Quantum Mechanix shows off some Firefly Online goodness.

Firefly didn’t last nearly long enough and we all know it. That’s why it’s amazing that there is an actual Firefly MMO coming out where fans can continue the journey through space accompanied by some potentially questionable — but still really good people — shipmates. Back at SDCC, Firefly Online’s launch video was revealed by the game’s developer Quantum Mechanix — who are know creators of various types of Firefly merchandise and great lovers of the franchise. That plus their ability to develop made them the choice team for this project.

Now, QMX has more to reveal. The team recently spoke with io9 about the game and showed off some really nifty screenshots and concept art.

news main     First Look: Firefly Online

So what do we know about the game?

Well first: Firefly has a “free Flight Engine” that will give players a reactive 3D user interface. According to QMX’s Andy Gore: “If you could imagine the map of the verse (complete with the nebula gases), in 3D, with all the planet renders that you can zoom in, zoom out and fly through. It looks utterly amazing.” Gore also spoke about “jobs” – Firefly Online’s quests — and some of the concepts might sound a bit familiar to EVE Online players. Players can go on “side-jobs” while completing parts of the game related to the overarching story. Even better. Players can create jobs for each other.

For us, the most exciting thing is player-created “jobs”. There will be a job-creation system where players will be able to craft adventures for other players to partake in. We’re looking forward to seeing what people do with that system. And there will be *a lot* to do beyond quests. You can focus on pimping your ride, getting a new ride, hiring a crew, keeping them happy, trading, crafting, collecting swag, or just flying around the multitude of terraformed worlds of the Verse in the freeform flight simulator.

news main     First Look: Firefly Online

In addition to discussing the jobs feature, Gore also answered a very important question for any Firefly fan. “Will there be Revers?” The answer is… .”Absolutely.” Gore also took some time to show off various weapons, ships and more. All in all, a Firefly game is a very exciting concept. And I’m sure most people can’t wait to see how it turns out. To see the full interview, check out the link above.

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  • Captain Phatty


  • Nick

    I really want this to be good, but I’m worried that it’s going to flop :(

  • Dularr

    Don’t forget, this is a iOS and Android tablet game.

    • Rick Mills

      And PC and OS X

      • Dularr

        Good to see. Also nice you can play the same account on both tablet and desktop.

      • Ravenstorm

        Untill I saw THIS !! (^-^)/

    • Ravenstorm

      You almost just broke my heart with that info T.T

  • Cleftes

    I can’t think of a single game that’s quite like this: an MMO-type game, with player-created content, with all content available across desktop and mobile engines. Even if it had no fandom association, I’d be intrigued. As it is, all I can say is:

    I’ll be in my bunk.

    • allanstrings

      This is not an mmo… it is a single player campaign that allows you to build missions for other people to play through in their single player campaign. And yes, while it says pc and mac, if you look at the faq page, it is a Unity based browser game and will be supported on ios and android.
      Don’t let the hype train get too far out of the station on this one.

      • Enmity

        Unity is actually a very powerful game engine across all platforms. You’d be surprised what they can achieve with it.

  • http://krowface.com/ Jason Thompson


  • Chris King

    Good luck to them but I highly doubt it could drag my attention away from StarCitizen

    • Johnny Black

      Star Citizen is not on Android/iOS I’m pretty sure, so if nothing else, this will be a wicked RPG to play on your device.

  • REG_2010

    let’s hope it doesn’t get cancelled.

    • David James


    • Johnny Black

      If it does, it’ll just come back with a much bigger budget for a new project…

  • Ravenstorm

    ….Was my first reaction when I first saw this. I’m ok now. Been waiting for a Firefly game for ages. Hope it’s gonne be good, on PC.
    Cuz we aim to misbehave.

  • David James

    I can walk around in my firefly :) err is a companion included?