Casting has started for the World of Warcraft Movie and we take a look at who we want to see in the upcoming fantasy flick. 

Legendary Pictures and Atlas Entertainment have started casting the Duncan Jones-directed World of Warcraft movie, titled Warcraft. Paula Patton is in negotiations for an unnamed role and Colin Farrell has been made an offer. This news has opened the floodgates of speculation as fans discuss which legendary characters of Warcraft they might play.

It is still unknown what storyline the Warcraft movie might follow. It could be based on past or future events in the game, or even be a completely original tale of fantasy and war.

We decided it would be fun to put together a list of whom we would like to see play our favorite characters. Working under the assumption that the Warcraft movie will have a few familiar in-game names, I took to twitter and asked for some help. Let’s imagine we have unlimited resources and access to anybody. 

[hero heading=”Ron Perlman as Thrall “]world of warcraft mmorpg news main     World Of Warcraft Movie Cast Revealed!....In  Our Dreams

The ultimate Mary Sue of Warcraft needs a strong actor who can work through latex. Ron Perlman killed it in Hellboy and continues to be a tough guy in Sons of Anarchy. He would need to be big and strong to be the shaman that saves Azeroth from Deathwing, but also sensitive enough to befriend humans and work towards diplomacy. Do you remember him on the TV series Beauty and the Beast?[/hero] [hero heading=”Scarlett Johansson as Jaina Proudmoore”]world of warcraft mmorpg news main     World Of Warcraft Movie Cast Revealed!....In  Our Dreams Jania Proudmoore started out being a lovesick daddy’s girl with a penchant for princes. She always had her head in a book and did what she thought was right for her people. After her city was nuked, the most powerful mage in Azeroth started dating dragons, hating orcs and setting her sights on revenge. Scarlett Johansson can go from nerd-girl to action hero in a heartbeat and would be perfect for this role. [/hero] [hero heading=”Dwayne Johnson as Garrosh Hellscream”]world of warcraft mmorpg news main     World Of Warcraft Movie Cast Revealed!....In  Our Dreams

Sure he might be good as Thrall, but why not Garrosh? I hate to see The Rock as a bad guy, but if we go back to Nagrand and find the future warchief on his home turf, we might be able to get a taste of the good orc he could have been. Who am I kidding? The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. [/hero]

[hero heading=”Johnny Depp as Vol’Jin”]world of warcraft mmorpg news main     World Of Warcraft Movie Cast Revealed!....In  Our Dreams Warchief Vol’Jin is a bit of a zany character and the role could use someone with acting chops to to pull it off. Of course if we got our wish the troll would probably be portrayed a bit differently than we imagined. Johnny Depp as Hunter Thompson as Vol’Jin. It’s hard to picture the character with a cigarette holder, but it could work. [/hero] [hero heading=”Tom Cruise as Varian Wrynn”]world of warcraft mmorpg news main     World Of Warcraft Movie Cast Revealed!....In  Our Dreams Hear me out! Remember the Last Samurai? Bring THAT Tom Cruise into the Warcraft movie, tell him to channel a wolf and there you have it. [/hero] [hero heading=”Benedict Cumberbatch as Lor’themar”]world of warcraft mmorpg news main     World Of Warcraft Movie Cast Revealed!....In  Our Dreams

Not now James, we’re busy. Wait, that idea makes sense! Khan would make a perfect Blood Elf leader! He’s skinny, has intense eyes and can portray the arrogance of the leader of the Belfs perfectly. Do you think Lor’themar is upset that he isn’t leading the Horde? What do you think Cumberbatch would do about it? [/hero] [hero heading=”Chris Hemsworth as Arthas”]world of warcraft mmorpg news main     World Of Warcraft Movie Cast Revealed!....In  Our Dreams Several people tweeted this to me and it isn’t much of a stretch, but I still like it. Not sure if Hemsworth would want to play another fantasy character, but this is his shot to break bad. Watching him slice through civilians at Stratholme, tear the soul out of the body of Sylvanas and raise the dead to take over Silvermoon might make anyone rethink this golden boy. [/hero] [hero heading=”Xun Zhou as Tyrande”]world of warcraft mmorpg news main     World Of Warcraft Movie Cast Revealed!....In  Our Dreams I’ve long been a proponent of the idea of Night Elves being Korean. This gives us the perfect opportunity to get a renowned Asian actress into the Warcraft movie. Xun Zhou wowed us in Cloud Atlas, and she is so popular that her presence in the film would guarantee a large Chinese audience. [/hero] [hero heading=”Michele Morrow as Sylvanas “]world of warcraft mmorpg news main     World Of Warcraft Movie Cast Revealed!....In  Our Dreams

It’s no secret the actress has been vying for this role for a while now, and I think casting an actual WoW player as the Banshee Queen is a great idea. The PvP fan has the archery, has the bod, and has the leather. This one is a vote for the home team.[/hero] [hero heading=”Ian McKellen as Khadgar “]world of warcraft mmorpg news main     World Of Warcraft Movie Cast Revealed!....In  Our Dreams

As a young man, he discovered an evil plot by his master, Medivh. In his attempts to stop him, Kadgar was cursed and lost his physical youth. I’m not sure if Khadgar is a likely addition to the Warcraft movie, but this is a great idea. He is Gandalf. He is Magneto. He could be Khadgar. Get over it. [/hero]

There are tons of WoW characters that we would like to see on the big screen. This list could go on forever. Who do you think should play your favorite in-game hero or villain?

Who should play Illidan? 

  • Nekasus


    • Summer Walker

      Thanks! I accidentally used my rough outline and missed a couple of things. Fixed now.

  • Verroak Barkfeather

    Damn, you sure got the faces right. Though I’m not sure if they have that kind of budget…

    • True2theDivine

      Isn’t blizzard backing this movie? I’m sure they have the budget I would think

      • Verroak Barkfeather

        IMHO Blizzard wouldn’t give the movie (a side project at best) enough money for Ron Perlman, Scarlett Johansson, The Rock, Depp, Cruise, Cumberbatch… That’s seriously a blockbuster cost and I don’t think anyone in the industry expects this movie to be that big.

        • True2theDivine

          Well I kinda only want Ron Perlman, Ian McKellen, Chris Hemsworth
          and maybe Cumberbatch So I think Blizz can pony up that much. Plus Ron Perlman does mostly B Movies with small budgets I am sure he won’t be hard to snag. These people would be fools not to accept the roles. IF.. and only IF this movie is done correctly it will be the biggest hit since LOTR and The Hobbit. People have little faith and so long as we are negative about it only negative will happen.

  • Jemmyt

    Just send that list to the producers. Asap !

  • kevlarkent

    illidan? hugh jackman ofc

    • Zaren

      Hugh is a good choice, but has a small frame. Cena or The Rock would be better choices.

      • Josh F.

        Hugh is not small. He’s just not roided out like the Rock and Cena.

      • kevlarkent

        what do u mean small frame?

  • lilmissy4205

    I’m going to make the worse image for all of you with this one tweet.

    Tom Cruise always wears a thong when filming movies because it provides him with “comfort and flexibility.”

  • Terrence Knight

    Hugo Weaving should play Illidan! He played an Elf in Lord of the Rings! Perfect!

    • kevlarkent

      hes getting kinda old tho

      • True2theDivine

        So is Ian McKellen. I think Hugo would be a fantastic choice

        • kevlarkent

          i would pref hugh jackman

      • Terrence Knight

        Doesn’t matter that he’s old. Half of Illidan’s face is wrapped in a blindfold cause of his replacement eyes.

        • Terrence Knight

          Or if he has to be younger, how about John Cena? He wouldn’t have to wear full body latex.

          • True2theDivine

            lmao. No not John Cena either…. He is not Fantasy Movie material. Sappy life morals or action ues World of Warcraft… Absolutely not. If it was between Cena and Jackman I would pick Jackman

        • kevlarkent

          i have to say tho that his voice would fit pretty well i think

  • True2theDivine

    If Johnny Depp and his never ending Captain Jack Sparrow character comes anywhere near this movie I will most definitely not watch. Everything he plays now is to similar to Freakin Jack Sparrow. Why not pick the man that actually plays the voice of Vol’Jin…. Dave Fennoy. I mean who better to voice Vol’Jin than Vol’Jin himself…… Everyone else I am ok with though. Just please… PLEASE no Johnny Depp….

    • kevlarkent

      its a live action movie, so he needs to be able to act aswell

      • True2theDivine

        He is an actor… You have never heard Dave Fennoy? He just chooses to do voice acting.

  • Gunmoku

    Assuming the movie takes place during the Third War or an equivalent of it, my wishlist is…

    – John Noble as King Terenas Menethil II.

    – Charlie Hunnam as Arthas Menethil.

    – Richard Armitage as Varian Wrynn / Lo’Gosh.

    – Graham McTavish as Magni Bronzebeard.

    – Tommy Flanagan as Muradin Bronzebeard.

    – Tom Hardy as Illidan Stormrage.

    – Maggie Siff as Tyrande Whisperwind.

    – Anna Pacquin as Jaina Proudmoore.

    – Sylvester McCoy as Gilbin Mekkatorque.

    – Scarlet Johannsen as Sylvanas Windrunner.

    – Chris Metzen as the voice of Thrall. (Because really, who else would do it?)

    – Gerard Butler as the voice of Grom Hellscream.

    – Mark Strong as High-King Anasterian Sunstrider.

    – Viggo Mortensen as Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider.

    – Michael Dorn as the voice of Varok Saurfang.

    – Djimon Honsou as Sen’jin.

    – Christopher Lee as Medivh.

    – Vin Diesel as the voice of Cairne Bloodhoof.

    – Benedict Cumberbatch as the voice of Archimonde the Defiler.

    – Jeremy Irons as Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore.

    – Willem Dafoe as Archmage Antodias.

  • Eula Jade Hannigan


    • Summer Walker


    • krymm

      rofl – nearly spit my coffee out reading this!

    • Michael Dover

      I lol’d IRL.

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      This is my favorite comment on the internet… For today anyway.

  • ureafag

    What a worthless piece of crap that cant barely be called an article. At least get the name of the actors right.

    Duane Johnson? Chris Helmsworth? Ron Pearlman???

  • Zaren

    I say Zoe Saldana as Silvanas!….drool!

  • True2theDivine

    LOL the grammar Nazi was denied. I just don’t understand why people have to act like they were raised in a cave and treat people like they are not worthy over stupid simple tiny mistakes. This is a gaming site folks not a Emmy winning NBC corporation. Get over yourselves. Mistakes will happen. The world is not perfect with unicorns and rainbows. That only exist in fairy tales. You want perfect… Jump into a book.

    • Summer Walker

      Anyone who used that kind of language would have had it deleted. I can take fair criticism any day of the week. ;)

      • QuintLyn Bowers

        Pretty much this. If he’d politely pointed out her errors rather than being rude and hadn’t used an offensive name, he and his comment would still be here.

      • True2theDivine

        It just irked me that people, mostly humans, think it is ok to treat people the way they do… It’s shameful. It is also a disgusting way to represent those of the gaming community. And I am sorry that those of you, who take time out of your lives to give us a place to call our own as a gaming community, are treated like dung on a daily basis by the people who seem to think they are holier than the rest of the world. Take care and thanks for the article.

  • ChristianWilliamson

    my vote for illidan would be Eric Bana

    • Miljan Stanojevic

      or Christian Bale

    • Brandon

      mark strong

  • Random K

    Building hype, good job.

  • Soulray

    Perfect list, but Tom Cruise for Varian, lol, are you serious ?

  • Miljan Stanojevic

    list is more or less crap if Tom will be playing Varian….then am gona delete all my characters and will go FULL HORDE!

    • Killorc

      You mean there is something else besides the horde in azeroth?

  • Todd McLannister

    Tom Cruise….I’m sure Colin Farrell may be upset at you giving his role away, lol. But seriously, google Eoin Macken, he’s got the Varian look, and the acting chops.

    • lilmissy4205

      Colin Farrell hasn’t said yes or no, I thought. :P

    • Miljan Stanojevic


  • Mike Bulischeck

    I vote Johnny Depp as Medivh

    • Jeremy

      Johny Depp could definitely pull it off, as he has done serious roles, has the temp, voice and posture but maybe just not the age.

  • dngnb8

    A pebble has more acting ability then Cruise or Hemsworth. I would move The Rock to Varian Wrynn, Have Vin Diesel be Garrosh. For the Blonde Beefcake, you can get anyone with muscles and put a wig on them and it will be an improvement over Hemsworth.

    • Angel

      “A pebble has more acting ability then Cruise” Go and see “Interview with a Vampire” right now, and we can return to the topic

      • beella

        that was how many decades ago? that was his peek, & he has been rapidly falling since then

    • Dane

      You actually mentioned Vin Diesel as a someone with more acting ability than TC? Lol you’ve officially lost your mind

  • C4darkmane

    i like all the choices except Cruise

  • Rou

    No to Johnny Depp as Vol’jin. Sure, he’s played Captain Jack Sparrow and Tonto, but in all seriousness while we know that Johnny could more that likely pull it off, Vol’jin has become Warchief – not some quirky character that he used to be. While the idea would sell, one needs someone like a brother to Ron Perlman or who has definite on screen chemistry with Ron since Thrall and Vol’jin have a brotherhood of the Horde. I’m no hater to Johnny Depp but having so many bigger named actors in a film would kill the budget. I just don’t want to see Vol’jin be the comedy aspect of the film since I enjoy the Troll lore.

  • Anthony Clay

    yuck this list is terrible.

    no cruise, no depp, no hemsworth, no rock. for the love of god. cant it be like LOTOR. No A list american action heroes.

    • Kristoffer Petersen

      Chris Hemsworth is from Australia ^^

  • Secret Sauce

    Michele Morrow as Sylvanas? GOD YES. Two reasons. One, she’s hot, and Sylvanas is pretty hot (assuming you can get down with the dead). Two, I’ve raided with Michele Morrow…she’s plenty capable of evil. ;)

  • James Oxford

    Michele Morrow deserves Sylvanas. But Cruise? Does the author think Varian Wrynn is a dwarf?

  • Leikan

    Why so many people dislike Tom cruise as Varyann? i think is fucking perfect, you didnt see the freaking last samurai movie? Omg, Colin Farrel as Varyan? JUST DONT

    • beella

      theres a list of reasons to not use tom cruise,

      1) hes a horrible actor
      2) hes gross
      3) he will never be my king
      4) i sure as hell wont watch it
      5) im sure i could come up with some more if i thought about it for 5 seconds

  • Luke Malcolm

    Scarlett Johansson as Jaina Yes Plz, Michelle Morrow for Sylvanas aswell, she has wanted this role for years & no one else deserves it except her. No one prbly could play it better than her either.

  • Luke Malcolm

    Grom Hellscream – Gerald Butler?, Medivh – Ewan McGregor? , Tyrande – Gwyneth Paltrow?
    Malfurion anyone got any ideas ??

  • Nicholas Feeley

    Definitely Michele Morrow for Lady Sylvanas.

  • Demi_God

    Garrosh would make the perfect Pro Wrestler

  • beella

    michelle morrow yes:D … tom cruise? why ruin a good movie

  • CosmicKirby

    Danny DeVito
    Nicholas Cage
    Steve Buscemi


  • Trollbelly

    Nicholas Cage cast as every role in the move, there casting is done. Best move of the year!

  • Ciaanh

    Oh yes to the obvious cast of Michele Morrow for Lady Sylvanas !!!

  • Zidane Tribal

    Michelle Morrow as Lady sylvanas? I’d pay to see that.

  • jan

    inspired choices, couldnt agree more

  • Ravenstorm

    Michele and Scarlett for Sylvanas and Jaina made me go Holy Cracker on an Acorn!
    The rest of the list is scrumptious too, even Cruise *hides*.
    But man will that list cost money to hire.

    • Summer Walker

      yeah, I know the budget would get WAY out of hand… but it’s a fantasy list, right?

  • Chris

    Too many main-stream actors. I like a few of them, but a lot of them wouldn’t fit in a Warcraft film.

  • Scott M.

    Michele Morrow as the Banshee Queen? Absolutely! <3 #DarkLadyWatchOverYou

  • Depravity

    The fuck have you done to the front page design?

    • Dularr

      It does catch the eye. lol

  • Dularr

    Enjoying the comments on this article. I do have to agree no Tom Cruise. My concern is if Tom Cruise is cast in the movie, it becomes a Tom Cruise movie and less about Warcraft.

    Funny thing is if Johnny Depp was cast in the movie, it would still be about the characters. Guess that says something.

    Johnny Depp would be playing Vol’jin.

    Where Tom Cruise would be playing Tom Cruise in Azaroth.

    • brett martin

      im sorry but no star will cast a shadow on this movie. wow has become literally, part of american culture. MY GRANDMA even knows what me and my cousin are talking about when she asks and we reply, WOW. she might not know details but the fact that an 80 year old woman has been informed somehow about a game is astounding. its not that wow is an amazing game (it is) it has more to do with the money its generated. thats what grabs headlines.

  • Demi_God

    ??Michele Morrow as Lady Sylvan?? No
    By all mean give her an audition, but she needs to earn the role.

  • Atsirak

    Yes Michele Morrow! Good pick there. There is no one more passionate about the role than her.

  • Talis_Redstar

    Very nice picks, I think Tom Cruise could pull off Varian but they would have to shoot him at special angles to make him appear taller. Chris Hemsworth, I think would pull off arthas nicely, we know he can be the good guy/regal. Sealing that with zealotry to a cause, and letting that be his fall and become the Lich King in later movie, would be awesome.

    However, just hit me that Henry Cavill could pull off either Varian or Arthas.

  • Mikael Svensson

    Willem Dafoe could do illidan quite well, I believe.

  • George Manoloudis

    Mila Kunis as Vereesa Windrunner… Blizzard PLEASE.

  • KillingJoke

    Gotta have Michael Dorn in there somewhere.. wouldnt be warcraft production without hearing that deep voice now and then!!

  • Helen3

    This film will become another dungeons and dragons (Jeremy Irons version) or street fighter ( Raúl Juliá version) and be a cringe fest.
    Don’t get to excited!

    • brett martin

      not even close man. compare the budgets, warcraft has over 300 MILLION. they have legitimate directors and they will have STARS begging to join the cast. why? because this movie is NOT going to fail. its like star wars. it has a fan base far greater than those 2 games (literaly, warcraft has been played by 100s of millions of people). there have already been reports of stars asking to be in the movie. with that kind of budget and blizzard having a huge hand in the story, the movie will be fucking amazing

    • Bard Lee

      I wish I could look into the future like you can.

  • Hungry73

    Karl Urban for Varian. Kind of looks like him and he was awesome in LoTR

  • Hungry73

    You could make Sean Bean Arthas father, continuing his streak of dying in almost all films he’s in

  • Bard Lee

    I read today, at Blizzcon..they announced that the movie would be when the Orcs and Humans first met. An origins sort of movie. I can’t give you a list of who I’d like to see in the movie, but lets not recycle famous fantasy actors, to play basically the same role if different characters. I want unknowns with a few well known actors who don’t normally do fantasy roles. I love WoW..and I wanna be smiling like a fat kid in a candy store when the movie is over. BTW..Hungry..your just using the same actors in LoTR for WoW. Start using your imagination and stop trying to adapt actors from one famous fantasy movie for another. That’s just a dumb idea.