Blizzard Gamescom

Blizzard’s Gamescom 2013 schedule has been posted!!

Blizzard’s EU team once again has a booth setup at Gamescom 2013 in Cologne, Germany, and their schedule has been posted.  The Blizzard booth will be open on August 22nd to August 25th, and their schedule is packed.

August 22nd

The day begins at 10:30 with a Blizzard quiz.  Test your Blizzard knowledge and perhaps win a prize.  There are three Blizzard quizzes spread throughout the day.  They will also have a Mists of Pandaria leveling competition, fan art showcase, and a live drawing session.  A live music concert and a developer signing session are also scheduled.  Are you a Mega Bloks pro-builder?  Try your luck at Blizzard’s Mega Bloks building contest where great prizes can be won.  

Each day (minus Sunday) there will be a Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft session.  The schedule says, “come and find out all about Blizzard’s deceptively simple, insanely fun strategy card game.”  Apparently, Hearthstone will be playable at Gamescom this year – which I should hope since this is nearing the end of summer.

StarCraft fans can look forward to a Starcraft II show match each day (again minus Sunday).  Get ready to watch your favorite StarCraft II professionals battle it out for glory!!

August 23rd

Aside from this being my birthday – I accept presents in the form cookies and Warcraft in-game junk – Blizzard has another day packed full of more quizzes, another leveling competition, fan art showcase, live drawing session, two live music concerts, and a developer signing session.  

What’s new for Friday?  A StarCraft II arcade map challenge!  If you are brave enough, challenge the other players on stage for prizes.

August 24th

More quizzes, drawing sessions, live music, and dev signings are scheduled throughout Saturday.  Another StarCraft II arcade map challenge will be happening for more prizes to be won.  

World of Warcraft fans get ready to watch a live raid.  The schedule says, “A top raiding guild will be live on our stage to show off how they take down some of World of Warcraft’s toughest content. Come along to see how the experts do it.”

A Blizzard costume contest will be happening on Saturday where you could win a trip to Blizzcon!!  I cannot wait to see what costumes the participants create.  

August 25th

Sunday is the final wrap-up day featuring more Blizzard quizzes, another live raid, drawing session, and Mega Bloks competition.  On top of these activities, there will be a World of Warcraft dance competition with more prizes to be won.

So what do you think of this years Blizzard Gamescom booth?  Are any of you planning on attending?