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SOE President John Smedley made another series of posts on the H1Z1 subreddit, revealing some very exciting details for the upcoming zombie sandbox that we’ll be able to play in early access next month. The most surprising news is probably the confirmation of playable zombies which is a radical departure from competing titles. It sounds like this is a road map feature, not something we’re going to see any time soon or at least at the beginning of the early access period. 

On the monetization front, Smedley said that they will be selling clothing which isn’t a surprise and most players agree is fair. However, finding gear in the world and crafting it will still be a big part of the game, SOE believe that’s important. When it comes to looting other players fancy gear, that will be possible but that loot will degrade over time. Gear that a player purchases with Station Cash will never degrade because SOE aren’t that silly.

SOE will not be selling guns, ammo, food, water or boosts that help players acquire those initial four resources. Basic emotes will be available for free but more advanced ones will be sold, as will character slots which is standard for any free to play game. Crates in the game will be filled with random cool loot from the store but it sounds like you’ll need a key from the store to open them. SOE are considering letting players see what’s inside the crate before opening it but that isn’t set in stone yet.


It’s been two and a half weeks since the official launch of Elder Scrolls Online on April 4th and I think it’s fair to say that there’s been a few problems. Zenimax have been fixing various issues from quest blocking bugs to item duplication to players losing bank slots. Despite this, there are still serious problems with the game as fans are well aware. Zenimax is first and foremost focusing on combating gold spammers and bots, especially the ones camping dungeon bosses. As a side note though, it’s really not just bots, I’ll farm those things as well until Zenimax make it less worthwhile. 

So called “black market” activity involving gold farming and selling makes up 85% of customer service emails and calls which obviously makes it a lot harder for Zenimax to get in there and help players with “smaller” issues. In regards to the item duplication exploit that caused waves last week, Zenimax are confident that the bug did not destabilize the ESO economy in any way. 

Players have been complaining about the amount of downtime and maintenance ESO has had so far, especially during prime time. Firor asks players to be aware that these are necessary evils currently and every time they do so, it’s to fix a problem or improve the game. Zenimax are working on shortening the length of maintenance, promising  this will improve over time. 

Source: Zenimax


As per usual, EA are offering a digital deluxe edition of the upcoming Dragon Age Inquisition on Origin at a higher price than the perk-light standard edition. Including a dragon skull throne, two unique mounts and a digital soundtrack as well as a to be announced piece of bonus digital content. The digital deluxe edition will also include multi-class weapons, fancy armor and  a third mount which seems somewhat excessive. 

The Dragon Age twitter promises news of a Collector’s Edition soon. After yesterday’s trailer, I’m pretty hyped for Dragon Age Inquisition. What version will you be picking up?