Blizzard’s Ghostcrawler took to Twitter late last night, responding to a question about what would be the big feature of Mists of Pandaria. The person asking said, not unfairly, that Wrath had brought us the Dungeon Finder, and Cataclysm had brought its the Raid Finder, so what would be the stand-out new feature in Mists? Ghostcrawler’s response was as follows:



What could this new feature be? Let’s look at the new features that Mists has already added, of course the big one is Cross-Realm Zones, highly controversial, and Scenario technology. Aside from that, there are a few new mechanics with daily questing, but nothing really substantial.

It’s a tin-foil hat moment for sure, but what could the new feature be? It seems that, for Ghostcrawler to think it could outdo both CRZ and Scenarios, it would have to be something big, impacting a major element of the game. The new PvP gearing system is already out, and much as it pains PvPers to admit it, big PvP changes aren’t likely to be considered a major new feature by the developers, or, indeed, the playerbase.

So that means it’s likely to be something relating to either general gameplay, or PvE. What do you think it could be? I’m leaning towards the introduction of some changes to raiding. Perhaps a 15-man raid tier, but then, as we discussed on a recent Legendary, 15-man raiding would be yet another tier for them to tune, sitting rather uncomfortably in the middle of 10- and 25-man raiding.

Perhaps it’s changes to tapping which would allow players to welcome others in questing zones. Since the introduction of CRZ, there have been abundant complaints about the arrival of unwanted new players in zones, and Ghostcrawler has tweeted on several occasions that the structure of tapping – the mechanism where a mob is tied to the first player to hit it – could be reworked to improve the questing experience.

Along the same lines, perhaps it could be level scaling, similar to Guild Wars 2, where players are scaled down to the level of the area they travel to. This would make for far more enduring low-level content, but might well frustrate some high level players wishing to do things like farm old reputations or raids. Whatever it is, it’s got to be big to outdo Scenarios and CRZ.

What do you think?

Update: Definitely not just trolling!


  • Carl Sherman Allison

    How about a classic dungeon finder, but all the instances re-vamped/scaled to lvl 90

  • Kyle Kraemer

    Perhaps the Megaserver technology that TESO boasts. So maybe not something completely new, but what may or may not be considered a fix to CRZ. Completely doing away with realms seems big enough, right?

  • Vesperae

    stop talking about 15 man raids… its simply a stupid idea, which would piss of everybody… I do hope it will never happen

  • Dularr

    I think he is trolling a bit.  

    Don’t think its tapping. Blizzard has already introduced multi-tapping for the mini-bosses and will have faction tapping for 5.2 world bosses.  

    Don’t think it’s Pet Battles. While the pet battle system seem more popular than Archaeology.  It really is just optional gameplay.

    Would have thought it was using Pandarans for both factions.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Blizzard used the scenario technology to create three faction PvP. You could enter a scenario with hundreds or thousands of players and select your faction, align with  Varian Wrynn, Vol’jin or Lor’themar Theron.

    • Kagitaar

      But I like Lor’themar, and Vol’jin is my man.

  • immernoch kekse

    i guess it could be the solo dungeons. where you can practice your role in the raid. like a dps has to kill a wave of mobs and the more waves he kills the better of a dps he is. or a healer has to heal some npcs through some mobwaves and the longer they survive the better of a healer he is. similar thing for tanks.
    lore/josh spoke about that earlier in the expansion too. it would be awesome if they’d pull that off.

  • Quientin Huckeba

    It will be cross faction raiding. Lore wise, I don’t believe the Horde could handle Garrosh by themselves. Alliance members couldn’t handle it by themselves either. Garrosh has taken artifacts and is building Mogu power which makes him more powerful than any npc we have fought in any expansion. I’m not certain how this would work, as some servers are very Horde or Alliance heavy. My guess is that it would use the LFR or CRZ technology. It certainly would be controversial since guilds would have to team up with others. However, a good point was made on After Dark: Why would they do that for just one tier? Good point. I don’t know, but it certainly would be game changing.

    • Kagitaar

      It’s possible, but wouldn’t that go against the RvB they are trying to revive?

      • Quientin Huckeba

        True, but honestly the main reason they are fighting so much this expansion is because of all the crap Garrosh is doing. Especially with Varian being a lot more level headed, and all the work Jana has done to have H+A live not in unity but peace, seems that it is a possible result. Another thing I think is, what about the story? Wouldn’t that make (plot wise) for a good ending? Two factions who hate each other but realize the impending evil is much greater than themselves so they create a temporary ‘alliance’ to defeat this great evil even if they hate every minute of it.

        • Jules Cote

          I agree with Quientin, this makes total sense and the proof is everywhere. The pandaren are always about peace and serenity and everyone getting along so I’ve thought this since the beginning of MoP and it makes sense. We struggle for power over the newly discovered land only to be taught by the natives its not worth fighting for so lets join forces and bring down this crazy sonnava bee running the Horde. PvP is voluntary so i dont think that’d affect much there.

  • Ogre DaViking

    He’s finally going to give us our Moose Mounts!

    • Kagitaar

      We can only hope.

  • Jason Jenkins

    i think its going to be the proving grounds / class trainer dungeons that were talked about long time ago.  and yeah while he did say they havn’t announced it yet mr. street there is known for stumbling over his words from time to time so he probably meant to say they havn’t put it in game yet.

  • DoctorOverlord


    But seriously, perhaps player housing?   Something to fuel that cash shop.

  • Thomas Renshaw

    pet battle areas or some type pokemon style pet battle gyms with gym leaders and shit

  • Ivan Bucchioni de Souza

    I think they will make raid difficulty ajusted for the number of players in the raid. I hope so.

    Its a pain dealing with guildmates missing raid days, so making a boss harder or easier from 8 to 12 man (old 10 man) and 22 to 28 (old 25 mans)

  • Morturion

     If its (the much requested) Dance Studio I might laugh :)

  • Krzysztof Kotarba

    big announcement… optional F2P :D

  • Bob

    A third faction who are alliance/horde that are dissatisfied with both factions being at war. 3 faction PVP zone will be created.

  • Kelly Jolliffe

    Just FYI, Olivia, but Blizzard already announced level scaling within PvP brackets with 5.2. That is, your character(s) will be automatically scaled to the highest level in their current level bracket. (e.g. 36 -> 39.)

  • Rasmus Nielsen

    3rd Faction, Jaina and Thrall need babies!

  • Chris Martin

    Honestly, does anyone care?

    • Kelly Jolliffe

      One should think that anyone who actually plays the game might? ‘Though one also has to wonder why you should care enough to leave such inane comments?

  • Bret Hasel

    I honestly  think i have it here, Well as you know since the creation of Real id friends people have wanted to raid with their friends, Well in my case and in many others, alot of my real id friends are members of the opposite faction, Perhaps just perhaps, could the new feature be Cross Faction Raids… Or at least cross faction raiding via battletag or real id, Think it could be a very neet feature

  • 7BitBrian

    I honestly have no idea what it is, but I have hopes. I hope it’s a full featured player housing, or if not player at least guild housing.

    It’ll probably be something to do with raiding though :( Or maybe Pet Battle arenas and such, that would be okay I guess.

  • Pernille Sylvest

    I would place my bet on a conversion to a mega realm feel, still one for each server type (and unfortunately also regions), but dissolving all the realms as they are today. Cross-realm being the first step towards making it happen.

    The third faction for alliance/horde could be awesome, BTW.

    • Pernille Sylvest

      Forgot: hiring alts as mercenaries/companions/pets

  • Richard H. Lucht

    He did mention some would say “this is it”? so it won’t be as big as most think. Here hoping for cross realm BoAs though.

    • Keith Baldwin


  • Deadalon

    Sounds to me that 100 ilvl gap for same tier is the thing.  They are already well on their way in 5.2.  Stats inflation is Blizzard’s new best friend.  

  • Mark Mayer

    Two words:  Dance Studio.

    Three more words: Break Dance Fighting.

    Its tricky, tricky, tricky!

  • Kagitaar

    The bolstering in BGs has already been announced and I think is coming for 5.2 actually. 

  • Jordan Dixon

    garauntee it’s the jumping puzzle feature that has been found in the new island of the zone

    • Kelly Jolliffe

      Such was exactly my thoughts. Street’s known as a bit of a jokester sometimes, and his tone in this case seems to imply just that — the addition of jumping puzzles to WoW.

      • Quientin Huckeba

        I sure hope not. In comparison to LFD, and LFR, jumping puzzles are not game changing to the entire community.

        • Jordan Dixon

           you have to remember…he said some will say: Is this it?

  • MiZTiiX

    need more hints!

  • Ravenstorm

    A ‘dress up your battle pet’ feature where you can buy little pieces of armour you then can put on your pet’s head/shoulders/tail. To make it look more tough. Chuck Norris tough.

  • squzy

    I want CRZ for the current zones on PvP servers, so that it would automaticly try to balance faction population in the zone for world PvP.

    Getting ganked on PvP server is fine. However look at wowprogress realm population, see that almost all PvP servers faction ratio is heavily skewed in favour of one faction. The more popular servers are even almost purely ( 85% and more) dominated by 1 faction. There are only 2 well populated EU servers with reasonably balanced population distribution.

    Now i am on a server that WAS 40/60 distribution, At release with queues and introduction of free transfers, alot of that 40% left and new were fucked on that faction. The free transfer options wernt rly attractive tbh, in population or balance. Here have a free transfer to an almost dead server, wow thanks now i dont have queue but there are no people with a brain to recruit for PvE content.
    There was a lot of talk on Legendary before release about, world PvP being more interesting. Well its just not if its 1 vs 10, thats not just whining about getting ganked, its just a flawed by game design.

    Well its probably too small of a change to be the ‘big’ annoncement. Free tranfser, battlenet raid invites all is welcome to me, but its probably a more evil option like real money AH :D

  • Mark Andrew Ince

    Maybe a spectator option for Dungeons/Raids/PvP arenas?

  • Sharuko

    Guarantee it is CRZ for Auction House, Raids and even capital cities of Org and SW.  Pretty much becoming “mega servers”.