The long awaited character model updates have *finally* been unveiled alongside newly announced expansion Warlords of Draenor! Say hello to the new Orcs, Gnomes and Dwarves.

New character models for World of Warcraft have been announced today at BlizzCon in Anaheim, CA.

Finally! Alongisde the newly announced Warlord of Draenor expansion, character models will get a long awaited update. Blizzard had promised that the updates were coming, but gave no ETA for when they would be complete.

A year ago, it was confirmed that only the vanilla races would be seeing an update. The original World of Warcraft races (Orc, Dwarf, Human, Night Elf, Tauren, Gnome, Troll and Undead) would get more polygons and a general cleaner look to go along with today’s graphics. During their first panel, Lead Content Designer Cory Stockton confirmed that the Gnome, Dwarf and Orc would be the first 3 races to get the new treatment, which alongside a new visual overhaul includes: Full animation updates, new animations, several organic features (tounges, teeth and individually moving digits) and a new full set of customizable options for players to jump on.

But I don’t like change world of warcraft mmorpg news main     New Character Models For World of Warcraft Coming With Warlords Of Draenor

The question is though. How will people react to their character being changed? Blizzard have previously expressed their fears of the undue panic that character model updates could cause, having fully acknowledged that there are some players who have grown attached to the toon that they leveled up through Burning Crusade or that helped them take down the Lich King.

It’s true that the models have been long overdue an update, afterall, some of the models are infact just over 10 years old, but how do you feel? Will you be OK with your character changing?

Just a small update to this story since the Art of Warcraft Q+A Panel concluded. Draenei and Blood Elves are on the cards for updates too!

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  • Melissa Cartun

    I’m very happy with the updates. The characters feel more like individuals with back stories, personalities, and emotions rather than store mannequins now.

  • Richard Grinspan

    very pleased with the way these are looking, cant wait to see the undead

    • James Hawley

      They showed them off at BLizzCon. YOu will not be dissappointed. I play Alli and considered faction changing to Forsaken…

  • Miljan Stanojevic

    Orc looks like a goblin on steroids!

  • Kevin Cox

    I’m very surprised that trolls weren’t included in the first batch.

    Looking at Vol’jin I figured they’d be included alongside orcs and whatever else they’d come up with for the alliance (because I was certain they wouldn’t release horde models and NOT alliance models. That’d be PR suicide. lol).

    A troll shaman is my main :(

    But it gives me an excuse to roll a dwarf shaman and/or orc something.

    Still unsubbing till the xpac though. lol

    • James Megretton

      They did mention on the panel that they were actually looking at the first passing of the Trolls on Wednesday just gone – more info will be posted on the website when they have it :)

  • Stone LX9

    I’m diggin’ the forsaken.

  • Sandie Hanset-Bond

    I’m sad blood elves won’t be getting an update .. forever shall we have oversized hands with fingers that look like bananas :/ The Taurens and Foresaken look amazing though .. can’t wait!!!

    • Charlene Buffington

      They are doing humans, theyve just not shown them yet.

    • James Megretton

      Actually, there was a small update since this story – when new models were announced before the launch of mists, they did say they were sticking simply with vanilla models.

      This afternoon they confirmed they’ve changed their stance since they played with the Pandaren and will be looking at giving the ‘facelift’ to all of the character models upto Cata. So Belfs and Draenei rejoice!

    • TheGacko

      They are doing all Vanilla + BC races (definitely) – They will reassess the look of the Goblin/Worgen to see if they need touchups so they may get updated – Obviously Pandas are the benchmark.

    • Kirzan

      It would be really weird if they didn’t, honestly. BC models have the same low polygon count and the same animation style. Hell, even Worgen and Goblin don’t look that “fresh”. I’d probably play my Worgen Priest if they actually redid the cast animations.

      • Guest

        And the way they walk around. Look like a gaddamn ape

    • Ouma

      They are getting an update vanilla races are just getting them first

    • Silotank

      Every race is getting an update, they didn’t release them all at Blizzcon because they aren’t finished, the art director mentioned they will be releasing the models online as they progress.

  • keltarking

    I for one can’t wait for my main, an Orc, to look as good as good as good as the newer races, though I wonder why they won’t be updating the BC races as well.

  • Spunt

    To all of you who are concerned with Blood Elves and Draenei, don’t worry, they ARE in fact, making their models as well, so stop feeling sad

    • Jack Saat

      They making a lot of Draenei npc models for the Xpack alone so the player models can’t be far behind!

    • Alsteria

      hopefully they at least get draenei done before this expansion because it is there homeland and there will be a lot of them otherwise i’m gonna feel sorry for alliance since orcs are definitely going to all be updated and alli will have to walk around looking at there low rez space goats O.o
      ps: i really don’t mind draenei that much so don’t let my comment offend you XD

      • keltarking

        Actually Argus is the Draenei (formerly named Eredar) homeland. They fled there to get away from the Legion and eventually landed on Draenor, where they met and peacefully coexisted with the native Orcs, until Kil’Jaeden found them again and corrupted the Orcs, brutally shaping the destiny of Draenor forever.

  • Jason Ackerman

    The character models and exaggerated expressions in this look a lot like how SOE showed that their character models are going to be.

  • DoDoDo Ro

    This reeks of
    “EQ2 and Wildstar are going to kill us we might as well milk our fans for what it’s worth”

    • Kirzan

      EQ2? Are they re-releasing it? Is the new expansion more than 3 raids and 2 zones? I don’t get it.

      • Jack Saat

        Everquest Next is a brand new game that btw is also a reboot and had a lot of BIG talk but still not show off the big plans in motion. Wildstar is the reason for most of the changes Player Housing, update of models and Sand box PVP oh and we just happen to be on a brand new planet as well ;)

        • Silotank

          You can not be serious…… this expansion has been in the works about a year longer than the creators of Wildstar even thought about creating a new game, “Oh the new expansion is a Wildstar ripoff” Yes because Blizzard obviously designed it all in the last 4 or 5 months, use your brain.

          • Jack Saat

            Yeah deleted it you’re right and I play WoW over anything else anyway like Blizzard is the only one that not hit me around with a cash shop!! Sure they got pets and mounts for sale but really I got address to everything in the game paying a low fee of 15 bucks a months hours of gameplay and never see a cash shop button or unlock this popup!

          • Alsteria

            yeah i agree they don’t burden you down and take you away from the game by bringing real money into the equation while you play,

            and with the $15 you pretty much choose what you payed for anyway like my $15 helped create the awesome little shoahoa series blizzard’s artists made and i probably would have paid more for just that that! (we need more of lore related series from blizzard some of there stuff is a little hard to get when its put into the game) =)

  • Jeremy S

    Great, now just redo the entire game so it’s not just boring quest after quest. Kthxbai

    • Arevehza

      thats the way the game’s always been, its how you level. this is one of the most unproductive comments on here lmfao

    • BenBen

      wait a second. They’re adding a lot of new features in the way you quest.

  • Kirzan

    I don’t really care, good or bad, about the character models. Won’t make me buy the expansion, won’t make me spit on it. But, that being said: New dwarves look like apes.

    • Silotank

      How can you not be excited about the new expansion? Well I guess not everyone can pay attention to the lore and actually know the game they’re playing.

      • Kirzan

        Yeah cause the REASON why we’re going to Draenor is totally lore-appropriate, right? Come on, bro. Stop assuming and start thinking a little. I dislike Garrosh. That is why I’m not excited about the expansion as much. I’d be fine with a “OMG Murozond is back! Nozdormu went mad again and went even further back in time!”. At least it’d be a plausible reason for time travel, which is already a pretty cheap and easy way to “create” lore.

  • CosmicKirby

    Gnomes are now even more awesome.

    This makes me happy.

  • TypicalEdvard

    By the standard these new models have, all races must be upgraded. Even Worgen and Pandaren would need minor tweaks (Worgen needs a face lift, seriously)

    • Taylor

      They should also fix the Worgen walk… so it’s not so.. bigfoot/monkey like.

  • Guest

    Now I don’t feel so obligated to make a decision solely based on racials.

  • Johhny Bravo

    Now I don’t feel so obligated to choose a race solely on racial abilities (Every Man for Himself)

    • keltarking

      Personally, I’ve never done that. I just play whatever I want to play.

  • JoeyG

    I don’t really get what they’re doing with the underpants though. What’s with the over-holsters? Call me picky, but I kinda prefer fabric alone.

  • Dean Rannard

    Orcs still look lame as shit. Up the ingame graphics and make the humans and orcs look like they do in the MOP trailer.

  • kuku

    Gnum female look so adorable!!!

  • kuku

    really nice models”i hate female dwarf” they just cant make it look pretty, and still for the 1st time since 2005 im not gonna buy the new expansion, coz im gonna get dissapointed for sure!

  • No

    I’m not gonna lie. They look sweet, but race textures/models don’t make up for the bullshit Blizzard and, more specifically, Ghostcrawler did to fuck up the game. I played the game for 7 years and I quit last year because the game was catering to those who would play for 3 months and quit, rather than those who were dedicated fans. This game died half way through Wrath for me. Coincidentally, this is around the same time Ghostcrawler decided to make all these “innovative” changes, like making mages OP in PVP combat… which is funny because he just so happens to play a mage.

    There’s a reason why a massive amount of subscribers left the game. We’re not going to be served absolute crap and be grateful just because it has a small cherry on top. You guys were at the top for a reason, and you got beat out by League of Legends, which has one of the WORST communities I’ve ever seen.

  • Vexx

    It’s even funnier because he actually plays a holy priest and posted recently that he did. The reason you think a certain class is op is because you most likely don’t play 3v3 which is where wow’s pvp system is balanced/ mainly focused on…. In short, don’t assume and No ghostcrawler plays a holy priest.