One of the most popular StarCraft 2 streamers has announced his parting with his team Quantic Gaming.

After another community outrage — initiated by a personal attacks towards a player — it has resulted in his team leaving no option but to part ways with Destiny.

Destiny has always has been a controversial member of the community — he left his previous team Complexity for racial and homophobic actions — and now Quantic have had to change their blind eye policy to his personality, by deciding they cannot put up with his explosive and offensive nature after the latest community outcry.

This behaviour was inexcusable.

A person should never use a racist remark in any situation, Destiny has claimed before it is just a part of his personality and I have never let that fly in any situation and have never personally been a fan of Destiny for his immature outlook on the world.

The community is divided by these events.

It has people raging at the supposed immaturity of select people’s actions — in complaining to sponsors — that some people have taken, while other people believe that this needed to happen to crush Destiny’s blatantly racist vocabulary by bringing it to the forefront of the community’s attention in a more dramatic fashion.

The community has discussed before how unacceptable this has been, but never does it reach the teams’ full attentions until drastic measures are taken.

People took it upon themselves to email sponsors about this explaining their disgust rather than the player or the team they represent, that proved a successful way to gain the attention of the teams in the case of Alex Garfield of EG and Orb.

How do you think this incident reflects on the scene?

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starcraft 2 esports     RACIST FIRED!

  • Joshua R Valentin

    he should just grow up already

  • Feyd Darkholme

    If every competitive esport player who yelled homophobic and racist epithets in a game got banned, there would be no gamers playing esports… Yes that’s a little hyperbolic, but it’s kind of true. He’s in the spotlight because of who he is, but for every one of him there are thousands of players just like him that get away with it on a daily basis. However that doesn’t excuse it. 

    • Brian Enos

      Those thousands of players dont have high profile sponsers either.  Your last sentence is really the one that makes the most sense imo.

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      He should be called out because of who he is.  Because someone who is “famous” has a lot of influence on how the people who follow them behave.  If people idolize someone who is a bigot then they’re going to mimic that.  

      Not saying that this will stop their mimicry (or stop people who are inclined to behave in that way in general), but it will show people who gain a position like his and will be idolized that being that kind of person is not acceptable and perhaps they will behave in a more appropriate way that their fans will see and imitate.

      • jayremy

        It depends if he is actually a bigot or just somebody who is plainly vulgar and nonconstructively offensive. Everybody classifying him as racist or a bigot must know him as great as he does himself or they should be calling him that no more than he should be calling somebody a “gook”.

        It also depends if somebody tries to be a public influence like Hitler and somebody he doesn’t wish to be but is. There is a difference, and people with a reasonable mind are not going to idolize him for being rude or anything of the sort as they would idolize him either in skill, “work ethic”, his (agreed upon by the viewers) views/values.

        It’s like my dad, he is a big influence on my life and I agree and respect him on numerous things, but I strongly dislike, borderline hate him, because he himself is a rude, hypocritical jerk who is somewhat of a selective bigot. Of course I have had to also put up with such a guy all my life, I will however not depict him as some “evil” guy are say what he is not.

        A lot of the said views here really bother me, in their offensiveness, negatively, arrogance and stubbornness, I mean even Gary G, called him a racist Dbag. Should media figures be throwing about such derogatory claims, especially if they turn out to be false?

        I don’t like Destinies attitude either, though I don’t care for the context because the context doesn’t really matter in the end. Like him people need to be more constructive and thoughtful on what they say, at any point in time. We still are all humans, having vices, bad judgement and making mistakes,just as don’t need negative attitudes of a lot of the e-sports communities (like shooters, SC2 and MOBAs) we also don’t need others “fighting fire with fire”. In this case it just destroys more things than it can ever fix.

      • Derek_Sye

        Amen. This type of behavior needs to be eradicated before Esports will ever get any real respect.

    • Matt Cipriano

      So in other words…it’s cool to be racist as long as you’re not famous.

      • Rp TheFoolz

        hopefully not, no. just that when you are more famous, everything get taken more serious.

      • Feyd Darkholme

         No I guess I didn’t make myself clear enough… It’s not cool to act like that regardless of who you are. However he is in the public eye and represents the e-sport as a “professional” so he’s a more visible example of something that is more rampant than people might see. As I said though, just because it happens all the time doesn’t mean it’s OK for anyone… but perhaps he has a bigger responsibility to “keep it clean” because of who is is and the position that he’s in in the community. Talking like that is not cool or funny and it shouldn’t just be shrugged off as “normal”…

    • Derek_Sye

      If you realize it isn’t an excuse, why even post it?

  • Amelia Burton

    The reason people were going to sponsors and raging about it was because it was a problem which had happened before and nothing was done.  If they don’t want people complaining to the sponsors, they shouldn’t employ people like that.  

  • Michael Brown

    Even if he stops saying these things, he’s still going to think/believe them. Just don’t support these people at all.

  • r0xxo

    you guys are fucking 12 year olds. i’m sure you’ve all called someone a racist slur or something of the sort. most of you are hypocrites and need to get the fuck over it. you don’t like who he is? then don’t fucking watch his stream or follow him as a player. do you really have to try to ruin his job? every time he says something on his stream everyone in the internet bashes him for whatever fucking reason and it’s sad. nobody bashes any other bm players at all. it’s always destiny. it’s pretty pathetic that you let 1 person get to you that much to the point where you have to cry to his team and sponsors. you’re accusing him of being racist? everyone fucking says nigga or faggot. and by the way, get your fucking sources straight because he wasn’t fucking fired. you’re a shit tier website.

  • Dylan Chance

    NONO he left he was not fired plz get your facts straight befor just saying things.

  • r0xxo

    again, he wasn’t fired.

  • Randall Burt

    I’m sorry, but players acting like racist, homophobic children and thinking its nbd hurt e-sports more that folks complaining on the internet or to sponsors.

  • r0xxo

    look at idra you fucking idiots

  • r0xxo

    really? deleting my posts because i have a different opinion? how stupid are you guys? 

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      We have rules about language and content on our site.  Your comment broke those rules and therefore required deletion.  

      • Jado Cast

        I wrote a post earlier today that was “reviewed by a moderator” and the only thing I said is, I watched (N3t fli x) using sarcasm.  Why did it not post?  I didn’t use any bad language.

        • QuintLyn Bowers

          The site automatically reviews things it thinks are link or spam.  I don’t always get to going through that in time.

          • Old Ben

            It’s a bit annoying how the site sometimes decides that something is “a link” and just says “the post will be reviewed”, without even giving us a chance to edit it (and remove or obfuscate the link). Those posts never seem to actually get posted, so I guess by “reviewed” the forum software really means “cast into oblivion”, possibly adding “mwahahaha”.

          • QuintLyn Bowers

            As it stands, right now I am the only person able to go through and approve comments.  As I have a lot of other things to do, it is sadly one of the things that doesn’t get done as well as it should.

          • Jado Cast

            Code for “GARY get me an assistant!”  LOL

            I’m just kidding you Q!

      • Steve

        If you really regulate the content on your website you would delete the whole article for being a falsification of what actually happened.  There isn’t a single true factual claim in the video or the article

  • Erlot


    wow gb wow just wow…this is rly disappointing.

    • Jado Cast

      So after looking at the screen shot GBTV posted at the top of these comments doesn’t convince you that he’s racist?  Have you ever watched his stream?  He’s made terrible comments before, and I stopped watching him because of his attitude and filthy mouth.

  • Randall Burt

    While I totally disagreed with r0xxo’s comment, deleting was uncool.

  • Ayser Jamshidi

    Fired?  Get your facts straight morons.  He had a conversation with the owners of Quantic gaming, and destiny decided that he was causing more harm to them than boosting their popularity, so he LEFT by choice, not fired, morons.

    • Callum Lawrence

      Then this presses the question.

      Why the hell wasnt he fired??!?
      If someone used openly racist language in a work place, you are out no seconds hesitation

      And if it was amicable why havent I seen official Quantic word on their site/twitter?

      • Steve

        Do you listen to yourself when you speak?  It would be more likely the make a statement if he was fired.  If what Destiny was saying was untrue why wouldn’t QxG come out and speak against him?  They clearly have more merit than he does, so why wouldn’t they correct the matter?  And if you’re admitting he wasn’t fired, then you should rewrite this article seeing as how your information was admittedly not correct.  

        • Arkanthos

           He ”left” translation = ”he was fired in a more civilized manner” get it?

      • Ricky Brown

        Not sure what kind of sheltered life you’ve led but look anywhere and you can see workplaces where racial or homophobic slurs are used.  From any burger king kitchen to any office environment.  A majority of the times it’s used in a joking manor to poke fun.  Have you ever seen a Louis C.K. special and laughed when he jokes about racial slurs, being sexist, or calling someone a F&*#$@!#?  If you have does that make you or him racist?  I would say no.  People need to stop being so PR happy and acting so offended yet holding themselves and others to a double standard.  

        • Jado Cast

          If people say anything racial or homophobic, then by law they are guilty of harassment, and liable for a huge law suit, so any company with any sense of self preservation has a “ZERO Tolerance policy” against such actions, and yes, most are immediately fired for those types of comments or actions.  If you don’t believe that, then sir you are the one that is sheltered.  Just ask Walmart, Denny’s, or any other business in the news the past few years that settled huge law suits.

      • Monstercloud

        1. What, is there no justice if he left? Is in inexcusable for Quantic not to go, “You can’t quit, You’re fired!” Are you that upset that if he did leave of his own accord, to leave three ?’s ?

        2. Sorry, if someone uses racist language, hopefully management isn’t a robot, incapable of judging things case by case, and firing them. Why? Because what is defined as “Racist” is pretty objective these days.

        Now, if what Destiny said is truly racist, that’s one thing. I wouldn’t know that however, because there’s nothing showing me what he said.

        3. I don’t know, why don’t you ask them instead of just waiting to be fed information? You know, like what qualified journalists do, instead of us readers.

      • Cullen Leonhardt

        Your lack of objectivity and blatant misrepresentation of the event disappoints me. Destiny left Quantic. I will say, however, that I am glad that he will not be using offensive language.

        “Why the hell wasnt he fired??!? If someone used openly racist language in a work place, you are out no seconds hesitation”

        You’ve clearly never worked in a restaurant.

        “And if it was amicable why havent I seen official Quantic word on their site/twitter?”

        A mob has formed. A more justified mob than the one that formed during the Katu incident, but a mob nonetheless. Do you think Quantic is going to risk upsetting their sponsors even more than they already have? Their doing what any good business  is doing, and playing politics. 

        • Arkanthos

           Wow what restaurants have you worked in can you give me a list so i never visit them again?

    • Old Ben

      So he was the one who requested that conversation, was he? And he was the one who decided he was “doing more harm than good” ? Uh-huh…

      Here’s some news from the real world: that’s how most people get fired. They “choose” to leave after they’re informed that they’re no longer welcome to stay. They put out a statement saying they want to “spend more time with their family” or “pursue new challenges” or whatever and everyone comes out looking civilized. Well, some people never really manage that last bit.

  • r0xxo

    deleting comments that state a different opinion is very unprofessional. 

  • Aaron Bartschi

    Destiny’s communication skills from what I’ve seen in his posts on team liquid and reddit is very good, minus when he is being personally attacked for minor things, so he retaliates, like anyone would. When he does retaliate he gives hard facts to defend himself. This post/video makes no effort at all to communicate what destiny had to say on the matter. It points out that he was fired from Quantic, when it says in his public statement that he had several choices, many involving him staying with Quantic, but Destiny chose to end his contract. Destiny has always been this way and the community’s consistency on this matter is severely screwed up. The community needs to stop being so ass hurt about minor things like language and instead of trying to destroy somebody that can easily be ignored, just focus on the public figures that they actually like. 

  • nolan partridge▼

    Dude, jesus fucking christ. This is complete fucking trash. Your facts are complete shit. This is actually unbelievable, fucking AskJeeves would have more truthful information.

  • Jado Cast

    It doesn’t stop with racism.  I use to follow him, and he’s made many comments against women too.  He had some unorthodox play but I couldn’t take listening to him anymore.  I follow PsyStarCraft who’s much easier to watch, although he may not have the same level of skill.  He’s close.

  • Batman Batman

    Not only was he not fired, he is not a racist. If you actually belive that Destiny is a racist your either blind or never watch his stream.

    • Mike Canning

      would, crass, sexist, homophobic, and misogynistic sound better?

      • Batman Batman

        If you actually belive that Destiny is a 
        , crass, sexist, homophobic, and misogynistic  your either blind or never watch his stream.

        • Jay

           Screenshots are above… Makes your statement kinda ironic.

          • Jado Cast

            That’s what you call “egg on face.”  lol

  • Steve

    He hasn’t been kicked from any team ever.  Quantic didn’t even release him, he left of his own accord.  Get your shit together before you state an opinion on the matter because you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.  You’re being Fox News right now and fabricating whatever “facts” help prove your viewpoint.  Also no one seems to understand that Orb wasn’t fired for making racist comments; he was fired because he lied about it to his boss. Anyone could be fired for that, not just someone who said a certain word.

  • Izaak Wolf

    You are a misguided idiot.
    Destiny did not leave Complexity because of his so called “racist” comments, he however chose not to join the team after his team ROOT and Complexity combined in 2010. 

    Also, he wasn’t fired – he left. He will continue to act as he has because it’s entertaining. 

    This is a very unprofessional organisation, which isn’t surprising considering I’ve never even heard of you until today.

    • Arkanthos

      I did not know you were his personal slave, so you know every detail there is to the matter.

  • Phillip Rushing

    I don’t really know who Destiny is, but trash talk is part of the gaming.  I am sure most people have said some racist and expletive things at another player. But as a public or well known face in a gaming community it is not okay to repeated say racist things to people. It not only makes the community look bad, it also makes sponsors and fan move away from the community. Quantic Gaming losing Destiny is a good thing on their part.

  • Joe Schairer

    Wow, not the kind of “journalism” I’ve come to expect for GBTV.  Please check your facts before posting garbage like this.   Pathetic and embarrassing. 

  • Joshua Banning

    He left on some what good terms so the team wasn’t shafted by Razer/other sponsers.  He wasn’t “fired” as you’ve said in this article.  Get your shit straight.  While this language shouldn’t really be tolerated, should we be happy as a community to know we’re gutting ourselves from within?  How would future sponsors look at us knowing that, as a community, we’re alright with slitting our own wrists to bleed out some individuals?  Couple that with the recent thread on r/starcraft that was started by someone who sponsored people in the past, and begged the community to let the teams look at it first before you decide to be hero of the day and spam sponsors with “white noise”

    • Derek_Sye

      Yeah i’m sure sponsors will be worried about the sense of community and not the racists… Nonsense

  • Matt Cipriano

    If ya’ll want to be serious about being a gaming news site, then you shouldn’t make articles based off of opinion and act like they are fact. He left, was not fired…

    • Jay

       Would you rather “leave” or be fired/kicked… It’s just semantics at this point, since his actions brought the negative attention that it deserved. Maybe he’s just an example, but sometimes examples need to be made.

  • Saklaner Megnark

    This incident shows how horrible the community is, including people like the one who wrote the article. This whole read is a terrible joke and shows how retarded everyone in the gaming community can be. Get your stuff straight if you want to post “news” on a website. Minds like yours are the same who say videogames are the only and major cause of violent incidents. People like you, who tell blatant lies in places that are supposed to be informative, are the ones who keep making this business look like a joke.

    • Derek_Sye

      Why am I not surprised that someone who uses the term “retarded” can’t understand this post…

  • Joshua Banning

    He wasn’t fired because much like the Orb scenario, Quantic didn’t get a chance to talk to him about it before everyone went internet warrior mode and e-mailed the sponsors.  Time is still a valuable resource, especially in situations like this. It seems people forget that far too many times.

  • David

    Guys Can’t get the Information right. Can’t wait to contact sponsors telling them that the people they give their money to can’t investigate and do their job correctly. 

  • KiNGofKiNGs2010

    I feel like it was the wrong move. Destiny is fired, which does almost nothing to his income or his personal life. So now he is free to move on to any new clan he wants or maybe he will go solo. He will make money no matter what.

    What the problem is, is now the people left in QxG face a HUGE problem in possibly losing a HUGE sponsor. So while these people think they stopped Destinys racism (most likely he shrugged it off), they in fact ended up doing the opposite and big a team at huge risk. 

    They should have gone to QxG management with threats of e-mailing sponsors if they did not do anything about Destiny.

    • Izaak Wolf

      He wasn’t fired.

      • KiNGofKiNGs2010

        Sorry meant to put quotes about “fired”. I know it was mutual.

    • Mary Bonnell

      I know Destiny is not a racist.  I personally do not use foul language or put down ‘humor’ and I watch Destiny stream.  When I don’t want to hear it I mute it or turn it off.  We all have that capability.

      • KiNGofKiNGs2010

        Exactly. I do not understand the logic of some people. They are uncomfortable with the way Destiny talks, but still watch him? If I ever felt like Destiny was offending me or even went to far with some of his stuff, I would unsubscribe and hit that red x in the top corner.

    • Derek_Sye

      QxG put themselves into this situation. They hired a guy who had a history of racism and they shouldn’t be surprised that he continued it.

      • KiNGofKiNGs2010

        Yeah, but I am shocked they actually went to the sponsors instead of the management. That is like you messing up in real life and somebody going to the president of the United States instead of your parents.

        If QxG loses this sponsorship it is a huge hit and even though the management took on Destiny, what about the other players who had nothing at all to do with it, who will take the biggest hit of anybody.

        • Derek_Sye

          Perhaps Destiny should have thought about his fellow players before behaving like that?

  • John Ornelas

    this website is a joke, and is a great example of why people without journalistic training should not run “news” organizations. eugh.

    • Mary Bonnell

      I agree John.  I find it quite hypocritical that haters are talking about Destiny like them calling the names and actually meaning the hate they spew is right.

      • Derek_Sye

        Perhaps you should teach your son personal responsibility instead of trying to excuse his actions.

        • Matthew Jameson Tyree

          You are a joke, She has taught destiny the biggest thing more parents never do and that is to Stand up for what you believe in, He even said he wasn’t going to give out a fake apology, That he really shouldn’t feel sorry for in the first place.

          He uses the words Rape and Nuke from time to time, But is has said Those terms in context just aren’t the same, and He wouldn’t just go up to a police station to a bunch of rape victims and be like, Hey you guys know that video game Starcraft 2 I rape kids at that game, and if you didn’t know Nuke is still a terrible word that incites terrible memories for a lot of Japanese people, But I’ve never once seen or heard him say “oh man You are japanese Hope you don’t get “nuked” this round” 

          If you go to youtube and look up, Destiny, Debo on Starcraft casters using offensive language, It would give a much better view of this bogus story, and I understand that TL doesn’t have to have his stream on their website, But he has been the same person since it started, TL only reacted because people were demanding a witch hunt, with ORBs it was completely different, He LIED to his boss about it, instead of telling The Truth, Much like this terrible Video.He never EXUSES his actions, He tells you the train of thought to the actions, 
          You can not tell me you have never used a word that can be offensive by any means between your friends.

          • Derek_Sye

            I went and watched all 5 minutes and 11 seconds of that video and I can honestly say that I have ZERO respect for anyone who believes “Making money getting b*tches is what its about.” If you are taking life lessons from this Debo guy then I pity you.

            I have said offensive things with my friends. The culture where I grew up used gay as a derogatory term. When I was a child I often used it among friends. However, when I became and adult and realized that what I was doing was wrong, I took great care to remove the word from my vocabulary. It wasn’t easy, but I TOOK PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY ACTIONS. Precisely what Destiny needs to do.

  • Brendon Christensen

    At least change the title of the article. You even mention within the article that he wasn’t fired. Misinformation only means I won’t return to this site again.

    • snikendelarveføtter

      no offense, but if you never return to sites that provide some misinformation now and then, there cant be many (if any) sites left for you to visit.

  • Martín Gutiérrez

    This is a joke, the only immature thing i see is making fake “news”.

  • Martín Gutiérrez

    This is racist.

  • Cole Manceri

    Embarrassing how you fuck facts up like this… NEVER coming to this site ever again… absolutely terrible journalism…

  • Matt Cipriano

    The saddest part about this article, is that it’s the biggest thing on your main page. “Racist Fired”..a purely speculative remark on the main page of gamebreak gaming news. Your personal opinion of anyone is not gaming news, I don’t think it takes a journalist to figure that out. I like you guys, I really do, but I disagree with anyone and any organization that puts their personal OPINIONS on a higher priority than the truth. 

    • Scyfo aka Funkay

      I agree, we see that happening in a lot of media, newspapers and other websites. It grabs peoples attention. It can just be Destiny Fired then talk about the reasons.

    • Derek_Sye

      How is someone being fired a personal opinion?

  • KampfHund

    Lol I love how people criticise the journos for saying ‘fired’, when the same people (who couldn’t possibly all have actually been involved) are vehemently asserting that he ‘left’.

    Protip: people are often allowed to leave or resign as a way of saving face. It doesn’t change the fact they were no longer welcome.

    • Monstercloud

      You’re speculating that if he didn’t leave on his own, he would of been fired. It’s also speculating that /everyone/ is allowed to save face, this is SO not the case, unless you’re some high ranking bigshot in any high profile group, which both destiny and quantic don’t qualify.

  • Nathiest

    Only because he was white. Lets face facts here it was HIS color in conjunction to what he had said is why he was deemed a racist and fired. Which is racist.

    • Jay

       Do you have proof of this?

    • tehixe

       #1, racial comments by minorities don’t carry with them the sting of oppression.  If your grandfather was the first one in your family who could vote, maybe you deserve a couple free slurs.  If your grandfather was one of the ones keeping other citizens from voting, maybe you don’t.

      #2, please find me any evidence of a non-white person getting a free pass for racist or homophobic comments.  I’ll wait while you google.

      • Nathiest

        #1 that’s racist. #2 I have no idea where you’re coming from with that question in regards to my above statement?

        • tehixe

           #1 You keep using that word, I do not think you know what it means.  #2  You seem to be saying that he was only deemed racist because he was white, the corollary of which being that if he wasn’t white, he would’ve been given a free pass for what he said.  Get it now?

          • jayremy

             You don’t judge people, hold them to expectations or treat them to actions based on others, period. I don’t care if its  best friend, sibling, father or mother.

            People are responsible for their OWN actions. Don’t talk oppression, there are many minorities other there living happier and wealthier than some avg joe white guy as well.

            Categorizing everybody of a race to be a certain way that is untrue and defacing is pretty racist in itself.

            Minorities critique white people all the time, in ways that can be offensive no specific words need to be said to have an implied meaning. You flip that around and white people are deemed as racist.

            Destiny is offense and says racist things, does that make him some sociopath//psychopath hater of given people in general?

            It is still hypocritical and racist to allow certain people to say certain things/words or have certain privileges while disallowing anybody outside of that status of being from utilizing such. It was never right when white people did it then til now nor is it right for others to do it now regardless.

          • tehixe

            I’m not really sure how to respond to this.  You have compiled too many random thoughts into a single post without any apparent logical progression.  All I can really say is no, it’s not the same thing when white people are racist as when minorities are racist.  If I’m racist as a white person, I’ve got history and society on my side.  Racism from me isn’t just words, it’s reinforcing social injustice that has persisted since the founding of our country and before.  If a black person calls me a cracker, that doesn’t hurt one tiny bit, I’m still white and I’m still part of the group that dominates society.  Maybe you should get an education so you can understand a more subtle picture of what racism is, and also write coherently.

          • jayremy

            Well besides the fact you ignored my point entirely, refuse to acknowledge any of it, beyond the word “no”, this is a strawman argument or a red herring i suppose and will not carry on further based on such. I still find such to be hypocritical and an unjust depiction.

          • tehixe

            I didn’t deliberately ignore your point, but I’ll admit maybe I failed to sift it out of your word salad.  Write more clearly if you want to be understood.

        • tehixe

           #1 You keep using that word, I do not think you know what it means.  #2  You seem to be saying that he was only deemed racist because he was white, the corollary of which being that if he wasn’t white, he would’ve been given a free pass for what he said.  Get it now?

  • Monstercloud

    Wonder with all the people saying, “He wasn’t fired” if GBTV will just turn into another Kotaku, using other websites or making up their own news without checking out the info themselves, and liberally using their own opinion to pad the story, without correcting themselves.

    No one cares if you find the comments inexcusable.
    No one cares what you think should/shouldn’t of happened.

    Why not add what he said and have people add their own opinion, instead of your own? Outside of people who have read the posts, no one knows what he said. And don’t say, “Well we don’t want to spread such hateful…” you’re not a gatekeeper. Copy, paste, and make cute little italicized and quote brackets.

    There’s enough people knee-jerk reacting, labeling people as racist, and misinforming others and misquoting the story, and their just your average schmuck.

    We don’t need more of them.

    • Arkanthos

      Well he said something racist hasn’t he? Well then it doesn’t matter if he is or isn’t racist he said something racist. Its like if he would kill someone and other people would say ”well he killed someone but does that make him a killer? Don’t think so.”

      It doesn’t matter if he is or not, he said it and that’s enough.

      • Monstercloud

        What a shitty argument. No, it would make him a killer, because you can prove it. You can’t prove Destiny is a racist by something he said, just like I can’t prove your a retard just because you said something retarded.

        • Arkanthos

          So your saying that he never said any racist comments? and your also saying that there isn’t any proof he said racist comments?

          Look around a bit there is enough evidence. And yes i don’t know if your a retard just becouse you made a retarded comment in the first place:)

          • Monstercloud

             You replied to my original comment, yet you obviously didn’t read it. I said what he said was racist, but that doesn’t mean he is, infact racist. By your logic, I can say something scientific, and that makes me a scientist.

            You really are stupid.

          • Arkanthos

             No you aren’t getting what i was saying, It doesn’t matter if he is racist or not he still said something racist and that’s why the majority of people will brand him racist even if he is not, simple.

  • Most Morbid One

    I dont think it matters if he was white or black or asian or whatever.. ill comments are ill comments..

    the dudes obviously a child.. he admitted he never grew up enough to learn to proper way to handle things..

    not my problem directly.. he issue he needs to deal with. before it gets him in real trouble..

  • Chad Gearonk

    Can anyone post the real story or a link to it if this is incorrect. With all the comments below there must be a source for the real story. I am not part of the esport community so I am just generally curious what really happened. I am not picking a side or even voicing an opinion but as someone starting to take interest more in esports is there a story/article/press release that has the details correct?

    • Mary Bonnell

      He may say what I would consider to be stupid stuff some times, but he is not a racist. 

      • H S

        The words you use describe the person you are.

        Funny part is, looking at him, he has nothing to feel superior about. On a desert Island among real men, he would be known as the bunkmuffin.

      • Derek_Sye

        If saying racist things doesn’t make your racist then what exactly does?

      • Jado Cast

        The smartest thing he could do is get a PR manager, (professional) to get this fire storm under control.  He should make a public statement and apologize if his comments offended anybody and that wasn’t his intentions and then explain his departure.  If he remains silent, speculation and forums like this will just go at it until the next big news story and he will be labeled a racist forever because it’s all anyone will remember.  Whether he is or isn’t, you will not resolve this by going on forums and defending him, especially since the screen shot has been leaked.  

        Personally I’ve watched Destiny’s stream and use to follow him, and I know from experience he has said very inappropriate things and comments that no one should be proud of, so good luck with that.

  • Stephen Favell

    have a look at the little shit lol. he looks like the kind of angry little gamer bitch that rages online to compensate for being what basically amounts to a bitch in the real world.

    • Mary Bonnell

      Amazing…you sound worse than he does.

      • H S

         No you do

        • jayremy

           How about we not resort to (non-constructive) insults and personal attacks. The whole reason for this story, issue and controversy is because of such issues.

      • Stephen Favell

         I just call it as i see it. And im right. Go have a look, princess.

    • jayremy

       Why would you justify your statement with insults which are the very topic of this post and what made such an issue for destiny. Honestly, this is extremely hypocritical no need to explain that. We could be more constructive.

  • Cameron C Fergie Ferguson

    While this article was not the most eloquent or even ‘news worthy’ of content GBTV has done (and it will most likely be a black mark on their record in my book), it does bring the topic to the eyes of people like myself who do not follow SC forums. I felt intrigued to find the post after this, not even paying attention to the opinions thrown out in this clip. Let GBTV know you are unhappy with the content and move on, no need to cry and argue in the comments like children who can’t settle differences.

    As for what has happened, the actual words used are no more offensive than the rest of the things Destiny said. “F*CK, F*G, and even the slur used are no more worse than the others. While one should expect not everyone to be cheery and delightful in a competitive game like SC2 (especially when you do not play ‘correctly’ for lack of a better word). Destiny and Quantic did, however, make the correct decision as in order for the game and e-sports in general to advance to the public eye and mainstream, we must not uphold the image of gamers being immature and childish with anger management issues. 

    Destiny, good luck on your own.

  • tehixe

    What’s with all the people sticking up for this guy?  Are they a) his friends who are butthurt, or b) conservatives who reflexively attack anyone who’s criticized for doing anything politically incorrent?

    • PatrickA

      …Think you’ve got your politics mixed up, bro.  Conservatives first coined the phrase ‘politically correct’ and liberals are the ones who have been known to make fun of the term.

      • Arkanthos

        And listeners like me are know for shooting arrows to their knees:P

      • Derek_Sye

        Seriously? What world do you live in…

    • Ayser Jamshidi

      I don’t think anyone here is butthurt, just the lack of stupid fucking information this guy just told us, especially if people watch this video and don’t know who destiny is, they’ll automatically get the “Oh, he deserved getting fired” mind set, instead when destiny chose to leave.  This website is a fucking joke, clearly.

      • tehixe

        No, you sound butthurt to me.  You sound like either a friend or a supporter who was directed here for the sole purpose of trying to tell everyone this website is bad based solely on this article.  I don’t understand how you could care so deeply if it were otherwise.

        • Izaak Wolf

          It’s a biased news article.
          Doesn’t matter if I’m a fan or not, biased news is biased news and shouldn’t be displayed as other wise.

      • Eclipse

        Quit/Fired all the same to me. Definitely deserves whatever he got after looking at that picture. Don’t really care how you want to explain it away – such a mistake begs repercussion.

        • jayremy

           Deserves is subjective and it is not our call to make since we are not a party in any matter regarding this. What has happened, happened that is all that matters I will not pretend to think I know better than either Destiny or the employer on an issue that involves strictly them.

          • Eclipse

            As a potential customer of the products that the companies sell that sponsor him….it does involve me. It also involves you and everyone else.

            Deserves is subjective but making racist comments isn’t. That picture is very objective to me.

          • jayremy

            Racist comments you say and that is true, nonconstructive and I don’t agree with his statement there one bit. When somebody uses a personal insult they are not trying to include, insult and demean anybody outside of that.

            Why we don’t care is because how exactly does it effect us? Can you explain how we specifically are being effected by it, by this specific action.

            If somebody makes a racist comment, do we kill them, maim them, jail them, fine them, slap them, give them a warning, insult back or simply tell them not to do so again?

            People may have different opinions, often based on what they “like” or suits them best, as always. We cannot pretend there is a definite value on anything here.

            As for destiny it likely took him less than a few seconds to come up with that remark, less than a few seconds (if that) of thought into its effect and less than a second to type it likely. Yet people are spending minutes to hours of their lives coming up with ways to insult, hurt or try act superior by putting him down.

            My problem is with Destiny and 99% of the people getting involved on this issue, including GBTV. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind”, remember that.

      • Derek_Sye

        In two sentences you use the word “fucking” two times. U mad bro?

    • jayremy

       Assuming people here are conservatives seems rather moot, ill-conceived, not very constructive, heck maybe even offensive to many. I don’t see how such generalization is accurate. PS I like certain things about the guy, but his gaming attitude isn’t one, the people’s responses here are just either so spiteful or hateful, yet they beg to claim others are such using insults as well.

  • Mary Bonnell

    So true…its obvious that some people have way too much time on their hands and have nothing better to do than attempt to destroy people who are successful and very much loved.  I think it is called envy.

  • Mary Bonnell

    You’re wrong on just about everything.

  • Mary Bonnell

    I’ve watched other players who use the same language…but it appears that Destiny was targeted because he is loved and successful.

  • Mary Bonnell

    So Ben, when all this ‘them calling him on the carpet’, etc., was going on,…which rock were you hiding under that you heard everything and know exactly what transpired…?

  • Mary Bonnell

    It is different at a job.  You can’t walk out of your office if you are offended and can’t function…you can turn of the stream whenever you want and go watch someone else.  Thats right up there with saying I am offended by HBO or whatever so you have to get rid of it…. No…I don’t have to watch it.

    • Batman Batman

      Thank you

    • Eclipse

      No. I don’t have to watch it, but I also don’t have to support the products that sponsor such douchebags. If Michael Phelps hates black people and makes it known in his casual remarks, you can be damn sure I’m going to tell Coca Cola that if they continue giving him endorsement deals to be in their commercials they can kiss my patronage GOODBYE!

      I don’t have to watch the commercials and I don’t have to watch Michael in the Olympics – but that really isn’t the point. Such comments are WRONG and I think it’s extremely telling about your personality that you would even write 6 comments in succession trying to defend such a scumbag.

      • jayremy

        Way to be spiteful on how somebody feels rather than perhaps try to get to the bottom of addressing said issues, than attempts to suppress them.

        This is kind of a problem I have with people, like those who get all crazy road rage, or go out of their way to punish people directly or indirectly for no reason than them getting gratification at other’s loss.

        I am not for hating or treating people bad, that means I cannot do that to those who are. Again, if you didn’t like them then don’t, you don’t have to. It doesn’t mean you have to go conniving on them to ensure bad things because of it.

        Also classifying him so, and then insulting him (publicly) as a scumbag over actions in which the only party to really take any real offense is himself. I disagree with destiny and don’t like his attitude, but it’s against my principles to think I need to put him or anybody down because of my disagreements on life.

  • Patrick Dupuis

    he deserves it… mary your a tool. go back into your box

    • Cameron C Fergie Ferguson

      Defending your son does not make you a tool.

      • H S

         No, it makes you responsible for raising a tool

        • Batman Batman

          Your a joke, quit with the Ad hominem. If you want to be treated seriously then have an argument next time instead of insulting people you dont know.

          • H S

             Oh so your saying throwing around insulting names actually hurts people’s feelings? Hmmm…maybe there is a lesson in that huh?

          • Old Ben

            It’s unclear if your comment is directed at the post above yours or at Destiny’s comments reproduced in the screenshot above.

    • jayremy

       Treating yourself as above others and then insulting, is no better than what is Controversial about destiny. We don’t need a tone like this here any more than the “attitude” of Destiny, and I could care less about the context at that (it really doesn’t matter.)

  • H S

    Far too many people in gaming throw this crap about. Don’t know if it’s a youth thing or just ignorance, but it needs to stop. 

    • Jado Cast

      +1 Amen Bro!

  • 1970Hendrix1970

    So basically the article is  e-sports want to come into their own and people like this are holding them back.  The fact of the matter is that is not entirely true. That would be like me saying boxing wants to get a bigger following so Floyd Mayweather has to go. It’s not about what is said it is about the face the sport is trying to show.

    Howard Stern is controversial but obviously he has a following and popularity despite what he says. If e-sports want that image they can be flagrant and roudy if they desire. It seems though that they want to take a more mature route. Not the Archie Bunker racial slur road to success. More people will obviously favor the less radical route also when you consider e-sports you are faced with the fact that the majority of champions are what is considered minority in many western and european countries and wont want to go down the radical path. Star Craft is ruled by the Korean champs Dota was ruled by the Chinese players games like Street Fighter have a very diverse player base made up of many minorities that may poke fun at each other and scrap verbally but stop short of outright hate speach in favor of a feeling more akin to the hype surounding proffesional wrestling.

    You can be competative and even rib one another without going down a darker path. That said those that chose too are serving a less main stream audience that may in fact want more free and opinionated commentary. If using racial slurs made you a racist most black comedians and rappers would be out of a job. It is really more about the context of what you are saying and to what audience.

    People have to behave appropriate to the audience they are reaching. There is noting wrong with an Eminem CD but if a kindergarten teacher was playing it for my kids I’d want him fired…..If people dont understand boundaries and common sense then yes they need to be curbed for more rational individuals. Samuel L Jackson may swear like a pro but when he is on Letterman he will clean it up because that is what is expected. Professionals know that. The question is did they hire him to be Howard Stern or Anderson Cooper. If it was the former rather then the ladder then he shouldnt have been fired if he didnt cross a line from colorful speach into straight hate speach.

    • jayremy

       Well we have to consider what is actually radical here. Is occasional outbursts, casual unmonitored potentially offensive actions and general carelessness on personal image or being politically correct radical? Or would we call radical intentional and refusal to limit, moderate vulgarity and offensiveness, perhaps even do it intentionally, hate speech or being somebody aiming to incite?

      I see Destiny having a general perceived “attitude” issue, I don’t think the attitude itself is radical or the context. Though it still is quite negative I don’t see how we have to put him under the chopping block as a community, when the issue is between him and the employer mainly.

      Nobody has to watch or tolerate him outside of that.

  • maceyougood

    Why do you even hire a guy like this in the first place? Come on, Someone that uses “this is just how my vocabulary works” as an excuse will obviously not stop talking smack even if he hangs his head and says sorry afterwards. Have you guys never been to a playground before? Now you stand there between a angry mob that acts like mobs usually do, not really bright and a seariously angry big time sponsor or three. 

  • Dusoul

    This is very simple, If you act in a bad way, you have to accept the repercussions. A young child knows when they have crossed a line, why does this rule seem unfair to a person in the public eye. Very simply put dont do the “crime unless you are ready to do the time” loosley used in this   situation.

  • PatrickA

    This is just stupid.  This isn’t like the whole ‘dumb n***** risks’ thing, where a fairly well-mannered, professional player had a racist outburst.  It’s not like Destiny’s personality was as-of-yet unbeknownst to Quantic when they first invited him..  They knew exactly who they were hiring and what they were getting.  If they really DID persuade him to leave, then that’s just sad on their part.  If they had a problem with him, they should never have fired in the first place.  I personally find anybody who uses ‘fag,’ ‘gook,’ and ‘downs’ syndrome’ to be very immature.  Destiny has argued that words aren’t important–but if they weren’t, it wouldn’t be so important to him to pick the most offensive ones possible. but Quantic knew that was exactly who they were hiring from the start.

  • Derek_Sye

    This is the first I have heard of this whole situation, but I don’t see why contacting the sponsors is considered immature. If Destiny was doing something that he would be ashamed to have his sponsors find out about, perhaps he shouldn’t have been doing it in the first place.

    • jayremy

      Well relentless harassment and attempts to attack an employers/sponsors “good name” is quite immature than either trying to address Destiny himself and ask for better or to simply contact the employer (privately if possible) and describe the issue.

      • Derek_Sye

        Why? From the sound of it Destiny can’t learn his lesson, he was already fired once. Quantic hired a guy who they knew had a history of this type of behavior, so why would anyone assume the contacting them would have any effect?

  • Feyd Darkholme

    Mary look at that screen shot that the GBTV crew was so nice to post for us up a the top there, so we can see the truth. Look at the hateful words your son said. Is that the son your raised, that you’re so ardently defending and going out on a limb for? I know first hand the drive to protect your child. However your son screwed up royally and publicly, more than once, and now he’s getting called out for it yet again.

    Yes, he’s getting a great deal more press because of his status in the community, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t deserve the blowback. I would chalk this up as hard lesson learned and hope he can salvage something positive out of this… It’s so blindingly clear that this behavior is not OK, it boggles my mind how anyone, even his family can try and downplay it. 

  • Isaac Strohl

    Well hes not racist you idiots 

    • Eclipse

      You’ve convinced me.

  • 1970Hendrix1970

    @Dusoul:disqus  ….Your point may or may not be valid. If someone is paid to be controversial such as a man like Howard Stern and he performs his hired function and is controversial then why is that news.
    It’s like when people went after Katt Williams because a guy was drunk at his show and called America Mexico and he went off and started chanting USA and told the guy to go back to mexico if he loved it more. Yes…I have read a history book I know the origins of california and texas…thats not the point though. If you go to a Katt Williams show I’m guessing your expecting a guy to curse and poke fun at men women children ect.

    The question in this particular case is was this guy hired as a “personality” or as a professional. There is a clear diference between Howard Stern and Anderson Cooper. Which way was this man employed? Did he cross a line into hate speach? What was said? None of this is even touched on in the article. If I say a guy said the “n” word and wrote a song about it and named his band with the word in it’s title, do you call him a racist? What if I say the guy is Doctor Dre? Doesn’t that change the context?

    • Feyd Darkholme

      If what I read in their official press release was any indication then I would say this was pretty clearly not the sort of behavior they were looking to get out of him when they brought him in… It’s linked and readily available if you look for it. There is no need for philosophical debate, they make it pretty clear that this is no bueno…

  • Dusoul

    As a business owner I have hired people with expectations and had to fire some as well, unless you know that his terms of employment allowed for this this behaviour Patrick, not a reasonable point. He is repersenting more than himself and  in a proffesional arena as such needs to act proffesional.

  • Dusoul

    Given the current state of affairs would say its fair to guess this is not what his employer wanted.

  • 1970Hendrix1970

    That isnt a fair assumption considering the lead into the video is the commenter saying “destiny was once again beig destiny” if this is what the guy is known for and he was previously let go and hired by this group who were intentionally turning a blind eye to his past then they knew what they were getting into.

    If I hired Kim Kardashian to be a guidance counselor at a school your saying the guys at the school dont have any responsibility for the resulting circus that ensues? They knew who he was and what he was about. They ignored it cause of the fans he brought and let him go when they figured he was losing more money then he might potentially make that is not defending equality.

    They were choosing to let him be racist when it was profitable and choosing to let him go when it potentially wasnt. If anything the company is way more racist then he ever potentially was. I missed the part where it’s not racist if you get 2k kids on a stream and Soundblaster lets you run a commercial…..

    I think there are bigger potential issues at play and simply crusifying him isnt being entirely honest as to those considerations. 

  • Dusoul

    I am not saying that the employer is not at fault as well, my point is that he acted in a certain way and it blew up in his face. Cause and effect, you cite Howard Stern which is a very smart guy, he knew when to act crude and when to pull back, one thing that even Howard Stern has said is you have to be smart expecially when riding the razors edge. Destiny still at the core had control over his actions, which means in the end he is the only one that could cause this style of issue for himself.

  • Christopher

    Jesus…. fanboys be out in force. And if you think for one single second he ‘walked away’ then you have no clue how a modern company is run. Its called all parties saving face.

  • Pat Hamilton

    Ha, would fit right in perfectly with the fps community.  He should play Counter-Strike.

  • iamthemonkeyhead

    Can you please cite a source? There aren’t even any quotes in this article. More journalism, less hearsay pls.

  • jayremy

    Apparently trying to be offensive to a specific person makes you racist or a bigot. People need “thick skin” or psychologically mature beyond the playground “my feelings got hurt”. It’s not like he put much thought into saying no more thought should be put into it by received parties. Calling somebody and idiot, being cynical or pessimistic on somebody’s skills is equally as offensive as a meaningless racist comment ( and often also carries a more offensive meaning as well), yet people don’t get bothered for that. I am a big supporter of speaking what is on one’s mind, it helps relieve tension as well (it doesn’t mean saying everything that comes to mind though).

    From an anti-censorship and somebody who values societal enlightenment and progression, I just think society needs to change a bit, even Destiny. Though his specific words I never had or will have a problem with, his attitude tends to be bad and people should avoid making thoughtless criticisms or insults in general.

    But truth is, this is how the hypocritical world works; if Destiny wants to have some (business) “professsional” image and career he’s got to adapt, end of story. Nobody should comlpain about it but him or his mother, because he in the end is the only person being effected by it and it is his choice not others. Whether he values its importance or not will determine whether he will ruin the professional career side of him.

    We don’t need people going beyond and trying to crucify then act all high and mighty compared to him, though I agree with Caltu I am somewhat against the whole “lets personally chastise this guys some more” (now if this is not how you guys see Caltu approaching it, sorry, that is just how it appears to be).

    • Francois Brisson

      Finally someone with a brain <3. Although I believe in full freedom of speech, and I think if you're watching his stream you accept the fact that he will be using words that may be offensive to overly sensitive people so you're making a choice to put yourself in that situation so don't go cry cause he's making racist comments. Quantic also knew about his behaviours before picking him up so this seems kind of silly that they'd "part ways" for the behaviour they knew about, and he said he wouldn't change. Oh and the SC2 community likes to go full-retard with things like this.

      • tehixe

         “Free speech” is not the same as “the right to have sponsors pay you no matter what you say.”  Just as Destiny has the right to say what he wants, his sponsors have the right to decide not to pay him to say it.  They have rights too.  If they don’t want to sponsor his offensive message, they’re free not to.  Free speech means nobody can stop you from speaking, it doesn’t mean nobody can disagree with you or decide not to sponsor you.

        • PatrickA

           …Except at no point whatsoever did the sponsors decide not to pay him to say it.  They knew he said that kind of stuff when they hired him, it wasn’t exactly a secret.  The only official statement is that he quit.  The reporters pulled that little fact out of their rears, there’s no basis to it at all.

          • Christopher

            While you are completely right that the official statement was he quit….You cant be that dense to think he quit.

            If he wasnt going to be punished…why quit?

            There is also basis to their opinions. It very common for someone to ‘quit’ after being ‘fired’. It could be a saving face matter, ie: “I dont need you. you Cant fire me, i quit!” Or it could be mutual between company and person.

          • PatrickA

            I, personally, do believe that he would have been fired had
            he not quit.  Or at the very least, the options they presented to him beyond leaving were rather unappealing.  I’m not that dumb. Though as Destiny tends to be a very spiteful person, I do genuinely believe that it occured through a friendly conversation in which they agreed his parting was mutually beneficial, not through ‘YOU SAID GOOK YOU’RE FIRED!’ otherwise he would be encouraging all his fans to boycott Quantic.  Even with that conclusion drawn, using the word ‘fired’ is a bit of a misnomer.  If a couple mutually agrees to break up, did one person ‘dump’ the other?

            Not to mention they didn’t even mention that this was pressure on Quantic from sponsors.  Instead, they stated that it was a spontaneous decision by Quantic not to put up with it anymore. If Quantic cared about Destiny calling someone a gook, they never would have let him join the first place.  Destiny has called people far worse than ‘gook,’ and had done so long before joining Quantic.

            My qualm with the article is that at no point did they even mention that the official releases were very vague.  Then, the few facts that are available, they completely ignored, drawing conclusions that ranged from sketchy to outright false throughout the entire article.  They simply stated that he got fired through this remark, when there are a dozen other realities with equal possibilities of being true.

            In proper journalism, you state the facts first, THEN draw your conclusion.  You don’t just state your conclusion with no backing whatsoever.

          • tehixe

            I see, so the only facts that can be inferred from a situation are the facts that come in official statements.  You could be part of American TV media!  Just accept the spoonfed press releases, don’t read between the lines or investigate, criticize anyone who does as biased.  Good on you!

          • PatrickA

            There’s a difference between ‘reading between the lines’ and making things up.  I, personally, do believe that he would have been fired had he not quit.  But at no point did they even MENTION that they were drawing conclusions here.  At no point did they even MENTION what the official statement was.  They just stated that he was fired for this racist remark.  In proper journalism, you present your facts FIRST, and your personal conclusion SECOND.  Here, they presented no facts whatsoever, only a conclusion

    • tehixe

       Insults to someone’s race are not the same as insults to them personally.  That’s laughably fallacious.  An insult to someone’s race dehumanizes them.  It says they’re bad just because of how they were born.  It’s saying that they’re not a person, just a skin color, and nothing they do can rise above that.  It’s disgusting.  At least insulting a person for who they are or what they do is based on that person, it treats them like a human being even though it treats them rudely.  Which is what I’m going to do to you now: you are an ignoramus, get an education.

      • jayremy

        In destinies case it was a personal insult, that was the full intent of it. Destiny did not intend to insult asians, besides if you know him he has quite a history of having asian friends not to mention the fact he is a pro SC2 player who likely frequently watches GSL, which is undeniably Korean.

        What is wrong about the second notion, is it is not dehumanizing, it is purely being rude or inciting. Yes it can go beyond and attempt to devalue or dehumanize, but to assume every insult, racial or not is dehumanizing is false.

        Insulting somebody individual is no better in fact often less worse, because there is no actual objective image of say asian. Me, you anybody, we are a definite image, nobody can argue who were are or how we look, nobody is going to say I have 5 arms, unlike a race people have different interpretations of it. Even if somebody were to insult my country, not like I really care, that is a general and subjective claim. Maybe they hate something about the country or it did them some wrong, it’s not like will not pretend to be the embodiment of the USA.

        You last post still inferred that minorities have some inherent rights that whites do no have under some guise of past oppression. That is unfair, people don’t chose their parents, their ancestry, the life they were born into. You cannot put guilt blame and handicap those for what ancestors did and the like. That is what you are implying, and that is just unfair and wrong

        • tehixe

          Obviously not one single particle of knowledge is going to penetrate your shell of ignorance.  You lack even a basic understanding of race or racism.  Are you even in high school?  I’m done here, you are a lost cause.  Peace.

          • jayremy

            As I have told others not to resort to insults I will tell you. Tell me what exactly is false, for as I have explicitly defined my points in response to yours.

            Calling me a high school student and negatively depicting images and even insulting my intelligence is not nice, respectful or effective.

            I do not intend or feel like purveying myself in a way that seems arrogant and sorry for the lack of humility in what I will say, but I have been in college for 4 years, I have studied enough in philosophy on the side and some in school to the point where it may even be my second major.

            You telling me I am wrong and ignorant without explaining reasons as to why, or ever acknowledging my points as to whether they are right or wrong. Such a method is just plain arguing, you will not convince me using such demeanor or methods and I doubt it will work on anybody else. Take some college level debate courses maybe, study psychology and philosophy, perhaps intensively if you need to, because it may be needed if you ever wish to be convincing or influencing on something remotely controversial.

          • tehixe

             Ouch.  Take some writing classes.  It’s painful to try and decipher what you write.  Like I said, I’m done, but I hope my critique will help you understand that your writing is shamefully incomprehensible for a college student.

          • PatrickA

             I like how you said, ‘I’m done here’ and then continued to respond again.  Not only have you lost, but you’ve failed to accept it and are instead turning to insults to try to salvage your pride.  You obviously have no knowledge of the online community if you think every racial slur is supposed to be some mystical, dehumanizing, despicable insult.

          • Arkanthos

             It doesn’t change that the guy in question was insulting and racist, he should take an arrow to the knee.

          • tehixe

             I like how you pile on to defend an ignoramus for being ignorant.  I’m done trying to teach the OP what racism is because it’s futile.  This isn’t a matter of pride, it’s a matter of wasting time.  And no, there’s nothing “mystical” about the internet that turns pernicious, dehumanizing comments into harmless fun.  The words you say here are still words, the only difference is that you’re usually shielded by anonymity so you have the illusion that they don’t matter.  Grow up.

    • Christopher

      All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing..
      Now, i realize this is a heavy statement for such a small minded person( not you op).
      It still is valid. It doesnt matter if he used ‘gook’ as a personal insult. It is a racial slur and should be treated as being used against everyone. We cannot just expect him to change, or expect his mother(lol) to change him.

      Sometimes all that it takes to change is being told you are wrong. Sometimes it takes a push.

      I dont know Destiny. I have never watched him. I have read about him since watching this article and have found at least one more incident of ‘divisive” statements, and we all know the rule of patterns.

      Also, i find it completely odd that you make this statement of not having a problem with what he said(“Though his specific words I never had or will have a problem with, his
      attitude tends to be bad and people should avoid making thoughtless
      criticisms or insults in general”)..and agreeing with Caltu.

      • jayremy

        Because the words never matter, what a person means is what matters it doesn’t matter if they mask it, a lie or a truth. Whether somebody says butt or ass, is no different, judge or fuck is no different, it all means the same.

        About that statement, if you haven’t seen such horrid replies, responses and ill-justified measures of such in this forum, how can one side be dared to be called “evil”. Destiny isn’t making hate speeches, calling for action and people to rise up and do bad things. His is a bad mannered person and that is all he needs to work on is his attitude. Again wording doesn’t matter, what comes out of his mouth should either be more constructive.

        I am not defending destiny’s manner or attitude here just so you know, calling him a “gook”, is no better than common internet uses of insults like, moron, idiot, retard, even indirect or false subtle insults of somebody’s character.

        If you really wanted to fix Destiny’s issue, you and thousands of others should send him direct personal NICE messages, not inciting or spiteful ones. Use damn logic and reason to explain the issue then ask him to change or attempt to wane out of such a bad habit.

        • Christopher

          Oh you, no. I have plenty of logic, reason, and pleasant attitude, but i dont think i will write him a nice letter.

          Also, im not that interested in Destiny to change his ways. Well i was….but then i had raid.

  • Sarlina Von Tare

    The absolute epitome of being an unprofessional fucking idiot. Fuck off geek. Yep what goes around comes around.

  • shanefagan

    He didn’t leave complexity for anything about this kind of thing. They just wanted him do do specific stuff for the team after they (root gaming) were acquired by complexity they wanted him to do stuff with his stream and some other conditions that he wasn’t comfortable with nothing got to do with racism of homophobia. 

    Its worth noting that he has spoken about this in the past and he isn’t a homophobe or a racist he just believes everything is just words and people are really over sensitive about this kind of thing. To say that he is any way a bigot means you didn’t research your article all that well.

  • Deathstar2x

    Fun fact: Most of the “fanboys” have never commented on Gamebreaker before this article was posted.

    The title might need to be changed back to “Divided Community” if it’s more suitable, but I wholeheartedly agree with Caltu. I’ve never swear (Ever.) and it’s really saddening to see the 5-6 year old children I teach start picking up this language in the school building.

    • Christopher

       I completely agree with the title. RACIST FIRED….yeah not the best idea.

  • Dusoul

    Soo he said/typed that out of kindness…please…you can say fudge and mean something much more, words are just words, but whats  behind then is a totally different story. Just dont get how being an ass is okay ,I dont really care if he was joking or not, if you do something off color, accept the end result.  Apply what he said to a close family member and ask yourself….would you like a professional to say the same to your father,  mother, son, daughter or even a freind. Guessing Bob the cable guy says the same thing to your family member… you may not have a handful of meh excuses for Bob acting that way.

  • Kyle Bohannon

    it cracks me up to see people talk shit to other people over a video game. 

  • Dusoul

    If you think the undercurrent of the discussion is about a game, then I think you missed the point, its about actions, enviroment, and what is acceptable in the current culture.

  • ShanKenDoRin

    MMMMMM OBJECTIVE REPORTING.  I wonder if these two have ever bothered to read any of Destiny’s posts on TeamLiquid or Reddit.

    Seriously, this is the biggest joke of reporting I’ve ever seen.  If you give a damn about eSports, your site should seriously think about whom you hire to provide professional reporting.  I’m not defending either side, but these two reporters in the video are jokes with less perspective than the Westboro Baptist Church.  Put them back in the assistant jobs where they belong pl0x.

    • Lukas De Beer

      Well if this is the type of racism thats going on in esports then it doesnt deserve to be sponsored. Going directly to the sponsors is the right thing to do this dude have been kicked from teams previously and he just go on and join the next team. I say stop sponsoring till this type of person is completely banned from e-sports.

      • ShanKenDoRin

        You’re buying into the image projected by these two “reporters,” one that lacks any kind of perspective or understanding for the situation.  Exactly the kind of mindless zombie that bought into every flame war Destiny got pulled into.

        Destiny has parted ways with one team previously (never kicked), and it was a contract dispute.  Don’t believe everything you hear from two wannabe-pro college kids on the internet.

        • Christopher

          ” Despite Mr. Bonnell’s agreement to exercise solid judgment and
          professionalism in his trade, some of the polarizing opinions being
          expressed on his stream were in direct opposition the values compLexity
          has stood for since 2003.  This behavior made our decision clear and Mr.
          Bonnell has been released from any and all contractual obligations.”

          If you can read, and im sure you can….that corporate speak for, ‘Enjoy your firing,Sir.”
          For you to think the was all about a contract dispute..well i dont know what to do about that.

      • PatrickA

         It’s not like they didn’t know who they were hiring to begin with.  Destiny has never hidden his language or his views (none of which are racist); his stream has always been public.  It’s very doubtful that he was fired for this on the simple basis that this is nothing new.

    • jayremy

      Its a strawman issue here, you can’t agree on the validity of either sides actions on this because of so. Assumptions, generalizations and false claims to go with (and hindering) potentially great points and a message here on Gamebreakter.

      • ShanKenDoRin

        It’s amateur, biased reporting by two guys who never gave a damn enough to understand both sides of the argument.  It translates in their self-righteous tone and the unfounded accusations they vomit out.

        • jayremy

          Though I agree with your sentiment, if nobody has gotten a clue yet to my overactive goal, (being this issue just blows my mind so much on many levels I can’t hold it in).

          I will not encourage you or anybody else depicting anybody in a false overly negative image or tone. Even though again I agree with your point, and you aren’t really too offensive, just try not to generalize or put images on GBTV guys either or anybody here, unless it is seriously needed to make a point

    • Christopher

       Sir and/or Madam, i have met the Westboro Baptist Church people and you comparing this to that is akin to me comparing you to a scat video.

      Please dont be that guy. Dont.

      • ShanKenDoRin

        Thank you for proving my point.  There is nothing you can say that NOBODY will find offensive.  So stop trying to please everyone and say what you mean, and the meaning of the message will convey right to those who are worth the time.  It just disgusts me that two guys like these were actually tasked with INFORMING THE PUBLIC, and they use their title as a bully pulpit for their own opinions.  Disgusting, unprofessional, and YES, as lacking in perspective (I never said they were as bad, though I’m sure you put those words in my mouth yourself) as the WBC; just on the other side of the spectrum.  Self-righteous, self-absorbed, and eager to jump on issues that matter a lot less but get a lot more publicity than the REAL race/intolerance problems that plague the world, thus fueling their own sense of nobility and self-worth without actually having to do anything meaningful.

  • mr_RR

    i’ve been a long term fan of both Gamebreaker and Destiny and i am saddened by the shear ignorance and/or bias in this article. Destiny quit, he wasn’t fired and Quantic wasn’t going planning on firing him, he left so that his [ex]team didn’t get punished/dropped by his sponsors.
    in the future please fact-check beyond reading the first to results in a google search or i’ll run to your sponsors and tell them how poorly your doing [maybe if you actually understand what happened with this event at all you’ll get that joke]

  • Tim Whitehead

    mr_RR you are also showing bias, you do realise that more often than not people are told to quit so the company (in this case team) can avoid being seen as the heavy handed. Quitting is the mutually agreeable out come of the situation. As for running to Gamebreakers sponsors go ahead try, see how far you get, you seem to imply much more knowledge and power than I actually think you have!

    • PatrickA

       Not only was that ‘run to their sponsors’ a joke, he outright STATED that it was a joke, and you failed to get it. Sad.

  • Its not important

    Who’s Destiny? And why should I care? Man.. people follow others for the most random of reasons. This is like people on YouTube being ‘famous’…

    …you’re not. The only reason I Liked Gamebreaker on Facebook is for BlizzBlues and MikeB aka Fony, where their material just seems to come to them naturally. The rest of you (aside from maybe Lore) are really just desperate for things to talk about and, according to majority of the comments posted on this post, have no idea -what- you’re talking about. I think this is the last video I’ll be wasting my time watching that doesn’t involve the two previously mentioned.

    • Corbenik91

      It’s less that they don’t know what they’re talking about and more that they’re refusing to be objective. It is true that Destiny has been shameless in his use of racial slurs, but has a fairly competent argument to their use. He says racist terms with the intent to make them less racist by forcing the language to evolve faster than it normally would. It gets pretty complicated. I disagree with him, for many reasons. He doesn’t appear to have any obvious racist viewpoints or prejudices, however.

      A lot of Destiny’s fans are currently in the thread, which explains the mass insulting of the writers.

      Long story short, the writers have been reading /r/starcraft too much and failed to see that there actually is another (competent) side to the discussion. I think that they were attempting to appeal to the majority, but made the mistake of assuming that the starcraft subreddit represents a more larger portion of the starcraft community than reality presented them with.

      • Derek_Sye

        Please explain to me how using racial slurs will do anything other than cause hostility?

      • Christopher

         Yeah great idea there, Lets use racial slurs to make them ‘less important’

        I realize you don’t agree with him….but let me explain something to you.
        You see no obvious racial viewpoint? Even though this is a continuing thing? I wouldnt even give him a pass on one racial slur….but as i have read this is his ‘way’, he uses these then apologizes when the situation gets bad.

        Lets be completely honest. If he was so about using these words to lessen their impact(lol) he would use them in real life. In front of the people the slurs are used for. He does it online because even though he has some fame…there is usually NO consequence. There is a sense of immunity to the social norms that are in place to stop people from being this stupid.

        • Jay

           Well said, sir.

    • Jado Cast

      It’s not important . . . funny.  1st and last post. :-)  Peace Out

  • Ervis Arapi

    Wow are you guys that out of material that you need to talk shit about some dude who i could care less about? sorry i dozed of there for a second… muppet

    • Derek_Sye

      The hundreds of comments here seem to indicate that people care.

  • Pirvu Mihai-Cristian

    That’s not what it happened. He left he team, wasn’t fired.

  • Nick R. Johnson

    And today, I found out what site is the Fox News of eSports.  Good to know, now I can avoid it.

    • JJ Weasler

       You think Fox news is the only station that reports news in a fashion that aligns with their political beliefs? Either you are the most naive person in existence, or you are just another closed minded sheep that refuses to even consider the fact that any reporting that does not perfectly match what you have been told to believe by your social group might actually have some merit and facts to it.
      Oh wait…I called him a sheep…is that racist? So many things are considered racist now I am having a hard time keeping up…:P

      • PatrickA

         Fox news is simply the station most notorious for doing so.  Though I find it amazing that your managed to come to the conclusion that he thinks fox is the only news station that skews their stories based on the simple comment ‘I found out what site is the Fox News of eSports.’  Tell me more about your amazing ability to draw conclusions about a person’s beliefs with no evidence whatsoever.  Actually, maybe think about applying to be a journalist for this website!

    • H S

       Fox would make this guy a hero

  • PatrickA

    If everybody who used a racist comment was actually a racist, then nearly everybody here would be one.  Very few people here can HONESTLY say that they’ve never used a racial slurr out of anger while playing a video game.  Hell, Destiny used slurrs directed at Hispanics on a regular basis, despite one of his teammates / best friends being CatZ.

    This is an absolutely terrible job of reporting.  There is not only no objectivity, there are no facts.  There has been no official mention that he’s been ‘fired,’ nor is there any actual proof that he’s ‘racist.’  And yet ‘racist-fired’ is in the URL.

    • Derek_Sye

      I can honestly say that I have never used a racial slur out of anger. I rage A LOT when I am playing Battlefield games, but I usually turn off my mic and NEVER attack a persons race or sexual orientation. This type of behavior is unacceptable and it is apologists like you who allow it to continue. 

      • Andreas Fuhr

        Well aren’t you a saint? Fucking internet white knight faggot.

        • Thaguf

           What a joke nobody can take you seriously when you post garbage like this.

      • PatrickA

        When did I ever say that this type of behavior is acceptable?  Did you even read my comment?Destiny gets angry when he plays, and says the
        things that he thinks will get the biggest reaction from his opponent. 
        Racial slurs are obviously the ticket in that category, seeing as nobody
        went crying to razor when he referred to people as ‘skilless
        down’s-syndrome faggots raging on their keyboards,’ yet the community
        has an uproar when he says the word ‘gook.’  Hell, when I was younger, I made racist remarks online towards people of MY OWN RACE all the time just to get a rise out of them.

        Destiny voluntarily moved to Korea to learn from their players, and has a very racially diverse
        group of friends.He just gets mad at a game and wants to say the most hurtful
        thing he can.  And he’s smart enough to know that racial slurs tend to
        do that.  That’s immature, not racist.
        I think saying the things he does online is immature, unnecessary, and unacceptable.  That doesn’t change the incredible lack of integrity demonstrated by this journalism.  They did exactly what you just did; jump to conclusions with no desire to read into the situation.

        • Derek_Sye

          I read your comment and it boils down to you doing your very best to explain how a guy who uses racist language isn’t a racist. Do you not consider that being an apologist? To me that appears to be exactly what you are.

          What you don’t seem to realize is that this isn’t a trial of Destiny. It doesn’t matter how much evidence you present that suggests he isn’t racist. Society has a zero tolerance policy for this type of behavior because of just how noxious racism has been in our history. Just about every adult knows this. In fact, you suggest that Destiny uses this language precisely because it is inflammatory. What you don’t seem to grasp is that Destiny crossed a line that we as a society can’t and shouldn’t accept. Whether he is a nice guy 90% of the time is irrelevant, you don’t get to act like a racist the other 10% and get away with it.

    • Old Ben

      > Very few people here can HONESTLY say that they’ve
      > never used a racial slurr out of anger while playing a
      > video game. 

      Count me as one of those “very few” (which are probably not so few).

      I never understood the point. I often call people I’m playing with “idiots” or “clueless” (usually the ones on my team – when they’re on the opposite team I just call them “easy kills”), but that’s because of their (objectively observable) behavior. It’s not so much an “insult” as a description of their recent actions (but I hope they feel ashamed and change those actions, so I guess it is also meant as an insult).

      If I call someone a “nigger”, what exactly am I saying? Either he’s black, in which case I’m simply describing the color of his skin, or he’s not black, in which case I’m just showing my own ignorance about the color of his skin. Either way, I don’t see how the color of his skin (or my knowledge about it) is relevant to the game. Same for sexual orientation, gender, or anything else unrelated to the actual gameplay.

      The only reason why someone would use race (or sexual orientation, or nationality, etc.) as an “insult” would be if that person believes that everyone sharing that race / sexual orientation / nationality / etc. is somehow “inferior”. And that is pretty much the definition of being a racist / homophobe / bigot / etc..

      If he wasn’t, then he would never use those words as insults because he wouldn’t think they were appropriate for that end.

      And yes, the world is full of racists. Racism is genetic and had an evolutionary purpose. But, in a global society, it’s counter-productive. And people who are not able to suppress those racist instincts are displaying their own intellectual inferiority. Getting rid of racists who can’t control themselves is merely a cultural manifestation of natural selection.

      • PatrickA

         The only reason someone would use a racial slur as an insult is because they believe that that race is inferior?

        …How about if they just want to say the most insulting thing they can?

        You’re incredibly ignorant if you think that everyone who uses a racial slur is racist.  Destiny gets angry when he plays, and says the things that he thinks will get the biggest reaction from his opponent.  Racial slurs are obviously the ticket in that category, seeing as nobody went crying to razor when he referred to people as ‘skilless down’s-syndrome faggots raging on their keyboards,’ yet the community has an uproar when he says the word ‘gook.’

        Destiny voluntarily moved to Korea and has a very racially diverse group of friends.  He’s not ‘racist’ nor does he suffer from any ‘racist urges.’  He just gets mad at a game and wants to say the most hurtful thing he can.  And he’s smart enough to know that racial slurs tend to do that.  That’s immature, not racist.

        • Jado Cast

          I’ve been playing online games since the mid 90’s, and not once has anyone I played with or friends with, use a racial slur.  Yes, on XBL you heard idiots do it in PUG matches somewhat often, which makes me not want to play XBL, but to say there is “very few people” that haven’t is nonsense.  

          You don’t have to have “intent” for your action or words to be racist.  The words he used were “racist” there for it is.If I pull a gun on someone to scare them without intent to really kill them, but I accidentally shoot them and kill them.  Guess what?  I’m a murderer even if I didn’t intend to murder them.The act and outcome dictates what occurred.  He said a racist comment, regardless if he has “hate” in his heart towards Asians or Gays.  His intent was to do harm using those comments.  That makes him Racist and Homophobic in my book.

          And I agree, GBTV needs to change the title of the article . . . to “Homophobic Racist Fired.”

        • Old Ben

          > …How about if they just want to say the most insulting thing they can?

          See above. If you’re not a racist, then mentioning someone else’s race isn’t an insult, it’s merely descriptive. It would be the same as saying “you are wearing a blue shirt!!”.

          If someone uses that as an insult, it’s because that person clearly thinks there is something fundamentally “bad” about wearing blue shirts.

          Likewise, if you think that mentioning someone’s race is a valid “insult”, that means you’re a racist. 

          Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Just getting lonelier.

  • Florian Ka

    First of all I’d like to mention that there is plenty of people that rage on the pro-gamer scene of StarCraft 2, also in the big teams. I won’t mention any names, but what I want so say
    is that this is by no means a particular case. Swearwords like faggot, retard, dumbfuck etc etc are called like everyday, because people get mad. So they rage. But the next second it’s all forgotten and nobody cares anymore. From my own experience I can say, that I might be a friendly person IRL, but when it comes to competitive games there sometimes is no retention. It happens, so what?! And your poor research goes on. Please allow me to ask: Who told you that he was fired? As Destiny stated himself HE left the team. He was
    not dismissed! And do you know why? For the good of Team Quantic, because he choose that after the many haters that there are, who emailed certain sponsors and told them shit, it would be better to leave so that no other people have to carry responsibility for his actions. At
    this part I’d like to throw in a quotation from Destiny:
    “[…] I feel like I’m hurting the environment around me too much, so I think it’d be
    easier for us to separate ties.”

    If you had followed Destinys stream for some time you would have recognized what an awesome personality he is, but obviously you only picked up random stuff you read about him somewhere on the internet. And as I can imagine most articles found are about his worse side, because why would someone write something like “OMG today Destiny greeted his
    opponent in a match and told him how nice of a person he is and then they talked about the weather and how cute cats are…” blah. Only scandalous stories make the big head-lines. I guess your thought was kinda like “Oh look at that, the famous streamer Destiny is no longer
    with Quantic. Let’s make a subjective drama out of it to attract people’s attention.” Which was obviously your intention. Shame on you.

    I hope you admit your fault and give Destiny the apology you owe him for what you told about him publicly. The sooner the better!

    Best regards.

  • Kostas

    I ll leave the poor research of this article for others , better suited to comment on. What i ll say is i open gamebreaker , and the first thing i see is RACIST FIRED.

    Now dont get me wrong , sure technically calling someone a faggot is racist , but  in our daily lives its never used that way frankly is it? Its as commonly used as calling someone an asshole or a wanker or w/e.

    When i see a title branded as RACIST FIRED , my mind immediatly goes to the worst possible things being said and done. And that is not the case.  Just another guy who raged on the internet , spewed a few mouthfuls , and thats it.

    Dont go down the path of playing with the words’ meaning to excite , while misinforming , like so many news media are doing out there.

    Also , Gamebreaker is far from being puritanic itself , to have this article presented in such a way.

    Lol @ Mike S.

    • Derek_Sye

      The term “gook” is a racist epithet. And just because you use homophobic terms in your daily life doesn’t mean that it is acceptable.

    • Old Ben

      > sure technically calling someone a faggot is racist

      While sexual orientation has a genetic basis, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have enough of an influence on physiognomy to grant it the status of a “race”.

  • Tim Eversole

    …did you guys even try on this article, obviously you know by now Destiny was not fired? He parted ways because he didn’t want sponsors taking flak for his decisions, he also was not “let go” from Complexity either, it was a mutual decision. Why is this article still up if its so full of wrong information? I was kind of a fan of some of the shows here but… I don’t see how you can support a website like this when you don’t even research such a harsh topic.

    • Feyd Darkholme

       As I’ve said before in this very discussion, the official press release by Complexity makes it pretty clear that he was let go and that he was let go because of the things that he said in game chat, i.e. racial and homophobic epithets. It’s been linked a number of times now. Just like in any case like this, while it may be made to appear to be a low key parting of ways with Destiny making the decision, you can be sure that it’s just like when anyone in a company screws up like this. They aren’t given any other option, leave quietly or we’ll make you leave… anyone that thinks otherwise is delusional.

      To all the trolls trying to play this off as bad journalism to hide the facts. You aren’t fooling anyone that actually has common sense.

  • Jack Brittain

    Just because Destiny made racial on the ladder, doesn’t mean he is a racist.  Sensationalist mudslinging on a game site kind of shows how out of touch you guys are with the SCII scene.  Did Destiny misbehave and use language he definitely should not have?  Yes.  Did he deserve to be let go from his team for his actions?  Sure.  But I highly doubt Destiny is showing up to Klan meetings…  The amount of crap that gets slung around on the SCII ladder is pretty egregious, and it is pretty stupid for someone like Destiny to partake in it because he is not an anonymous person, he does represent sponsors and a team.

    That being said, This headline is complete garbage.  Feel free to report on it, but don’t make claims like this, this is the kind of attitude that adds insult to injury in the e-sports scene.  And damaging e-sports, can damage your careers as well, because you need things stuff to talk about.  I occasionally watch your videos about SCII, but I mainly come here for guild wars coverage, you could really do yourselves a favor by getting someone on your team who actually plays SCII and follows it closely enough to realize that posting RACIST FIRED! on the front page is a terrible idea.I was considering donating to this site, because I do really enjoy it, but I will not support a site that conducts itself this way.  I still will probably support you guys, but no more of this please, just tell it like is.

    • Tim Eversole

      Well said, sir.

      • Jack Brittain

        someone else posted here saying that if everyone who has called someone a fag, makes them racist, then everyone would be a racist.

        People get heated on the internet, especially during a game of SCII.  It’s easy to say what you want when the person on the other end of the ladder game is just an anonymous zerg, or terran.  This kind of language is just common on the internet.
        Destiny isn’t a racist, he’s an immature starcraft player with an attitude problem.

        • Jay

           Common doesn’t make it okay. Things being said in a video game doesn’t magically mean they’re not racist… I think most of the people defending him are probably guilty of doing it themselves.

    • Derek_Sye

      If making racists comments doesn’t make you a racist, what exactly does?

      • Mika Berry

        You wanna know what makes you a racist ? Punching a black person to death because of his skin color is racist, terrorising a person because of his religion is racist. But throwing random insults out of ANY context to random kids that play a game isnt racist. Please understand the difference. Calling Destiny a racist is really a extreme exaggeration and blatantly not true.(charity work…)

        • Jay

           Oh, so unless you kill someone, it’s not racist… Glad you could enlighten us all. Either you haven’t been the victim of racism, or you forgot what it is to be a decent human being.

          I’d love to see some of these immature people on the internet say that to the wrong person in real life. They would get a whole lot worse than fired…

        • Derek_Sye

          Killing a person because of their skin color would clearly be racist. Obviously you don’t need to rise to the level of murder to be racist though. Additionally, its hard to take you serious when you think that “terrorising a person because of religion is racist.” Do you even know what the word means? Persecuting someone’s religious beliefs has nothing to do with racism. Racism stems from a belief that one or more races is inferior to the others. Using words like “gook” to attack someone indicates that you feel their race alone makes them below you. It has nothing to do with religion.

      • jayremy

        Racist means you hate another race, plain and simple, that is what makes you racist. You discriminate when you treat others of a different status unfavorably.

        If the known guy Destiny was talking to was white (also what country if so could factor), black or latino. He probably wouldn’t have said “gook” if his intent was to personally insult and said the race or culturally appropriate term. Basically he would’ve said it equally to anybody in the same position.

  • Thaguf

    He must have a lot of fanboys because a lot of these replies and post are complete garbage.

  • Synboi

    Its not acceptable to say and do those things if you are streaming and providing content on twitch and applying pressure where it counts and when it counts is something we should do as a community to straighten this stuff out. It shouldn’t however be our first response to go straight to the sponsors, it should be our last resort, as it is not a good idea to abuse our consumer power at the drop of a hat. As they said in spider man, with great power, comes great responsibility.

  • ajaks

    Fascist Hired

  • ajaks

    I fired Destiny myself.

    the end.

  • Aerohawk89

    I am a huge fan of Gamebreaker. They have some of the best mmo coverage on the web. I catch Legendary, Twimmo and Guild cast every week and check the site daily for updates. I am a huge mmo fan but I also follow Starcraft II closely. That being said I was extremely disappointed to check the site to find that the front page was headlined “RACIST FIRED.” This title is completely sensationalist and wrong. If you guys checked you facts Destiny left the team Quantic before being fired to mitigate damages to the team due to his actions. Additionally it damages the community even more to even use the term “racist” for name calling in a headline. The title should have been more like “Destiny leaves Quantic for his Actions” or something along those lines. Now I am not at all defending Destiny for his actions, they are unacceptable and wrong. But I think it is important for gamebreaker as a website to first get their facts straight to remain a credible site. I really enjoy your guys’ site and want to continue reading up on all the cool stuff you guys have to offer. So please remove your current story on Destiny and fix this story with the right facts. In the future, please work to avoid such sensationalist news and post only accurate news.

    • Jado Cast

      The only civil and logical person who’s complained so far.  Good for you jut for leaving out curse words, emotion, and for just making sense on how you feel.  If every person had made their complaint like this, maybe people would pay attention.   But all the senseless rants and insults isn’t going to do anyone any good.  +1 just for being thoughtful and civil.

  • Tomasz Guzik

    So he left before his whole team would get flak for HIS actions? Well that’s pretty nice of him, a regular saint…
    Doesn’t change the fact what he said was racist and this whole mess is his own fault. The title is a bit “scandalous” i will admit, but ppl are grasping rly hard to the “He wasn’t fired!!!!!! HE QUIT!!!!!” that they forget why he had to “leave” in the first place, lol

    • Aerohawk89

       My main focus is on gamebreaker as a site. It needs to get its facts straight before making posts like this. Additionally there is a difference in being a racist and making racist comments. I don’t think its okay for gamebreaker to have a headline calling someone a racist unless they are a confirmed racist. In the gaming community everyone uses this kind of poor language, especially when raging. Its not okay to use this kind of language, but do we does every gamer that uses this language make them a racist? So its all on gamebreaker being the a gaming news site to not use this kind of name calling and reporting accurate news.

      • Christopher

         Wait. ok i have to admit you made me seriously lol irl. Confirmed racist? Who confirms? Is there some board of acceptable racist speech i havent heard of until now? 

        The third, and most applicable, definition of racism in websters is: hatred or intolerance of another race or other races. There is no certification process to being racist. Im sorry but when there is a pattern of using racial slurs against people that person is racist. End of story. And also, the argument of  ‘the gaming community all does it and we dont call them racist’ is lazy. If there is a pattern of using the slurs then yes, they are racist. They may not actively pursue an agenda where they are stopping people from anything but thought is just as racist as action.

        • Aerohawk89

          I admit yes you are right there is not certification to being a racist I worded that poorly. You seem to be missing the main point. Gamebreakertv should not be using sensational titles and poor, incorrect information as a gaming new site. Its just straight out unprofessional. . The focus here is that A GAMING NEWS WEBSITE SHOULD NOT use this destructive journalism as a witch hunt for pro gamers that have this kind of behavior. If people have a problem they should report to the team to voice their concerns. THIS is my concern rather than doing this stupid repetitive circle talking about racism in the community.

          • jayremy

            Actions speak louder than words, he has a history of saying offensive things, period no need to beat that dead horse.

            His actions logically go against such, I am not sure if this is true or he was joking one stream he had a gay guy on it, whether a roommate or whatever, he also spoke against bigotry at that point in the stream to about “his gay friend”. Secondly pro SC2 player… who does not think of Korean to some extent? The e-sport only got its footing because of Koreans, the best pros are Korean, he interacts with Asians on a near daily basis on good terms.

            That is not saying also past words and statements that dictate to contradict what people are inferring by this tiny few second snapshot of his life, which is calling him an Asian hating, anti-gay bigot.

          • Christopher

             Oh ill admit this was a HUGE misstep for GBTV. It was a bad article. It is very skewed towards anti-Destiny.

            But it made me research. I found other incidents.

            I also agree going to sponsors is a bad idea. It hurts a team not a person. I just wonder how stupid this team he was on had to be to hire this guy without a handler.

          • Jado Cast

            Quote:  ”
            But it made me research. I found other incidents.”

            Wow, a person who actually does a little research and fact checking on their own to make an informed decision.  +1 just for giving me hope for man kind.  LOL

  • LordTrikke

    Another victim of political correctness .

    • Simon Sunabacka

       another victim of not being a decent human being*

      • jayremy

        Both is true. He is not a racist or anti-gay, publicly before this he has made such statements to prove that and has a history to prove otherwise.

        He still needs to act better and treat others more constructive and respectful no argument on that. Instead of calling him a bad person when you don’t know them, stick to the facts of which, his actions are bad and he should’ve acted better. His actions were “indecent”.

  • Revanhavoc

    This player was a representative of the Starcraft 2 community and thus should be held to a higher standard than average players. Kobe Bryant once called a ref one of those above terms and had to pay $100,000 in fines and apologize to his community. That said they didn’t let go Kobe Bryant from LA Lakers basketball because of his mistake.

    I think this player should be temporarily suspended and have to seriously apologize to the community. After he has done that I feel he should be re-instated because we believe in redemption in this world, especially the gaming community. And most people deserve a second chance.

    I applaud Gamebreaker for bringing this story to our attention, however I must agree with some other opinions on the sensationalism of the breaking news title. A tad ‘over the top for me’ although consistent with the rest of the media industry.

    • Justin Bania

      Kobe Bryant was under punished.  If you have any job where you deal with the public and you start using racial slurs you get fires.  Period.  The only reason Kobe wasn’t is business.  He has a contract worth a fortune and unless the NBA bans him I think the owner would have to buy it out in order to get rid of him.

      The guy at the McDonald’s drive-thru isn’t under contract though.  Think if he started spewing hate into the microphone they would just let it slide?

      It is inexcusable behavior, it should never be tolerated with a mere suspension.  That is like saying we value his gaming skill more then the need to be a socially acceptable human being.

  • Sam Jin

    WOW this article is THE MOST BIASED post i have ever read, Destiny was not fired from Quantic gaming, but it was a mutual decison on his part to leave, for the sake of the team. The guy in the video is a complete and utter idiot. fuckin idiotic piece of shit with nothing better to do than spread dumbass fucking rumours.

    • Derek_Sye

      U mad bro?

    • Nate Gray

       You are arguing semantics. Regardless if he “quit” or was “fired” that still doesn’t change that he is a sore thumb in the e-sports community with his bad manners, inability to show respect, and blatant racist comments.

  • Matthew Riley

    Uh oh, looks like Destiny found the article and is a little butthurt at the truth, and his 7 fanboys are out in force today.

    People are upset at the title that says he was fired even though he left on his own terms.  Yeah, he left on his own terms in a “You can’t fire me.  I quit!” move so he could save what little face he has.  He’s even said in other articles that his racist comments that led to his 30 day team ban led to this “split”.  Read “his racist comments”.  His means Destiny.  Racist is an adjective, in this case meaning degrading another person based on their race.  Comments are the things he said, as shown point blank in that screenshot.

    If you’re still thinking that he’s not a racist, please rethink your life.  It’s plainly spelled out for you that the guy doesn’t follow Wil Wheaton’s Law.

    • Matthew Riley

       Also, since when did a title of a controversial article on any news station not piss people off?  Shock is something most news sites go for with stuff like this.

  • Eric

    behavior is inexcusable… so we post a screenshot of it…?

    • Matthew Riley

       Screenshot or it didn’t happen.

    • Old Ben

      I guess you hate the History Channel…?

  • ArcherAvatar

    Good riddance to bad rubbish…

  • Justin Bania

    Caltu:  I think that going to the sponsors is really the ONLY respectable way to get this done.  The reality of it is MLG is a business and the money runs it.  Much like any entertainment business, unless it hurts the bottom line none of the corporate backers will take a stand.

  • ajaks

    white trash,gooks, niggas,  who the fuck cares….

  • Carlton Curtis

    White people use racist language in all online games. Its nothing new or specific to SCII. Racist language is nothing more than language used to verbally attack someone as in the pic above. In this day and age, there is no difference in calling the fat white kid a fat sack of shit, or telling a ginger he has no soul or calling someone a black or asian person a nigger or gook or fag ect.

    He may or may not be racist, that’s not the point. His lack of respect for other players deserves to be punished. 

    • Bahska

      That’s what happens when you go from just playing a game to making money
      as a professional you have to act professional especially in a public

    • jayremy

      I totally agree with your statement, disarmingly I have gotten replies and have read many radical or just plain hypocritical comments here.

      What he said is not the point (and whatever you think it may infer), its the notion. Professional or not doesn’t change a thing either, NOBODY should be making a habit out of posting inciting thoughtless and nonconstructive comments anywhere at any time.

      An insult is an insult, it honestly doesn’t matter from who or to it’s all the same; people need to quit trying to put a value on it or using double (or multiple standards on it).

  • christopher longley

    I like hearing good news like this.

  • David Boompje

    wtf is this retardism. “racist fired” are you shitting me? 

    • Bahska

      Racist or not when your supposed to be a professional you cant say stuff like that regardless of whether your friends or not.

      That’s what happens when you go from just playing a game to making money as a professional you have to act professional especially in a public setting.

      • David Boompje

        I’m talking about how inaccurate this article is, not about if you can say stuff like that in esports. l2read.

  • Adam Fagginton

    Zero journalistic integrity joke website.

  • Old Ben

    I can understand complaining if you think your opponent has cheated or used some dishonest means to gain an advantage, but I never understood why some people try to insult or demean someone who is beating or has beaten them. Surely it only makes themselves look even worse. If I call the guy who has just thoroughly defeated me “a noob”, what does that make me? It’s completely illogical.

    So, in Destiny’s defense, I think the only logical way to interpret his comments in the screenshot above is to assume he’s exactly the _opposite_ of an immature homophobic racist. You see, since he called the other player “a skilless fucking faggot gook” after being beaten by him, the only logical conclusion is that he thinks being “a fucking faggot gook” is so great that it manages to make up for the “skilless” part.


    • jayremy

       Nice to see a welcoming objective person here to, not all “grab the pitchforks!” or “destiny should say what he wants is mkay!”.

      All logic just shows if you know Destiny or have seen him, he has made statements pro gay rights in serious though mode in the past, he also plays an e-sport which is mostly Korean dominated and interacts with many Asians/Koreans because of it on good terms.

      So then you analyze him as a person from a statement that had less than a few seconds of thought and put into typing it all together out of stress and anger. You cannot dismiss a lifetime of actions, character and trends with a tiny snapshot moment in which something was done totally contrary.

  • James Cee

    While I can’t comment on the entire story, Destiny should have known better than to use a racial slur on stream. Sure, they might be good friends but he has thousands of people in the background observing him play so he should know better. I haven’t watched Idra play for some months now but I haven’t heard of him dropping slurs recently, maybe someone will correct me.

  • dagatkarimlan

    I find it extremely ironic that Caltu is calling for rationality in an article entitled “Racist Fired!” (with an exclamation mark, no less).  I guess you’re not even hiding your hypocrisy any more.  Good job, guys.

    This article is such a misrepresentation of the actual facts, I don’t even know when to start.  Caltu alluded in the article, it is the knee-jerk reaction that a lot of people object to, and Gamebreaker just fueled the flames.

    While I don’t agree with Destiny’s position, I must concede that he has always been well spoken (when he’s actually being serious).  At least he doesn’t hide denials and misinformation.  For anyone who actually cares about his position regarding his behavior, there is an episode of “State of the Game” where Destiny came on and went head to head with Incontrol.  A lot of people will disagree with him, for sure, but I doubt anybody could characterize him as person who “has always been immature”.  I am not overly fond of Destiny, but at this point, I have more respect for him than Gamebreaker.

    “Cut the rubbish out”. Perhaps you guys should heed your own advice.

  • Mike Silin

    I was born in a very Jewish family. All throughout growing up, I would casually hear people say all sorts of anti jewish stuff, but never directed specifically at me. Racist people slur with the intent to offend their target. Racist people know their target will be offended. When you say “Hip hip hooray”, did you know it originated as an Anti-Semitic hunting phrase? Are you racist for using this phrase around me? 
    Should we start banning these phrases from our vocabulary? 

    “Destiny has always been extremely immature” 
    Very sleazy “Racist Fired!” title
    Slip up at 0:35? ” Destiny was being racist towards a pro gamer “Slip at  beginning: Destiny has been once again let go from Quantic gaming.There is lots of joy in your voice while covering this. Your story is very misguided, and heavily biased. This is very bad journalism. I will no longer support this site. 

    • Jado Cast

      1st)  I didn’t know that phrase was anti-semetic
      2nd)  I’ve never said that phrase in my life or heard anyone say it except in an old British Movie.
      3rd)  Who the hell says “Hip Hip Horray?”  This is’t 1940, it’s 2012.  
      and Last)  Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

      If you were trying to make a point, you failed.

    • Old Ben

      > When you say “Hip hip hooray”, did you know
      > it originated as an Anti-Semitic hunting phrase?

      There is zero historical evidence for this. The only vague connection is some anti-jewish groups in Germany using the cry “hep-hep”, which is simply a sheep-gathering cry, and then someone coming up with “backronym” for the initials of “Jerusalem is lost” in Latin, which supposedly was the cry of the crusaders (and again, there is zero historical evidence for that – why would they have such a defeatist war cry?).

      “Hooray” is a Mongol word of celebration, and it would make no sense for crusaders to say something like “Jerusalem is lost, let’s celebrate.”

      Even if you swallow the “Hyerosilma Est Perdita” link to the crusaders (and I doubt anyone does), it has nothing to do with jews; at most it could be seen as an anti-arab cry (the crusaders were fighting the moors). 

      Saying “hep-hep” in Germany during the early 19th century might be seen as anti-semitic (unless you were an actual shepherd). But “hip-hip-(hip)-hooray” is and has always been a celebratory expression with no meaning beyond that.

      Likewise, saying “cheers” does not mean you’re a Boston supremacist.

    • Silverforte

      Jew isn’t a race, it’s a religion. There is no racism applicable to it. Jews of the time when Judaism was ruled as a race were rather upset because it reminded them of German Nazi persecution as what they considered not only a race of people, but an inferior one. It is a common misconception that being jewish means that you are a race of jews. Anyone can be jewish.

  • Diego Rodriguez

    These morons are fukin stupid

  • exxodium

    He wasn’t fired by Quantic, he left of his own volition because it would make things easier on Quantic and it’s dealings with it’s sponsors.

    Way to get things completely wrong. Way to make Destiny out to be far worse of a person than he actually is.

  • Jonathan

    i absolutely hate you guys for doing this to him
     he is just an average gamer with the attitude that he has
    you guys are so stupid

  • Dan Large

    You need to talk to Debo. hell no what to say lol

  • Shane Jasper

    lol why do all your people feel that youre so high and mighty and can judge destiny. oh i know, so you can feel important and fulfill your need for attention. no one cares about someones language, only faggots do.

  • Alex Fletcher

    What the fuck? Way to prejudice

  • Ryan Pagonis

    Fucking idiots. Racism QQ.. Grow the fuck up. It’s just words.

  • jeremy

    I wonder if the people that made this video have downs. Because that is fucking retarded. I’ll fucking stab my eyes out with my girlfriends penis before I listen to that again

  • Gregory Gentry

    Does anyone come to this website?  This is not the way to get viewers.  This is irresponsible and blatantly factless ‘journalism’.  Destiny has NEVER been kicked off a team for his behavior. And you both sound like idiots…
    “kicked from yet another team” – how about sources?  This has never happened.
    Dropped the ball big time. Redact… maybe talk to Destiny?  Not a single quote from the centerpiece of your article?  You gotta do better. This is so bad and wrong. You should be ashamed.

  • Ryan

    you’re a retarded twit, i hope you burn for this negative article

  • Sonni Nielsen

    I don’t believe that Steven “Destiny” is any bit close to homophobic or racist, this is all a part of his attitude, an attitude that the people that watch him love to see, besides from what i’ve heard he left Quantic himself, this post is bullshit<3

    • Christopher

       Ok. So you can forgive him because this is his ‘persona’?

      That would work…and i might believe it…if it werent for the fact theres no separation between person and persona. So you argument is invalid.

  • Matthew

    These guys are idiots. Destiny isn’t the only one who does this, but he’s the only one people hate on. 

    • Eclipse

       Sometimes examples need to be made. Maybe this will send a message to everyone else who does call people racist epitaphs that it isn’t acceptable.

  • Josias Beltrami Acauan

    This is homophobic?

     Lol stupid site.

  • Jorge Gurden

    This article is utter bullshit 

  • Cal Barkovic

    Come on, guys, just try at least to present some kind of balanced view?
    It’s ridiculous that you can present this issue of perceived ‘racism’ in
    gaming in such a black and white (I am aware of the irony of using that
    phrase) way. Whether the comment was actually intended in a racist way
    is itself an issue – it’s not JUST whether it was a disproportionate
    reaction from the community. Racism implies that a person honestly
    thinks that another is inferior in some way because of race, a thing
    that can’t be changed, and that’s reprehensible. But the comment may
    have just been intended to be rude or unpleasant, and that’s how it was

    You tried to cover this topic in depth, but the oversimplification
    of the issue that was actually presented in your article/video worsens
    the problem because it stops us from having an open and honest
    discussion of the topic. You’re sounding like the gaming equivalent of
    Fox News, and that’s not conducive to proper conversation. In the video,
    you mention the flame-fest on the Team Liquid fora (by the way, people
    get banned for anything there, it’s not like pepole getting banned for
    one bit of drama is any indicator of it being bigger than another bit of
    drama, because chances are people got banned with regard to that too)
    but actually you’re descending to the level of the two disagreeing sides
    – perhaps lower – by taking a side, ignoring one of the issues entirely
    and just assuming that the comment was intended in a racist way, and
    then having the gall to present this as objective commentary. Shame on
    you, Gamebreaker.

    • Eclipse

      What side SHOULD GBTV take with actual evidence of someone with a confirmed MO of typing racist and homophobic remarks?

      There is no fence here…there is no bush to straddle. There is right and there is wrong. Siding on the side of someone WHO CALLS OTHER RACIST AND HOMOPHOBIC INSULTS IS WRONG!

      • Josias Beltrami Acauan

        Are you homosexual?

      • Pat Hamilton

        Right and wrong?  Who made you king of justice?  You decide for other people what is right and wrong?  I am not bothered by it so it isn’t wrong for me.  And it doesn’t seem to be wrong for the majority of the people commenting.  Wrong for you maybe. But I just have to say, if you think he is scared of gay people because he called someone “faggot,” then you are an idiot.

      • Jado Cast

        No you’re wrong sir!  When Osama Bin Deuch Bag destroyed the trade towers, every news organization had at least someone on the other side explaining why he did it and how it was justified.  Every story has to be “fair and balanced.”  What is this world coming too?  /Sarcasm

        @Cal Grow Up!

  • Steve Lambe

    When you break apart what the guy who’s actually reporting on the subject is saying and what the host is saying, I must ask if the host actually knows anything about what happened? The reporter seems to know the story and tries to present it in a non-biased way yet the host blows most of what he says into a much bigger issue. Also when posed at the end by the way the community handled it all the host ignored that issue and pointed at Destiny again while misquoting his own reporter.

    If you want to be credible in the news community and the industry as a whole, learn to be non-biased and understand the whole story your talking about, or don’t talk at all. There’s a reason I watch and read about Starcraft, and it’s because I want to learn about new information and facts, not watch/hear/read someone who obviously has no clue what he’s really talking about.

    Now for some corrections:
    1) Destiny wasn’t fired from compLexity for being racist, he was fired/let go because he didn’t agree with the contract. This has been publicly stated by both sides.
    2) The title is highly nonrepresentational of the stories content. Not once did anyone in this story (video or text) actually say he was even fired. Quantic and Destiny came to an agreement to part ways under a common reason and it was because this was blowing up and endangering the team as a whole financially.

    I don’t know what white horse the host rides, but I’m sure he’s said things that would cause an uproar also if he were in the same position as Destiny.

  • wes wang

    OMG get your facts straight you guys are trying to say he got fired when he didn’t. In the TL and Reddit thread, he said he was leaving. There is a huge difference. Destiny is not racist. He has addressed this many times. Holy shit. You guys should get your facts straight before you open your big mouths.

  • Lewis ‘Lilly’ Birkett

    This is rubbish. You need to check your facts and try to write without so much bias before throwing stuff like this out onto the web.

  • Steve Lambe

    @Ryan Pagonis Your not really helping with this type of comment…

  • Brennan Holmich

    You guys are fukin retarded. Get over yourselves. OH NOES SOMEONE CALLED YOU RETARDED. Cry more.

  • Eddie Rosentel

    “People are contacting sponsors complaining about destiny”
    I will be contacting your sponsors complaining about this article. 

  • Marc Groves

    This is total horseshit. The fact that he doesn’t censor himself is the REASON he’s so famous. He isn’t flaming people in a major tournament, he’s just doing what he wants while he’s laddering. He never ASKED to be a community pillar, and people need to stop acting like he’s a role model. STOP treating players like they need to be all holy and shit, because it’s a VIDEO GAME. When people play video games, they get mad. EVERYBODY gets mad. It’s total crap.

    • Eclipse

      He ASKED to be a community pillar when he started taking SPONSOR’S MONEY for PLAYING THE GAME!

      Did Michael Phelps ASK to be a role model when he became an Olympian? It’s implied and it’s part of the job.

  • Andrew Hansen

    This article is sensationalist BS.  The official reason Destiny was released from Quantic was NOT because he was a racist – you’re implying that in the article with absolutely no proof whatsoever. This is the first time I’ve ever been to this website, it will also be the last.  You’re not helping your popularity by hosting these kind of articles.  Good day, sirs.

  • Ryan

    how can i openly destroy this website and its retarded journalism ethics/standards. LOLwutsoucres?

  • Eric Cabranes

     Fuck this website, I’m contacting their sponsors.

    • Jado Cast

      While you contacting them, maybe you want to sign up for a 30 day trial?  LOL

  • Some one

    Sensationalism at it’s finest.

  • Conner

    This is horrible reporting. First time hearing about this site, and last time I will ever go here. Whoever hired this guy, you’ve made a horrible mistake. As far as reporting goes, a lot of the things said are pretty bias, and a few are blatantly false. How embarrassing for GameBreaker…

  • kfan117

    okay first of all what the fuck? this article literally was just a total hate on Destiny for being Destiny. That’s how Destiny became a popular player even though he never was top-tier as some other players. Other points regarding this article/video related to this article, the video they show has NOTHING to do with the article at hand. I recognize it as one of his videos teaching his student during a lesson. And secondly, why is it that this specific incident sparked such outrage. Truly I have seen him use derogatory terms a lot of times before, only to be punished now? If this is such a problem, it should have been dealt with long ago. The people who are trying to do this are just people who hate on him as a person, not just what he does. And finally, Destiny, as personally stated on Reddit, he left Quantic as a personal decision after talking with team, not being fired as stated by the article. Whoever makes these articles needs to pay more attention to these instead of create a flame article against a player personally.

  • Tomek Skibicki

    So its time for completely subjectivity in gaming journalism? Holy crap, learn your stuff, becouse you’re doing it wrong, those things here are not facts at all, and you don’t really know what are you talking about. “Journalist” have no shame these time and they don’t seem to understand they profession at all. I wonder who was that retarded to approve this article, but he also seems to be quite “not brained”

    • Christopher

       Id make a polak joke…but well….thats Destiny’s job.

      • Kostas

         You sir are a true idiot.

  • Steve Carr

    not only is this article terribly written, but a lot of the remarks are just completely falsified. destiny’s behavior toward players on the ladder is no different than players like idra or naniwa. Labeling him as “blatantly racist” is libel and the article needs to be rewritten to describe him accurately, otherwise removed. also the fact that he is good friends with debo negates all this hype anyway.

  • kfan117

    okay first of all what the fuck? this article literally was just a total
    hate on Destiny for being Destiny. That’s how Destiny became a popular
    player even though he never was top-tier as some other players. Other
    points regarding this article/video related to this article, the video
    they show has NOTHING to do with the article at hand. I recognize it as
    one of his videos teaching his student during a lesson. And secondly,
    why is it that this specific incident sparked such outrage. Truly I have
    seen him use derogatory terms a lot of times before, only to be
    punished now? If this is such a problem, it should have been dealt with
    long ago. The people who are trying to do this are just people who hate
    on him as a person, not just what he does.   And finally, who ever made this article really does no research for their story. As Destiny stated on reddit, it was his personal decision to leave Quantic, not get fired by the team. The maker of this article really has no point in doing this article except to flame Destiny.

  • Jason Lamb

    1. He had the option to stay. He decided to leave.

    2. You guys are moronic.

    3. I would not watch your show for money. I will not visit this site ever again.

    • Christopher

       Well thank god a person who has never been to the site, save once, wont be coming back?

      • Ward Mandersloot

        Maybe if you this was a better article, you would’ve gained some readers, so yes your losing potential visitors…

  • Steven Tarmann

    So…………why the FUCK is IDRA still on EG? He is literally the rudest, most racist, and most offensive player out there. But I’m sure whoever wrote this probably wants to suck his dick. So…

  • Dan Bui

    LOL this article is shit destiny has videos of him explaining why hes uses theses word and hes says hes not homophobic and  racist you guys are fucking assholes for trying to destroy his name.

    • Christopher

       Hold on. You know that every racist thinks what he/she/it is doing isnt racist.

      Its a common psychological occurrence. Its called delusion.

      • Kostas

         Actually thats not delusion , but rather a matter of perspective. Frowned up by the majority of the “civilized” population , does not make racism delusional.

        Now stop replying on half the posts trying to make yourself seem a hipster who is  defending GBTV’s honor , and understand that what everyone is qq’ing about is the fact that Destiny’s behaviour is not an act of racism , rather an act of problematic anger management , and does not call for such vile and biased presentation of the event.

  • Thomas Reyes

    Saying that he uses these words under the pretense that “it’s just who he is” seems to be over simplifying his actual argument. He’s incredibly articulate in how he voices his opinion on language in general and by overlooking that entirely, you make him seem like an irrational child that rages online all the time. In my opinion, at least, this is exactly the opposite. Please, at least have the decency to do Destiny justice and not have a bias reporting where all you do is smash his image and insult him.

    • Eclipse

      I love how so many here are raging on GBTV for something this man said, something this man did and according to even his supporters posting here – something he is known to do over and over.

      How is that the mark of an “articulate fellow” who ‘just lost his cool’? No. Wrong. He has a sustained history of pulling shit like this and enough is enough. It doesn’t matter if other streamers do it and get away with it – it doesn’t matter if he was fired or him and the company “amicably split”. What matters is that the community had had enough and chose this moment to say that as an Esport community, this is unacceptable and it’s time we took a stand.

      Sorry your friend is the one who the hammer came down on – but once again, he made those statements and has a history of making them. Maybe now he can learn to become “incredibly articulate” now that he knows the repercussions of including racial epitaphs and homophobic slurs in his daily vocabulary.

      • Josias Beltrami Acauan

        someone here is oversensitive.

         grow up kid and become a man.

      • Thomas Reyes

        I dont want to start a long argument on the internet, so this will be the last post. The issue i have with this is that we’re right now discussing the power that words have, and this article is just as strong an example as destiny’s screenshot. For people who don’t know Destiny, this will paint him in an even worse light than if they watched his stream and found out for themselves. The article makes him sound like, again, an immature child with a limited vocabulary. I’ve heard him defend his views before online, and even though I dont fully support the constant use of these specific slurs, I respect him for having a belief, defending it, and being able to stick to it no matter what happens. This is something I’ve read a lot of people comment about, and some were part of the whole emailing sponsors thing.

        What I’m getting at is that I understand that Destiny got what was coming to him. Honestly, it was bound to happen. But what I don’t appreciate is this bias article that would just serve to maybe make things even worse for him personally. Take care, glhf.

      • Tim J

        This is the problem that really fucking bugs me. People like you and GBTV are looking at this issue from ONLY the negative and over-analyzed things and comments you’ve heard. GBTV is taking this story, which shouldn’t even really be a story anymore and skewing it to make it look like he’s the worst, most homo-phobic and racist person out there. Then idiots like you read it and immediately buy every word of it without looking at the other side.

        That’s fine if you’re not going to, but don’t make comments about the issue if you don’t know what the fuck is actually going on.Yes, I am a fan of Destiny. No, I don’t necessarily have a problem with him using terms like “Faggot, gook, etc.,” just like I’m sure 99% of the people playing Starcraft ladder don’t. I personally don’t use most of the terms, but I don’t have a problem with them. 
        But to immediately label someone as a homophobic or racist person after seeing one picture; reading one incredibly biased article is to be ignorant. Calling someone a faggot does NOT make you a homophobe, just like calling someone a nigger doesn’t make you racist. It shouldn’t be about the word. It should be, and for Destiny, IS about the context in which the word is being used. It’s SO, SO, SO much worse for someone to say something like, “I don’t like him because he’s gay. People like him shouldn’t be allowed to live.” As opposed to saying “Faggot,” in a video game TO A RANDOM PERSON. It doesn’t matter if he’s gay or not. He’s not using words deemed as racial slurs or offensive as direct attacks at people for having a certain lifestyle or being a certain way, he’s just saying he doesn’t like the person. It’s just an insult, like calling someone an idiot, dumbass, jerk, etc. 

  • Christian Van Ittersum

    I don’t understand what the problem is, if Destiny wants to say what he wants that is his choice. Telling him that he shouldn’t be allowed to swear or say what he wants is ignorant and shows exactly how immature you are; considering that most swears and slurs carry no or little weight behind them. If you can’t get over the fact that someone on the internet used a bisyllambic word to express frustration/dissapointment, you’re not required to continue watching. Further more you’re opinion regarding his choice of language is irrelevant to everyone else including Destiny, so keep it to yourself. Grow the fuck up. 

  • Sebastian Beverly

    do you guys even know what starcraft is?

    • Christopher

       Starcraft, it has people playing it right? Wow Clone.

  • Anthony Brian Campbell

    Whats going on is some mentally deficient slugs sensationalizing and defending improper handling of a comment made by a player being beaten by an exploitative strategy. People get mad and say things in the heat of the moment all the time. You don’t realize that the more bashing you do to destiny, the more popular he becomes. The more fans rally to his cause, and the more his rational justice permeates the community and causes him to become more powerful than he could alone. Thank you for giving destiny more stream views.

  • Steven Avarice Ignasio

    you know, part of me hates these guys for allowing their personal biases toward destiny to interfere with their, ‘journalism,’ but another part realizes that ultimately, the attention is just going to be good for destiny.
    destiny is famous for his behavior, he’s a competent player but not tournament quality, his stream will only be either unaffected by this article or will benefit from it. destiny makes his money being an amazing asshole but more importantly, at every point where it was necessary, he’s been able to logically justify his behavior.
    even leaving quantic will hardly have an effect on him, the man doesn’t need a team to be successful, he’s not a tournament player, he’s an entertainer, and regardless of any arguments in opposition, homophobic and and racial slurs are deeply ingrained in gaming culture and aren’t going anywhere, in that way destiny caters to his audience, and has 10,000+ fans who prove that every time they tune in.
    the far more disturbing issue here is the ‘story’ itself, regardless of whether he quit or was asked to leave or was fired, quantic knew exactly what they were getting with destiny. the sponsors may not have looked very close before, but any pressure from them would be based on a notion that he’s in anyway hurting their sales. i know that i, for one, disable ad blocker before watching destiny, in support of him. destiny is a tremendously entertaining streamer and draws a great deal of attention to any sponsors he might have, which naturally, is the end game of sponsoring a pro gamer.
    this news story is trash, based wholly on assumptions about the inner workings of quantic and the notion that ‘offended’ gamers represent the majority.
    as a member of the gaming community for nearly two decades i can tell you, that’s simply not the case.
    gg no re.

  • Matt Riffle

    This is straight up SLANDER! You should be criminally charged.

  • Eclipse

    I just have to say, the vast majority of those posting in favor of this evidenced douche are either still in high school or just out of it.

    Seriously, check their profiles. 

    • Josias Beltrami Acauan

       i have 31 years, and worked a lot to be who i am now. Just tired of all this fascist garbage that people LIKE YOU throw inside society throats in all countries.

      • Eclipse

        Spare me. I said vast majority, not all. This is not facism; might want to wiki what that actually is.

        People like YOU come to a website that you’ve never been to before due to some skewed forum post or troll call to arms somewhere to defend someone who has an admitted history of using racial slurs and more.

        Who’s dealing with garbage now?

        • Josias Beltrami Acauan

          “and more”? LULZ

          Edit: i am not defending him, i am against this kind of crap “journalism”.

          • Christopher

             You do realize fascism is a governmental system, right? Im just making sure you kids didnt change the definition of it on me.

            Also…..journalism in fascist countries would never look like this. Ever. Stop using words you dont understand, it hurts me eyes.

  • Lasse Krüger

     You guys need to stop talking about things you are not involved in. You are obviously both completely and utterly clueless about this community –  who are you even?

    • Eclipse

      And here we have another poster who’s NEVER been to GBTV but came here because a troll alarm went off somewhere telling them their services were direly needed.

      Who are YOU even? Oh right, no one of note.

      • Matthew Jameson Tyree

        We are people. we live and breathe just like you. You just dismiss people because they “aren’t like you or don’t share your same opinions” 
        The Truth, isn’t what is on this video, Its just garbage, twisted facts.I have no clue who you are, But I would never use that for an argument.Its pointless. Believe or not, People like this man, so we rally because we care and can, and who are you to tell others their opinions do not matter Because you do not know them? 

        Its silly “and you are?” Its like you are placing yourself in a fake seat of power, Its so laughable, I want to believe you are just a troll.

  • Juanchi Sena

    I hate this kind of “starcraft journalists” they never did anything for the community, all you do is to take fuel to the fire and hit a person that is currently being punished by more than half of the community, which is respectable, it is not respectable sensationalism is the shit that you transmit.

    I support Steven “Destiny” Bonnell

    from South America – Uruguay

  • Josh Robertson

    For once in his life, destiny helps a team by leaving before the team got negatively effected.

    What do some people here do? Hate on destiny, this journalism is sadly incorrect, I think Destiny is an asshole, but give the bro some credit.

    • Christopher

      Credit for what? Being able to speak? Play a game? Or yelling out racial slurs at the drop of a match?

  • Owhocares Tommy

    Here is something everyone needs to know Destiny has power just let him say lets do this to his stream viewers and the scary fact is that the bored populous follow his lead and do as he says. So now you are left with this bulls-eye put on you I guess you touched a nerve with that said you may have “fucked up”. Time to man up or simply bitch out GLHF.     

  • jigglywiggly

    Sensationalist garbage.   “[H]e left his previous team Complexity for racial and homophobic actions”.  Good to see you did zero research, I’m sorry I wasted 2 minutes of my life reading this.  For the record, I did this for Destiny and my age is greater than 6×4.

  • jigglywiggly

    Sensationalist garbage; you do zero to help whatever cause you may have had in writing this article.  I’m
    sorry I wasted 2 minutes of my life reading this.  For the record, I did
    this for Destiny and my age is greater than 6×4.

  • Lance Doucette

    I’m not sure if this was edited since the comments have been made but I’m not sure how anyone can say this is ‘slander’. But I guess I can see how this is kind of propogating the problem when it’s been settled and should be left alone.

    No, Quantic didn’t let Destiny go, he gracefully left because he knew he would hurt Quantic’s image, so thats a little bit of misinformation but all in all I see this as just…saying exactly what’s happening.

    Some people are disgusted with Detiny’s attitude, some people still support him. The writer here was right, the community is indeed divided. I think we can all degree that there’s no need to use language like Destiny does (i.e. faggot, nigger, etc), but I don’t really care that he’s a troll, he can act however he wants (hell he makes money off his personality, good for him).

    The rape jokes and such make me uncomfortable, but hey, i don’t watch his stream, and that’s the action that people who don’t like Destiny should take. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean you have to watch it.

    I also don’t believe people should be emailing Quantic’s sponsors. I think people should be leaving well enough alone at this point. Quantic and Destiny hashed things out, and came to an amicable conclusion for both parties. I’m all about professionalism in the Starcraft 2 community, but to form these mobs and partake in witch-hunts doesn’t help us, it only hinders. There are trolls and jerks and idiots and morons in all professional community. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Destiny is any of these things (okay, maybe a bit of a troll, but he knows that). 

    I have an immense respect for how mannered Destiny is when he’s on someone else’s stream/show (i.e. when he was on the Day9 daily), or when he’s teaching a student. He’s calm, patient, and very articulate, but no one likes to talk about that. 

    Anyways, all in all, I think people are completely over-reacting about this situation, and it makes me sad that a (generally) very friendly community can get so enraged by something so small, but welcome to the internet I guess. 

    • Ricky

      “I’m not sure if this was edited since the comments have been made but I’m not sure how anyone can say this is ‘slander’.”     
          First you say this…yet you continue on to say: 

      “No, Quantic didn’t let Destiny go, he gracefully left because he knew he would hurt Quantic’s image, so thats a little bit of misinformation”

          I actually see that as a lot more than a “little bit” of misinformation.  That’s a huge difference.
          Him being fired for being a racist and him standing aside as to not hurt his team are two 
          completely different things…and then you say:

      “I have an immense respect for how mannered Destiny is when he’s on someone else’s stream/show (i.e. when he was on the Day9 daily), or when he’s teaching a student. He’s calm, patient, and very articulate, but no one likes to talk about that.”

          Do you know what slander means?  One definition of slander is to make a statement 
          damaging to a person’s reputation.  So giving only one side of him, calling him a racist 
          without telling everything you just said above is giving him a bad rep.  This site is telling all 
          this bullshit to make a good story without worrying about how it makes Destiny look.  This   
         article is just plain stupid…And I made an account on this website just to say that…

      • Lance Doucette

        You’re obviously quite enraged by this, seeing as you’re lashing out at me for having a nicely worded, and logical opinion. Please don’t assume I’m a moron because you’re angry at the writer of this article, I’m quite aware of the definition.

        I don’t condone calling Destiny a racist, I don’t believe he is, though I believe he’s made some pretty awful choices in his use of language. It bothers some, it doesn’t bother others. I think we can agree on that the language he uses can be construed as racially charged, whether he means it to be or not. The writer of this article is right, it’s not really appropriate language to be using in a community which is trying to break into the limelight. Destiny keeps making these comments, pissing people off, then having to write posts on reddit explaining himself and asking for support. If he was just more mindful, he wouldn’t be in this position to begin with. 

        I’ll concede that the bit about Quantic was more than “a little misinformation” you’re right. I’m also reasonably sure the writer was either misinformed, or didn’t do the research on his reasons for leaving Complexity either. So like I said, I’ll concede to that point. 

        I’d also like to point out that you simply commented on what you perceived to be the ‘bad parts’ of my comment…isn’t that exactly what the problem is? Too much focus on the negative parts, and not enough praise for the positive.

        EDIT: I’ve reread the article four times, and nowhere do I see the writer outright say “Destiny is a racist”. Though I would agree a change of title is definitely in order.

        • Matthew Jameson Tyree

          He doesn’t use it as in excuse, “that its in his vocabulary, and that is the reason why” That is pulled completely out of their butts.

    • Robert Czubey

      calling destiny racist is slander

      • Lance Doucette

        See my comment to Ricky below. I agree a title change needs to be made, and perhaps the sentence which says “…blatantly racist vocabulary”.

  • Jeffrey lee

    im sad i gave this a click; just some nameless idiot grandstanding his opinion as journalism. 

  • Christian Siswick

    GBTV, I really hope you should learn that you should not take sides in matters of “starcraft journalism”. This article is joke and all it is doing is destroying Destiny’s name. This should be taken down and this website should stop trying to get involved in SC2 scene, as if it ever made some kind of impact. All this website is a MMO site that was trying to growing into popular esport scene by hoping on the bandwagon of hating another player in the community. You have no place.

  • Rasmus

    I agree with this article. Destiny has been racist for very long and I doubt he will change. Destiny needs to learn how the real world functions.

    • Diego Rodriguez

      Grow the fuck. Nigger nigger nigger learn to take a fucking joke Nigger. I am not racist Nigger

      • christopher longley

         classy, Diego. 

      • jayremy

        Please stop, I shouldn’t need to explain why.

  • Xin Orph

    why dont you faggots cut the fucking rubbish out yourselves.  you and this shitty website are ruining esports with your fucking propaganda.

    • Lance Doucette

      You really don’t think that leaving comments like this, with this sort of language is going to HELP Esports, do you? 

  • Adam O’Neill

    Dear Gamebreaker TV,

    Please redact this article and issue an apology to Destiny immediately else I shall contact Net flicks and complain about the terrible and unethical journalism I’m witnessing. 

    Why was no fact checking carried out? No quotes, no mention of any attempts to contact either Destiny or Quantic. I think someone’s been scraping little bits of hearsay from internet forums, which is shoddy journalism. Destiny left Quanitic, he wasn’t fired, and no. He didn’t jump before he was pushed. And also, he didn’t get kicked from Col for his antics, that is a blatant lie. 

    You label him as racist for using slurs – yet not giving those slurs context, I mean if use of a ‘bad’ word automatically makes you a racist, does that mean every rapper who drop the N-bomb is also a racist? I believe that actions speak louder than words, actions such as Destiny’s work and involvement with a charity that benefited primarily the minority ethnicities – yet there is no mention of that on your article. Nor is there any mention of the racial slurs that Destiny had suffered from the hands of the so called ‘victim’ (there is a screen shot of it on Reddit somewhere) prior to his own outburst.

    I’m aware that you’re commenting on events and not reporting, and so you inject a fair bit of your own opinions into your work, and it’s fine to not agree with how Destiny conducts himself: a) towards his viewers, behind an explicit content filter on his own stream or b) towards other players on the ladder who’ve BM’d, used slurs against him and the gaming community at large in the past, but calling him immature and racist repeatedly is going too far. Call it libel, slander, whatever. Defamation is clearly taking place. This article is inflammatory and ill conceived, it misinforms the audience, paints a bad picture of poor Destiny, the eSports scene and also a very bad picture of Gamerbreaker TV for publishing such things and trying to cash in on page views that come with the controversy.

    Once again, please take down the article and issue an apology, while you might think it ok to go behind someones back and badmouth them to their sponsor, I have the decency to give you a warning to mend your ways.

    Disgruntled reader

    • Christopher

       All i see here is a fanboy.

      Context about slurs, says the white male. How long would it take to get your gourd if i constantly called you a mick. Of course you might not be a mick, but the idea stands.

      Your opinion about what constitutes racism in this situation amounts to a lack luster hill of beans. Much as my opinion as well, the slurs weren’t about my ethnicity.

      He made comments about another race and if one single person of that race takes offense i think he should apologize. Now will he, probably not.

      Of course, you have the right to contact netflix. You have the right to tell them that GBTV wrote an article you didnt agree with. You also have the right take your foot and put it in a blender. Only one of these rights will have an impact in your life.

      They reported, no matter how much you disagree with it…no matter how much i think its a bit skewed. Netflix wont be doing anything about this anytime soon. There is NO backlash against netflix from this. This wont go past the SC2 community.

      • James Boelter

        This is hilarious. You trolled my comment and now this one? Please ignore the troll Christopher, he is acting like a homegrown attorney and obviously has a problem. Reported for excessive trolling.

    • Jay

       People on this page making more noise about a few inaccurate statements than they are about racist used comments used by person the article is about. What a strange world we live in…

      I wonder if defending racism makes you racist by association… What I got from this article is, GBTV is against racism of any kind, and being a popular (obviously) SC2 player does not excuse you from acting like an indecent human being. Let him be a lesson to others.

    • Jado Cast

      LOL, all of the Destiny Fanboys that invaded this site to support their buddy is only giving more revenue to Game Breaker every time you click the site and they get credit for an ad watch.  So keep on posting comments and clicking on GBTV, and while your at it . . . 

      If you go over to N e t f l i x and sign up you’ll get a 30 day free trial.  LOL

  • Juanchi Sena

    May 4, 2012 – 320 Comments and 15 Reactions

    Title is unfortunate and uninformed, the site should get off the new or at least correct.
    Just about cheap propaganda, a bloody disgrace.

  • Mitch Mounts

    Since when did the community of Reddit form a human being to write articles?

    Ridiculous “journalism,” especially considering there is nothing journalistic about this “article.” More of a blog post that the author used to show his hate of Destiny’s personality.

  • Mitchel English

    you guys are idiots and your all full of shit. He never got Fired He left. Stop trying to talk down on a player. yes what he did was wrong but your just a bunch of idiots trying to get views.

    • Josh Wa

       you’re*.  But yeah, everyone else but you is an idiot.

      • Revanhavoc

        There is nothing more stupid and annoying than a poorly thought out argument with terrible spelling.

        – Wait, scratch that –

        The only thing more annoying than a stupid, poorly thought out argument, is the guy who hits REPLY just to correct the spelling.

    • Christopher

       I love the irony of a man named english not being able to use it correctly.

      I digress. You probably never have had a job in which contract were signed; so im going to help you here.

      With about 80% certainty, he was ‘allowed’ to quit to save face. Now i could be wrong, but im probably not.

  • Eric

    Should rename this article Troll Food…. 90% of the last 80ish comment are from 1st time destiny fan club posters. Haters really gonna hate i guess

  • James Boelter some research first BEFORE you write the article.

  • Lewis

    I miss the days of OVERLOADING WoW servers and dump truck GRIEFING on APBR. Stay classy GBTV.

  • James Boelter

    I smell lawsuit actually! Slander. You are affecting his ability to gain income and he can show loss of revenue from his stream becuase of an ill-informed article. I say sue this clown or at the very least a Cease & Desist order!

    File Because of the Following Destiny:

    (1) a statement that tends to injure reputation;
    (2) communicated to another; and
    (3) that the speaker knew or should have known was false.

    • Jason Milligan

       Destiny injures his own reputation to any future employers on his own.  His personality and use of language is not only publicly known but is verifiable.  A cease and desist or libel/slander case would be trounced by any half competent lawyer and laughed out of court by a judge.  He brought the label of racist onto himself.

      • James Boelter

        Hater and Troll. You didn’t even listen to the video? or read the article? Nice troll! or you’re so ignorant that you comment WITHOUT having all the facts. Now offf you go to CNN’s web site to help stand for the 99% ers. Tard.

    • Christopher

       Yeah….i don’t think you understand the legal concept behind the definition you gave.

      • James Boelter

        Unfortunately for you. I do. That is the exact definition. Sorry for your loss. It stinks you can’t simply downvote things on here huh?

        Defamation may be a criminal or civil charge. It encompasses both written statements, known as libel, and spoken statements, called slander.

        defamation (of character) n. the act of making untrue statements about another which damages his/her reputation. If the defamatory statement is printed or broadcast over the media it is libel and, if only oral, it is slander. Public figures, including officeholders and candidates have to show that the defamation was made with malicious intent and was not just fair comment. Damages for slander may be limited to actual (special) damages unless there is malice. Some statements such as an accusation of having committed a crime, having a feared disease, or being unable to perform one’s occupation are called libel per se or slander and can more easily lead to large money awards in court and even punitive damage recovery by the person harmed. Most states provide for a demand for a printed retraction of defamation and only allow a lawsuit if there is no such admission of error.

        There I helped you out. As Steven would say: Herp Derp! ;)

        • Revanhavoc

          It’s one thing to quote legal terminology in abstract – it’s entirely another to pay legal fees and develop a case to support your abstract (obviously found on wiki) legal term.

          As fun as taking that case to civil court would be, with a screenshot as clear evidence of behaviour that is less than “idyllic”, I sincerely doubt there would be much of a claim of slander. Clearly what was in that screenshot was said, and clearly those comments were innapropriate, even racist. 

          I would take you on in court any day with the confidence that, presented to a judge, an accusation of slander would be dead in the water.

          If someone talks like a racist and then apologizes completely for his horrible behaviour, that must mean the story should be buried and he should be forgiven, eh? Sorry…

          Go back to watching late night Law & Order and looking up legal terms on wikipedia…

          • James Boelter

            I liked your post. Yes, it is entirely different. Glad you could see the difference. Yes, I was helping out Christopher with the term. Yes, I didn’t want to type it all out myself because a reference is better and easier for someone else to accept. I never said I was an attorney and for that matter niether did you. So as far as your analysis goes it VERY hypocritical of you to post about what YOU think a lawsuit would bring to the table as well as the outcome! It is surprising to read this along with an attempt at an insult at the end of your rant. Good luck in life, you’re going to need it.

  • Connor O’Leary

    R.I.P. Journalism

    1605 – 2012

    • James Boelter

      Says it best! +1

    • Jado Cast

      LOL, it’s been dead long before 2012.

  • Matthew Jameson Tyree

    He uses the words Rape and Nuke from time to time, But is has said Those terms in context just aren’t the same, and He wouldn’t just go up to a police station to a bunch of rape victims and be like, Hey you guys know that video game Starcraft 2 I rape kids at that game, and if you didn’t know Nuke is still a terrible word that incites terrible memories for a lot of Japanese people, But I’ve never once seen or heard him say “oh man You are japanese Hope you don’t get “nuked” this round” 

    If you go to youtube and look up, “Destiny, Debo on Starcraft casters using offensive language”, It would give a much better view of this bogus story, and I understand that TL doesn’t have to have his stream on their website, But he has been the same person since it started, TL only reacted because people were demanding a witch hunt, with ORBs it was completely different, He LIED to his boss about it, instead of telling The Truth, Much like this terrible Video.He never EXUSES his actions, He tells you the train of thought to the actions, 
    You can not tell me you have never used a word that can be offensive by any means between your friends.

  • Oleg Melcher

    OMG fuck 

  • Robert Czubey

    This is a very misinformed article. I can understand a lot of things especially the witch hunt. This article was very distastefull and slanders Destinys name. I also think if this is not dealt( retraction and apology) with i will contact netflix. I respect reporters but they need to have the facts, and as this article is mostly about destiny’s choice of words , you would think that GBTV would have a better choice of words themselves

    • christopher longley

       lol good luck with that…. you are ? again?

      • Matthew Jameson Tyree

        and you are?

        • Matthew Jameson Tyree

          See how silly that sounds? See how silly you are being? Its just silly. 

          • christopher longley

             I don’t hide.  What I do in the dark I do in the light.  Why don’t you cry about video games some more.

  • christopher longley

     I see the children are out in force tonight. 

    • Matthew Jameson Tyree

      0/10 nice try with the trolling.

  • John Ray

    This incident reflects on GBTV in a negative way far more than anything Destiny has done. Language, especially offensive language, has been a part of the gaming community since its inception. Have you ever been to a fighting game tournament?

    This article is in bad taste and I see a law suit in your future. The URL for this article clearly calls Destiny a racists, which looks to me like libel.

    • Jason Milligan

       “Language, especially offensive language, has been a part of the gaming
      community since its inception. Have you ever been to a fighting game

      This sort of attitude is exactly what’s hurting the gaming community and especially e-sports.  Especially because that attitude is only held by the vocal minority.  The real gaming community would love for it to be more accepted and popular.  Something it will never get with that exact continued attitude towards how professional gamers present themselves.

  • Sup son

    Who sponsors this website? I have some kind words for them.

  • DontEatTheAppleAdam

    Go sensationalist trolling! Who doesn’t want more on the internet….

  • Josh Wa

    From a journalism perspective, this article is pretty bad and lacks objectivity.  However, Destiny is no different than CombatEx in my eyes and deserves all the negativity his comments bring.  He isn’t a martyr or a victim.  You are just some guy who says disgusting things.

  • Harvey_Danger

    Gamebreaker stole this picture of Destiny from my cousin’s flickr account, plastered it on the front page, and they haven’t given him credit for it.
    Gamebreaker, there will be a C&D letter on its way to your offices if you do not respond.

  • Harvey_Danger

    My previous comment was flagged and will not be posted merely because I posted a link to the flickr from which this picture was taken.

    As I mentioned in the above comment: Gamebreaker, if you do not give
    credit for the picture of Destiny being used on your front page, or you
    do not remove said picture if you refuse to give credit, then a Cease
    & Desist order will be sent to your offices.

    • Harvey_Danger

      This is not an idle threat from an internet tough guy. Gamebreaker has committed a serious breach of conduct by using this photo without the creator’s permission and is now legally liable. Either give credit where credit is due, or remove the photo. A lawyer is standing by to respond if you do not.

  • Kyle Bohannon

    lol, damn when i seen this a day ago it wasnt that big a deal. if only people were this passionate about what was going on in our world….

     i really dont give a fuck honestly i dont, i love playing games and consider myself a nerd but stupid silly shit (regardless of whos right and wrong) like this doesnt affect me in the slightest.

    i do however would love to plant a haymaker to mike schaffnits suckhole. god damn theres just something about his face that makes me want to plant one of these right in his suckhole

  • Herisanu

    You’re full of shit my friend. You’re writing about stuff you don’t know

  • Zack Carlson

    This is a terribly written editorial posing as a news article.  Did you contact Quantic or Destiny and discuss the terms of the separation?  No, because I’d imagine you’d think to put it into the article.  You keep citing “the community” as if it were a homogenized group in one paragraph, then leaping to “division”, never citing a Thread, chatlog, player, caster, popular (or unpopular) posts on sites like Reddit.  The only thing that may be considered factual is a screenshot of BM; the single bit of proof for a widely known and sometimes mis-understood phenomenon.  People behave badly in video games.  Hopefully your lack of effort and “due diligence” is simply a reflection on you, not the culture of gamebreaker tv.  If the rest of the “news articles” on this site as as worthless as this, then the culture at gamebreaker is damaged, or non existent.  Is the language appropriate?  Is the language inappropriate?  A journalist would work very hard to lay out the facts; where you’ve only laid out your conclusion.  This article is only a representation of your crude, grade-school level analysis and writing skills.  You should be reprimanded and you should refund the wages earned while working on this awful piece. 

    Oh and I personally do not like nor would I consistently use the racial epithets that he enjoys.  However, I would contest that the words themselves do not alone make him a racist.  They are in poor choice, and poor taste.

    • Harvey_Danger

      They’ve stolen a photo from my cousin’s flickr account without giving him credit, as well. You’d be hard-pressed to find a real piece of journalism that didn’t give credit to the photographer(s) whose photos they used. Disgusting.

      • Zack Carlson

        This isn’t surprising.   They missed all the opportunities to talk about this topic in any professional manner; I wouldn’t be shocked to find out the author hasn’t any grasp of what the word citation means.  

  • John Athon


    Are you fucking serious?

    • Jado Cast

      You are completely right.  It should of been “Homophobic Racist Fired!”

  • kyle deckman

    This story and video really needs to gets its facts straight. Probably one of the worst pieces of journalism I have ever seen. The title is bias and the facts are clearly here just to get attention, and it sure is getting it hitting sc Reddit top page. Its this type of writing that need to be cleaned up if eSports journalism ever is going to become legit.

  • blurgy

    Fair enough Quantic Gaming kicked Destiny for racist comments, if they don’t want racist comments said then fair enough.

    Lots of people however are getting a misinterpretation from stupid articles like this construing Destiny as a bad person for the way he acts. I don’t expect Destiny to change his ways, the reason he is popular is because of his obsurdity.

    If you don’t like his racist comments then don’t watch his stream, the same way if you don’t like the racism on the show south park……

  • Josh Howard

    I imagine a world one day where journalists research their stories and relate the facts in a semi objective fashion. Sadly that day has not come yet. This article is trash.

  • kylet

    There isn’t really anything new about this, besides all the attention it’s been getting. I feel that if anyone should be mad about something, they should be mad that he was saying these things while sponsored and on Quantic. This is all my opinion, but that is the only thing wrong here. Instead of ‘Oh, he’s racist and was fired for being racist, he should quit gaming, because he’s so racist’ it should be ‘He said some racist things while representing Quantic Gaming and their sponsors, and should be dealt with accordingly.’

    As far as I know, he has never been let go from a team for saying/doing anything racist. The way I understood it, Destiny left Complexity because he didn’t want to be with them (not sure of the reason). Just like the reason why he isn’t with Quantic anymore is because they felt it was in both of their best interests that they went their different ways. While Quanitc probably wasn’t very happy about it, as far as I know, no one said he was let go of the team just for saying something racist. It is very possible that Quantic wanted him to censor himself so he represents the team better, and Destiny didn’t want to, so he decided to leave the team (that doesn’t mean Quanitc DIDN’T instantly fire him for it, but there ARE other possibilities than just this).

    Every time Destiny has been asked “What’s the secret to being a successful streamer” he always replies with “Just be yourself.” While I would agree that sometimes (and maybe most of the time) he can be immature, that’s what a lot of people like about him, and that’s why a lot of people watch his stream. From what I’ve come to understand about him, he doesn’t want to sit there and censor himself because someone might get angry or offended. Personally, I feel the same way he does. A lot of people don’t though, and that is OK. If they feel offended or feel that Destiny is doing something wrong, then they don’t need to watch and if they feel strongly enough about it, contact the team/sponsors personally.

    In my opinion, the only thing wrong here, is the fact that someone just went straight to the TL forums and pretty much started a monkey shit fight that may not have been necessary. What I feel should have happened, is whoever decided Destiny was acting wrong (whether it be someone watching the stream and see him type this, or the other player) is that they needed to just go straight to emailing the team and try to handle this personally. If that didn’t work, go to the sponsors. Leave TL for a last resort. From what I’ve seen with Orb, and Destiny, and anything else that seems to be controversial, there are usually HUGE monkey shit fights that break out, which are usually not necessary. From what I can tell for this indecent, no one even bothered to talk to the team/sponsors before going to TL.

    • Steffen

      He left because being on Quantic gaming didn’t do much for him, and he would be more of a liability to them then a positive thing. (can’t come up with the word, not native English)

    • ChristopherMitchell1

      Being pressured into leaving is basically the same as getting fired. An example of this happens all the time in ‘the real world’ when you hit a pay cap and a company wants to replace you because you are old and get payed too much with a younger, cheaper person they will ask you to leave of your own accord so that you could still possibly find work elsewhere or collect retirement. If you don’t take the hint then the company will become aggressive and will find a reason to fire you. So if you leave ‘by your own decision’ you are still basically being fired. And in Destiny’s case, Quantic already had their reason if he didn’t find himself leaving as ‘mutually beneficial’ and of course he’s going to say he left on his own accord otherwise his chance at getting any other sponsors would be non existant.

  • Steffen

    How about you educate yourself before trying to educate others.
    This is pure bullshit.

  • Clayton

    You fucking liberal piece of shit.

    please stop writing articles. 

    -it’s a fucking game. 
    -you aren’t going to stop people from raging.
    -players should be recognized for their skill and not their actions. YOU are ruining eSports. 

    go fuck yourself.

    sincerely (probably ) 90% of the internet.

    • jayremy

       You are going us trying to prove a point on the wrongness of this a bad image and are totally against our points.

      Assuming liberal here isn’t accurate or respectful, resorting to insults isn’t constructive, pretending to represent more than yourself (though there may be some truth) should be avoid. I totally have a problem with this article and presentation, like you, but I will not propagate any of the hate and slander-like language.

  • lolusak

    Lol this is fucking pathetic. You pretty much lost most or all of your credibility of this website and your crappy show.

  • Dylan Sopel

    freedom of speech lose….

    • Jason Milligan

      Educate yourself on Freedom of Speech.  It doesn’t protect you from being fired if the person doing the firing does not want you representing them with your words.  You’re free to speak whatever you want, just like you are able to be fired so that you don’t tarnish someone else’s rep because of your use of speech.  He knew the consequences, and he can continue going on his racial rages but he can do it on his own buck from now on.

      • jayremy

         Agreed, this is not really an issue of freedom of speech, there are a few other important issues, that have been addressed multiple ways and examples in this forum if you read up on it. I can see how freedom of speech would be an issue if the government got involved or it was suppressing somebody’s opinion, but this whole thing was way overblown.

  • Dylan Sopel

    as louis ck said, … in different words but still same context, when you say rubbish, i think shit, you put the word shit in my head, thats what saying a word is, dont hide behind a slightly nicer word, just say shit, you cunt
    the dude who asking the questions is a piece of cock gobbling shit, people have to be less sensative over things, get over it, its the fucking internet, people use racial slurs all the time, whats the big fucking niggerish gook deal?

  • squid

    “A person should never use a racist remark in any situation”
    What if someone held a gun to your head and said “Call me a nigger or you’re going to die.”? I’m pretty sure it would be ok then. And anyway, words are words. If you can’t laugh at someone calling you your respective racial slur then you should just get over it.

    • Jason Milligan

      That’s called being under duress and therefore against your will.  Your made up situation is probably the weakest excuse to use racial remarks (if the case can even be made to begin with).

       It has nothing to do with someone not being able to deal with being called that.  It has to do with the people that complained to Quantic that they didn’t want to see this person representing the team and esports with his language and Quantic took that seriously.

      • Matthew Jameson Tyree

        Also the fact that The casters out right lied about everything.

  • GeForceFX

    He wasn’t fired. -_- 

  • Jon

    everything about this video and article is retarded, sensationalist bullshit.

  • PatrickA

    Let me start by saying I do firmly understand why Destiny and Quantic needed to part ways.  Destiny’s behavior online simply isn’t professional or mature enough for him to associate with a gaming team that strives to be exactly that.  When faced with loss, he goes quickly from being a semi-reasonable person to a raging child that I have no doubt I wouldn’t be able to spend five minutes in a room with.

    But this article exemplifies everything not to do when reporting a story like this.

    Apparently, calling someone a ‘gook’ makes you racist, even though you move to the ‘gook’ country in a house full of ‘gooks’ for a month specifically to learn from them because you acknowledge that they’re better players than you.  Does that really sound like the behavior of someone who thinks he’s superior to ‘gooks’?  Or does it sound more like the behavior of an immature gamer on the internet who’s mad and wants to say the most hurtful thing possible at that particular moment? Mean and immature is not the same as racist.

    And then there’s “he left his previous team Complexity for racial and homophobic actions.”  Yeah, probably, but the official statement was that he was removed due to a refusal to participate in many of the team’s mandatory activities, as required by their contracts.  If you want to say, ‘Popular speculation is that he was kicked due to his racial and homophobic actions,’ sure.  I’d AGREE WITH THAT, in fact.  But you don’t just get to state things as fact with no backing whatsoever. If you’re going to draw conclusions, that’s fine, but you need to present the facts that you drew your conclusions from.  Go back to Reddit if this is how you want to report your stories.

    Same thing goes for his parting from Quantic. Official statements are that Quantic and Destiny reached a mutually beneficial agreement that they should part ways.  I’m fairly inclined to believe this, as Destiny is very spiteful and would be rallying his fans against Quantic were the interaction nearly as hostile as this article suggests.  He’s already rallied them against both Razor and all of the folks who made the complaints.  Do I believe he probably WOULD have been fired?  Yes.  Absolutely.  But I don’t find it unfathomable that Quantic officials sat down and talked with Destiny and they reached the conclusion that it would only do them both more harm to maintain their professional connections (especially seeing as it’s TRUE that it would do them BOTH more harm.) So with no proof any firing occurred, and no proof he’s legitimately racist, ‘racist-fired’ is probably not the best title for the URL.

    In journalism, you present facts, then you do one of two things; draw conclusions, or allow your audience to do so themselves.  This article simply draws a conclusion with presenting any of the facts; it reads more as a casual viewer’s opinion to the events than a professional story reporting on said events. There are no facts presented and no sources cited, only opinions.

    • Jado Cast

      That use to be journalism standards back in the day.  Go read the “New York Times” and tell me they don’t draw conclusions or they always support their articles with “facts.”  Go watch MSNBC, or Fox News, and tell me this doesn’t happen all the time.  The last fair reporter we had in this world was Tim Russert may he R.I.P. He had that kind of journalistic integrity.  Now the news is about ratings, and sensationalism.

      If you want facts to make an informed decision on a topic, then you will have to research it yourself these days.  And who at GBTV ever claimed to be a “hard news” site on gaming?  They can’t give their opinions?  Grow up, and join the rest of us in the real world.  

  • Sebastian Antonio Raposo

    These guys have no idea about the actual facts if the matter dont believe their shit. Go to Reddit and read wat actually happens. The guy also follows him on twitter and believes Destiny’s sarcastic tweets. He is beyond a terrible reporter. 

  • Jason Manzella

    Nice blog, or is it an editorial?  Clearly it’s not a news piece since you injected your blatant anti destiny opinion.  Get your facts straight because almost none of what you posted was accurate.  Terrible journalism from a terrible writer.  Completely biased and a personal attack on a community figure.  Weather you agree with him or not as a journalist it is not your place to pass judgement and attack him.   You should print a redaction and issue an apology.

  • Michael Moore

    I’m surprised articles like this get so much attention. They really shouldn’t. 

    The topic in this article is inconsequential and not related to esports, but to an individual. You want to know what will make esports look bad? This article will. When the entire community fixates on the personal beliefs of one single, (self-admitted) irrelevant player, that’s how esports gets a bad image. He’s paid for what he’s said, and whether you think what he has done is right or wrong does not matter. The scene has responded, now let’s drop it.

  • Oliver Herrmann

    Holy shit this is biased. 
    1) Destiny wasn’t fired. Neither was he ever fired from a team before, dunno where you got that from?
    2) He was not being “ridiculously racist”. You probably have no idea what real racism is.
    3) News are supposed to be objective, otherwise the quality is horrible. Which is the case here.

    In my opinion, this biased, retarded and in my opinion completely idiotic witch-hunt is way fucking worse than anything Destiny has ever said on stream and this bullshit of a news post is just contributing to that. It’s not like Destiny was forcing his opinion on anyone, they were forcing their opinion on him and I gotta hand it to the guy for having balls of steel and standing up for his opinion, which btw I think is more mature than any argument I’ve read against him in the entire thread. And I read it all.

    • Eclipse

      I totally agree sir. Nothing says standing up for oneself like calling someone a gook and a faggot.

      Totally acceptable and understandable given the fact that he was playing a ladder match. My God, I wonder what Destiny would do or say when faced with actual real tribulations in *real* life? I have so much to learn from him.

  • Justin Hill

    Destiny left Quantic, because he didn’t want to tarnish the reputation of the team. He was not fired. Once again the media spinning their bullshit.

    • ChristopherMitchell1

      The team pressuring him into leaving = fired. (with prettier looking words…)

  • Preben Johnsen

    First of all, this is being taken totally out of context, holy fucking christ. This is extremly immature and unproffesional.  Second, he was NOT kicked, he left his team. And where you got “kicked from his last team” from is very questional, because it’s absolutely false. Get your facts straight, and stop doing this witch-hunt, as it is killing E-sports.

  • Omar Khan

    Sensationalist bs. He wasn’t fired or being a racist. They parted amicably and destiny was raging at a ladder game hardly te real extent of actual racism. Please get your facts straight before you write stuff like this. Please be more professional.

  • 01Josh

    It has people raging at the supposed immaturity of select people’s actions — in complaining to sponsors — that some people have taken, while other people believe that this needed to happen to crush Destiny’s blatantly racist vocabulary by bringing it to the forefront of the community’s attention in a more dramatic fashion

    Nice writing here – you describe the people defending Destiny for speaking without censoring himself the way he enjoys as “raging” while people who agree with Quantic’s decision (which is consistent with the theme of your article) are rational beings who “believe” x opinion.  In reality, the ragers are the overdramatic politicking critics who were so emotionally moved that they contacted sponsors (above the head of the team) about Destiny.

    Your article is clearly biased. Just write an editorial and give us your pseudo-intellectual cries of political correctness or take a second to write an article that isn’t garbage.

  • asdfghjklöä$

    This article is incorrect on so many levels. This site is supposed to be a newsnetwork and not a pseudo-moral talkshow. Saying the word “faggot” doesn’t make you homophobic. People are so oversensitive towards topics like that. You want racism to go away? Well, then stop seeing it everywhere. You are presenting him as a racist with such a confidence, people with an IQ under 45 might actually think it’s true. Also you have to get your facts straight, he was never fired because of racism. I am not writing this because I am a fanboy, but because people that make up things because they don’t like a particular person (there is nothing wrong with not-liking someone, as long as your article stays correct) do not deserve a spot  in games journalism. Maybe I should go e-mail your sponsors and tell them to fire you. Herp.

    • H S

       the words you use are what people judge you by.

  • benighted

    All this political correctness fad is making me deeply sick. Anyone who promotes it makes me sick as well. Where has freedom of expression gone? Any intelligent creature will have a “bad” attitude as a natural reaction to the utter lack of sense and intelligence present and sadly promoted by this world. As a journalist I’m utterly disgusted by  this undocumented and badly thought out piece of reporting. Destiny’s attitude is far, far better than this crap.

    • ILikeFish

       Sorry, “I’m not trying to be offensive so you shouldn’t get upset” is not a valid argument. If you say the word “gook” and someone says “hey I take offense to that” it is your responsibility as a respectful human being to not upset them by refraining to use that word. Not saying specific words or phrases has NO IMPACT on you. If you do say that stuff anyway you’re being a huge jerk and everyone will treat you as such.

      Just because you personally don’t see anything wrong with a given word doesn’t mean everyone else on the planet has to abide by your personal definition. There are other people trying to live here too.

      • Phillip Martin

        Your one of the few people making any kind of sense. I’ve always wondered why people insist on using a racial, ethnic or sexual slur but don’t mean to offend.

    • Coyote311

      Let’s make something perfectly clear.  The first amendment is not about your right to sling racial slurs at other people.  This is harassment, and is, and has been a convictable offense.

      I’m not saying this article is perfect (it isn’t) but trying to defend the attacking of another human being through language as a first amendment right is just wrong.  Get your facts straight.

      • Matthew Jameson Tyree

        Slander is also a convictable offense, no?

    • Derek_Sye

      You are just incredibly wrong. Humans are social animals. Our success as a species has largely been based on our ability to cooperate among ourselves. Being “politically correct” is nothing more than behaving in a manor that avoids conflict. That fits perfectly with our evolutionary path.

      • Matthew Jameson Tyree

        If there is still war, we have not evolved much. We are still in the early stages, Just because we got new toys doesn’t make us any less than what we were before.

        • Derek_Sye

          I’m confused… are you suggesting that instead of trying to evolve further we should sling racist and homophobic attacks at each other?

  • Jonathan D. Fontanet

    the reporter is a fucking idiot…….. should be fired for being a piece of shit..

  • Jacob Worthing

     I am not going to read the article if the title is false.

  • NaZa

    I hope you dont get paid for this mediocre incorrect journalism.If you really are that shallow that you ‘need’ to give false information to attract destiny fans for traffic,then i petty you.You havent even brought a official speaker for Quantic gaming to talk about this nor have you asked Steven for a statement(which he already said).Honestly i hope you get suspended from being a journalist,you did a horrible job at this.

    • Derek_Sye

      Lol “suspended from being a journalist” by whom exactly?

    • Eclipse

      Yes, I “petty” you too.


      Try harder troll.

      • Matthew Jameson Tyree

        You are the troll. and you are?
        You are a joke, A complete joke.
        hell man, if the high light of your day is posting on this board reusing “and you are?” have at it, But don’t take yourself serious.

  • Hellboat

    This is some garbage. First, these guys need to get their facts straight. Second, throughout the entire video they’re not even talking about any sort of facts, they’re just personally attacking Destiny. This is some shit journalism, bravo.

  • Mathieu Gutkin

    This is the most stupid thing i ever read

  • Alex

    I love how the game play in the video is from one of Destiny’s lessons. If you can’t seem to get the facts straight for any of the shit you were talking against Destiny, atleast use gameplay of the right player.

  • Revanhavoc

    Did someone post this thread link on a Starcraft 2 fanboy forum? Must have, because I’ve never seen so many people defend embarrassing behaviour like what this Starcraft 2 player did.

    I guess if you are not a minority or homosexual that means you are allowed to use words that bash those minorities? Because of what, a perverse view of freedom of speech? Because of anger? Oh wait, it’s just part of your vocabulary…Right.

    Crude and offensive language directed toward another player, especially spouted from a high ranking representative of a huge gaming community like Starcraft 2, should be taken more seriously by you fanboys.

    All I see is journalistic critiques and a whole bunch of white Americans who represent a group, as usual, that doesn’t care about preventing the discrimination of sexual and racial minorities.

    And your going on about freedom and journalistic integrity? Give me a break while I go puke.

    • thunderflame

      I’m sorry but I just had to interject here, because otherwise people may read your comment and give it some credence.

      Firstly you claim three times within your comment that the remarks are directed towards minorities, which I, for one, cannot comprehend. In the Starcraft community, Korea, and the world Asians are in fact the majority of the population. So don’t try and appear to be some gracious defender because the simple fact is you, along with your stance, are in the minority in almost every way.

      You go on to then claim “a whole bunch of white Americans who represent a group, as usual, that doesn’t care about preventing the discrimination of sexual and racial minorities” without any knowledge of the race of the people commenting, the nationality of the people commenting or, as far as I can tell, their views on discrimination. The comments i have read all appear to attack the journalism and the article, not defend the language used. They make note of the fact that footage being played was not of Destiny, that the guest and journalist both use very one sided language and appear to be incredibly biased, and that facts such as Destiny being fired are just incorrect.

      Hopefully you can review your opinion on people being able to express their views on an article without blindly retorting.

      • Eclipse

        His comment was perfectly acceptable and legitimate. Asians may possibly be the vast majority of the population when it comes to the SC2 community, but they aren’t the ones here trying to defend a man who just called a member of their race a “gook”. Nice try.

        You also need to read more of these comments if you honestly believe that the majority of them aren’t, in some shape, way or form giving indirect condonation to this guy’s language. I’ve seen multiple: “He uses it all the time,” or “Quantic knew what they were getting when they brought him on,” or “No one says anything about the other players – they just pinpoint Destiny” blah blah blah. They’re all glossing over the fact that his use of racial slurs and sexuality based insults ARE UNACCEPTABLE!

        The fact that the b-roll footage in the background isn’t of Destiny is inconsequential and absolutely irrelevant to this story – so why bring it up? It doesn’t matter at all. What DOES matter is the picture evidence of this douche calling a player that beat him a racial slur – which supposedly is something even his fans admit HE DOES ALL THE TIME!

        Hopefully you can review your opinion on Destiny and your obvious blatant fanboyisml hopefully before you go to another website you’ve never been to before – spurred on by some Destiny post somewhere in some backwater SC2 forum.

        • thunderflame

          This was so close to being an acceptable reply until that last run-on, nonsensical sentence. I do not need to review my opinion on Destiny or my ‘obvious blatant fanboyisml’ because if you actually read my comment you would notice that I did not once defend Destiny or his actions. I was merely pointing out that Revenhavoc was making unfounded claims.

          As for my history with this website and how I discovered this article; I fail to see any relevance. It is true that I have never been to this website before but does that make my opinion any less correct? Rather than referring to Reddit as ‘some backwater SC2 forum’ just state the issues and make your points. If you had done that I would have a much higher opinion of you and your comment.

  • Johan Nordin

    Caltu was the name of the guy who wrote this?
    Okay, I just needed to know who is probably the worst journalist I’ve ever seen and you should be ashamed of yourself. You obviously know NOTHING about what has just happened and about Destiny. People like you are the scum of the earth, uses their profession to spread shit talking and bullshit on the internet and make a person seem like something he’s not.

    I just wanted to address to anybody on this site that like their views going up, I will never visit a site that spreads false stories and say they’re facts. You are fucking worse than FOX news.

    • Derek_Sye

      Journalist are the “scum of the earth”… really bro you need to take a step back and get some perspective.

  • peeking hummer

    what a crap article, no comments from Quantic, destiny or fans.
    this is just an attack on a player because you think their language is offensive.

    the reason destiny is popular is because he is himself, he isnt some sugar coated prat that just writes and quotes shit from the good guy journalist hand book

  • Piggeh

    Apart from this article being terribly biased, sensationalist, and ad hominem, it is poorly written.

    “After another community outrage — initiated by a personal attacks towards a player — it has resulted in his team leaving no option but to part ways with Destiny.”Those hyphens you used are akin to commas or parentheses. “After another community outrage, it has resulted in his team leaving no option but to part ways with Destiny.”This is the type of sentence you see on standardized testing because it needs correcting. “It has resulted” makes no sense there.

    “A person should never use a racist remark in any situation, Destiny has claimed before it is just a part of his personality and I have never let that fly in any situation and have never personally been a fan of Destiny for his immature outlook on the world.”The comma after the word “situation” creates what any grade schooler would (correctly and easily) identify as a comma splice. The fact that you call this a sentence is appalling. You simply jammed five thoughts into one sentence and attempted to separate them with commas and “ands.”

    “It has people raging at the supposed immaturity of select people’s actions — in complaining to sponsors — that some people have taken, while other people believe that this needed to happen to crush Destiny’s blatantly racist vocabulary by bringing it to the forefront of the community’s attention in a more dramatic fashion.”This makes no sense either. You need to stop using “people” every other word.

    This sentence is terribly constructed. For the love of anything sacred, STOP USING HYPHENS! My English teacher always says that hyphens are the crutch of writers. Stop relying on them; use parentheses or commas instead. It also doesn’t hurt to separate your thoughts into nice, concise, easy to read sentences by using periods. 

    Your writing is pathetic. The link to this article is entitled “RACIST FIRED!” This sensationalism is unprofessional and unbecoming of someone who calls himself a “journalist.” Get your facts straight and go back to school.

  • Naughtypants

    All you fanboys saying this article is incorrect, how about elaborating instead of talking crap and not showing the facts yourself? You cant say its incorrect without proof.

    Also, he may not have been removed from the team for being “homophobic” BUT he was probably removed due to the way he TREATS OTHERS and the bad language fits he was having on other people.

    I’m not choosing sides on whether this article is fully correct or written in a way that gives the wrong impression, nor do I follow Starcraft but I can see it is quiet clear that they (The Starcraft team) didn’t like the way he was treating people.

    I also know that GameBreaker wouldn’t purposely create false articles for the sole purpose of getting traffic. I have been watching/reading GBTV content and occassionally dabbled in the GBTV forums since the beginning and never have they done that, they also apologize and correct their mistakes if they slip up so think before you write or you are no better then this Starcraft dude and letting your fanboyism get to your head.

    • James Boelter

      “All you fanboys saying this article is incorrect..” | “I’m not choosing sides on whether this article is fully correct…” | ” also know that GameBreaker wouldn’t purposely create false articles for the sole purpose of getting traffic…” | “I have been watching/reading GBTV content and occasionally dabbled in the GBTV forums since the beginning… ”

      Who’s the fanboy now?

      • Eclipse

        You? I mean you’ve never been to this website before and have written comments here in defense of someone you don’t even personally know.

        I’m going to say again, you?

        • thunderflame

          Man I just replied to your reply to my comment but now I see that you aimlessly attack everyone who has a different viewpoint to yours. Are you saying you personally know Naughtypants? If not then you are doing what you are attacking James for doing. If so then why should we value what you have to say? Is it not biased? I believe defending someone you don’t personally know is far more noble.

    • James Heinichen

      The burden of proof relies upon the media corporation, any good writer will have a list of sources for their article and, assuming that this website / organization is concerned with selling their product then their editors will fact check on a regular basis to ensure all claims, statements, and facts are accurate within each article. 

      That said, simply by existing on TL over the past few years I can say that at least one ‘fact’ pops out as inaccurate in the above ‘news’ story. 

    • Matthew Jameson Tyree

      To a fan boy or really to anyone who has watched his stream for more than 60 minutes, Its like Talking about Game of Thrones being a wanna be lord of the rings because their is a dwarf, and while you are trying to explain that There is no way in hell, its not even in the same ball park. You are too busy with stuffing your ears with cotton and hiding.

      One true story out of all that bullshit. They are a joke, Walking talking jokes, a bad mirror of what Real Journalism is,

      If you want your proof, Go to youtube Look up Destiny Debo Talk about using racial slurs as casters. 
      Also He raised over 30k dollars in over a day just to donate it to Doctors without boarders. That video is just complete crap.

      • ChristopherMitchell1

        This video that you keep wanting people to watch can be seen as offensive and clears absolutely nothing up except that Debo encourages Destiny to keep saying disrespectful things…

        • Matthew Jameson Tyree

          There is a link to “weapon of choice” Pay attention.

          Plus that video is OVER a year old. They never gave any warning, Yet Idra does far Worst things in the community and He has never gotten Lynched like this.

  • Jado Cast

    +1, “released from his contractual responsibilities” Sound like he was fired to me.

    Callum don’t lose any sleep over this, it’s just fan boys that are trying to support him.  That’s all!

  • Daniel Nordgren

    Thank you for bringing up more shit. YOU are hurting esports. If you cant see that, then maybe you should see what the esport scene is talking about. Its not the fact of if Destiny is good or not, its if he is imature or not. So thank you gamebreaker for ruining my absolute favorite game.

    And i dont even like this gamer. Though i have watched his stream a few times, i usually turn it off too see someone i think is better (or in fact is better). But your soulless, sensationalism of journalism makes me want to break my computer in half.

    Why oh why are you killing starcraft? Do you want to make LoL even bigger? Have you experienced a lot of 10 pools? Huh?

    So now i will take my leave with a quote from my favorite tv series: Kill yourself. Kill yourself now. Iam serious…. kill yourself.

    • Phillip Martin

      Your sick bro. You need to take a breath and stop playing Starcraft for awhile. No ones trying to kill your “game”.

      • Eclipse

        Dude has issues. Best not to even entertain them.

  • Trey Alsup

    That screenshot speaks for itself.

    He uses the terms “faggot” and “gook” in ways that are clearly intended to be insulting and hurtful. 

    Is that homophobic and racist? You bet.

    Gamebreaker could have done a better job linking this behavior to his parting of ways with his team, but it is absolutely appropriate for GBTV as a media organization to take a position that this kind of speech and behavior in gaming is absolutely unacceptable and should be condemned.

    • Areef

      I agree with you that GBTV should have taken a more neutral view on this rather than sensationlise the heading to get more hits. Going by the comments, I guess mission accomplished.

    • Filip g2udf+ ltzj i

      So they are doing wrong by creating a connection from that specific message destiny threw at his opponent and how he is leaving his team. 
      So the only true story behind this article is that destiny wrote something to his opponent in a game, so y not bring up any of the other thousands of player who do this, there are alot of proplayers that have done the same thing. I hate that people think “oh idra wrote fucker, thats just the way he is” while when destiny does it, it turns into a article making up storys that aint true just because he defends himself.

      so fucking stupid. Fuck whoever wrote this article and fuck you!

      • Trey Alsup

        I welcome your contempt!

  • Nate Snow

    Hey asshole Destiny left on his own terms

  • Derek_Sye

    I am utterly amazed at the how low the level of discourse in this comments section has fallen. Don’t get me wrong, I admit that this article was somewhat sensationalist, but some of these comments are utterly ridiculousness. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a guy who thinks homophobic and racist language is appropriate has a rabid following of people who can barely form a sentence.

    • dagatkarimlan

      That’s quite a selective memory you got there.  This thread is full of baseless inflammatory statements from both sides of the fence the last time I checked, yet you felt the need to call out one side but not the other.  I also find it telling that you start of complaining about the level of discourse, yet end in an ad hominem attack.  Self-righteous and hypocritical.  Such a charming combination.  I suppose it’s easier to vilify your opponents rather than engaging their actual arguments.  Please don’t proclaim you have the moral high ground.  It’s quite laughable.

      On the off chance that you actually care about the level of discourse, let me clarify what I (and indeed a lot of the people in this thread) am complaining about.  I am not saying that Destiny’s behavior isn’t objectionable.  We can argue about the limits of impropriety and when political correctness begin to stifle freedom of speech all day, but I suspect that we won’t get anywhere.  When it comes to things like these, people tend to have made up their mind before the discussion starts.  The objection comes in the way things are presented in this article.  The article isn’t just sensationalist, it is downright false in a lot details.  In fact, you would be hard pressed arguing that the title isn’t slanderous.  It would be impossible for a viewer without previous knowledge of Destiny’s personality to have a fair assessment of the situation after listening to this.

      The objection is that the community at large responds to knee-jerk reactions and blows things out of proportion.  Like this article, in fact.  I would say that the “discussions” in this thread is direct evidence of how superficial reporting be extremely detrimental.  A lot of the controversy would have been averted if Gamebreaker has done its due diligence reported the situation in an even-handed manner.  As Caltu himself said in the article, the situation could have been handled much better.  As it stands right now, it just add to the ill-informed drivel that has been circulating in the community.

      To Gamebreaker, I implore that you do what you can to make this right.  That title is a good place to start.  I doubt that the tarnish on your reputation can ever truly be removed but you can mitigate it by showing you can own up to your mistakes.

      • Derek_Sye

        “This thread is full of baseless inflammatory statements from both sides of the fence the last time I checked, yet you felt the need to call out one side but not the other.”

        I would love for you to point me towards the inflammatory statements from Gamebreaker fans. I read most of these 400+ comments and I can say without hesitation that the VAST MAJORITY of the vitriolic curse laden rants came from Destiny fan boys.

        “I also find it telling that you start of complaining about the level of discourse, yet end in an ad hominem attack.  Self-righteous and hypocritical. Such a charming combination.”

        Oh the irony. You should look up ad hominem attack before trying to use it. The truth is that my comment was not an ad hominem attack, because it did not concern the true of the claims. I never claimed that the Destiny fan boys were wrong, only that they lowered the level of discourse. You however, did use an ad hominem attack in this same paragraph by calling me “self-righteous and hypocritical” in order to undermine my claim about the lowered discourse.

        “On the off chance that you actually care about the level of discourse, let me clarify what I (and indeed a lot of the people in this thread) am complaining about.”

        I do care about the level of discourse and I appreciate you giving me a cogent explanation of your perspective. As I stated I am no Gamebreaker apologist and I do see how some aspects of this articles are controversial. I think of these articles more as editorials than news, but I understand how people who are new to the site could find it jarring.

        • Matthew Jameson Tyree

          “Editorials” Like If I knew those casters personally as friends I would laugh in their face, that this is just a giant troll, But its not. These people really Are that stupid. Journalism 101. Its just mind numbing.

          • Derek_Sye

            Thank you for proving my point.

          • Matthew Jameson Tyree

            Its like I’m telling you the sky is blue and you are saying its purple while stuffing your ears with cotton. 
            Its completely obvious to anyone in the real community 
            He wasn’t fired. He doesn’t use “oh its just the way I talk” as his excuse. 
            The casters or whom ever wrote this terrible script didn’t do any bit of research on the topic at all. 

            He donated over 30k to Doctors without boarders. He is not even close to what they are “trying” to portray.
            To the masses THAT do not have a clue, Sure think your blind thoughts that are completely and utterly uninformed of The Facts.

          • SCII4ever

            You’re using attacks while Derek_Sye is talking about inflammatory comments, ad hominem attacks, and the level of discourse. Thus, his “Thank you for proving my point.”

            I think your reply is out of context due to syntax.

          • Derek_Sye

            Thank god. Someone who actually read my post before responding to it.

  • Eclipse

    Ahh. So Destiny douche posted this article to his twitter – that’s where all this troll infantry is coming from.

    Gotcha. You guys are the epitome of the word lemming.

    • Luke Stewart

      You do understand that this article is ACTUALLY FACTUALLY INCORRECT

    • thunderflame

      Wow we the epitome of the word lemming? I’ve counted four posts by you defending the article/attacking the critics and that was only in the last day. No idea how many more there are but unless you are in some way employed by Gamebreaker I’d say you are doing a great job of encapsulating everything you seem to be against in fans of Destiny.

    • H S

       More like “brownshirts”

  • a car a man a maraca

    Wow, this was embarrassingly bad. The headline alone tells everybody that you suck at your job.

  • Deathstar2x

    Sure is a lot of blind zealotry going on in here.

    Name calling isn’t going to do anything productive in the long run. People from both sides of the fence should stop with the ad hominem attacks and engage in the actual discourse.

    • H S

       Please, just read what these trolls her are saying in his defense. They have no intention on discussing anything, they only want hate to be an accepted way to behave. And when someone writes an article pointing out how it has consequence, the hate knows no bounds.

      • Deathstar2x

        Most of the posts are pretty bad, but I do thank the very few that kept their intellectual integrity intact instead of just throwing around insignificant words.

  • Luke Stewart

    Your article is bad and you should feel bad

  • ChristopherMitchell1

    After reading all of these comments trashing this article and saying that it is inaccurate I noticed one thing. None of these people say why or post any information that prove it to be inaccurate >.> If I said I am actually the Queen of England should I expect people to automatically take my side because I am royalty ‘supposedly’?

    • Matthew Jameson Tyree

      If we send a link It gets auto deleted…….. Plus is Nazi-like propaganda 

      • ChristopherMitchell1

         What? Are you saying that if you were allowed to link you would post nazi-like propaganda? That’s unfortunate… but if you can’t post a link, people could still try to explain why they think everything is a lie instead of just saying “it’s a lie.”

        • Erlot

          people don’t think this is a lie they know its a lie.

          and it got explained many times. and f youi read all the comments, like you said you should have read it, but im guessing you read nothing,

          and the last team did not kick him out. stop posting nonsense as facts.

          • Tomasz Guzik

            So what i got from these 400+ posts is 2 wrong things
             1) he wasn’t fired, he left on his own when shit hit the fan
             2) he isn’t racist he just uses racist slurs all the time

            So i assume all the haters would be ok with it if the title of the article was:
            “NONRACIST THAT USES RACIAL SLURS ALL THE TIME QUIT QUANTIC ON HIS OWN BEFORE HE COULD GET FIRED FOR THE STUFF HE SAID”  ? Maybe a bit long but i think if enough of us suggest it gbtv might change the title. Go us!

          • Matthew Jameson Tyree

            Tomasz, Look this up on youtube, Its was talked about an entire YEAR ago, “destiny Debo on starcraft casters using offensive language” It should clear it up quite a bit, 

          • Tomasz Guzik

             I have watched his streams and i believe he believes his words don’t matter and he probly doesn’t mean it in a racist way, the problem is it doesn’t matter – what matters is how the ppl he says those words to take it, and apparently a lot of ppl got offended and hence we got here.

          • ChristopherMitchell1

            So watched the video and was immediately raped in the ear… Cleared nothing up except that Destiny’s friends are egging him on. Deebo is funny/entertaining but is he someone I want representing me in the gaming community? LOL!

            So are these the kinds of people we want to have seen as an example of the gaming community right as big television stations are starting to give Esports some attention? I think everyone knows the answer is no. If Esports is going to continue to get big this behavior is unnacceptable and will be the haulting reason why television companies are ignoring the Esports community.

          • Matthew Jameson Tyree

            That is about a year old… This isn’t a new topic. Its his “personal Stream” If I was cursing on MY personal stream regardless of who is on it, They can GTFO, Nobody is making you watch it, Destiny isn’t trying to be a “role model” he is being himself on HIS stream. Plus there is a weapon of choice link that goes into even more detail. 

          • ChristopherMitchell1

            But when you are playing while representing sponsors like Quantic HIS stream will be held to certain standards and if he is representing people who are not alright with immature racial slurs then he needs to grow up or GTFO and that is what happened. He didn’t want to grow up so now he can keep his stream and his viewers but he shall do it independently. End of story.

          • Matthew Jameson Tyree

            He decided to leave, He didn’t have to in any way, He wasn’t fired, Plus It was a LADDER game, IDRA during a LIVE game called a dude a FUCKER with 10k live viewers, there was not a backlash like this, You have no idea what you are even talking about, You don’t have a clue how the TL community is. 

            They signed him KNOWING what he does, he was on the team for like 8 months…. Seriously get your facts in order.

          • ChristopherMitchell1

            Saying the word ‘fockur’ is disrespectful but it is not a homophobic or racial insult… Now calling someone a ‘f**king fag**t gook’ is on a whole other level and if you can’t see that then I am glad I will never know you in real life. Your only spouting the same nonsense over and over again and you are doing exactly what you are complaining about the article. Making your comments sensationalists by comparing this to Nazi Germany… GG noob.

          • Dularr

            That does seem to be the current high school like debating tactic, compare someone to a nazi.  

            It was an odd argument.  Was Matthew comparing Destiny to a nazi?

            well Destiny plays SC2 well and has alot of fans … Oh wait … Destiny yells homophobic and racist names at fellow players.

            Who the heck are you defending?

          • Erlot

            Destiny and Quantic part ways.would be enough.but they would also need to rewrite the “news” and remake the video because it has nothing to do with what happened.

            and complaining about trols when you trol with news is kind of hypocrite.what exactly do you expect?that people argue in a classy manner about this fake, non informed,misleading,wanna shock and get many hits news?

          • ChristopherMitchell1

            Actually, nothing was explained except for what Tomasz summed up below. Again, a post defending Destiny with noe information or explanation.

            And just because his team was nice enough to allow him to ‘leave’ of his own accord doesn’t mean he wasn’t thrown out. Having a team pressure you to leave is the same thing as getting fired, it just looks better on paper.

      • H S

         I thought it was the racists who were the nazi’s, you’re confusing me now.

      • Dularr

        Matthew you keep making Nazi references, that seem to apply to yourself.

        Nazi propaganda used media to influence the masses, you are the one that is attempting to link external media to influence the forums.

        Nazi propaganda  was all about setting up external enemies.  Same way the Destiny fanboys are attempting to set up Gamebreaker as an enemy.

        The SA brown shirts were sent out in the streets to beat up anyone who disagreed with Hitler.   Seems like its Destiny that is attempting to send his fanboys to the Gamebreaker forums to pathetically and ineffectually beat up the Gamebreaker staff and community.

  • robeadobe

    Destiny is a fucking loser

  •Öberg/852854265 Dominique Öberg

    This is destiny, people watch him because we love what he does, hes Bad Manners, only due to streaming this guy makes more a month then i make a year. do u think he has 5k+ Viewers every time he streams because hes a unmature racist?. jesus christ. hes playstyle and hes manners is one of a big insparation for me and i fall to sleep to hes stream every night. also this is not even close to what happened. u should ask quantic gaming before u start speaking of forums and shit. crap Gamebreaker has no clue what they are talking about.

    • Simeon

      It’s spelled *immature* :P nah nah nah     nah nah

    • Dularr

      There is a difference between bad manners (the proverbial shock jock) and using homophobic and racist names against another human being.

      If you find him entertaining,  he loves his job and can make money playing games, I can understand your admiration.

      But if you find “big inspiration” in Destiny calling other people homophobic and racist names, I pity you.  

  • Bob Saget

    It’s a gook faggot conspiracy I tell you!

  • ThrunLovesTrundle

    Wait, words don’t hurt, right guys?

    Destiny uses bad words, but people get mad at this article for using a bunch of assorted words.

    Just chillax like I do and just enjoy some Starcraft II.

    TL;DR: Umad guys? Arguing on the Internet?

  • Cameron Ansari

    This is absurd one-sided sensationalist junk reporting. Thumbnail titled “Racist Fired” is beyond moronic. 

    I will not be turning to this site for news in the future.

    • Dularr

      You are correct about the title.  It should have read:


  • Frank Paisley


  • Shane Quigley

    I request that people watch Destiny on State of the Game or any of the other times he’s been asked about such language, and listen to his response. I am not saying Destiny is right, I am just saying that he is not the supposed anti-christ so many of you make him out to be. He’s a human being, and the vilification is a bit strong, I feel.

    • Dularr

      So, Destiny was simply following orders? Oh wait … simply being a personality.

    • Derek_Sye

      Can you provide a link to this? I’ve looked for it and can’t find it.

    • Derek_Sye

      I watched him debate the issue with InControl on weapon of choice. Now I don’t think he is a racist, I just think he is an idiot.

  • DJ

    Whatever happened to sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me. People get so sensitive about dumb shit anymore. If you’re offended by any racial slur then you need to stop and take a look at yourself. Are you offended by being called a cunt, or a jackass. Never.

    • H S

       Whatever happened to, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.

      But seriously? You think calling people racial slurs is acceptable behavior?

      • Dularr

        - Whatever happened to, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.

        Sadly, that went away with the advent of the Internet.  

    • bas kort

      so if your at a bar/party/meeting/resturant and some guy keeps yelling at another person or even you, you wont be anoyed/offended?

      because the way your talking you make it sound you talk to your family like that on a regular basis 

      “mom where fuck is my dinner you whore” 

      what ever happened to respect

      • peeking hummer

         yelling “curse words” for no reason or directing alot of “curse words” at a specific person is considered unacceptable. but when you are frustrated or in pain it is.

        since when has standing on a nail and going “ah you fucking prick, who the fuck left a fucking nail there?” become “unacceptable”?

        there is a time and a place for “curse words”

        your arguement is invalid as someone made a vaild point that words are words that are used to express their thoughts and opinions and you took the use of words and took them to the extreme where it WOULD be unacceptable.

        the difference between arguements are these:
        DJ: they are just words, words dont hurt you. they are incapable of hurting. if you are hurt by words then you are an idiot that takes peoples opinions too seriously

        bas kort: so if i shouted “curse words” at you ALL DAY, or shouted “mum you are a fucking whore” that would be acceptable?

    • Dularr

      So DJ, are you okay with Destiny calling someone homophobic and racist names?  If you are “then you need to stop and take a look at yourself.”

      • Charlie Marcotte

        Yes, he has the right to do that. Destiny is basically the Rated R version of Starcraft….you wouldn’t ban movies like Pulp Fiction because it swore too much, would you? No. 

        • Dularr

          Who was talking about baning Destiny from gameplay.

          Never said he couldn’t be a racist. I just don’t condone it.

          There is a difference between being a R Rated (shock jock) and throwing racist and homophobic names at a fellow player. If he wants to play the villain and insult the gameplay of fellow gamers, go ahead.  If he wants to use profanity in an age appropriate environment, I’m fine. But, when he calls a fellow player homophobic and racist terms, then he is a racist.

          There is a difference between a movie and a public forum.  If Destiny was acting in a movie and played a racist gamer, I wouldn’t assume Destiny is a racist in real life.

          If I saw Destiny in game chat use homophobic and racist terns, would I think he is a racist. The answer would be yes.

          Do I think Quantic has the right to fire/not invite/ask to leave/not support a racist or disruptive member on their team. Yes they do.

          Should Destiny be banned from playing a game, no way. 

          Can a tournament sponser, not invite him because of distruptive behavor, sure why not.    

      • DJ

        Yes I’m ok with it. If you’re hurt by words then that’s pretty sad. 

  • Quahoon

    You want e-sports to get bigger and better…. than you have to act like its bigger and better and not some 18 year old playing video games and more like a sport… streaming is just a way to show your practising live and being able to communicate with fans. If you want to be racist and the like and not show good sportsmanship than your just trash no matter how good you are.

  • Matthew Jameson Tyree

    Caltu, You are a joke of a caster.

  • mad.martha

    If Destiny had said those comments here in the UK – He’d currently be the subject of Criminal investigation by the police. Yup – it’s *illegal* to do what he does here , and so it should be.

    Also to quote the US Presidents Office (and a Senior US Judge I believe) : “With rights come responsibilities. Freedom of speech does not entitle you to maliciously shout ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre.” – that applies here.

    If he (or anyone else) thinks he didn’t “do wrong” then I have news for you : The world has changed a lot over the last 20 (or so) years – that sort of behaviour will no longer be tolerated.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish , may he never be heard from again.


    • Ryan Martin-DeVries

       racist or homophobic slurs do no equal yelling fire, it is wrong to use violence against some because you don’t like what they have to say, what he said may have been distasteful but you are the criminal if you think its ok to put some in a cage for saying things that you don’t like. you will get offended in life be a grown up and deal with it.

  • Derek_Sye

    I keep reading that I need to watch Destiny debate InControl on state of the game before I make a decision about his language, but nobody ever posts a link. Can someone help me out?

    • Matthew Jameson Tyree

      Weapon of Choice E27… I’m waiting for the link to be approved, I doubt it will.

      • ThrunLovesTrundle

        Starts at 0:33:00.

        • Derek_Sye

          Thanks for the info. I don’t know if Destiny is a racist, but now I am sure that he is an idiot.

      • Derek_Sye

        I’m really glad I found this. I’m amazed that people who defend Destiny think that this supports him. Destiny looks like an idiot to begin with and then InControl absolutely destroyed him.  A lot of this discussion was about cursing which is an issue I couldn’t care less about. My issue is the use of racist and
        homophobic slurs. Nothing destiny said even remotely changed my opinion of
        him.  A very telling quote is when Destiny says “I don’t think that by using a word you can disparage an entire group of people.”  This of course is
        idiotic. The entire point of racial and homophobic slurs is to attack a specific group of people. He goes on to claim that slurs aren’t okay if they are targeted at a specific person within that group, but it is okay if you don’t know the sexual preference or the race of the person… This argument is moronic. Just because I’m not gay doesn’t mean it is okay to call me a f*g. Using that word doesn’t just attack me, what it does is say that being gay is equivalent to being bad.  Which essentially attacks every single gay person ever…

  • Max Nacht

    This is a pathetic attack on destiny…with blatant falsehoods and sad overreactions. As far as I am aware Col dropped destiny because he didn’t like to rave about their benefactors as much as they liked….and Quantic didn’t fire him he decided to leave to avoid hurting quantic, and his fellow teammates. Regardless of the racism and all the drama this video is pathetic. 

  • Tim Perry

    Lolololol. Everyone is so mad.

    To people saying he left and wasn’t fired… Don’t all people say that when they are fired? “You can’t fire me! I quit!”

    To people saying words can’t hurt people. Why are you getting mad about someone being called a racist, then? False accusation, my ass. The screenshot is right there. If you use racial slurs, which are meant to INSULT a particular race (Captain Obvious), then you will be called a racist. No getting around it.

    To people defending him, saying it was because he was raging, maybe he should take the game a little less seriously then. “But he plays it professionally.” And there lies the problem. If he plays it professionally and is being placed on a pedestal as a personality, shouldn’t he be more sportsman like? Isn’t that what this is? An e-sport?

    People need to wake up. This is a professional industry and if you go throwing around words that are meant as insults, you will receive flak for it. Also, holy blatant fanyboyism, batman.

  • jayremy

    This article is sensationalist, it was obviously made before the replies so lets not try to justify it with all the “destiny fan boys” making horrible arguments, insults and whatever else. I will not hate GBTV for this, (though it does disturb me) insult them or anybody else over such. An apology would be nice, but I don’t expect it or really care, rather just a silent promise to avoid such subjectivity, bias and unwarranted labeling again.

    Using the capture title of “Racist Fired” is just inappropriate and rather on the side of insulting, than objectivity. Just 1 example of many that could have been given is “Removed after offensive language”. It wasn’t just racist, obviously spewing of a gay insult as well. Do you know for a fact Destiny is racist and does he admit it? Are there past actions that show it (other than the same crap of the same context)? From what I know and heard he insults anybody with anything when he is pissed about losing so he must hate everybody then?

    It doesn’t matter what type of insult, honestly every insult is just as bad for the same purpose (it is socially dividing and discourages meaningful social progression). I don’t agree with his attitude or choice of words most of the time and we have to value whether it was meant to be a insult to a random stranger, hated person or whether it was an acquaintance on good terms who would probably expect it. (It doesn’t totally change anything if so, but it is important to factor in).

    We can’t be insulting Destiny or mislabeling him (unless you want to be a hypocrite or morally no better than him), honestly what kind of person he is irrelevant for the sake of making an article or discussing about the event. Opinions and stigmas that can be controversial should be avoided, it is not good for GBTV. GBTV doesn’t need an angered troll fan base, or a degraded and divided community to plague it in the future.

    In general I am against media going beyond or outside of their intended or proclaimed purpose to push personal agendas or opinions, that is equally as bothering as the matter (or chance of) posting false and slanderous content. Even though you may want to discuss it, please use an appropriate medium for an audience more personal or following for that kind of information and opinion messages.

    As for the community in this forums, if you are not being objective about the situation your comments really aren’t helping to convince anybody thus being a pointless waste of time (simply telling somebody they are wrong or insulting is not convincing). You or anybody else cannot claim Destiny to be bad, evil, wrong etc. while you yourself are committing the same actions which this article and you are condemning him for. Insults coming from people who are saying insults are bad for others to say is hypocritical at its most.

    I don’t like Destiny’s pointless insulting, but I don’t know the context in which what was posted was used entirely, I don’t know him or interviewed him beyond watching his stream uncommonly many months ago. I will NOT JUDGE him for I am not him or do I know him well, the same goes for anybody else. Misjudged and misplaced hatred is what leads to discrimination in all forms anyways (and yes racism is just a part of discrimination).

    Just as Destiny should avoid such portraying of others in his speech and providing nonconstructive feedback, so should everybody else. Double standards should not be held, it is wrong from anybody “public figure” or not. We can talk about morality, freedom of speech and everything regards to who we receive words in a place more appropriate, because obviously the forums aren’t a good stage for it.

    • jayremy

       Also blindly defending Destiny using insults or arguing cheap semantics, playing on words, nitpicking minor details, strawman or red herring arguments are just immature  and silly. It will not prove your point very well if you even have one and insults just ruin your credibility.

  • Charlie Marcotte

    This is stupidest video I’ve ever seen. Total sensationalism. I literally laughed out loud. Destiny is basically the Rated R version of Starcraft, and teams should hire and market him that way…Starcraft cannot and should not be an entirely clean scene. Streams are different.

    Did is say this video is crap? It’s crap.

    • Maverickroll

       For regular online play, I’d agree it’s just Destiny being himself but when you start to consider sponsors give these teams money, merchandise, etc toss in tournaments organized and sponsored by big name companies, then keeping racism out of the picture is a very necessary thing. If it was allowed then any sponsor would be seen as condoning such behavior and how long would it be before we saw “omgz Nvidia (or ATI) is cool with racism” popping up all over youtube, reddit, major news outlets etc? His behavior is deplorable and should be confined to his natural habitate; 4chan

  • Charlie Marcotte

    Again, this. is. crap.

    You just have to know.

  • Matthew Camp

    Vulgar language rarely means what it literally means. When we call someone retarded, it is not because we believe they have Downs Syndrome. When we call someone a motherfucker, it is not because we believe they have sexual relations with thier mothers. When we call someone a bitch, it is not because we believe they are a female canid. Calling someone a faggot or any form of racial slur is no different, at least intrinsically.

    Furthermore, the use of a term as an insult does not neccesarily indicate disrespect for the group of entities the referred to by the literal meaning of the insult. Thus I can simultaneously call someone a retarded bitch, while having absolutely nothing against people who suffer from Downs syndome, or my female German Shepherd. Racial slurs are no different.

    I am for equal right both for people of all races, sexes and sexualities. But fighting the usage of a word is the wrong way to go about it. Fight the people who gave the word its punch, not those who use it without any malicious intent towards the group of people.

    • Gabriel Suarez

       How sad to see the state of our community has been reduced to basically “you can say / call someone what ever you want cause you are on the internet.” This sort of behavior would not be tolerated in public and should not be considered acceptable in a game or streaming environment.

      • Matthew Jameson Tyree

        Dude, Have you even been to an MLG? The Halo players are so much worst than Starcraft, and this wasn’t in a tournament game where 10k people saw Idra call someone a fucker in front of everyone and flip the bird off at people, It was a random guy on ladder using a cheesy tactic that is basically flipping a coin instead of playing by scouting and Melding/countering to what should be happening. Also, The person he is talking to is not Korean, He is in fact the racial background as destiny. White. But the Korean letters were copied in pasted in a way to say GG, which is normally how to end a game in starcraft by saying Good Game.

        So, a white guy got mad at another white guy and called him a gook, What an outrage, stupid Caltu 

  • Maverickroll

    Oh and big props to Gamebreaker for putting up a screenshot with not only homophobic slurs but racial slurs as well. By simply posting it for public consumption you are just as bad as the person who said it. I expected better behavior from you guys as well.

    • Tomasz Guzik

       Can’t tell if serious or rly bad troll Hmmmm

  • starstrider

    Saying he left Complexity because of racial or homophobic ‘actions’ is straight up bullshit. Is this journalism or an opinion blog?

  • starstrider

    Also, do you think anyone who uses a racist slur is or must be racist? Why? Why would your url for the article be called “racist fired”? Destiny is not a racist. I know racists. He doesn’t say the things they say. Using racial slurs or joking using racial slurs does not a racist make.

  • Guido van Vugt

    This is the biggest bunch of bullshit I’ve ever seen! I love how the whole Starcraft community and gaming community in general acts like they’re perfect fucking saints. Cut the narcissistic bullshit, you are all like this! Destiny is genuine, and yes he swears when he’s enraged about stuff, and so does everyone. The fact that he’s in the public eye instantly makes him a racist? The unbelievable amount of shortsightedness. The SC Community is just the kid who points his finger at the other kid for stealing cooking from the cookie jar while his collar is still riddled with crumbs. 

  • Sam Windnagel

       Destiny has said before the manner in which he sees the world: that you should be able to joke about anything. Steven Bonnell is not a person who is genuinely racist nor is he a person who is genuinely homophobic, he likes to make jokes about the world and when he is angry with someone he uses words which do not necessarily reflect the person’s ethnic background or sexual preference. Unfortunately the extreme level to which we apply meaning to words screwed him. Bullshit yo. Bullshit.

  • Brian Farrelly

    If anyone has seen professional golf in person some of those guys swear like sailors. (Tiger Woods is a notable example) I wish people would grow some tougher skin. DO I agree with the way he acts. NO. Would I act like that in public. HELL NO. Do I want people to act the way I do? NO, because I believe one’s personal liberty trumps anyone’s sensitive nature. You cannot live your life expecting people to act in way so you won’t be offended. If that is how you want to engineer your life, you won’t be able to deal when you hit a rough spot. And you WILL hit a rough spot, its just a matter of time. So get your priorities straight and ignore idiotic behavior. If you don’t like how someone expresses themselves just avoid clicking on their videos. 

  • Amy Ho

    People need to relax. This is internet culture. More-so when you play any online game, people sling racist and homophobic shit all the time.  Even if the recipient of those comments was a gay Korean, I highly doubt he or she was actually offended. The goal was to troll Destiny and a job well done. If you watch Destiny’s channel on a regular basis, you find his bluntness refreshing and entertaining. We all say stupid shit, he’s just honest about it.

    • jgelling

      Nah, sorry: there are standards in this world, and they shouldn’t be lowered to the least common denominator.

      I’m more tired of the constant lowering of the bar in what’s considered decent behavior. If you say stupid shit in public (and nothing you say on the Internet especially while streaming isn’t public), you deserve to be shunned. Then maybe you’ll learn the lessons your mother should have taught you.

      He’s not honest: he’s just a jerk.

      • Kyle R

        Agreed. Tired of people excusing belligerent behavior. People shouldn’t have to be forced to adjust to hearing tawdry language, whether it’s a racial slur, a sexual slur, or a homophobic slur. It’s bad enough people casual use four letter language.

        The key word for these people is -class-

  • RJTravis

    He should be able to say or do anything he wants its a free world people can be so cry babyish

    Someone should hire the guy on the spot.

    Nothing wrong with using or being racial and homophobic its a common & accepted view.

    Just because you disagree with it doesn’t make it wrong,

    I ran into allot of ppl making racial comments about white ppl do I get mad? no 90% of it funny once you get over your self.

  • Daniel Raymond

    Destiny can say whatever he wants, it’s a free country.  It’s also 2012, not 1960.  Can I say “Jesus Christ you people are fucking retarded for bitching about this” without offending 4 million people?  Grow up.  Sticks and stones, people.  

  • Daniel Raymond

    Man the jackass who wrote this article needs to spend some time in the real world.  He must sit at his computer 18 hours a day and not get out much or be exposed to real life situations.  This article and the mentality behind it are hilariously ridiculous. 

  • Riley Cook

    This is stupid. Steven isn’t racist and everyone talking about this knows it. He has friends of different races, and has spoken about his personal opinions very clearly. There is video record of the majority of what he’s said, and it’s obvious to people who know him that he isn’t actually a hateful person. He jokes, and he uses harsh language, but there’s nothing racist about him. This isn’t a big deal.

    • Kyle R

      Regardless, some people dont deserve to hear slurs thrown at them. F*g, the n word, b*tch, etc. instead of always trying to justify, understand that some people don’t care whether he is racist or not. People shouldn’t be told how to feel about a word, or be forced to adjust to hearing the word or words

  • Radamont Zeal

    G’bye pal and good riddance.

    To those that say this is internet culture and free speech or whatever, frankly if he’s contracted or otherwise working with a company or team, there are rules.  If you break those rules you suffer the consequences.  You can’t go to work and spout any of that, neither can he.

    • jgelling

      Yep, good riddance. If other people want to pay to hear an idiot speak, they’re welcome to. I’m glad the companies that sponsor e-sports teams don’t want any part of that, though. It’s not like they can’t find another kid to play Zerg for a living who knows how to behave reasonably.

    • Kyle R

      Agreed. I’m glad for once, someone isn’t trying to justify racial slurs or homophobic slurs in a professional environment

  • Kitae Kang

    I’m Korean, I’m not offended by any of the racial slurs Steven makes because often times he gets very personal with his chat on stream and those who frequent there knows he doesn’t really mean any of it. Its the attitude of how you perceive such statements that really matter here, and taken in the manner that it is supposed to be taken, I find it absolutely hilarious.

    Steven has been abiding by his decision to drastically reduce his bm and racism, but at the same time its made his show a little less of what we came for in the first place. If you don’t like it,  you didn’t have to stay in it. There is still an audience for this kind of thing, and you can’t shut it off because of you want your personal sense of ethics to be the dominant rule over all of esports.

    Maybe I just sound like a rambling fanboy, but its clear this article and video only tells one side of the story. I’m not sure how stuff like this hurts esports at all. With thousands of viewers on his stream every day, Destiny has done more for esports than any of you clowns have.

  • sam deakin

    White-knighting is so popular these days. Karma whores.