With the certainty of a full cargo hold meeting a gate camp — for me anyway — CCP has released a new dev blog. The focus on this occasion being new starter ship designs for EVE Online.

New players will be getting even shinier ships to marvel at thanks to the redesigns. The new looks for the Reaper and others are sleeker than the previous versions — though undoubtedly some will prefer the old looks — and CCP released a video to show the whole design process in its inimitable Icelandic style. CCP Guard, CCP Huskarl and others guide the viewer through creating the new exteriors from conception to realization. Huskarl himself is pleased to finally be getting around to the redesigns: “I personally haven’t been happy with the look of them for years.”

Some might complain about the lack of visceral gameplay in EVE‘s early experience, however, few can disagree that it looks incredible.
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