It’s been a while since Riot has released a new support champion into League of Legends.

But that is all about to change with the release of the upcoming Yordle champion Lulu, the Fae Sorceress. Boasting a pet fae named Pix and a host of abilities — that either buff or debuff depending on their target — Lulu looks to be a powerful support in the fields of justice.

I’m really hoping that she gets direct control over her pet as this would allow for massive control in team fights. For example, she has a slow that comes from both herself and her pet. Proper control would allow you to slow many people. Also, some of her abilities directly involve her pet dealing damage to an enemy or buffing an ally.

All in all, Lulu looks like she could be a blast to play.

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  • Deathstar2x

    That’ll be a huge Cho’Gath…

  • Christopher Mitchell

    Support is my main role so I am very excited about this champ… Only problem is, my computer died on Tuesday and the only thing I have now is my fiance’s netbook ='( so no league for me.

    • Jarrett Robertson

      I bought her last night before I went to bed. But, I have family stuff going on this weekend and I’m hoping to finally beat Mass Effect 3 so I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to play her.

  • Donavan Saulnier

    You need a new guy to comment LoL … poor dude  =/

  • Kyuubisama

    I just bought her. She is a great character with awesome abilities. She is extremely versatile and fun. One of the best  since the last several characters have been extremly disappointing.