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Whiteboy7thst likes the video games. He likes them so much that he makes YouTube videos and streams games.

His real name is Alexander Wachs, and last month he was “Swatted”. Someone made a false call to police and told them he was suicidal and armed.

Police responded, and as usual, found that he was not a threat and the call was in fact a hoax. What wasn’t a hoax however, was the 30 grams of marijuana authorities found in his home according to Daily Dot. Both Wachs and his roomie were both carted off to jail for possession with intent to sale.

wtf     YouTuber Swatted, Goes To Jail For Weed
The sticky icky

Since then, all charges have been dropped against Wachs and his roommate, as police decided the circumstances in which the weed was found would probably provide a case where the evidence might “not have survived a motion to suppress”.

Police say they are still chasing leads in an attempt to locate the person responsible for the “Swatting” call.