One of the most popular StarCraft 2 streamers has announced his parting with his team Quantic Gaming.

After another community outrage — initiated by a personal attacks towards a player — it has resulted in his team leaving no option but to part ways with Destiny.

Destiny has always has been a controversial member of the community — he left his previous team Complexity for racial and homophobic actions — and now Quantic have had to change their blind eye policy to his personality, by deciding they cannot put up with his explosive and offensive nature after the latest community outcry.

This behaviour was inexcusable.

A person should never use a racist remark in any situation, Destiny has claimed before it is just a part of his personality and I have never let that fly in any situation and have never personally been a fan of Destiny for his immature outlook on the world.

The community is divided by these events.

It has people raging at the supposed immaturity of select people’s actions — in complaining to sponsors — that some people have taken, while other people believe that this needed to happen to crush Destiny’s blatantly racist vocabulary by bringing it to the forefront of the community’s attention in a more dramatic fashion.

The community has discussed before how unacceptable this has been, but never does it reach the teams’ full attentions until drastic measures are taken.

People took it upon themselves to email sponsors about this explaining their disgust rather than the player or the team they represent, that proved a successful way to gain the attention of the teams in the case of Alex Garfield of EG and Orb.

How do you think this incident reflects on the scene?

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