After a trip to Korea , Mike Morhaime — CEO of Blizzard — was in talks with KeSPA — The Korean eSports Association — who are currently running the most successful StarCraft: Brood War league in history that is hitting massive numbers. The talks where regarding expanding the StarCraft 2 license in Korea.

Currently only GOMTV holds the rights to host the GSL in Korea, since Blizzard launched the GSL all the way back at GSL 1. This latest move could be one of the stepping stones towards Brood War‘s transition into evolving the eSports scene into its younger and fitter sibling StarCraft 2.

There has recently been a slight worry for StarCraft 2 in Korea as League Of Legends has been surging towards the top, challenging SC2 as the successor to Brood War. But when you have Blizzard’s CEO making a trip to have talks with the biggest organization in Korea, you know that they are looking to aggressively expand taking the fight to the League.

Hopefully we could see StarCraft 2 and Brood War fight side by side in the Proleague — until the time comes for the old dog to give it up.