Blizzard has released a new Warlords of Draenor trailer that demonstrates the difference  between Outland and Draenor!

A new trailer has been released on the World of Warcraft YouTube channel. This trailer displays the differences between Outland and Draenor, the new world that players will be exploring. The trailer shows landscapes of a verdant Draenor and many Dranei settlements, including constructs that look like Auchindoun, Shattrath, and a few others.

The difference is staggering and beautiful. Outland has always been beautiful, in my opinion, but Draenor shows just how far the game has come. I absolutely cannot wait to find out more about this expansion and get my hands on it! The trailer got my very excited and I’m bouncing in anticipation for the opening cinematic! 

We have also seen the new map of Draenor in the “What’s Next?” panel for World of Warcraft. Take a look at the image below! Stay tuned for future updates!

draenor map