The long awaited character model updates have *finally* been unveiled alongside newly announced expansion Warlords of Draenor! Say hello to the new Orcs, Gnomes and Dwarves.

New character models for World of Warcraft have been announced today at BlizzCon in Anaheim, CA.

Finally! Alongisde the newly announced Warlord of Draenor expansion, character models will get a long awaited update. Blizzard had promised that the updates were coming, but gave no ETA for when they would be complete.

A year ago, it was confirmed that only the vanilla races would be seeing an update. The original World of Warcraft races (Orc, Dwarf, Human, Night Elf, Tauren, Gnome, Troll and Undead) would get more polygons and a general cleaner look to go along with today’s graphics. During their first panel, Lead Content Designer Cory Stockton confirmed that the Gnome, Dwarf and Orc would be the first 3 races to get the new treatment, which alongside a new visual overhaul includes: Full animation updates, new animations, several organic features (tounges, teeth and individually moving digits) and a new full set of customizable options for players to jump on.

But I don’t like change :(

The question is though. How will people react to their character being changed? Blizzard have previously expressed their fears of the undue panic that character model updates could cause, having fully acknowledged that there are some players who have grown attached to the toon that they leveled up through Burning Crusade or that helped them take down the Lich King.

It’s true that the models have been long overdue an update, afterall, some of the models are infact just over 10 years old, but how do you feel? Will you be OK with your character changing?

Just a small update to this story since the Art of Warcraft Q+A Panel concluded. Draenei and Blood Elves are on the cards for updates too!

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