Hearthstone beta key giveaway… Round 2 – FIGHT!

We know a lot of you are still waiting as patiently as possible to get your hands on Hearthstone beta keys, and now we have a chance to help you out!  We’re excited to once again announce that we have another batch of keys to give away.

So what do you have to do to get your hands on your very own Hearthstone beta key?

It’s pretty simple. Just follow this link to the giveaway page and follow the instructions. The page will ask you to like some of the Facebook pages of GAMEBREAKER Nation network sites, and will give you the opportunity to also tweet about the giveaway for five bonus entries.

The giveaway will run between now and the end of the day on Friday September 20th, at which point all the keys will be emailed to their respective winners. No winners will be announced before the giveaway is over.

So, hurry up and enter, and good luck!

Fine print… Because people ask…

Your email address is required so that we may send you your key if you win. We won’t be giving your info out and we won’t be adding you to any spam lists. So please don’t worry and just enjoy the giveaway.

And of course…

Don’t forget that if you haven’t already, you can also grab a chance at a beta key direct from Blizzard by logging into your Battle.net account (or setting one up if you already haven’t) and opting in.



  • Erida

    I did everything but obvz typed my email wrong, how can i fix it?

    • SuperiorChaos

      you can’t! I feel for you though, bad times!

  • Kevin

    Beta key giveaway is currently on website below.

    hearthstonebetakeysfree.blogspot.c o m

  • Vicarious Fan

    great contest!

  • YOJO

    you have to like me if you want a beta key

  • Joshua Cadorna

    I cant wait ;)

  • macdoy

    i hope so hard )x

  • Tom

    May the force be with us

  • Mikey

    i really want this game!

  • Player

    How many keys do you have?

  • Abn

    nice to get a chance ! =) THanks GBTV :)

  • Derpy Hooves

    a beta key would be nice

  • James Mayers

    i want a key sooooo bad :(

  • Enderle

    Whats up with that woobox thing?
    I dont want it to read my messages and all.
    Selling your followers out already, or what? O.o

  • EmirSc

    looking for a key lovely Quint.

  • Ray

    I want a beta key so badly

  • DeathWatch21

    Cant live much longer without beta key :(

  • Stufex

    Please:) I want to play this game sooo hard :)

  • WingsOfChicken

    I’d pay money for one…..

  • Line

    ooh yes it’s mine please

  • George

    Hello, i would like a key too if you got a spare one :)

  • coronus

    This total BS. If you don’t have or opt in for a twitter account you arent eligible? WTF nothing for nothing I guess.

  • Sineux

    Been trying so long, Hearthstone Hates me!

  • Ribr

    What time will be the winners announced ?

  • Igor Yasinetskiy

    please give me a beta key. thank you very much.really want to play. thanks again

  • AsuQun

    What time does this end? Like 00.00CET? or when?

  • Stephen Karim7

    Why aren’t we getting any feedback? :(

  • Stephen Karim7

    Did the emails go out?

  • Ribr


  • Guest

    So are their actually any keys or did i just advertise stuff for nothing?

  • guest

    untill theres more info on this “giveaway” im considering this a fake. thanks a lot for getting peoples hopes up for nothing -_-

  • Alex