Tauren Druid Irenic of Mal’Ganis US has brought new meaning to pacifist leveling in the context of WoW. Dubbed by some forum readers as the “new ironman”, Irenic has leveled from 0 to 90 without completing a single quest. There’s only one quest completed in his log, and that was an unavoidable one which completed automatically, and he’s tried his best to have GMs remove it.

Examining some other stats on Irenic’s armory, it quickly becomes clear just how much he hasn’t been doing. His kills currently have a bug where the total kills from his main character, Kojinen, also on Mal’Ganis US, are being displayed on his alts as well, throwing the stats off a bit, but looking at his kills, the numbers say it all. Creatures killed: 0. Critters killed: 0. Not a single azerothian resident has been felled at the hands of Irenic. His total damage dealt is a paltry 92, throughout his druid’s life in-game, and that was before he learned to target himself so he didn’t retaliate when attacked. Instead, he ran. Did he die a lot? His death toll is 271, 13 of which were from falling. If you avoid arenas, battlegrounds, and raids and dungeons, you don’t die a lot!

In keeping with his pacifist attitude, Irenic has not run a single dungeon, not entered a single battleground. He can’t even run dungeons as a healer, as he risks having kills attributed to him: logically too, after all, while he isn’t dealing the killing blows a healer is basically an accessory to the killing of trash and bosses.

Remarkably, Irenic’s pacifist druid has hit 90 before the character he calls his main: his goblin warrior, who has no such gentle tendencies. But, if you’re not questing, and not doing battlegrounds, and not even killing anything, how do you level? A quick-witted reply might be “slowly”, but Irenic’s druid had a total /played time of 12 days 4 hours 33 seconds at the very second when he dinged 90. While that certainly won’t win any awards for speed, it’s hardly glacially slow either. So how did he do it?

Firstly, no, he didn’t use Recruit-a-Friend. As he says on the official forums, this was a solo effort. Instead he leveled purely through exploration, mining, herbalism and archaeology. And for clarity, he didn’t just do this from 85-90, this was from day one. He’s never upgraded his starter zone gear. It’s unclear whether he even went to Pandaria, as he says, “Since the entrance to Pandaria isn’t designed to be entered without questing & killing I spent all my time doing archaeology, and gathering in Kalimdor.” Looking at his exploration achievements, it doesn’t appear that he’s set foot in the new continent at all. So, it seems it’s possible to level from 85-90 purely by doing archaeology and gathering. That must have taken a good dose of patience!