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Casting has started for the World of Warcraft Movie and we take a look at who we want to see in the upcoming fantasy flick. 

Legendary Pictures and Atlas Entertainment have started casting the Duncan Jones-directed World of Warcraft movie, titled Warcraft. Paula Patton is in negotiations for an unnamed role and Colin Farrell has been made an offer. This news has opened the floodgates of speculation as fans discuss which legendary characters of Warcraft they might play.

It is still unknown what storyline the Warcraft movie might follow. It could be based on past or future events in the game, or even be a completely original tale of fantasy and war.

We decided it would be fun to put together a list of whom we would like to see play our favorite characters. Working under the assumption that the Warcraft movie will have a few familiar in-game names, I took to twitter and asked for some help. Let’s imagine we have unlimited resources and access to anybody. 

[hero heading=”Ron Perlman as Thrall “]300x150pearlman

The ultimate Mary Sue of Warcraft needs a strong actor who can work through latex. Ron Perlman killed it in Hellboy and continues to be a tough guy in Sons of Anarchy. He would need to be big and strong to be the shaman that saves Azeroth from Deathwing, but also sensitive enough to befriend humans and work towards diplomacy. Do you remember him on the TV series Beauty and the Beast?[/hero] [hero heading=”Scarlett Johansson as Jaina Proudmoore”]300x150johansson Jania Proudmoore started out being a lovesick daddy’s girl with a penchant for princes. She always had her head in a book and did what she thought was right for her people. After her city was nuked, the most powerful mage in Azeroth started dating dragons, hating orcs and setting her sights on revenge. Scarlett Johansson can go from nerd-girl to action hero in a heartbeat and would be perfect for this role. [/hero] [hero heading=”Dwayne Johnson as Garrosh Hellscream”]300x150johnson

Sure he might be good as Thrall, but why not Garrosh? I hate to see The Rock as a bad guy, but if we go back to Nagrand and find the future warchief on his home turf, we might be able to get a taste of the good orc he could have been. Who am I kidding? The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. [/hero]

[hero heading=”Johnny Depp as Vol’Jin”]300x150depp Warchief Vol’Jin is a bit of a zany character and the role could use someone with acting chops to to pull it off. Of course if we got our wish the troll would probably be portrayed a bit differently than we imagined. Johnny Depp as Hunter Thompson as Vol’Jin. It’s hard to picture the character with a cigarette holder, but it could work. [/hero] [hero heading=”Tom Cruise as Varian Wrynn”]300x150cruise Hear me out! Remember the Last Samurai? Bring THAT Tom Cruise into the Warcraft movie, tell him to channel a wolf and there you have it. [/hero] [hero heading=”Benedict Cumberbatch as Lor’themar”]300x150cumberbatch

Not now James, we’re busy. Wait, that idea makes sense! Khan would make a perfect Blood Elf leader! He’s skinny, has intense eyes and can portray the arrogance of the leader of the Belfs perfectly. Do you think Lor’themar is upset that he isn’t leading the Horde? What do you think Cumberbatch would do about it? [/hero] [hero heading=”Chris Hemsworth as Arthas”]300x150hemsworth Several people tweeted this to me and it isn’t much of a stretch, but I still like it. Not sure if Hemsworth would want to play another fantasy character, but this is his shot to break bad. Watching him slice through civilians at Stratholme, tear the soul out of the body of Sylvanas and raise the dead to take over Silvermoon might make anyone rethink this golden boy. [/hero] [hero heading=”Xun Zhou as Tyrande”]300x150zhou I’ve long been a proponent of the idea of Night Elves being Korean. This gives us the perfect opportunity to get a renowned Asian actress into the Warcraft movie. Xun Zhou wowed us in Cloud Atlas, and she is so popular that her presence in the film would guarantee a large Chinese audience. [/hero] [hero heading=”Michele Morrow as Sylvanas “]300x150morrow

It’s no secret the actress has been vying for this role for a while now, and I think casting an actual WoW player as the Banshee Queen is a great idea. The PvP fan has the archery, has the bod, and has the leather. This one is a vote for the home team.[/hero] [hero heading=”Ian McKellen as Khadgar “]300x150mckellen

As a young man, he discovered an evil plot by his master, Medivh. In his attempts to stop him, Kadgar was cursed and lost his physical youth. I’m not sure if Khadgar is a likely addition to the Warcraft movie, but this is a great idea. He is Gandalf. He is Magneto. He could be Khadgar. Get over it. [/hero]

There are tons of WoW characters that we would like to see on the big screen. This list could go on forever. Who do you think should play your favorite in-game hero or villain?

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