Three Million Dollars.

Become amazing at League Of Legends, like gargantuan names such as CLG and Dignitas and maybe a slice of that could be yours.

The Season Two prize pool is a staggering $5,000,000 and has already been heating up but where will it conclude?

The Los Angeles World Championships.

Qualification comes via regional qualifiers in the worlds eSports capitals in Europe, North America, South Korea and more, at some of the worlds most prestigious gaming events.

OnGameNet, Gamescom, PAX Prime are just a few of the places hosting these massive qualifiers that gives you access to the biggest eSports event in history in LA.

The World Championships will be a $3,000,000 tournament in itself that all teams will get a shot at via qualification rounds, culminating a ground breaking event.

This tournament dwarfs anything ever seen before in eSports — even Valve’s impressive $1,000,000 DOTA2 tournament at last Gamescom — and the season hasn’t even come to a close.

I cannot wait for the final conclusion in LA, it’s set to be a tournament to remember, but who will you be cheering on?

League Of Legends is a worldwide force “…more people are watching League Of Legends than tune in to watch Major League Baseball games on ESPN” states Riot President Marc “Tryndamere” Merrill and this latest tournament cements their place in the world of entertainment.

Blizzard may have been Looking To End A Riot with their StarCraft 2 World Championships, but the League Of Legends World Championships makes it look like a LAN event I put on at my local Cyber Cafe.

Once again League Of Legends shows the world it is the top eSport and is quickly running away with title.