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This week on the Republic, changes in the upcoming second PvP season, the latest Cantina tour takes place in Boston, and more!!!

The big news this week has to do with changes to the upcoming second PvP season.  Bioware plans to shorten the season from five months down to three months.  With a shorter season that also means that the five tiers of rewards we were getting will be reduced to three tiers, which seems fair.  As far as rewards go, Bioware is looking for feedback on what kind of awards players would like to see in future seasons.  On top of these changes, they are also looking into ways to shorten queue times.  One of these ways will be the addition of daily and weekly PvP quests.  

The latest Cantina tour!

The latest Cantina tour took place in Boston and with it plenty of info on player housing.  A few screenshots of Coruscant and Nar Shaddaa’s player housing definitely look great.  Who else cannot wait for these?

We also got a look at a new NPC who will play a big role in the new Forged Alliances storyline.  

All that and more!!

If you missed last week’s episode, you can check it out here.


This week on TWIMMO: a huge Elder Scrolls Online exploit found in ESO, H1Z1 gameplay, Wolrd of Darkness news and more!

It looks like Elder Scrolls Online still has to iron out some kinks but apparently there’s a big one that’s been plaguing the game for a while now. Also, we get to see Sony Online Entertainment’s H1Z1 gameplay and there’s some sad, sad news for vampire fans.

ESO Bugs Take a Turn For The Worst

There are a few serious bugs than others like bank items disappearing and main story quests blocking progression. However, there was one exploit in ESO right now that’s very game-breaking. No details of how to do it will be mentioned of course but exploit is very easy to do and it let’s you dupe hundreds or thousands of items very quickly. Now, this is of course a big exploit, but what makes this even worse is that this exploit has been reported to be in the game since beta. Of course the economy is messed up because of gold that shouldn’t be where it should be so it’ll be interesting to see how Zenimax handles this.

H1Z1 Gameplay

If you wanted to check out the gameplay, you can do so here. Keep in mind that the game is still in Alpha. So right off the bat, it looks like H1Z1 is a pretty DayZ. They had a bunch of items on the ground to show off the mechanics of the game. For the complete game, SOE want to include hunting and growing food which sounds pretty immersive for a Zombie apocalyptic MMO game. If you wanted to get your hands on it, early access will be available in about a month for $20.

RIP World of Darkness

Sorry to say, but CCP’s World of Darkness has been cancelled. 56 employees at CCP Atlanta Studio got let go in the process so good luck to them. In addition, we heard that CCP dropped into the red for the fiscal year of 2013 losing 21 million dollars. However, CCP said that  the World of Darkness IP is very valuable and they were reviewing the status of it. So gamers right now are hoping that they sell it to another studio. CD Projekt RED would be a good choice to sell it to in my opinion.

We have a lot more content to look forward to on future TWIMMO episodes. Be sure to return next week for your weekly dose of MMO news.

 Weird ending aside, Mass Effect 3 is a must-play if you’re a fan of the first and second installment. Plus, its only five bucks during Origin’s Spring Sale! At the current price point, this matches previous historic lows (I actually picked it up for the same price back in Black Friday last year, slowly working my way through the game).

At the bargain bin price range, there really isn’t too much to complain about (and there’s still plenty of people playing multiplayer these days).

For those that already own the game, you might want to take a look at the Digital Deluxe Edition Upgrade for only $5, this will get you extra goodies plus the “From Ashes” story DLC, which includes an additional crew member (that will make a lot more sense out of the entire ordeal given this character is important enough in the narrative).

Lastly if there’s any reason to finish the trilogy — its so you can complete your romance with Tali. Don’t leave her hanging.

Top Pick Mass Effect Deals

Other Mass Effect Deals at Origin

It can’t be too much longer before real life superheroes walk among us. Take this guy for example. He’s created an actual Spider-Man web shooter complete with laser targeting. Granted he’s not shooting webs he can swing from…yet. What he does have is the ability to shoot Spidey-esque web bullets to incapacitate all his arch-villains. Oh, and he can grab things and reel them in.

The time is near folks.

Monty’s Back from PAX East and he’s got a few stories about this year’s convention as well as some insight about how game companies and industry insiders look at these events.

In this week’s show Monty and Gary will discuss the impact of PAX on the indie space as well as how indie development has evolved. They’ll also take a brief look at how industry vets look at events like PAX in comparison to the average con-goer.

Of course, they’ll also answer your questions.

This week on Legendary, Azeroth Chopper’s first episode, info from PAX and more!

PAX East was last weekend, and you know what that means… Lots and lots of new info to go over. A few new things landed this week as well… Azeroth Choppers’ pilot episode hit the internet and Hearthstone hit the iPad in the US. In addition, Blizzard announced Hearthstone adventure mode!

Of course, there’s a lot more news to go over, so sit down and watch the show.