Here’s The First Picture From The Warcraft Movie Set

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Production has begun on the Warcraft movie — previously rumored to be named “Conflagration” — and that means it’s time for pictures of the production to start making their way to the inter-webs. The picture above is of director Duncan Jones watching some of his actors as they shoot a scene. If you look closely at the area to his left, you’ll even get to see a bit of shiny armor and a weapon hilt. Really astute Warcraft fans might even be able to guess the location the scene is supposed to be set in…

The film; which stars Clancy Brown, Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Toby Kebbell, Rob Kazinsky and Daniel Wu; is slated to hit theaters March 11th of 2016. It’s a joint-production between Legendary Pictures and Atlas Entertainment who are working together along with Blizzard Entertainment on production. Among the eight currently listed producers is Blizzard’s Chris Metzen.


  • Scrooloose

    Who are the two men???

  • Dularr

    They seem to be at a quest hub waiting for the cinematic to stop playing.

  • Benoit Chalifoux

    You can actually tell where they are.. its in stormwind keep, in the throne room.

    the floor and wall look alike anyway.

  • IMScimajor

    Where is the treadmill prop? It can’t be WoW without a gigantic treadmill.

  • Troy Smith

    where are the dragons and fireballs

  • Kristoffer Petersen

    Looks like a Paladin-ish armor (compare to Arthas’s armor in Warcraft), but seems to have long black hair, as far as I can see.. So.. What Paladin’ish characters have long black hair, in the Warcraft universe? :)

  • Terrorantula

    Warcraft doesn’t have good writing, it had a passable game story, but it laughably bad. WoW has only served to butcher it more and more over the years, the voice work is just so cringe worthy..

    I cannot see this being anything other than a huge flop, hopefully it’ll reveal Blizzard as the poor story tellers they really are.

    • Joseph Spears

      you a joke bro. I dont care about story in the game, give me more than 12 hrs of game play for $50, and these days only Blizz does that. Until they become as bad as Activision EA, Microsoft and the others they will have room on my hardrive and my $$ cuz they earn it.

    • Torguish

      I’ve listened to the books on warcraft lore. Tides of war and Shadows of the horde and i gotta say, they were pretty intense.

  • Jj

    Lol this will end up like Dungeons and Dragons (poor Jeremy Irons, just glad he didnt die after that and being remembered as his last film like Raul Julia did with Street fighter)
    Films of this sort normally end up no way near as good as cut scenes in the game.
    Don’t get to excited, you will most probably end up hugely disappointed and embarrassed.
    Then after, it will be friends of yours who say “Isn’t that based on that game you spend so much time playing?”
    If the script has the word “Noob” in it, you are so doomed.

    • Dularr

      The Dungeons and Dragons movie is the blueprint for how to really mess up a game tie to a movie.

      Inexperienced, Courtney Solomon acquired the rights to Dungeons and Dragons, intending to only to be a producer. The publisher forced him to both produce and direct the movie (his first) and really hamstring his budget. Also, forcing him to use an older script. The result was a truly terrible movie.

      While there are no guarantees the Warcraft movie will be a good or great. I’m pleased with the director Duncan Jones, considering he has a couple of very well received movies.

      But, I’m specially jazzed that Bill Westenhofer is the visual effects supervisor. His work is amazing. Really looking forward to what he can do with Azeroth and Draenor.

      I see the biggest risk is the story may overly focus on the human race of the Alliance. With other races and the Horde being simple protagonist or set dressing.

      • Lauren Charlotte Hill

        I think duncan jones made it clear at blizzcon that it will be humans and orcs and that the orcs will not be portrait as ‘the bad guys’. after watching the warcraft movie panel at blizzcon i feel very reassured that he knows what we want it should be 50/50 horde and alience but its easier to films humans and relate to humans but they are aware of this and im confident it wont be all humans. would be cool to see abit of all the races to be honest.

        • Dularr

          I do hope so. But, this is not a trilogy of movies or premium cable series.
          Given the two+ hour format, I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of the Horde story is told as a 15 minute overview narrated by Clancy Brown.

  • Hicks64

    Geez up until now I thought the movie was going to be all in CG, like WoW cutcsenes.

  • Krymm

    if you look close enough… can see the Dance Studio!

  • Rehab

    No nameplates on their heads, no idea who they are.

  • Bax

    they are at Stormwind castle where the king is if you look at the screen on the right and look at the windows it kinda gives it away

  • Bax

    and by the looks of it they are waiting for a game of warsong gulch

    • Dularr

      Oh no. Looks like the Alliance has a couple of healers there. Hope the Horde have a “shay-man” or two.

  • Timmy Chong

    is animation so high budget? any producer i would think can see the potential of a animated picture with the warcraft storyline. hell along with starcraft and diablo. a live action movie sounds like a blunder, just like how all the live action halo stuff was really sub par.

  • Witblitz

    Set your phasers to fail.