Blizzard Entertainment is breaking free of the typical NDA shut mouth alpha phase and is going public with their game.

There have already been a few mentions from known EU content makers having received their Heroes Of The Storm Technical Alpha invite, so if you live in the EU you might want to check your email. Please be aware though that the test is actually going to be NA focused and the EU invites are quite low in number.

If you are an NA player waiting for your chance to get into the Technical Alpha you may have to wait a little bit longer so start refreshing your email now, but do not get your hopes up too much as the Technical Alpha is very limited in number of participants. Over time they will grow the pool of players.

If you are looking for how to get into the “Tech Alpha” then be very much aware you do not need a key. Log into your account and go to the Beta Profile page. Shady people are out there so be careful.

Heroes Of The Storm Is NDA Free!

Once the “Tech Alpha” is here you are free to stream, write, create videos, and more on all the content. So if you do not get a key there will be plenty for you to watch and enjoy.