Guild Wars 2 - PvP - eSports

ArenaNet has eSports on the brain when it comes to Guild Wars 2. Since day one they’ve been looking at what makes eSports good and they believe they have the answer.

Not everything they want to do will appear in the game right away, but we are seeing bits of what they have planned. According to systems designer Jonathan Sharp they have a “great big iceberg” of what they want to do. He lists off a couple of the things that we’re already seeing such as free tournaments where players can get tickets to get into paid tournaments and receive better rewards.

There are plans for daily pick-up tournaments as well as monthly & year-long events and the ability for players to customize tournaments of their own.

When taking a look at how to best facilitate eSports in the game the team utilized functions from a lot of different places. Matching will work in pretty much the same way that players are matched in shooters. Spectator mode — which is on its way — was created by paying attention to games like League of Legends, StarCraft and Counter-Strike.

A long running goal of paying such great attention to the eSports aspect — according to Sharp — is that they want to facilitate tournaments that will allow players to become celebrities. To help them along, they’re even trying to give players ways to create personalities that people will recognize.

Remember those ‘stomp’ finishing moves that you can buy from the gem store or earn through ranking up? That’s what those are for.

The team also plans to do more serious stuff specific to certain character types.

So the question I have to ask is: Who’s ready to become a celebrity? Do you have plans to get in on the eSports fun, or are you more interested in just watching once in awhile?