Major updates are coming for Guild Wars 2 in 2016!

Haven't had much luck winning one of those Powerball lottery jackpots? Try your luck with the Elder Scrolls Online $1 Million giveaway.

Devilian should not be overlooked by fans of the genre.

Doing his very best Wile E. Coyote impression, this World of Warcraft goblin is determined to boost himself to level 100.

Behold, sci-fi nerds! Mark Hamill in Star Citizen!

We finally know when Blade & Soul will be launching in Europe and North America.

There have been some pretty major class changes introduced for World of Warcraft: Legion.

All the crazy things we have to look forward to with Items and Transmog including a complete revamp of how Transmog.

Reveals concerning both the Demon Hunter and General Class changes for everyone who won't be maining a Demon Hunter in Legion.

World of Warcraft drops the details on Artifact Weapons in the upcoming Legion expansion.

As an added bonus to players who pre-order the World of Warcraft: Legion expansion, the Demon Hunter class will be available early.

Blizzard sure knows how to make an epic cinematic trailer!

After losing 45% of their subscriber base over the past nine months, Blizzard has announced that they will no longer report World of Warcraft sub numbers.

Now that it has been out for a few days, let's take a look at how things are going so far in the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion.

Everything that's new and changing when Heart of Thorns launches.

Gone are the days of tiered alpha access and module passes in Star Citizen.

A German guild thought they had Hellfire Citadel's final boss on Mythic mode in the bag when he wiped them all.

The answer to WildStar's tremendous lag problems will be coming within the next 24-hours.

There have plenty of launch issues, but is there enough good to keep players interested?

World of Warcraft is adding some services to their in-game cash shop.

You have to trick the game, but you can see what's in that hidden zone in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Tonight WildStar goes free-to-play, and the party is kicking off!

Blizzard has announced the virtual goodies fans can expect for their BlizzCon ticket (and virtual ticket) purchases.

Destiny: The Taken King expansion has an exclusive Red Bull quest and here's what you can expect from it!

This week, Sal from The Converted Podcast joins the crew to talk about the latest happenings in WoW and more!

NCSOFT has announced the first closed beta weekend for its new to the west free to play MMO Blade & Soul.

As of this morning Carbine announced when the free to play conversion for their MMO Wildstar will happen.

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