Final Fantasy XIV has had a rough time since it was released in 2010. The game was plagued with serious issues, including numerous bugs and a flawed structure that made the game difficult to enjoy. Despite these problems, Square Enix pressed on, hoping that a little time, and some further development, would iron out the issues crippling their beloved title. The past two years have not been kind to Final Fantasy XIV, and the game will be shut down on November 11, 2012.

This means the Final Fantasy XIV we know will be gone, but Square Enix is not giving up on the title entirely. In early October, it was announced that the title will be re-launched as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which will feature the fixes for the game that the developers had hoped would save its previous incarnation. By now, that’s old news, but a new Letter from the Producer notes that November 11 won’t just be a day of mourning for a game that many have come to love, despite its flaws.

According to Square Enix, November 11 will mark the latest, and perhaps most momentous, installment of Letter from the Producer LIVE. During this broadcast, Naoki Yoshida, producer and director for the new Final Fantasy MMO, will take time to answer the questions fans might have about the future of the title and its past. This will be a good chance for fans of the game, or anyone even vaguely interested, to get some information about the upcoming title.

Anyone can submit questions that may be answered during the broadcast. Submissions can be made through a designated thread on the official forums, or by following the game’s official Twitter @FF_XIV_EN.

  • Andrew June

    I am keeping positive on this reboot. 

  • Thomas Renshaw

    Ive never understood the attraction of the FF series… and the majority of the time thats all it is, lots of overhype

    • Mitch Dave Thompson

      Renny don’t make me slap you!!! However I agree in regards to the online games.

    • scottsummer

       maybe you weren’t from the generation that were greatly impressed by FF? or not a fan of JRPG in general?
      FF and DQ were truly epic JRPG back then.

  • Inkogni Alex

    i can already see an BFF with character creator alone, make one MikeB! if it sux you have a box you can throw at MikeS if he ever visits you :D
    its a win/win situation 

    CAN YOU JUMP IN IT, can my chocobo jump?

  • Ravenstorm

    10 years from now: World of Warcraft Reborn ! (after a great RTS prelude, as was Warcraft 1 to 3, before WoW)
    Great attitude keeping the fight for a greater better mmo when it’s bad atm. (FF mmo, not WoW, easy fanboys)
    Who knows: SWtoR Reborn, or SWtoR Strikes Back ?

  • Picoman

    Remember guys, it will be in Japanese then uploaded with translation later. So dont freak out. The community team is usually quite quick about posting each Q and A on to twitter. The stream itself is a good place to see Yoshi-P playing the game and holding up concept art and stuff, sometimes the CEO of SE pops in for a chat too.

    • Bush Swanson, The American Dre

      If you want I can translate it for you live because I speak a lot of japanese.

      • Picoman

        Hey, don’t worry, our FF community has had a lot of experience dealing with the language barrier over the past 10 years. SE are pretty good at only releasing stuff when its fully localised to English, German, French and Japanese however Live Events require a little bit more dedication. ^^

  • Jonathan Hornsby

    Free-to-play or bust. One of the most colossal MMO failures in history trying to re-launch and compete with some of the best MMOs in the current market is laughable; trying to compete while asking for a subscription fee is insulting.

    • Miguel Crespo

      are u stupid or something? they deserve a sub fee, only company would rather rebuilt the game from the ground up then just take the easy root and go F2P like the other companies out there

      • Jonathan Hornsby

        Deserving is not the issue. The issue is can it compete with one? I say no. The era of sub based games is pretty much over at this point, and it is getting harder and harder to justify a sub fee.

        Do you think most players are going to look at it as “they are willing to rebuild everything to make it work, for us” or is it more likely they’ll think “why the hell should I pay again for a game that already failed once?” It is hard enough to justify a sub for a new game, but trying to justify one for a game that has already failed and is clearly just trying desperately not to let all that work go to waste is a lot harder.

  • scottsummer

    it is incorrect said that the japanese Final Fantasy fans like FFXIV, as a matter of facts the sales number of xiv in Japan is incredibly disappointing compares to the “West”, and if you take a look at varies gaming forums in Japan, the Japanese HATED it even before it launch, they knew how bad the game was and constantly made fun of SE and Tanaka. A very large portion of the FFXI fans did not purchase XIV at all, they were stunned by how bad the XIV beta was.

  • Ed LeCore

    I fear all Squenix are still doing at this stage is playing catch-up to where mmos where 5 yrs ago. ARR may not be that bad, but at best it will seem dated in it’s PVE mechanics. Still, as long as it’s actually playable this time it deserves a chance.