The latest news datamined from the PTR involves the World of Warcraft Legendary Cloak

Heroes! News has come from the future. A realm known as “PTR” has revealed its secrets. We have toiled under the unsettling eye of the spawn of Deathwing himself, Wrathion, to collect small—yet powerful—items to aid us on our quest for greatness. Our efforts will finally be rewarded when we receive our very own World of Warcraft Legendary…cloak.

The World of Warcraft legendary cloak isn’t exactly the fancy weapon we were all hoping for, but MMO champion has datamined something quite interesting. Sure, the items will pack a punch when it comes to our firepower, but they will look cool too! When the abilities proc on the cloaks, there is a spell effect that makes awesome wings or horns appear.

I am suddenly very excited about getting my hands on one of these… or my back on one… or one on my back… you know what I mean. The World of Warcraft Legendary Cloak won’t be easy to get, but once you have it you and your sparkle wings will be the talk of the town.There are four different models depending on your class specialization, but here is the ranged dps version:

world of warcraft mmorpg mmorpg     Awesome Spell Effects Will Make Your Legendary Cloak Kickass!

You get a Legendary, and You get a Legendary, and You….

The World of Warcraft Legendary Cloak will be available to all who can get through the tasks set forth by Wrathion. It is part of the Legendary questline that began when the Mists of Pandaria expansion hit. In order to complete the quests, players must perform a series of tasks and collect items from raids. What has made this questline so accessible is the Looking For Raid option that allows anyone to queue for a raid and get grouped up for an experience that is easier than normal mode raiding. 

The questline has been long, but not all that hard. Only recently have players started to have trouble getting through the solo fights, which has slowed down progression. After a while, people will outgear the encounters and will be on their way to obtaining a World of Warcraft Legendary Cloak of their very own. 

The most recent chapter in the World of Warcraft Legendary questline has involved a very powerful cloak, but it isn’t the Legendary that we speak of. I recently obtained the precursor to the 5.4 cloak myself, and the quest was HARD. It made me mad enough to spit, but it was fun to have to figure out a complicated fight. I can only imagine the tasks getting more difficult from here. The World of Warcraft Legendary Cloak might be available to everyone, but not everyone is going to get it.  

  • Uley

    And our very own Lore came on the forums to tell everyone that the effect is tied to the proc on the cloak, not the cloak itself. So even if the cloak is hidden the effect is show, even while in Druid forms.

    • Summer Walker

      Ah! Good point. That is the thing about some of these items, the proc goes away if you mog out of it or are in a different form. It’s awesome that they tied the visual to the proc.

  • Ashley Sutherland

    I really used to enjoy wow models, thanks god this is a proc – as I think it’s looks terrible!

  • Dularr

    Gratz on the cloak!!! That was a hard challenge. While I finished it on my lock a few weeks ago, still need to work on it with my mage.

    • Summer Walker

      I think I could do it on other ranged classes now that I understand the fight better. When I started there weren’t that many guides out there, as I was in the first wave of folks getting through the questline. The reason why it took me so long to do is because I got angry and flustered. My advice to anyone doing the ranged fight: 1. Calm down 2. Stay behind that Mofo!