The latest patch for League Of Legends is just around the corner and it has some massive changes en-route.

First and foremost Ryze and Master Yi are getting some changes.

Ryze is getting significant adjustments to try to combat his combo of a high health pool at end game, yet still hitting like a mage.

He has always been a heavier mage than Annie or any other similar champion in the late game, but still could hit hard. The latest changes are making it so you have to either buy into AP heavily, or stick with a weaker tank build.

Master Yi is also getting a change to his Highlander ability, making it last longer at lower levels.

This change is set to hit Yi’s consistency, I’m sure we all know how devastating or facepalm-worthy a Yi can be in a game. But it seems a change to affect the lower end of his consistency, is going make the top end even more ridiculous. So now if you think you have made it away from Yi ,you’re going to have to think again, as that speed is going to keep him on your back or keep you from being on his for just a little longer.

A small change is being added to certain tank champions — Alistar, Amumu, Leona, Nunu and Taric – to make them a lot more robust to earlier laneing.

An additional Magic Resist is being given to make them more survivable if their additional laner is afk or dead.

A small tweak that could make a support tank role more favourable.

Along with champion changes, there are small tweaks to the AP items to spice up the variety.

Deathfire Grasp is getting an AP boost, Morello’s Evil Tome is gaining Kage’s Lucky Pick to be an earlier choice to work towards the higher end items like Will Of The Ancients that is getting its cost increased.

A few small changes that will be coming in the Varus patch, that I personally cannot wait for.

Incoming Master Yi domination and finally my Alistar can feel a bit beefier.

  • John R White

    im actually all for the blasting wand for will of the ancients as long as that extra 20 ap gets added lol. if not it will just give the base stats of hextec + 20 and nullify blasting wands ap in exchange for 8% more spellvamp and the added aoe aura.

    • John R White

       and is it me or is there a serious lack of static spellvamp items. i mean cmon ad can stack executioners for god mode. why is it when i buy 2 passive spellvamps with equal value i only get 8% extra instead of the full value.

  • Malek Toumi

    I am against buffing any support who refuses to farm and making them require even less farm, laning against taric and alistar is irritating enough as it is.

    • George Mpouris

      They do not refuse to farm. They are good players and they correctly let their carry/ganker get the farm/kills. So, they need to be a bit more naturally resilient, at least in the current metagame that LoL has (Not touching other games like Dota/HoN/Dota2)

      • Malek Toumi

        i know that’s the current meta and the best way to win is to have some derp ad and his babysitter following him for 30 minutes, I’m saying its BS and riot shouldn’t help make it even more prevalent, bottom lanes are by far the most boring and this change only makes it worse. With champs like sona and alistar, it doesn’t matter how undergeared or underleveled you are, just flash stun ult mission accomplished.

  • Eddie Carlton

    just what yi needed… a buff……..