It looks like 38 Studios has staved off disaster — for now.

Just when you thought the company’s hectic week couldn’t get any stranger — what with withholding employee salaries and having insufficient funds to make its loan repayment — Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee today announced that the company had indeed made its $1.125 million payment to the state.

The beleaguered company and its baseball celebrity head, Curt Schilling, will not receive any more of the $75 million loan it secured to move to the state in 2011. To date, $49 million has been paid. The next repayment is for $2.6 million and is scheduled for November 1.

Oh, and Copernicus, the company’s MMO? That’ll be out in June 2013, said Chafee. In fact, here’s a trailer!

We imagine this is a case of Chafee not realizing the magnitude of announcing a release date for an MMO and possibly just having to answer questions about when the company will start turning a profit again.

Finally, in what is certainly completely unrelated to all of this… Turbine is hosting a a recruiting event in Providence, R.I. — where the 38 Studios offices are located — on Monday, May 22.

What will this mean for the state of Copernicus when it launches? Well, to borrow a phrase, they probably won’t have the luxury of releasing it “when it’s ready.”

Jason Winter has held several positions in the tabletop and video-gaming industry since 1996, including writer, editor, marketing coordinator, and game designer. He's the former editor of Beckett Massive Online Gamer and almost considers himself competent in PvP. In addition to his work with, he also blogs about video games at
  • Jado Cast

    LOL, leave it to a politician to screw up and announce the MMO launch date.  Where is Joe Biden when you need him. XD

    • Kagitaar

      Maybe Biden can get Bioware to implement the same sex relationships in SWTOR.

  • scottsummer

    Turbine comes and saves the 38 studio?

  • Joshua R Valentin

    this whole ordeal seems so freaking weird…why would a state give a loan to a game company and then the Governer give a release date? Like wtf is going on…

  • DoctorOverlord

    Really interesting tidbit about Turbine at the end.   It’s actually good to hear the people who were let go will get a chance to interview with Turbine.   Nice job covering that Jason.

    • Jason Winter

      Last I heard, the only people let go were contractors, who were probably either part-time or remote. So I don’t think anyone actually in Providence was let go.

      But a lot of them have to be thinking that they need to find something else.

  • Michael Ponte

    seriously. Chafee is a bufoon.We call him Governor Gump around here. BTW- pronounced ChAYfee (like Hay). 

  • Michael Ponte

    but word on the streets in Providence is that the employees are going to jump ship. Important thing to know- Rhode Island is the most corrupt state in the union. Really- its practically the mafia. Add to this, the fact that many cities, and even the state itself, are talking bankruptcy, they cannot take this “hit”. This “payment” stinks to high heaven. Someone got a deal here. It is the politicians trying to save face and bolster the state’s image. 
    This company is going under. They may have delayed it, but it is coming.

  • Michael Ponte

    Josh Valentine: The deal was this: Rhode Island is broke. Businesses are FLYING out of the state and they whole area is looking to become the next Detroit. Over in Massachusetts, 38 Studios was having financial difficulties (yes, they knew they had cashflow issues a few years ago). No bank would loan them money. The State of Mass said absolutely “NO” to bailing them out. Rhode Island, desperate for ANY new business in the state (even only 400 jobs) offers them the 75 million loan deal to move to Providence. All hell broke loose over this thing. It made no sense. Now, the state is reaping the results of what they have sown.  As for why Chafee released the MMO date- he did not know it was privileged information. But even if he did, he likely would have said it anyway. The man has no tact. 

  • Nhoj1983

    all I can say is it looks beautiful.. I sooo hope it lives.

  • MMO_Doubter

     One name: Stargate Worlds.