After countless rumors the GSTL finals will be hosted in Vegas along with IPL4! After a post from GOMTV’s Mr Chae on he has confirmed that the finals will in fact by hosted overseas in Las Vegas in a partnership with IPL. In the statement Mr Chae clearly says they will be forming a long-term cooperation with “North America’s premier league” in 2012 and beyond. So did MLG ruffle up some feathers after the GSL Exchange program? We all know how that ended [Naniwa got kicked out of GSL for throwing a game]

So the second outing for the worlds most prestigious tournament on American soil. After a booming success of GSL October at Blizzcon Mr Chae has finally gifted us with GSTL! The GSTL is the team league side of the GSL where rather than one on one matches its a best of nine, winner stays on, team on team battle to determine who is the top team in the world. Obviously the top places have been taken by the power houses, SlayerS, Incredible Miracle and MVP but who could we see coming to the US for the finals?  The foreign koean partnerships of oGsTL and StarTale.Quantic are still kicking but it is more likely we will be seeing a MVP SlayerS final as they are previous champions with the biggest names, but a wildcard of FXO could easily make it.

Make sure to be glued to that Vegas weekend, its going to be insane!