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Dovetail Games has brought some Halloween content for Train Simulator 2015! The Count of Monster Disco is downloadable content recreates a Halloween-like world where you can drive your Halloween themed train called the “Spirit of Halloween” through the Fields of Screams.

There are eight Halloween-themed activities in all! The add-on costs $9.99 but is on sale for 50% off until October 31.

This is called ARES Sandtable and unlike traditional sandtables that the military has been using for years, this one can be set up in literally minutes, as apposed to the hours that it might take to set up a traditional sandtable.

You might not know what a sandtable is, but when you see it, you’ll say, “I’ve seen one of those before.” They have been key to a lot of military strategy and wargames. It allows the planners to get a good idea of the terrain and troop deployment.

The ARES Sandtable uses a Kinect, a projector, and a laptop. This relatively easy and inexpensive setup will allow sandtable designers to set up quickly, and even network their sandtable to another unit.

I’m blown away by the juxtaposed simplicity and magnificence of this invention. America, #%^ yeah!


If you are planning on attending Blizzcon 2014, you may consider downloading their mobile app. It is available free for Android, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The app this year has added functionality to allow you to view the Virtual Ticket content, as well as being a calendar and event planner.

From the Blizzcon site they explain:

With the app, you can:

Plan your day—Review the details of the official events taking place at BlizzCon, and add them to your calendar. You can sort your events by day, time, game series, and more.
Chart a path—Zoom in on the exhibit hall floor with the BlizzCon map. Use it to quickly find a panel, meet up with friends, or just figure out where you’d like to go next.
Watch Virtual Ticket content—Bought a BlizzCon 2014 Virtual Ticket? Log in to your account and watch the developer panels, contests, and closing concert live or via on-demand replays. *New for 2014*
See free live streams—Anyone can access the free BlizzCon video streams via the app, including the opening ceremony and eSports tournaments for StarCraft II, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm.
Catch your favorite events—Set alerts for any event on your calendar to make sure you get to it on time.
Stay updated—Receive instant updates and the latest news from the official BlizzCon news feed.
Get social—The mobile app also includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram integration. Share your BlizzCon experience with the world!

Click here to download on iOS

Click here to download on Android

Rockstar confirmed today via its support site, of all places, that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will receive and HD port on October 26th for the Xbox 360.

The game will appear on the Xox Games Store and cost $14.99. According to the post, the game will run in 720p, have an enhanced draw distance, and a new list of achievements (listed below). Unfortunately, saves from the low-rez version of the game will not be compatible with the HD version.

There are no plans as of now to make a PS3 HD version.

New Achievements:

Getting Started - Meet up with the crew and escape the Ballas.
The End of the Line - Beat the game.
Represent - Purchase a Grove Street tattoo
Hustle some - Win a game of pool
A Legitimate Business - Export all three car lists
The American Dream - Purchase your first house
Get a Pump - Workout your arms or chest.
Pay ‘n’ Spray - Handle the heat with a new paint job
Bike or Biker - Complete BMX or NRG challenge
Beat the Cock - Win the Beat the Cock marathon
Metrosexual - Spend $6,969 on clothes, hair, and tattoos.
School’s Out - Fully complete a vehicle school
Serial Offender - Get arrested 50 times.
Freight Date - Take the train between cities
Horror of the Santa Maria - Drown
Assert Yourself Next Time - Fail a mission
What the City Needs - Master Vigilante Mode
Savior - Master Paramedic Mode
Rescue a Kitten Too? - Master Firefighter Mode
Yes I Speak English - Master Taxi Mode
Trickster - Master Pimping Game
Time to Kill - Watch Credits to the end

This week on TWIMMO: Final Fantasy XIV Expansion, WildStar Layoffs, revamped Guild Wars 2 currency exchange upsets players and more!

FFXIV: Heavensward Coming Early Next Year!

Part of the 3.0 update for Final Fantasy XIV will be the expansion Heavensward, yes that’s ‘sward’ not ‘sword’, which is slated for Spring 2015. There will be: new Primals, dungeons, high end raids, new jobs, a new playable race, the level cap increased from 50 to 60, and a new city-state The Holy See Of Ishgard.

WildStar Layoffs

It appears that Carbine has had 60 employees laid off due to “restructuring of key operations within NC West“. The layoff included a few leads such as Lead Client Engineer Bitwise and WildStar‘s Community Team Lead Joel “Raijinn” Sasaki.

Guild Wars 2 Players Unhappy With New Currency Exchange

Guild Wars 2 recently revamped their currency exchange system. However, this revamp took away the flexibility to decide how much gold you can exchange for gems at a fixed rate (and vice versa). For example, with your gold you have to buy a fixed amount of gems; the options are 400, 800, 1200 and 2000. Even if you just want 5 gems or 500 gems. Naturally, taking away the flexibility lead to some backlash but Forum Communications Team Lead Gaile Gray recently posted on the GW2 forums that the new and old systems will be merged.

And More!

We have a lot more content to look forward to on future TWIMMO episodes. Be sure to return next week for your weekly dose of MMO news.