Wildstar has started the next step on their conversion to free to play by starting closed beta tests on their new model.

PvP progression, rewards, and abilities are getting revamped in the Legion expansion.

WoW has a new expansion, and Twitter is pretty excited!

Here's everything Blizzard had to tell us about the upcoming Legion expansion.

Today at Gamescom, the World of Warcraft team unveiled the game's next expansion: Legion.

Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z and now World of Warcraft... Ronda Rousey is fast becoming the UFC's resident nerd.

Check out some gameplay footage from SWTOR's upcoming expansion.

World of Warcraft's subscriber numbers continue to plummet, even as overall Blizzard revenue goes up.

World of Warcraft Community Manager Micah "Bashiok" Whipple said goodbye to Blizzard and the World of Warcraft fans today.

With a new World of Warcraft expansion about to be announced, Bellular has come up with a list of 10 possibilities as to what it could be.

A new World of Warcraft expansion is on its way, and Blizzard will unveil it at this year's Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

Getting your gear up to level 695 has gotten pretty easy since patch 6.2. But, what if you want to hit 700? Turns out that's easy too.

H1Z1 publisher Daybreak Game Company is going through managerial changes.

It's always interesting to see what our favorite games look like in other engines.

A Death Knight player by the name of Raegwyn who has been concentrating on soloing powerful WoW NPC's recently added another notch to his belt.

There have been some question marks raised over the past few days (mostly by just one guy) about whether or not Star Citizen is too big to actually happen, but the devs say to stay tuned over the next few weeks because a new test update is coming.

A big change is coming to PvP in Warlords.

It's that time again guys. Another WoW World First has been achieved.

The final weapon set and core legend for the new Guild Wars 2 Profession has been revealed.

Legendary Pictures (the folks behind the upcoming Warcraft movie) have teamed up with Industrial Light and Magic to create this 360 degree interactive video tour from the skies above Stormwind.

Arenanet has just announced new heroes for their new sPvP mode coming with their first Guild Wars 2 expansion, Heart of Thorns. Additionally players will be able to set their personal mode preferences for sPvP.

Here's your chance to live out those dreams of World of Warcraft arena glory. Sign your team up now for an opportunity to fight your way to BlizzCon 


You can make some serious gold in World of Warcraft selling the "Medallion of the Legion" right now.

Destiny Creative Director, Luke Smith has apologized for the current DLC debacle and his comments during an interview with Eurogamer, in which he admits he came off like an "asshat".

The creators of the Early Access survival game Ark: Survival Evolved are offering $100 to anyone who can give them information on exploits that affect gameplay or the servers.

Blizzard has released a new art book that lets you journey back through the visual history of World of Warcraft.


Ladies and gentlemen... We may actually have hoverbikes in our future.

Check out how the running animation for female orcs is changing in World of Warcraft patch 6.2

BlizzCon is on the horizon, and that means it's time to start gearing up for the World of Warcraft World Championship.

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