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It can’t be too much longer before real life superheroes walk among us. Take this guy for example. He’s created an actual Spider-Man web shooter complete with laser targeting. Granted he’s not shooting webs he can swing from…yet. What he does have is the ability to shoot Spidey-esque web bullets to incapacitate all his arch-villains. Oh, and he can grab things and reel them in.

The time is near folks.

Monty’s Back from PAX East and he’s got a few stories about this year’s convention as well as some insight about how game companies and industry insiders look at these events.

In this week’s show Monty and Gary will discuss the impact of PAX on the indie space as well as how indie development has evolved. They’ll also take a brief look at how industry vets look at events like PAX in comparison to the average con-goer.

Of course, they’ll also answer your questions.

This week on Legendary, Azeroth Chopper’s first episode, info from PAX and more!

PAX East was last weekend, and you know what that means… Lots and lots of new info to go over. A few new things landed this week as well… Azeroth Choppers’ pilot episode hit the internet and Hearthstone hit the iPad in the US. In addition, Blizzard announced Hearthstone adventure mode!

Of course, there’s a lot more news to go over, so sit down and watch the show.

It’s been two weeks since Elder Scrolls Online officially launched to the world, so players have had plenty of time to run around and get a feel for the game, and whether or not it’s for them. More and more players are hitting max level everyday, and new content is being slowly teased to the masses. This seems like as good a time as any to do a bit of a status report on ESO, and talk about where the game is halfway through the first 30 days, and where it’s going in the near future.


The biggest news recently is the duping exploit, where players have found a way to create multiples of crafting mats through nefarious means. The Reddit thread discussing the subject says that this has been a known exploit since beta, and that the devs have simply been ignoring the problem.

While I can’t speak for the devs on why this issue hasn’t been fixed before now, I can say that common sense tells you that they aren’t going to publicly acknowledge exploits until they are fixed. Why would they want to make even more people aware of a problem such as this? So yes, your threads talking about the exploit got deleted, and no, the dev team have not posted a comment about it.

featured elder scrolls online mmorpg     Our Elder Scrolls Online Two Week Review In Progress

As far as the exploit itself goes, yes it does suck that quite a bit of gold that should not be in the economy is now there, and yes the economy will take a slight hit because of this, but this is not the death toll for ESO or its economy. The problem will be fixed (It seems we’re getting at least a temporary fix today) and the economy will recover, the game will live on, and six months from now we’ll barely remember any of this happened. Other big MMOs have had exploits like this happen, and they were all able to move on; so will Elder Scrolls Online.

The Game

If you’re looking for a reason to hate on ESO, server stability isn’t the place to look. Crashes have been rare, queue lines have been pretty much non-existent, and the overall game has been running smooth with very few gamebreaking occurrences.

We do still have several bugs throughout the game, most of which exist as quests that are not working as intended at the moment, but every patch is knocking out as many as the dev team can get to at a time. The overall launch and first couple of weeks of the game have gone relatively smoothly, and while I certainly can’t call it the best MMO launch of all time, it has definitely been a win for Zenimax. The game works, people can play it, and that’s more than we can say for a lot of other games that have launched over the last few years.

Questing and Story

I already knew going into launch that I wasn’t going to be in a big hurry to level in ESO, and two weeks in I’m sitting at level 37. That’s pretty much right on pace of where I thought I would be at this point. Yes, there are folks who are rushing through the content and have been max level for quite some time now, and good for them. If that’s how they want to play the game then who am I to say it’s wrong? For me though, it’s been about the journey and the stories in the world around me.

featured elder scrolls online mmorpg     Our Elder Scrolls Online Two Week Review In Progress

Now at this point there have been a couple of times where I’ve ran into a recycled quest or listened to an NPC tell me a story that is similar to one I remember from earlier, but for the most part the stories have felt fresh and new throughout my journey. If nothing else the characters that the voice actors create help keep each zone new and exciting, and even recycled story ideas come with a fresh twist at least through that character’s perspective of what’s happening. The voice acting is, for the most part, excellent in ESO, with only a few dud performances here and there, and that goes a long way in making me interested in what an NPC is telling me, and making me empathize with their situation.

As I make my way through the rest of my faction’s content and into the other two faction’s zones I may change my mind, but so far the questing, exploration, dungeons, and characters of Tamriel have kept me interested in what’s going on around me.


Obviously, at level 37 I haven’t seen every dungeon in the game yet, but what I can tell you is that dungeons are doing exactly what I hoped they would as I ran through the first three in beta. Each new tier of dungeons you get to evolve just a bit over the last. The settings get cooler, the boss mechanics get more intense, and the overall dungeon experiences keep getting better and better.

Earlier this week we stepped into Crypt of Hearts for the first time, and I’m not ashamed to say it whipped our asses. The trash mobs were nasty, the boss fights were intense, and we had to pay attention to what was happening around us in order to survive and complete the dungeon. It was great.

featured elder scrolls online mmorpg     Our Elder Scrolls Online Two Week Review In Progress

It took our group three of four tries to take out the first boss, but even with one pug constantly standing in bad stuff we were able to coordinate and come up with a plan of attack. The entire time the boss was melting our faces, we were in Vent talking about how awesome it was to finally hit a boss that could wreck us if we weren’t paying attention.

The dungeons in ESO are getting progressively more difficult and in-turn more fun, and I hope that trend continues as we move through the rest of the regular dungeons and eventually make our way into the Veteran Content.

Content on the Horizon

We’re FINALLY getting more info about the Craglorn adventure zone, and what they’ve shown so far looks like a lot of fun. A zone tuned for a 4-man group, at max level, with delves, dungeons, and quests sounds truly phenomenal. We’ll have to wait and see how it actually works out, but I’m excited about what they’ve shown so far, and looking forward to getting a group of friends together to dive into whatever Zenimax has waiting for us.

I can’t imagine a scenario that doesn’t involve Craglorn going live right around the time most of us will be due to renew our subscriptions. Developers have become pretty savvy at milking the first few months out of us with content updates, so if you’re excited about Adventure Zones you might as well get ready for your second month of ESO. And that’s perfectly fine, hell, that’s why we’re paying that subscription to begin with.

Final Thoughts

Elder Scrolls Online is still fun. I’m still enjoying my time in the game, crafting is still useful and interesting, dungeons are getting better and better, and ESO is still primarily the only thing I’m playing right now.

This really is a fun game with a bright future. The PR department still needs some work communicating with the community, but they seem to be putting forth more of an effort now, which shows that they are aware and trying to improve.

As I’ve said before, this is a company that didn’t have a lot of experience with MMOs going in, but they are learning quickly and doing their best to make Elder Scrolls Online a great game.

I’ll be continuing my sub next month. I’m not sure how much of a higher compliment I can pay the game.