are kind of annoying but I have to admit each time one comes up I think, “nice, the LoL kids are messing up again and I can’t wait to see what they did this time.”  It’s a black mark on the gaming community but it’s still so entertaining.

  • Hicks64

    This is the competitive integrity of the 21st century, live with it. /sarcasm?

  • Kagitaar

    Do they not have officials watching these games?

  • Demi_God

    This isn’t a cheating problem, it isn’t sophisticated enough.  It’s an officiating problem.  It is sad that the punitive pressure is coming from the sponsors.

  • Demi_God


    • Dularr

      Yep, and you wonder why he asked how to block LoL coverage.

  • Kyle Schmelzer

    Riot, or whomever is allowing all this cheating to happen in tournaments need to get their shit together. S2 champ cheating, cheating here. Its way more then it should be. Good article!

  • Anna

    I’m pretty sure the following back to back defeats is what taught them their lesson. Otherwise, they probably would have rationalized it. It is kind of weird there was no official monitoring the qualifying match live, but I guess that’s just how they do things?