It looks like 38 Studios has staved off disaster — for now.

Just when you thought the company’s hectic week couldn’t get any stranger — what with withholding employee salaries and having insufficient funds to make its loan repayment — Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee today announced that the company had indeed made its $1.125 million payment to the state.

The beleaguered company and its baseball celebrity head, Curt Schilling, will not receive any more of the $75 million loan it secured to move to the state in 2011. To date, $49 million has been paid. The next repayment is for $2.6 million and is scheduled for November 1.

Oh, and Copernicus, the company’s MMO? That’ll be out in June 2013, said Chafee. In fact, here’s a trailer!

We imagine this is a case of Chafee not realizing the magnitude of announcing a release date for an MMO and possibly just having to answer questions about when the company will start turning a profit again.

Finally, in what is certainly completely unrelated to all of this… Turbine is hosting a a recruiting event in Providence, R.I. — where the 38 Studios offices are located — on Monday, May 22.

What will this mean for the state of Copernicus when it launches? Well, to borrow a phrase, they probably won’t have the luxury of releasing it “when it’s ready.”